Just Add Magic (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Just Add Muscles

1 Previously on "Just Add Magic" I still have your morbium seed.
Gina: We need to keep him away from the spices and the magic.
But do we include the girls? Kelly's in way over her head already.
I'm back.
Kelly: I think we just found where Chuck's been hiding.
It means he knows how to do magic.
Big magic.
Another magic cookbook? Hannah: Lemon-Lie Mints.
Chuck has our recipes.
I don't get it.
He's got every recipe we've made in the past few days.
Plus some other recipes that we haven't cooked.
Find Your Key Lime Pie.
Remove The Stain Gus Burgers.
Clearly, we've never used that one.
Actually, I-- I cooked these before.
What? When? You were cooking without us? Only small stuff, like when my dad needed help finding his keys so he wouldn't be late for work.
Anyway, practice makes us better cooks.
Not us, Kelly.
- [twigs snapping.]
- [dog barking.]
Come on, we've gotta get out of here.
Yeah, I'm not loving this whole creepy vintage invisibility van.
Grab the book.
- [grunting.]
- We can't lift it.
There must be some sort of protection spell on it.
Leave it.
We have to go.
We'll think of something later.
Uh, guys.
The recipes that we saw in Chuck's book.
They're missing from ours.
I don't get it.
Last week he didn't know what an emoji was, this week he has his own cookbook that's stealing our spells? I'm starting to understand why Grandma's been so scared.
Close the door.
Nice to see you, too, Kelly.
Why, yes, this shirt is new.
I'm a fan.
No stains.
So, I found the perfect spell.
Check it out.
"Magnetic Pull-Ed Pork Sandwiches.
" It will attract the spells from Chuck's book back into ours.
I don't know about this, Kelly.
We've never tried a spell on the book itself.
What other choice do we have? I mean, he's stealing our magic.
And who knows what he'll do next.
Maybe we should talk to the OCs.
No! After Grandma's whole "let's not tell the girls" speech, I'm not too eager to clue her in.
I agree with you there, I just think that we should take a second, slow down, and really think about this.
Do you agree with her, Darbie? Um yes.
I mean, no.
I don't know.
Please don't make me the tie breaker.
We're the protectors of the book.
So let's protect it.
It's hard to argue with that.
We can do this.
Come on.
Now all we have to do is figure out the riddle.
"To pull your desire into your ranks, "take a deep breath and fill in the blanks.
" Well, that must be this.
"Pull blank to blank.
" That's so cool.
It's like a magical Mad Libs.
All we have to do is fill in what we want to attract, and where we want it to go.
How about, "pull our spells to this book"? Uh, hello.
Have you ever played Mad Libs? You have to write it.
Of course.
It didn't work.
The words vanished.
We missed a part.
"Take care that you're able to rhyme, "or else attempt another time.
" It has to rhyme.
I guess we should be glad we're not trying to attract something orange.
Nothing rhymes with orange.
Well, how about this.
"Pull the spells we used to cook "to this magical cookbook"? Simple.
I like that.
Take two.
That-- That's okay.
That's what's been happening, but when the spell kicks in, they'll all be pulled back to our book.
- How do we explain that one? - This can't be good.
What's happening? The riddle.
The spell did work.
But we wrote for the spell to get pulled back to this book.
This book.
So why are they leaving? Because the Magnetic Pull-Ed Pork recipe was automatically pulled from this book to Chuck's book.
So now this book doesn't mean our book anymore, - it means his.
- Ugh! I hate pronouns.
Now Chuck's getting our recipes faster than ever.
We started a leak.
We started a geyser.
"Perfect Pixie Parfait.
" "Stylish Tweed Poppy Seed Rolls.
" Aw, how sweet.
I almost forgot you once had a fashion sense.
Oh, zip it, Ida.
These spells are useless.
Why don't we just wipe his memory for good? Because we're not monsters.
We're not, but he is.
Maybe we could somehow take away his ability to do magic.
We could cook something that makes him allergic.
No, we don't have time to properly test a new recipe.
Isn't there anything we already have? Well, there is one recipe.
We can use it to lock him in Lavender Heights.
He'd be stuck there.
Yes, and he won't have access to our spices, if it works.
It'll work.
How dare you.
Relax, Ida, it's just a spell.
The same spell you used to trap me in Saffron Falls for over four decades.
You deserved it.
You must be crazy to think I'm cooking that spell with you.
Oh, will you two stop? Chuck is out there, and he's dangerous.
We have to work together, so grow up.
But she started it.
The recipe calls for an ingredient that's native to the land where we want to trap Chuck.
Lavender Heights, so lavender? No.
Of course.
Even dumber than a pluot.
There has to be something in here that could stop our spells from disappearing.
Darbie: "Stop The Leek Soup.
" That's it.
Okay, perfect.
We'll need chicken stock potatoes, leeks, celer-- [sighs.]
Okay, that's just wrong.
This is awful.
He's getting our recipes by the minute.
The weaker our book gets, the strong his becomes.
- Now should we go to the OCs? - No.
They already tried to handle Chuck 50 years ago, and he just came back.
Well, there has to be some way to keep him from the magic.
We have to steal his book.
You mean spy movie heist style? Done and done.
I don't love the idea of going back there.
We can do this, we just need a plan.
First things first.
We'll need a detailed record of where Chuck goes each day and when.
Hannah: Ugh! Great.
The trailer's invisible again.
Makes sense.
Our invisibility spell must have worn off.
10:05 a.
, the bird leaves his nest.
10:17 a.
, Corky's Diner.
The bird seeks sustenance.
11:08 a.
The bird flies back to its nest.
I was running out of bird analogies.
Kelly: Since we can't cook our invisibility spell again, we need a blueprint of Chuck's trailer created from memory.
Both: Wow.
Dad taught me how to draft plans when we built the tree house in fifth grade.
Not to brag.
That's impressive, Darbie.
But, um, I'm pretty sure that the door was much further to the left.
Really? I guess I could be wrong.
Let's see your drawing.
Um, why is there a dog out front? Wha-- Guys, those are stairs.
Why do the stairs have ears? - This isn't art class.
- [giggling.]
Since we had trouble lifting Chuck's book, we need to cook a strength spell.
"Big Mussels and Spinach.
" [camera shutter clicking.]
Not taking any chances on that one disappearing.
- Good call.
- [camera shutter clicking.]
[cell phone buzzing.]
Oh, no, I totally forgot.
I have a Fox Canyon thing.
Your new school? Right now? I'm supposed to get breakfast with my new student mentor.
She's just a senior who's around to help answer some questions.
I can cancel last minute.
It's fine.
Hannah, it's okay.
You should go.
Fox Canyon means a lot to you.
Okay, I'll try and go super fast.
Just give me an hour.
Don't worry about us, just have fun.
So now what? We cook.
Without Hannah? Chuck leaves his trailer every morning at around 10:00.
If we wait for Hannah, we'll have to postpone the whole thing until tomorrow.
And we're losing spells by the minute.
To Chuck.
And the more spells he gets, the more chances he has to use them against us.
We don't have time to waste.
Who knows what Chuck is capable of.
I guess I'm in.
Okay, now don't forget this spell contains torian pepper flakes, so it will be effective for exactly one hour.
- Sound good? - Ready when you are.
Hi, Dad.
I can't tell if it worked.
Me, neither.
Mussels? For breakfast? That's a unique choice.
You know what they say.
It's always good to start your day off with some protein.
I think I'll stick with juice.
Or maybe I won't, if I can't get this jar open.
You want me to try? Yeah.
Go for it.
Looks like those mussels are working.
He's right.
It worked.
My turn.
Watch this.
The one-handed push up of doom.
Okay, well, maybe it didn't work quite that well.
Why am I not surprised? The coolest spell ever only seems to work for you.
Yeah, but that doesn't make sense.
Do you feel weaker? No weaker than usual.
We've gotta be missing something, but we don't have time to figure it out.
We're burning torian.
We have one hour to get in and out of Chuck's unnoticed.
Game time.
[bell jingles.]
Sorry I'm late.
I'm in a bit of a rush this morning.
I might have to head out a little early.
Crazy busy.
No biggie.
I gotta do the same.
I have band practice.
- You're in a band? - Two, actually.
That's awesome.
Are they both at Fox Canyon? Yeah, sort of.
One is for class credit, and the other we started on our own.
I had no idea that the students there were so into music.
I thought it was more academic.
Can't it be both? Well, yeah, I guess so.
I play piano.
Oh, then you'll love the music teacher.
She used to tour with her own band.
Okay, it's officially 10:15.
He should be heading out any minute now.
Like clockwork.
Use these instead.
They're right.
I know it.
Really, Darbie? I mean, I know I can't draw, - but I'm pretty sure-- - I'm positive.
The door is exactly where I drew it.
Even if your plans were up to scale, you didn't account for the walk up, the side window, or the wheels.
You need to head exactly ten paces from this tree, reach right about a foot from eye level, and you'll find the handle.
Now go.
Clock's ticking.
Looks like the strength spell worked for you after all.
No, it didn't.
Want to see me do a push up again? No, you didn't get muscular strength, I did, but I've never seen you so determined.
The spell worked differently for you.
It's like you're strong-willed.
Really? Cool.
Then I should also point out, this plan needs a look out.
You can't go into the lion's den without someone keeping watch.
No, we should both go.
This isn't up for debate.
I'll stand guard.
Let's go.
We don't have all day.
We're in.
You're right.
Of course, I was.
Now, go for it, the coast is clear.
I got it.
It's not even that heavy.
I think that-- I think it was just stuck in place.
- Great.
Now, move it.
- Okay.
No, no, no, no.
Darbie, we have a problem.
I'm-- I'm blocked in.
You have super strength.
Break through the door if you have to.
No, I can't! When I lifted the book, it must have triggered some sort of booby trap.
Okay, don't panic.
I'll get help.
If Chuck runs on his usual schedule, we still have 54 minutes until he gets back.
- But what if I can't-- - Less talk, more action.
Darbie out.
No, please, Darbie.
And then Miss Proffer took us back stage to meet the entire Broadway cast.
I can't believe you got to go to New York on a school trip.
It was only for those of us taking band.
Well, I'm definitely taking band, then.
[door opens.]
Uh, I'll be right back.
I-- I just have to go to the bathroom.
Darbie's voice: Hello.
Just kidding.
Leave a message.
- [beep.]
- Darbie, what's up? Chuck's at Corky's.
I'm almost done here.
Call me.
So we'll get the book from the attic, and find whatever spell we can to save Kelly.
And we have 42 minutes.
But why do you need my help? Jake, have you seen me cook alone? It's a good day if I don't burn my toast.
Come on.
We now have 41 minutes to get back to Chuck's trailer.
Chuck has a trailer? And you girls went there alone? Yes.
And no time for lectures.
- 41 minutes, Mama P.
- Let's go, Darbie.
I can cook for you.
I happen to know just the right spell.
It's a lock breaking spell that I used to open-- My pantry.
Are you for real right now? I-- I haven't used any of the spices.
I only unlocked it for emergencies like these.
I can't believe this.
You've been lying this whole time.
- Jake, please.
- How do I keep falling for this? Why are you two still talking? We're on a deadline.
All right.
What do we need, chef? Well, first of all, we need at least 45 minutes.
- It takes time to cook.
- Got it.
I'll send Grandma Q to Corky's to distract Chuck.
Then I'll get started on the recipe.
Not so fast.
You're gonna have to take a look at that lock-breaking spell again, because this is different.
- It's an invisible lock.
- Okay, then.
I can still use the galafrasian sugar, but I will need a grunde spice.
I have some ginger.
Maybe a marinade.
Now pack your ingredients and follow me.
How are we supposed to cook if we follow you? I'm not leaving Kelly alone out there in the event that Grandma Q fails at her mission.
Plus, Chuck's got a grill nearby.
Plan accordingly.
What does Chuck need this for? [camera shutter clicking.]
Darbie: Kelly, you in there? Yeah, I'm here.
I brought back up.
Mama P, what are you doing here? Open Sesame Chicken Kabobs.
Okay, kind of freaking out here.
I can hear Kelly but I can't see her.
Invisible trailer.
Of course.
Start chopping.
And then you'll have a free period for whatever you want.
Have you thought about what you'll take? Hannah, you okay? Uh, yeah.
So sorry, I'm just trying to reach my friends.
Are they going to Fox Canyon, too? No, but we've been friends forever.
But you'd never guess by the amount of attention they're giving my text.
Well, don't worry.
You'll make a ton of new friends this fall.
All right, I should head out.
Yeah, me, too.
Thank you so much for this.
No problem.
Feel free to text me if you think of any more questions.
I promise I will return it.
I will.
Thank you so much.
Grandma Q and Chuck.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Chuck, I just want to talk.
Let's see.
The last time you just wanted to talk, I believe we were on a Ferris wheel.
I understand why you want revenge.
Oh, you do, do you? I'm the one that gave you the apple, but I never meant to send you away.
You've gotta believe me.
I'm sorry.
Becky, Becky, Becky.
You really don't get it, do you? Get what? This isn't about getting revenge on your family.
In fact, this all started long before you.
I don't understand.
I mean, what I want is far bigger than any of you.
You're simply in my way.
Plus, you also have something I need.
And until I get it, I'm not going anywhere.
Hannah, can't talk.
Super busy.
No, but you're never gonna believe this.
Grandma Q is at Corky's with Chuck.
I know.
We sent her.
- You what? - Darbie.
- They're ready.
- Is that Jake? - Where are you? - Chuck's trailer stealing his book.
- Gotta go.
See you later.
- Wait! [sighs.]
We did it! We got it! Of course, we did.
[cell phone chimes.]
Oh, we gotta go.
The big bad bird is flying home.
He's coming back.
We have to leave right now.
But we need to clean this up or he'll know we were here.
Go, all of you.
I'll cover our tracks.
- He'll never know.
- Or I'll help.
It'll go twice as fast.
No need.
Just go.
Uh, get yourselves to safety.
Jake: What if he comes too soon? Better me than you.
Thanks, Mama P.
We couldn't have done this without you.
Just save the cookbook.
I'll handle the rest.
Kelly: Darbie's blueprints saved me.
They were totally perfect.
Uh, well, you totally hulked out on that book.
So awesome.
Yeah, and when the door locked, I-- - Oh, my gosh, you freaked out.
- I know.
That sounds so cool.
I wish I could have been there to help.
No worries.
The two of us got the job done.
So, how was the meeting with your mentor? Uh, it was okay.
Nothing special.
Still excited for Fox Canyon? I guess.
I don't know.
I could have stalled Chuck, you know.
I was there.
It's okay.
You were busy.
Besides, it doesn't matter now.
Grandma handled it.
Speaking of Grandma Q, we should prepare for a lecture from the OCs.
They weren't too happy we went to Chuck's alone.
So now what? We have Chuck's book, but we haven't stopped the leak.
Darbie, any ideas? Sadly, the spell wore off.
I'm back to indecisive Darbie.
It's not like the spell gave you the ideas.
It just made you believe in yourself.
You should take the lead more often.
You saved the day today.
Congrats, Darbie.
I'll work on that.
But first, I'm hungry.
Should I have an apple or a banana? [giggling.]
I almost forgot.
I found this in Chuck's trailer.
Chuck has excellent penmanship.
It looks like a shopping list of spices.
It's like he's trying to create a recipe or something.
The list seems so random.
I don't know.
But I'm not getting a good feeling about it.