Justice League Unlimited s01e03 Episode Script

Kid Stuff

This better be worth it, Mother.
I mean it.
If the legends are true, it will be.
You've been saying stuff like that for, like, centuries.
Nothing ever changes.
Everything's changed except you, Mordred.
And that's because I want you to still be young when I give you your kingdom.
I wanna be king now! What's this thing? Another stupid charm? It's the amulet of first magic.
The source of all earthly sorcery.
Be ready, Mordred.
At last.
Mordred, give that to me.
Why should I? Silly child, you're not-- Not what? Ready? Or big enough? Or old enough? None of that matters, Mother, 'cause now I'm strong enough.
Mordred! I'll have my kingdom and without anyone telling me what to do.
I never want to see you or anyone older than me ever again.
No! Complete your English assignments then read pages six to 40 in your math books.
And finish your history reports by tomorrow.
How many times do I have to tell you, no snacks.
You won't wanna eat your-- What--? Pound their heads! Pound your own.
I won't go down easy.
Sure you will.
Guess that's a wrap.
Been hanging out with Flash too much.
Hey! What--? It was Judgment Day, and-- And we got sent to the bad place.
The bad place! Snap out of it, Copper.
Yeah, calm down.
We're probably just in another dimension.
Oh, is that all? I don't see any children.
That's because a child is responsible.
Morgaine Le Fay.
I mean you no harm.
My son, Mordred, has wrought this treachery.
Banishing all adults to this shadow realm.
Even me, his own mother.
And after I spent millennia feeding him, bathing him, preparing him to be king.
Where did I go wrong? You're a sorceress.
Can't you just undo his spell? No.
He's got the amulet of first magic.
He's too powerful.
But if we all work together You want us to defeat your own son? So don't trust me.
Let him rule the world and all your children.
Here we will stay.
But what can we do? We're stuck here, aren't we? Not exactly.
The spell only banishes adults.
I don't like where this is going.
It's the only way.
We have to do it.
Wh-who are you? I'm your king.
And this is my kingdom.
To my throne.
This better be temporary.
You sound weird.
So do I.
I kind of like this.
What's the matter? I wore glasses as a kid.
Guess I need 'em again.
Wow! I didn't even try to make these.
I hope not.
Will you stop messing around? We gotta find Mordred.
Bet the little punk's in there.
It's not a race.
Ah! Next.
My sister's crying.
I think she's hungry.
The Justice babies.
What are you laughing at, Precious? You.
Mother sent you, huh? She shouldn't send a boy to do a man's job.
I'll make a laser cannon.
No, a missile launcher.
Oh, oh, I know! Just pick something.
You okay, tough guy? Let go.
I'm fine.
That's not fair! Get him! Playtime is over.
You'll share the fate of all my enemies: execution.
What did he do to the demon? Etrigan? Don't hurt him! Ow! Tell him that.
Ah! Etrigan, cut it out! Ah! Etrigan, you stop right there! Huh? I mean it! You naughty monster.
Bad, bad Etrigan.
Hey, little guy, it's okay.
I won't hurt you.
You've got to be kidding.
He's just a baby.
That's all he needed.
Oh, man, that ain't all he needs.
Now, that is a job for Superman.
I'm going to go punch our way out of here.
I'll help.
Now, that's what I call fun.
Come on.
You two, knock it off.
What are you gonna do? You're just a kid.
Ah! I'm the kid with laser beams coming out his eyes.
That's enough! You can't tell us what to do! You're not our mom.
No, but I promise you, we will find all your moms, and I'm gonna tell.
Well, what should we do? Go outside and wait for your parents.
Your girlfriend sure is bossy.
Shut up.
He's almost asleep.
We can take him.
I'll make the lawn mower and chew him up.
I say we get that amulet away from him first.
We'll split up and sneak behind him.
Then Lantern can do his thing.
But no mowers.
Why? Because it's stupid.
I guess I'll go with Clark.
Unless I should go with you.
I'm fine to go with Diana.
So Bruce and I are good to go? I changed my mind.
I'll go with Bruce, and John can go with Clark.
What's with them? Man, for somebody with, like, you are so blind.
What? Easy.
What ya doing? Huh? Get the amulet! He's just a little kid! Man, I hate magic.
Now who's little? Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh! Come on! Ah! Come out of my castle.
Your king commands it! I got a plan.
I'll make some giant handcuffs and-- Forget it.
We've gotta focus on Never mind what I just said.
We'll take care of everything else.
Lantern, you go crazy.
Hey, junior! How about picking on somebody your own size? You're so dead.
Thought you could beat me in that piece of junk? Wasn't really trying.
Treachery! No! Nice try, but I already absorbed too much of the amulet's power.
Now I'll take care of my kingly duty myself.
What? I'm scared.
I want my mommy.
You don't need a mommy.
You're better off without one.
Trust me.
Stop it! Stop it! Some king.
I'm not impressed.
What'd you expect? He's a boy doing a man's job.
You don't know what it's like being stuck as a kid.
Since you've got all that power, you could have been a man any time you wanted.
I think you're too chicken to grow up.
Yup, big chicken.
That's what you are.
Face it, Precious, you like being a little mama's boy.
I'll show you.
I'll show you all! I'm older than you now.
You sure are.
What? Wait.
No! They cheated.
After I fix this, they're toast.
What's wrong with me? Where's my power? You've used it all.
Don't you realize what you've done? What? What? Ma-- A bargain is a bargain.
Oof! Wait.
What happened to Mordred? My spell gave him eternal youth, but now that he's broken it, all he has is eternal life.
Hi, sweetie! Circumstances aside, it was kind of enjoyable to be a kid again.
I haven't been a kid since I was 8 years old.
Did you miss mommy? Well, don't you worry, baby.
Mommy's going to take good care of you from now on.