Justice League Unlimited s01e04 Episode Script

Hawk and Dove

You said come back Tuesday.
It's Tuesday.
I want my suit.
Patience, brother.
You know how much I care about the details.
It doesn't have to be pretty, Hephaestus.
Where it's going, things aren't supposed to be pretty.
Present company excluded, of course.
Just hurry up.
My finishing touch.
The Annihilator.
Heartless, indestructible and ready to feed on mankind's misery and rage.
Per your specifications.
Go ahead, Ares.
Give it life.
Wrap it up.
I'll take it.
Isn't it? I knew about advances in unmanned weaponry, but this is incredible.
Who built it? Ever heard the expression, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"? Ah.
Now, I've already taken the liberty of imprinting it to your voice commands.
So, Mr.
Nardoc, the only question is, are you interested? Of course.
Anything to protect us from those dogs in the South.
But, Mr.
Sera, you know how little money we have.
We can worry about that later.
You're joking, right? No, I trust you.
It's not like you're going anywhere, is it? With this weapon's help? No.
We are certainly staying right here.
Come on, go, go, go! I try to take a day off, try to have a semblance of a normal life, but you had to pick today to rob a bank.
Oh, yeah.
Like that's going to work.
I've learned my lesson.
I promise.
No, you haven't.
Your kind never learns.
And it's really starting to get on my nerves.
In a minute.
Diana! I'm not finished here.
I'd say you are.
Queen Adria of Kaznia has asked the League for help.
Her nation is being torn apart by warring paramilitary groups.
Each faction has ties with neighboring countries.
If this escalates, it could easily ignite the region.
What's wrong with people, J'onn? Hostility's their answer to everything.
You're not one to talk, of late.
What's that supposed to mean? Diana, you and I have both been affected by our time among humans.
It's important that we keep ourselves in check.
First of all, those thugs back there got exactly what they had coming.
As did that band of mercenaries last week.
And those creatures from the Decorin Nebula.
They weren't misunderstood.
They thought we were food! You're right, Diana.
None of it has anything to do with you.
Before heading to Kaznia, you're going to have to make a stop.
Fine mess here, Don.
Talk to them.
You speak Neanderthal.
I think they're done talking.
This is ridiculous.
Just because I disagree with you doesn't make me unpatriotic.
You bein' a bleedin'-heart punk makes you unpatriotic.
Actually, I gotta agree with him on that one.
Too late tryi'' to side with us.
You're both takin' a beating.
Look, we got off on the wrong foot.
But don't you think we could find plenty of things we all have in common if we just tried? No.
Hank, say something.
Preemptive strike.
Oh, you so wanted to do this.
Don't blame me.
You're the one who couldn't keep your trap shut.
Aaahh! Now, how about you calm down, and I'll let you go? How about you kiss my--? Aaahh! You didn't answer your summons.
Look around, princess.
Had our hands full.
Enough to go around if you want a piece.
Aaaahh! The Northern tribes have infested our motherland for too many generations.
Kaznia is ours by the blood of our fathers and our fathers' fathers.
Right now, they're preparing a new weapon, a weapon with fearsome power.
We've got to attack now to protect your farms and your families from their vicious hands.
Move out, and may fortune be with you! Why not just let them obliterate each other? If people can't control their own country, they don't deserve to have one.
Way to oversimplify.
These folks live in poverty.
And when you have so little, it's easy to be swayed into blaming your neighbor.
Almost all aggression can be cured with education.
Yeah? Then how come some of the best-educated guys in the world work at the Pentagon? Down there.
Who is that? These people don't stand a chance against it.
Hawk, you're with me.
Dove-- I'm on it.
Both of you, scram.
There's no one inside that thing.
How do you fight that? You hit it till it breaks.
Hey! What are you doing? You pulled us right out of battle.
She just saved our lives, Hank.
Two yards would've done that.
This is what's called a retreat.
There was no point continuing.
We were having no effect on that thing.
If anything, it was getting stronger.
There's gotta be a way to stop this war.
If we could just get the two leaders to sit down together.
Oh, 'cause that happens all the time in these situations.
Unless you wanna just kidnap 'em and make 'em talk.
I wish.
Then go for it.
At least it'll buy me some time.
Why? What are you doing? Why? What are you doing? I've gotta see a man about a suit of armor.
I've gotta see a man about a suit of armor.
You let them go.
Why didn't you push ahead and take their camp? They have enough arsenal there to launch an assault against the capital.
I have no designs on the capital.
We won, Mr.
The animals attacked, and we ran them out of town.
I didn't give you The Annihilator so you could run your enemies out of town.
I gave you The Annihilator so you could annihilate them! Forgive the insult, sir, but you think like a South Kaznian.
They want to destroy us all, but my brothers and I only wish to keep our land.
Perhaps I could take their camp, but the price would be too great.
Shall I win a country but massacre my people? Yes, you idiot! I think like a South Kaznian? Has it even entered your skull that they think like South Kaznians? And you better start thinking that way too if you want there to be a Northerner left in this rat-infested dirt heap you call a country.
All any of you mortals are good for is to slaughter one another.
To fight and fight, until the bones of your enemies are strewn across the battlefield, only to rise again in the next generation, like a well-tended crop.
That's what The Annihilator is for.
But no, you're using it to play tag.
You know what? You're crazy, and I wash my hands of you.
I'll thank you to get out of my rat-infested dirt heap now.
And you can take your robot with you.
Better idea: I stay.
You go.
I made that armor for your mother.
Did she ever thank me? No.
I love your mom, but she didn't have your build.
I didn't come here to talk about my armor.
There's an armored suit fighting in Kaznia that needs no wearer and bears your mark.
The Annihilator.
Then you did make it.
Who else does such fine work? Ares liked it.
Of course.
How do you stop it? Ah.
You knew to ask.
I do leave a small weakness in each of my creations.
An Achilles' heel, if you will.
It's so no one ever gets too powerful.
You know what they say, "Only Zeus is perfect.
" And what's The Annihilator's weakness? Diana, you wouldn't want me to go around telling people the weakness in your armor, would you? With that attitude, you'll never figure it out.
Come back when you have more time.
I'll let that suit out a little.
Oof! Sorry, kid.
You'll have a headache later.
But on the bright side, if this works, you'll live to see 20.
Don't be afraid.
My name is Dove.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I'd like you to come with me.
It's time to try a new path.
And what path is that? Peace.
Not really my thing.
But if you're into it, I can arrange for you to have eternal peace.
After I'm done with you, that is.
Ever run away from home? It's fun.
You'll love it.
Brother and me used to do it all the time.
Except he'd always wuss out and run home to Mama.
General, the Northern forces are-- I see Don's social skills had their usual effect.
Lay down your arms.
You're being used.
What--? Have a nice day.
Don't let them take the camp.
Our arsenal.
You must stop this.
I must do nothing.
I don't take orders from women.
The Annihilator.
It's fueled by our rage.
Lower your weapons! You don't have a chance like that, so try it my way.
Lower your weapons.
Don! Let go of me.
He's weak.
He'll get himself killed.
Don! Anybody wanna give me a clue what just happened? Sometimes it takes more strength not to fight.
What's the matter with you people? Keep fighting! This is your chance to finish them.
Give it up, Ares.
It's over.
You lose.
All right.
This time.
But I'll be back, and sooner than you think.
Wherever there's prejudice, ignorance, inequality, I'll be there.
And I'll be waiting.
You see? Doesn't this prove exactly what I've been saying for years? Couldn't tell you.
I do my best not to listen.
What? And another thing: Don't go all Gandhi on me thinking you can pull this every time.