Justice League Unlimited s01e07 Episode Script

The Greatest Story Never Told

You're safe now, folks.
This hunk of tin and transistors couldn't cut it against a real high-tech hero.
A hero who's 1000 percent committed to the fight against evil.
And-- And-- And you have no idea who I am, do you? Skeets? Citizens of Metropolis, behold Booster Gold.
Traveling back through time from the year 2462 A.
, Booster Gold has come to battle today's wrongdoers.
Booster Gold, protecting his past to ensure your future.
I'm out of here.
Can I have your autograph? Of course you can.
I thought you were Green Lantern.
I would like your autograph, sir.
Shut up, Skeets.
Come on, J'onn, you gotta put me on some higher-profile missions.
Grodd, Darkseid.
Any chance the Joker's planning something super-nasty? I fail to understand your obsession with fame.
Not fame.
Much more than, like, your level of fame.
No offense, but you've got a hard-to-pronounce name.
It doesn't stick in the mind.
Now, Booster Gold, don't you just love saying it? That is the attitude that keeps you on the sidelines.
You're right.
It's not just about fame.
What'd you pull down last year? Before taxes.
J'onn, mayday! We need help down here.
Now! Who is that? The dark lord Mordru.
You okay? You sound nervous or something.
I have never sensed such malevolent magic in one being.
Unless Mordru can be defeated, I fear for every living creature on the planet.
Yes! Captain Atom here.
Go ahead.
Report to Metropolis immediately.
I've got a fire to put out here, J'onn.
We have an omega-level priority situation.
Roger that.
On my way.
I heard, J'onn.
You will lead the ground forces once they're assembled.
ETA to Metropolis: two minutes.
Lantern out.
Listen up.
A second unit will serve under Green Lantern's command.
When I call your name, report to the transporter.
Hawk and Dove, Star and S.
, Shining Knight, Fire and Ice, Dr.
Light, Aztek, Huntress, Vigilante, Elongated Man.
Booster Gold.
Yes! This is it, Skeets.
My big chance.
If I can take down this Mumu-- Mordru.
I take him down, and after that, there's no stopping me and my career.
I have every confidence in you, sir.
Blurk! I hate that thing.
Give me a javelin any day.
Hawk, Dove, and Vibe, you're with us.
What about me? I was thinking maybe I'd go out on point.
Crowd control.
Crowd control.
Who says you don't have a sense of humor? Crowd control.
Now, wait just a-- Got it.
Crowd control.
What about me? Plastic Man's down there.
We don't need two stretchy guys.
Well, don't just stand there, chum.
We've got an important job to do.
This way.
Remain calm.
Watch your step.
"We don't need two stretchy guys.
" This is so not fair.
I mean, I realize Plastic Man is in the League too.
I'm not dissing the guy's skills but come on.
I have it all over that guy.
One time, I disguised myself as a vase for three days.
No, you didn't.
Maybe not.
Who'd want to anyway? But I am a detective, which means I'm like Plastic Man and Batman rolled into one, and-- Is there any chance you could stop complaining for five minutes? Hey.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease, my friend.
But I'll tell you, I wouldn't help those ingrates now if they begged me.
We need you.
It's about time.
Not you.
Squeaky wheel.
Maybe they needed a vase.
Maybe I illuminated the colors in the wrong order.
It doesn't matter what we do here.
The battle is over there.
We're not helping.
This is untrue.
"They also serve who only stand and wait.
" John Milton.
Oh, yeah? I got one for ya.
"This stinks.
" Booster Gold.
Fame and fortune don't come your way when you're on crowd control.
I disagree.
Crowd control can be a very rewarding experience, sir.
You'll see.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Get back to crowd control.
Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
Mister, my aunts are still in the building.
This is it, Skeets.
Hang tight.
I'll save your family.
Ladies, can you hear me? You can come out now.
Booster Gold is-- Here are your ants.
Thank you, Green Lantern.
I'm not Green Lantern.
I'm Booster Gold.
If I were Green Lantern, my costume would be green, now, wouldn't it! I have officially hit rock bottom.
Sir, you saved those insects.
Yay! Don't you feel good about yourself? It's never gonna happen for me, Skeets.
Maybe I just don't deserve it.
Nonsense, sir.
You will get a chance to prove your valor.
I believe adventure is right around the corner.
Well, if I'm reading this right, I guess you take the 7 to the B line, and that'll get you out of the city.
Oh! Is there anyone left in the building? I think Dr.
Simmons is still in lab four.
Simmons, are you here? Dr.
Simmons! She is still alive.
She's beautiful and in distress.
My favorite kind of damsel.
Maybe today wasn't such a waste after all.
We're all gonna die.
I'm not dressed for Halloween.
Booster Gold is a bona fide superhero.
You can't help.
My boss and I, we've been experimenting in the lab with an alternative energy source to fossil fuels.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
The source isn't entirely stable and requires a tremendous amount of power to maintain equilibrium.
The fire damaged the containment field.
Brown got caught in the explosion.
The source is loose now.
It could destroy the world.
All worlds.
This is so up my alley.
I got this for ya.
So where is this source? Supergirl, use your heat vision to lay down suppression fire.
Aztek, Huntress, fall back to second position.
Go ahead.
Uh, J'onn, you got a second? What is it? We kind of got an emergency down here.
I know.
Mordru's powers appear to be growing.
Something else, something terrible.
Something that-- Now is not the time to rail against your given assignment.
I'm not! I've got a major situation-- Watchtower out.
Okay, J'onn.
If you think I can handle it on my own, I will.
Tell Superman I got this one, but he owes me.
Booster Gold out.
He said I can handle this on my own.
I hope you're right.
So you're the beautiful scientist.
How do we turn your artificial black hole off? With this, I hope.
It's a gravity inhibitor.
We need to get this around his neck.
It should collapse the black hole and hopefully save Daniel as well.
Daniel, huh? Is he your boyfriend? Husband? No.
Just friends.
We better hurry.
Yes! Can your little friend there detect gravitic anomalies? No need.
Oh, my.
You afraid of heights? No.
Why? Go find a shady spot.
Lantern! Oh, man.
We are so lucky.
All I have to do is pop this collar on Mr.
Black Hole, save the world and then it's champagne and strawberries for me and the hot doctor.
I thought they didn't have flying cars in this time period.
Oh, blurk.
Ahh! Sorry, sorry.
Maybe you should handle this.
Why me? You're a doctor.
I'm a physicist.
Yeah? Give me the collar.
I'll-- I'll take care of this.
So, uh, how are you feeling? How many fingers am I holding up? Do something useful! I'm here to help, sir.
Am I glad to see you.
I need any data you have on childbirth.
According to my files, first we boil water then tear up several clean sheets, preferably ones we no longer wish to use for bedding.
Thank you, Green Lantern! Tracy, where are you? This is all my fault, Skeets.
I never should have put her in harm's way.
I mean, Superman wouldn't have done that.
He would have figured this all out by now.
Thataway, sir.
Help me! Oh, no! He's in the subway, sir.
He's in the subway.
I know.
They were right.
Some superhero I turned out to be.
If anyone knew the truth.
If she knew the truth I've got nothing.
Did you find him? According to my sensors, Dr.
Brown is nearing critical mass.
Come on.
Daniel! Tracy, keep back! I can't control it! Just stay where you are.
Booster! Skeets! No! Ohh.
I blew it.
It's not too late.
I can't do it.
Yes, you can.
You have to.
Tracy, I'm a fraud.
Do you know why I came back to the past? It wasn't to fight for justice.
It was to get rich, be famous.
I was a failure in the future, just like I am here.
I'm not a superhero.
Everything is about to be destroyed forever, and where are the other superheroes? Not here.
You are! You're the only one who can do this, so do it! I'm sorry! You're alive.
Tracy? You're all right, Daniel.
Just take it slow.
I don't feel so good.
Skeets! My gosh.
It was full of stars.
You okay? Yeah.
You? I am now.
That was pretty super-heroic of you.
All in a judgment day's work.
Well, see ya.
Sir, according to my thermal sensor readings of Dr.
Simmons, you just missed a prime opportunity to-- Well, I believe the phrase is "kiss the girl.
" Kissing girls is for heroes, Skeets.
Nice work, Elongated Man.
That was just about the slickest move I've ever seen.
Hey, it was a team effort.
I'm just glad I stretched in the right place at the right time.
Back to normal, huh? Mordru's magic was nullified when he lost consciousness.
I thought I told you to stay on crowd control.
I know, but there was this-- I mean, you wouldn't believe it.
It almost-- Ah, forget it.
You and I are gonna have a little chat later.
Looking forward to that.
Excuse me.
Green Lantern? For the last time, I am not Green Lantern! My name is-- Just kidding.
I know who Booster Gold is.
So now that I'm not in distress, I was wondering if maybe I was still your kind of damsel.
Because maybe we could have dinner if you're not busy doing cleanup.
Me? No.
I only do crowd control.
Squeaky wheel, buddy.
Squeaky wheel.