Justice League Unlimited s01e06 Episode Script

Fearful Symmetry

What's with the running, doc? We both know how this is gonna turn out.
I didn't tell anyone! I swear! Good.
Then you're the only loose end.
You can scream now, if you want.
I've never fully understood the mechanics of dreams.
I don't have them myself.
Well, this one's doing a number on my ceiling, and Pa Kent's getting tired of patching it.
I will say this.
What I saw was far more linear than ordinary dream logic.
But it didn't seem like a memory either.
It was inconclusive.
You mean I might actually have done these things? I'm sorry.
I just don't know.
J'onn, President Chojeb on one.
I'm going to put you on the inactive roster for a few days.
Let me know what you find.
What's the big deal? You had some nightmares.
These weren't just dreams.
They felt like they really happened.
I don't know, I've had some dreams that felt mighty real.
There was this one the other night The point is, I couldn't live with myself if I really did what I saw.
Now, are you gonna help me or not? Of course, kid.
But vague memories of a probe like one of those alien abduction things, maybe you've just been hanging out in Kansas too long.
Wouldn't be so sure.
Especially when she's the alien.
Got all the signs of repressed memory.
People dream what their minds don't want to remember.
Easier to convince themselves it's all bunk.
Repressed memories of what? When? You've been to Star Labs, treated for injuries there.
Yeah, a few years ago, when Superman was brainwashed and attacked the Earth.
I got hurt, and he took me to Star for help.
I was in a coma for part of it.
Meaning there's a gap in time you can't account for.
That's when.
Okay, enough.
Don't listen to this guy.
Everything's conspiracies with him.
Not conspiracies.
Reaching back to ancient Egypt, there's been a single cabal of powerful individuals directing the course of human history.
But the common man prefers to believe they don't exist, which aids their success.
Global warming? Military upheavals in the Third World? Actors elected to public office? The spread of coffee bars.
Germs outpacing antibiotics.
And boy bands? Come on.
Who would gain from all this? Who indeed.
What does any of this have to do with my dreams? If I'm right, you're part of it.
You're going to need my help.
I'm going with you.
Hold your horses.
No one asked for more help.
This whole trip might just prove the kid shouldn't eat nachos before bed.
Peanut butter sandwiches.
How did you--? What, do you go through my trash? Please.
I go through everyone's trash.
This is where we treated you when you were in your coma.
You were on life support the whole time.
I promise, you weren't running around on violent missions.
Well, then, Professor Hamilton, Maybe you can explain why her memories led her here? I think I can explain it.
You mentioned some sort of torture device.
With robotic arms and a long probe in the center.
Cut to the chase.
You say you've seen something like it? In fact, I have.
That's it.
It's not a torture device.
It's a surgical robot.
That's a kryptonite-tipped lance.
It was the only way to operate on you, Supergirl.
That robot saved your life.
As for the rest of your dream, we humans are used to being vulnerable.
But to you, surgery must have seemed terribly invasive.
And powerless to defend yourself, it's possible your mind constructed a scenario of fighting back.
So I think that answered everything.
A little too well.
Does everything have a sinister motive in your world? Yours too.
You just don't know it.
Uh, guys? What was that about? What do you think? We're asking questions someone doesn't want answered.
Oh, learn a new tune already.
I'm starting to think he's right.
That robot came after me.
The rest of this was just distraction.
Standard Z8 combat trainer.
Like the ones we use.
The League buys 'em in bulk.
So? So who do we buy them from? The Army, I think.
Oh! Wait a minute Another fun fact: The man who commissioned the Z8 project? The same man who put you in the hospital.
General Hardcastle? He's retired now, isn't he? Gone and hoping to be forgotten.
Figured someone would come for me some day.
Only, I thought they'd be from the other side.
This weapon fires a projectile of kryptonite pellets suspended in a liquid silicon core.
Causes maximum scatter on impact.
Only gets one shot, but trust me, alien, it'll do the job.
We're not here to hurt you.
We just have some questions.
Sorry if I don't take your word for it.
As I recall, your kind can be fickle.
Okay, now what, smart guy? Use up your magic bullet on me, and you're left with one very ticked off Supergirl.
Now, be a good host and tell us a story.
The Army shut me out after Superman invaded.
The feeling upstairs was, I failed when it counted most, so how could I lead again? I got the message and took early retirement.
Problem is, I know too much.
One of these days, they'll decide to shut me up.
Who will? What do you know? The military and big business have been in cahoots for decades.
Top-secret stuff.
Experiments on metahumans, mutants, aliens, searching for new technologies, both for national security and profit.
That Volcana woman? She was one of ours.
Same with those freaks the Joker made up like playing cards.
Any of it have to do with Supergirl? It has to do with all of them.
Your little club up in that spaceship? There's a file on every one of you.
But I don't know anything about these dreams of yours.
If it is connected to these people, I've been out of the loop too long to know.
And how do we find "these people"? You don't.
They find you.
Sorry, kid.
Dead end I guess.
Not necessarily.
Need some time to process this.
Martian, pick us up.
What? I told you everything I-- Supergirl? Yes.
And no.
Friends call me Tea.
Are you a friend, general? Guess that's a no.
It's okay.
You fell asleep.
Excuse me, if I bore you.
Hey, lay off.
Hardcastle's gone.
I just know.
Go ahead.
Look at your monitor.
I'm patching through a live feed.
A scientist named Gilbert Holstrom has been reported missing.
He's from a biotech company called Nuvo-Gen.
It's the man from Kara's dream.
He really exists.
Ordid, anyway.
And only one network had the story.
Now that's the first lead in this whole business I can wrap my head around.
We go to Nuvo-Gen, we find out who this guy is.
First, we find the source of the report.
What for? Don't you know who owns the Eagle network? The real owners? Look, why don't we split up? Kara and I will go to Nuvo-Gen.
You go wherever you want.
Hey, Lasser! Saw that piece on Eagle today.
Now, that's reporting.
You get home safe.
The thing is, that Nuvo-Gen's a real hush-hush joint, and, uh, Holstrom didn't have no family to file a missing persons.
So between you and me, how'd you hear about that story? Good old-fashioned legwork, Jerry.
You should try it sometime.
Commodore Hotel.
Something wrong? Gotta write up my fare report.
So, what do you think of that corporate prepackaged pop kids like these days? Hate it.
Uh-oh Fell in love again In love again What am I gonna Tell my friends? Hey! I just said-- Tell all my friends It just happened You walked in my door Now I don't wanna be-- How you doin'? Ollie, fillin' in.
What happened to Frank? I heard some contest guy showed up at his door.
Free trip to Aruba.
Why him and not me? Tell me about it.
You have a good one.
Good cold one's more like it.
Free trip to Aruba? Had to send Frank somewhere.
Shame how he dropped his keycard though.
I never heard of Nuvo-Gen or-- Or Holstrom until last night.
This girl I've been seeing, sh-she slipped it to me.
Said I-- I could run with it.
The girl.
Tell me more.
She's just a girl.
Blond hair, blue eyes, real farmer's-daughter type.
And a handshake like a vise? Yeah, really strong.
How'd you--? How long you been seeing her? About a week.
She have bad dreams? More like tossing and turning.
Can't sleep at night.
Holstrom was getting drowned in e-mails from their legal department.
Sounds like they were scared he was gonna blow the whistle on something.
Doesn't say what.
I don't believe it.
That crazy old Hardcastle was right.
These guys claim they're splicing heartier tomatoes, but really they've been experimenting with metahuman DNA.
Not just any DNA.
This folder was marked "Metropolis training exercises.
" It's me.
Um, a little more mature than you.
But I see your point.
They cloned me.
We must have some sort of psychic link.
That's why I'm seeing things I didn't do.
What is this place? It's a hologram chamber.
Hard-light constructs.
Must be a training program.
My training program.
So, what do you think? It's important that you like yourself.
And I'm you, just accelerated a few extra years.
Plus better trained.
And I have to say, a heck of a lot smarter.
You lured us here.
After your lackeys couldn't get rid of me at Star, you decided to deal with me yourself on your home turf.
It's like you're reading my mind.
Which is actually the problem and why you have to die.
Arrow! Fell in love again What am I gonna Tell my friends? It just happened You walked in my door And now I don't wanna be Alone no more Oops, I done it Told you how I feel I just hope this time That our love is real Anything break? Just my stride.
Nap's over.
Come on.
Next time, get your own dreams.
Who do you work for? Really? At the top, even I don't know that.
But I do know I can't work in secret if you keep seeing what I do.
Sosayonara, sister.
That's not the only reason, is it? You were setting up this bait even before Supergirl started asking questions.
It's because the link works both ways, doesn't it? While she was seeing what you were doing, you were feeling her conscience.
That's why you couldn't sleep at night.
And I bet it got in the way of your work.
It bites having someone in your head, doesn't it? You don't know what you're talking about.
No? Prove it.
Kill me.
No! I can do this! It's too late! We searched what was left of the place, but we never found the clone.
Maybe there was nothing to find.
Or that's what they want us to think.
I'm just glad you're okay, Supergirl.
Professor, to make this clone of me, they'd have needed a DNA sample.
Is there any chance it came from your lab? No, we always destroy genetic material after surgery.
It's standard procedure.
Thanks, professor.
Give my best to Superman.
Will do.
I still don't get why someone cloned you in the first place.
This all started because Superman went renegade.
They want a superhuman alien on their side if it ever happens again.
Whoever they are.
You rest.
We'll have you fixed up in no time Galatea.