Justice League Unlimited s02e03 Episode Script

The Doomsday Sanction

In the Caribbean, the San Baquero volcano went active during the night, sending a cloud of ash miles into the air.
Geologists predict a devastating eruption sometime within the week.
Sources report the Justice League has offered to help the Baqueran authorities with the evacuation.
Yeah, have the car ready in 20 minutes and get all the division heads in for the meeting an hour early.
Closer to home, the political world is still reeling from Lex Luthor's surprise announcement of his candidacy for President of the United States.
Overnight polling among likely voters shows Luthor to be within striking distance of both major party candidates.
Get dressed.
It's time we talked.
Amanda Waller, born in East St.
Rhodes scholar, Ph.
in political science, served in Intelligence under three administrations.
Disappeared from public life four years ago.
Am I supposed to be impressed? Maybe I should rattle off your résumé now.
You know, I could blow the whistle on you anytime I want.
Why don't we step into the light together? I'm sure the American people will be just as interested in your activities as mine.
Secret weapons, illegal cloning experiments, bypassing Congress.
What do you want? I want to know what you think you're doing.
Did Superman ever mention that to get Luthor's pardon he had to tell us about your parallel-universe adventure? All about it.
We started to wonder what would happen if you took the same action that the Justice Lords did, so I had my people run some computer simulations.
If the Justice League ever went rogue, what do you think would be the result? That's moot.
Humor me.
In every single scenario you beat usbadly.
But that was before Cadmus.
Now we have the technology to defend ourselves.
Whatever you think you're doing, if you present a threat to the world, the Justice League will take you down.
If we present a threat? You've got a spaceship floating over our heads with a laser weapon pointing down.
In another dimension, seven of you overthrew the government and assassinated the President.
We're the good guys protecting our country from a very real threat: you.
How long is this gonna take? I thought we had an island to evacuate.
First team's already down there.
We'll join them as soon as we're done.
I want to hear what you learned.
Project Cadmus is in the business of developing weapons, specifically to fight us.
They're worried we've grown too powerful, and they want to even the odds.
They were behind that business with the Ultimen and the Supergirl clone.
Galatea will be fully recovered soon and ready to return to active duty.
And the doomsday weapon? Considering the damage done to its frontal lobe, the cellular regeneration has been remarkable.
Its EEG's are still flat.
Nonetheless, we're monitoring it closely.
Keep me updated.
Tala, have you developed a plan to retrieve the armor? We've come up with some promising scenarios, but they're going to require certain additional resources.
See me after.
What are they so worried about? We'd never try to take over like that.
The Justice Lords did in their dimension.
What's to stop us? Me.
Those guys went overboard because their Flash died.
So as long as you all focus on keeping me alive, that'll never happen here.
Let's put a pin in that theory to explore another time.
I've seen the federal budget.
There's no funding for a Project Cadmus.
Where's the money coming from? We're all thinking the same thing.
The obvious suspect.
He funded General Hardcastle's rogue operations.
But if he's bankrolling Cadmus, he's doing an excellent job of covering his tracks.
I've got The Question looking into it, and-- Not that kook.
I admit he's wound a bit too tightly, but if anyone can find a hidden link from Luthor to Cadmus, he's the man.
In the meantime, I'll be following the trail from Waller's end.
And Dr.
Milo, splicing together human and animal DNA, how's that going? I know what you're thinking, but my experiments are actually quite close to paying off.
Langston's research has proven very useful.
I just need a little more time, and I promise I'll have something concrete to show you.
Concrete? Like, say, the super-powered wart hog that tore up your lab last week? Professor Hamilton's already showed me the remains.
That-- That was just a prototype.
Milo, I'm not known for my sense of humor, but I know a sick joke when I see one.
In light of the continuing lack of results from your work, I'm pulling your funding.
In accordance with the Technological Clearances Act, we'll set you up in a new non-vital capacity and confiscate your classified research.
As you're well aware, any public discussion of Cadmus or its work will result in your immediate sanction.
And rest assured, doctor, our people will be keeping You can go now.
I know you're faking.
The lobotomized portion of your brain has completely regrown.
Do you remember anything from before? That's all right.
I'll show you.
You've been used, and you deserve to know.
You see, you were created from a sample of Superman's genetic material.
But your DNA was altered to make you his superior.
And then you were trained to hate him.
You were conditioned, humiliated, repeatedly injured but not by Superman.
By Amanda Waller and Professor Emil Hamilton.
When you became uncontrollable, they tried to dispose of you.
They put you in a rocket and shot you into space.
But you were too strong.
Your struggles threw the rocket off course and it came back to Earth.
When you landed, you fought a different Superman, one from a parallel universe.
He lobotomized you.
But he isn't your enemy.
Your hatred of him was manufactured.
At every turn, Waller and Hamilton abused and betrayed you just as they betrayed me.
Don't we both deserve retribution? Yes.
Release me.
And you'll solve both our problems? Yes.
What are you--? Your problem's solved.
Now for Superman.
No! What's going on? Ma'am, Doomsday's escaped.
I'll have his hide for this.
Doomsday beat you to it, ma'am.
Our radios are barely working.
I'm spending half my time running messages around.
It's the electromagnetic interference from the volcano.
Superman, how's it going in there? Can you read me any better than before? You're dropping in and out.
It depends on where I am.
I'm trying to ease the pressure on the volcano.
If I can dig some tunnels off the main core, maybe I can stop the eruption before it starts.
When will you be able to tell if it's working? Hard to say.
I could just as easily set it off, so I have to go slow.
Just get everyone clear as soon as you can.
I'm here to kill you.
Is this a bad time? I remember those eyes.
Let's see you do that again.
I know who you are, but I'm not the one who hurt you.
Superman is Superman, and I will kill you.
Why? It's what I am.
I don't care why.
GPS puts the stolen pod on San Baquero.
Doomsday went right back after Superman.
I love a well-conditioned soldier.
And what will your soldier do after he's killed Superman? We can't leave him loose.
For all we know, he'll try to kill everyone on the planet.
He has to be stopped before he leaves that island.
But how am I supposed to--? I don't care! Get it done! This is Eiling.
Authorization: firewall.
Target locked.
Package is ready.
Deliver the package.
Superman, give me an update.
Something's come up.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
Where are you? I'll come help.
Stay with the evacuation.
This isn't important.
Getting those people to safety is.
Move it out.
Another transport just landed on the mainland.
They're over half done.
I don't believe it.
It's a nuclear missile headed straight for San Baquero.
And from the spectrograph, its warhead's lined with kryptonite.
Can we hit it from up here? No.
It's moving too fast.
But who fired it? Yes, Mr.
President? Call off the missile.
How did you get this number--? The missile headed for San Baquero.
If anyone dies on that island today, I'm coming for you.
You do what you have to, and so will I.
Eiling! She didn't know.
Captain Atom's on his way from California.
His top speed's under Mach 2.
He'll never get there in time.
Oh--! Hey! Clear the hangar! Now! Initiating emergency drop in three, two, one.
You're going too fast.
If I let the Earth's gravity accelerate me, I should reach intercept in two minutes.
If you don't burn up on entry.
What were you thinking? You're gonna kill Superman and everyone else on the island.
We have to sanction Doomsday.
We were gonna get to Superman somewhere down the line, and we've been trying to stop drug traffic from San Baquero for years.
The way I see it: three birds, one stone.
Call it off.
Anti-abort safeties have already engaged.
I couldn't stop it now if I wanted to.
Wonder Woman, can you hear me? There's a missile with a kryptonite warhead heading for your position.
Say again.
Repeat, there's a kryptonite missile heading your way.
Can you read me? Flash, get everyone as far away as you can.
I'm going back for Superman.
But-- Do it now! The missile's armed with magnetic repulsers.
The only way past that is with the javelin itself.
You could give the hull an opposing charge.
Batman? Batman, come in.
Ah, ah, ah.
Can't beat me the same way twice.
Then I guess I'll need a bigger fire.
Did Cadmus create you? J'onn? I can't read his mind.
His brain's been altered to resist me.
You don't owe anything to them.
They manipulated you and then tried to kill you.
So I keep hearing.
From who? All you need to know is that I will get free, and I will kill you.
If that's your final word.
I only use this as a last resort.
It's gonna send you to another dimension.
You won't be hurt, but you also won't hurt anyone else again.
You'll wish you'd killed me.
You'll do anything to avoid monitor duty.
Sent him off to the Phantom Zone, didn't you? He left us no choice.
Spoken like a true Justice Lord.
What? Come on.
Passing judgment like gods? With our super-powered army and our orbiting death-ray? Cadmus is right to be scared.
The human race wouldn't stand a chance.
We'd never go there.
It isn't in our nature, and nothing can change that.
Nothing? What if Luthor does become President, like he did in their world? What would stop you from doing what that Superman did? There's always that kryptonite you carry around.
You don't get to joke! Not today.
I just took a bullet for you.
I'm sorry, Bruce.
You're right.
But you don't have to worry about the Justice League.
Trust me.
You know me.
I do.
Get some rest.