Justice League Unlimited s02e04 Episode Script

Task Force X

There's still time, Mr.
Are you sure you don't want me to pray for you? I'm sure.
But if it comforts you, Padre, by all means.
My chair's already taken.
Guess we'll have to come back tomorrow.
Who are you? What is this? You can't just come in here-- Release the prisoner.
But-- Release him! What if I don't want to go with him? Then you can go and take your seat, tough guy.
So, what do I call you? The name's Flagg.
Colonel Flagg.
ColonelFlagg? You're kidding, right? Before you do something stupid, tell me, how did you enjoy your last meal? Not bad.
The asparagus was a little overcooked, but the lobster was perfect.
It was laced with explosive nanites.
Excuse me? That's right.
Any escape attempt and, well, you're gonna look kinda funny tryin' to run away with no head.
That's a lot of trouble to go to just to keep little old me around.
What do you want exactly? You're gonna do something patriotic, convict.
Who do I kill? Nobody if the plan works.
But if it doesn't, I need someone who can adapt and overcome in a tight situation.
An expert with nothing to lose.
This must be some nasty business.
A little B and E, a little grand larceny.
No big deal.
What's the target? Justice League headquarters.
Always did want to die for my country.
You know, this might not be the best place to talk.
Our friends up in the sky have very good ears and eyes.
Not a problem, convict.
The previous tenant had to leave in a hurry, but he was pretty good about security.
Floyd Lawton, a.
Deadshot meet Task Force X.
George Harkness, a.
Captain Boomerang, expert thief and inventor.
Temple Fugate, the Clock King, planner, tactician, expert with locks and systems infiltration.
And Bette Sans Souci, current alias Plastique, explosives expert.
I know.
I've seen the pictures.
And that's all you're gonna see, killer.
Enough of this, now.
Let's get stuck into the business at hand, eh? Agreed.
Time is of the essence.
It's a bloomin' fortress crawlin' with superheroes.
Even if we do get in, what chance do we have? That's what I'd like to know.
Listen to me, we've got one advantage: this tower's so big and there's so much staff on it, no one's going to notice us.
Unless one of you does something stupid.
Once we're aboard, Plastique and Deadshot will make their way down to the Watchtower reactor, where Plastique will create a diversion.
Blow up a nuclear reactor? Sweet.
Do I just watch, or do I get to join in? You're there to provide cover, and that's all.
Now, at the same time, Boomer and I will make our way to the package, which is kept on a storage level midway up.
Ah, so we'll make our way there, pretty as you please, then maybe a picnic lunch, and the Justice League will give us a ride home.
We may as well be storming heaven's gate itself.
Unlike heaven, this tower has a duty schedule, one I've studied thoroughly.
I've scheduled your visit for when they're at their weakest.
Define weakest, please.
Just three major obstacles.
First, Captain Atom.
His abilities include flight, super-strength and absorption of radioactivity.
Green Lantern.
His power ring enables him to create objects by thinking about them.
Then there's J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter.
What about him? Super-strength, flight.
And he's a shape-shifter, and he can read minds.
I've run into him before.
The chair's startin' to look better every minute.
Okay, Plastique, you're setting the charge, and Superman walks in the room.
You said he wouldn't be there.
Last-minute change in the duty roster.
Superman's got the drop on you.
What do you do? Before or after I change my shorts? Yes, very amusing.
You have three-tenths of a second to respond.
What do you do? I grab a hostage and threaten to blow him to Uranus if Big Blue doesn't back off.
How's that sound? No unnecessary killing.
Oh, come on.
You kill someone, they find the body, sound the alarm, and we're trapped.
Or you take the time to hide the body so they don't find it.
Time we don't have to waste.
Speaking of the time-- Plenty of time to sleep in the grave, which is where we could all wind up if just one of us misses his mark.
Why was he wearing Booster Gold's pants? So Jimmy says, "Because he left his long underwear at the cleaners.
" Even Big Blue laughed at that one.
Well, look at this.
Esposito's actually on time for a change.
Didn't have to drop the kids at school.
Memorial day.
Unh! Five seconds.
Prepare for transport.
Copy that.
You heard the man.
We're on the clock.
Yeah, yeah, it's awe-inspiring, but I got a schedule to keep here.
Oh, for the love of-- Second time this week this hunk of junk's gone out.
You'll have to wait till Tech Support gets here.
Look, we got to get a move on.
We're late.
Tough break, pal.
You know the drill.
Ah, no sweat here.
As long as you're the one who explains it to J'onn.
I thought he was gonna wet himself when you mentioned the Martian.
He couldn't let us through fast enough.
That was nothin'.
I almost lost it when this bonehead set off the metal detector.
Seventy-five cents is 75 cents.
I'm supposed to throw away money? Shut your mouths and get your mind on the job.
Sure doesn't feel like ceramics.
Regular Boy Scout.
And you? Goin' in unarmed? This one don't need no weapons.
How you doin'? Uh, excuse me, Mr.
For six weeks now, my wife's been after me for Hawkgirl's autograph.
You wouldn't know where she's at today, would you? Haven't seen her.
Thanks anyway.
You are a very bad boy.
Tell me you didn't love it.
Atom Smasher? No one said nothin' about that bruiser, now, did they? This is X-1.
We've reached Checkpoint A.
You're 34 seconds behind schedule.
Now that we're inside, we'll try to pick up the pace.
There's no second door on the blueprint.
I'd get out of that corridor, were I you.
There's only 41 seconds before the regular security sweep.
Hey, there you are.
Yeah, I had Move it, dumplin'.
Thirty-six seconds, killer.
What are you doin'? Need that backup plan, X-4.
Thirty-two seconds until Plastique's detonation.
Roger that.
X-3, you have Do not be late.
Piece of cake, X-4.
Will you quit foolin' around with that guy? Oof! Move it or lose it, killer.
Three, two-- Now.
I don't know.
What's going on? There's a breach in the reactor room.
Getting radiation alarms from several floors.
It looks like a reactor overload.
Crikey! Boomer, meet the package.
The Annihilator.
Calculate time needed to transport remaining personnel.
Begin sealing bulkheads on lower levels to contain radiation.
Attention, all personnel, evacuate the Watchtower immediately.
Head for the javelin bay or the bridge-transporter deck only.
This is not a drill.
Let's get out of here.
Captain Atom.
Already on my way.
I'll assess and get back to you.
Contain the leak if you can.
"Profess this mighty vessel, chosen weapon of Ares, arise and destroy at my command.
" It's not workin'.
Now we're in it.
What's your problem then, mate? Want to go a couple of rounds? Triggered by rage.
Right, I forgot.
Could have warned a bloke, though.
We wait for the others.
They have three minutes.
Are you out of your blinkin' head? We gotta go! Did I say leave? Because I meant wait.
Move it! Not gonna make it, killer.
No! It's okay, you two.
Just keep headin' up quick as you can.
That was pretty much the plan, captain.
You're at two minutes past zero.
You've used up your pad.
There is no longer any margin for error.
All right, you win.
We go on without them.
Double time.
Evacuation's going too slowly.
The radiation will be here before the tower's cleared.
We need you to use your ring to transport large groups to the Watchtower annexes.
Will do, J'onn.
That's enough! That vehicle's only rated for 12 passengers maximum.
The rest of you are with me.
J'onn, we have a real mess down here.
I think I can contain the leak until we get everyone clear.
But, J'onn, this was no accident.
I reckon you boys have a good explanation for what you're doin' on A deck.
'Tis more likely that these varlets are the source of our woes.
Can't slip anything past you.
Take 'em down.
Captain Atom, come in.
Status report.
I've got the leak contained, J'onn.
Should have it sealed within a few minutes.
I'll see you on the bridge as soon as I can.
Unh! Huh, neat.
We're in.
Ask yourselves: is being in here with me what you truly desire? Get out of the way, Martian.
Allow me.
Aah! Aah! Green Lantern, return to the Watchtower.
I may need some assistance.
Cool it, Martian.
Back off, freak show, or the meat puppet eats it.
Come here.
Let's go, girl.
I've set this for 30 seconds.
Plenty of time for you to disarm.
Or not, as the case may be.
Not very ladylike behavior, ma'am.
Unh! Plastique! Ah! C'est la vie.
Tend to her.
They thought of everything.
You really think we can do something with this? An invulnerable juggernaut forged by the gods? Oh, yes, Miss Waller, most definitely.
I heard we lost Plastique.
Yes, ma'am.
You'll have my full report by 0800.
That'll be all.
You're a good soldier.
Your father would be proud.
Most fun I've had since my last root canal.
Well, gang, guess I'll be seeing-- Unh! Dream on, dirtbag.
Five years.
You sign up for missions like this for five years.
If you survive, then you go free.
You don't like it, there's a nice warm seat waiting for you back at Belrev Correctional.
Tell me, colonel, what's Waller got on you? Not a thing.
Some of us don't have to be blackmailed into serving their country.
How did you know Vance was the inside man? He was the only one on the tower whose mind I couldn't read.
Cadmus must have supplied him with a sophisticated method of masking his thoughts.
Sowhat do we do with him now? I'd like to go in there and wipe clean the last two years of his memory.
That's a little harsh, don't you think? He's a liability.
I'm sure he's spilled everything he knows to Cadmus.
Don't you understand? We can't trust him.
J'onn, we can't trust anyone now.