Justice League Unlimited s02e10 Episode Script


Previously on Justice League Unlimited.
Question and Huntress copied files from a high-security Cadmus terminal.
What did they get? Maybe everything.
I did love being a hero, but if this is where it leads, I'm done with it.
We would never fight the government.
I believe you took something that belongs to me.
Whoa! Just tell me what you've learned.
Good to see you, Captain.
Cover our flank.
My orders are to prevent you from taking Question out of this facility.
So how's this gonna go down? This is ridiculous.
If you're not gonna help us, get out of our way.
Not an option, Superman.
I've got my orders, legal and proper.
Dude, Superman just told you to step aside.
I heard him, ma'am.
Not gonna happen.
I control radiation, Superman.
That includes red sun radiation.
Get Question outta here.
Don't wait for me.
What made you think I was gonna? Call J'onn for transport when you get outside.
This building's comlink shielded.
Nobody's going anywhere with Question.
Thought I made that clear.
You shouldn't have come for me.
You shouldn't have snuck away without me.
Sure, why not? Come on.
Come on! That's convenient.
I can't make it.
Sure you can.
This is Huntress.
Two for emergency pick up.
You are no longer a member of the League.
Clear this channel-- Save it.
Q is down, and we're under fire.
Get us outta here then scan the area.
Superman won't be far behind us.
I've had just about enough of the energy blasts.
You fought a good fight.
Stay down.
I can't do that, Superman.
Don't you touch him! He's Justice League.
Get this off my face.
Aerosol in my coat pocket.
You were right.
I am the ugliest guy of all time.
Not in my eyes.
What happened? Cadmus turned him against us.
No way.
He'd never do that.
But he did, and so did Professor Hamilton.
Hamilton's working for Cadmus.
He's probably the one who-- Cloned me.
Why? He was afraid of us.
I'm sorry, Kara.
Don't be.
Just tell me when we're gonna go and shut them down.
One stop first.
Wait here.
What's going on? He's gonna be fine, but he needs his rest.
I'll only be a moment.
It's okay, Helena.
Five minutes.
What happened, Question? How did Cadmus get ahold of you? I went to kill Luthor so that you wouldn't be able to.
That's not how we do things.
How do we do things, Superman? Your counterpart killed Luthor.
This Luthor is scheming to enrage you.
Doing a pretty good job of it.
Ruining your reputation, turning your friends and comrades against you, creating a super-powered arms race, but you cannot succumb.
I can shut down Cadmus without killing Luthor.
Carry on, then.
If you're wrong, it's not like it's the end of the world, right? Give me one good reason not to go down there and take them out.
If you didn't know the answer, you wouldn't have bothered to ask.
Don't handle me, J'onn.
I'm serious.
We don't have hard evidence that they've committed any crimes.
Oh, come on! You know they're dirty.
Then maybe we should put more energy into proving it and less into acting like a bunch of hyperthyroid storm troopers.
I don't remember asking you for your opinion.
No? How about when you guys hijacked me up here against my will and made me join this team? Batman said I was supposed to keep you guys honest.
Do I look like Batman to you? Actually, you kind of do, especially when you're all scowly like that.
We can't let Cadmus get away with it.
No one's saying we should.
But we have to keep a cool head.
Do you know what they did to me? Look, kid, Hamilton's a piece of garbage, and Luthor's worse.
But this isn't the way to stop them.
We must also consider the possibility that Cadmus is right to be afraid of us.
What? And there is strong evidence of Cadmus having legitimate connections to the government.
To some rogue black-ops group.
The real government wouldn't get involved in anything like this.
I'm the only guy in the room who doesn't have superpowers, and let me tell you, you guys scare me.
What if you do decide to go marching down there, taking care of whoever you think is guilty.
Who could stop you? Me? So you want the government to have a bunch of superhuman weapons just to keep us in check? No.
I don't know.
Look, I'm an old lefty.
The government must do for people what people can't do for themselves.
The people sure can't protect themselves from the likes of us.
We're not talking about the government.
We're talking about a shadow cabinet that's taken it upon themselves to eliminate us.
They came after us, we have to hit them back hard.
Grammy Flash always used to say the trouble with an eye for an eye is that everybody ends up blind.
What is it? It's Waller.
Superman broke into Cadmus.
When he left, he took Question and Captain Atom with him.
That was fast.
Still, opportunity knocks.
What? Sorry.
I'm working on something here.
Go on.
The continual security breaches are bad enough, but now the Question's back with the League, and we still don't know what he's learned.
What's the worst-case scenario? If they've got enough to tie you to this, they'll head right for your doorstep.
Let them come.
I've got a full pardon from the president.
Not for any new crimes, Lex.
If you get arrested, we'll disavow any knowledge of your actions.
Well, that would be inconvenient.
But I wouldn't worry about the Justice League quite yet.
They have problems of their own.
Goodbye, Mrs.
I still think we should go down to Cadmus, take them out, and accept any consequences after-- Computer, report.
Primary fusion generator initialization sequence in progress.
Unable to comply.
System locked.
Command authority: 004.
System administrator J'onn J'onzz recognized.
Unable to comply.
All hands, prepare for binary fusion discharge.
This is not a drill.
Let's move it! Go! Have to do it the hard way.
Rerouting binary fusion control.
Bypassing circuit break.
Ha, ha.
Emergency power activated.
To preserve air quality, please refrain from any strenuous activity.
Repair crews to stations.
Status report.
Full power in 58 minutes.
I need sensors and long-range com now.
We're blind up here.
I don't even know how much damage the fusion beam caused.
Maybe we can patch communications through one of the annexes.
A couple of minutes? Do it.
Steel, Atom, get down to the reactor room and see if you can't shave some time off the reboot.
What did we hit? Cadmus headquarters.
Holy There's gonna be some people who need our help down there.
I'm taking a couple of rescue teams.
Agreed, but the teleporters are off-line.
And the bay doors won't open without power.
We'll think of something.
Is that who I think it is? Mr.
Come on.
You too, Arrow.
President, I know this looks bad.
Is that supposed to be some kind of Martian humor? No, sir.
I need some answers, J'onn.
Why, exactly, did the Justice League destroy a high-security R & D facility? All appearances to the contrary, the Justice League did not fire the binary fusion weapon.
Sure looked that way from down here.
It was activated remotely by person or persons unknown.
I'd like to believe you, J'onn.
We've never given you any reason to doubt our word, sir.
Even so, I've repeatedly expressed my strongest disapproval of you guys having that space cannon floating over everybody's head.
If we'd had it during the Thanagarian invasion, we might have avoided a great deal of suffering.
We don't intend to be caught unprepared a second time.
I don't want to have this argument again.
You're not holding a strong hand right now anyway.
My people are investigating this incident.
You guys have saved the world more times than I've shot under par, so we give you a lot of slack, but if it turns out you are responsible, the full weight of the United States government is coming down on you.
Got it? Understood.
Thank you, Mr.
Put your back into it, big guy.
Unlogged priority call on line four, Mr.
I'm surprised to hear from you, Amanda.
My boys at NSA are reporting that you're dead.
We had a security breach at Cadmus.
I had the facility scrubbed and moved per standard protocol.
The Justice League fired on an abandoned facility.
So there were no casualties? Not for lack of trying.
We don't know that for sure yet.
This was retaliation, sir.
Pure and simple.
We captured the Question, they bust him out, and an hour later, it's death from above.
If you're right, it's our worst fears realized.
Yes, sir.
What are you gonna do about it? I'm weighing my options.
President, if we're where I think we are, Cadmus is your only option.
I'll let you know, Amanda.
Stay on high alert.
We did this.
No, we didn't.
You saw.
Somebody took over the controls.
It's our gun.
If we didn't have it, they couldn't have used it.
It's too much power for anyone to have.
We can't go back, honey.
It's not safe.
But he'll be scared all by himself.
There's plenty of food until they let us back into the house.
You guys came out of the blue duplex? Yeah.
My daughter's worried about-- Her cat.
Bebop! Nobody should have to spend the night in a strange place without their kitten.
Here you go.
Quite a grip she has there.
Claws and all.
Starting to really hurt.
Thank you.
Trim her claws and we'll call it even.
Seriously, thank you for everything.
I see you guys on the news all the time, and I guess we just take you for granted.
It's a rotten situation.
I'm glad we could lend a hand.
If you care so much, why did you shoot at us in the first place? We di-- I-- What do you mean? First they shoot at us, then they come help us.
It's not that simple, buddy.
I heard it was an industrial accident.
Are you saying you did shoot at us? Well, I saw it! A big laser beam from the sky just like the one you guys used to shoot those alien spiders in Nevada a few months ago.
It was an accident.
Well, that makes me feel a lot better.
All right, let's calm down.
We'd never do anything to hurt you.
You have to trust us.
Those ships will move you to a temporary shelter.
It's safer.
I'll take my chances.
I'm not sure what I'm doing here anymore.
People need us.
We help them.
I'm done with waiting.
Somebody's gotta do something about this.
I take it you're fit for duty again? Never been fitter.
Come with me.
Your mission is to take down the Justice League.
You're going to need help.
Get it done.