Justice League Unlimited s02e11 Episode Script

Panic in the Sky

Previously on Justice League Unlimited: What's the worst-case scenario? If they've got enough to tie you to this, they'll head right for your doorstep.
I wouldn't worry about the Justice League quite yet.
They have problems of their own.
Binary fusion generator initialization sequence in progress.
What did we hit? Cadmus headquarters.
This was retaliation, sir.
Pure and simple.
We capture the Question, they bust him out, and an hour later, it's death from above.
I'm glad we could lend a hand.
If you care so much, why did you shoot at us in the first place? We didn't-- Uh Your mission is to take down the Justice League.
You're going to need help.
Hold still, Galatea.
You're invulnerable.
This can't possibly be hurting you.
Boredom is my kryptonite.
Okay, actually, kryptonite is my kryptonite, but you know what I mean.
Although the way I'm feeling lately, I don't think even that stuff can hurt me anymore.
Think again.
I've artificially aged your body to its physical prime, but your underlying DNA matrix is still a clone of Supergirl's.
I'm better than she ever was.
Be careful with that.
It gives you remote control over the Ultimen.
The new generation of Ultimen are blank slates.
They don't think except to follow your commands.
They have no initiative, and they feel no pain.
When this light is on, the Ultimen are in puppet mode.
They are little more than an extension of your will.
It's time we got the show on the road.
Report to the staging area.
What? Nothing.
Goodbye, Daddy.
Long-range communications back on line at least.
How long before you can restore full power? Atom's still down in the reactor room working on it.
He thinks he can shave off the system reboot.
Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? It is now.
Go ahead, Flash.
The evacuation's going okay.
Lots of minor injuries, but no casualties.
They were fortunate.
That's not how they see it.
They're pretty mad.
They think it's our fault, J'onn.
Do what you can to keep a lid on things.
I'll send additional help.
I wouldn't.
They're scared of us as it is.
If we can help it, we should try not to look like an invading army, you know? Agreed.
Keep me updated.
continuing coverage live from Covenant, New Mexico, where a huge explosion has caused tremors detected as far away as Japan, although many agree that in the instance before the explosion, they saw an energy beam strike from the sky.
Turn it off.
Our sensors are still out.
This is the only information available.
Diana, John, Shayera, meet me in the main conference room, now.
You too, J'onn.
What have we done? We haven't done anything.
An outside force took control of the binary fusion generator.
Whoever's behind that is responsible for the destruction of Cadmus, not us.
Tell that to all those people in New Mexico.
They're terrified of us, so is the government.
We can't let that stop us from doing our job.
We aren't here to be liked.
We're here to make the world a safer place.
How are we doing so far today? Come on, man.
I don't see the two goals as mutually exclusive.
We should make a gesture of cooperation.
That's not a bad idea.
We could dismantle the binary fusion generator, at least until our innocence has been proven.
I've seen it on a hundred worlds.
Space-based weapons always destabilize planetary politics.
Okay, getting rid of that thing is a start, but it's not going to be enough.
We have to regain their trust.
Then there's only one thing to do.
I need some light over here.
May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make.
Until it's been proven that we aren't responsible for the tragedy in New Mexico, the founding members are turning ourselves in to U.
What? Absolutely not.
That's insane.
Especially now.
No, don't do it.
Cooperate fully with the investigation.
Give them whatever they ask for.
But, Clar-- Superman.
Hold the fort, Kara.
We're counting on you.
All of you.
You want me to what? Turn yourself over into U.
custody, along with the rest of us.
Yeah, that makes sense, okay.
Meet us at the coordinates I'm sending first.
We should all go over together.
This is the single dumbest plan I've ever heard.
If you're feeling guilty, clear your own name.
Don't stand on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to do it.
We've already voted.
Five in favor.
You have to come with us, Bruce.
I don't have to do anything.
I'm a part-timer, remember? Actually, he took it a lot better than I'd expected.
As promised, we're surrendering ourselves to your authority.
Where's Batman? Running late.
The Batmobile? It lost a wheel.
The Joker got away.
That's what I heard.
MAN: Those won't be necessary.
It's standard procedure.
This isn't a standard situation, son.
I don't think it would have held them anyway.
This bites.
They shouldn't have to go to prison.
They're the good guys.
It's the right thing to do.
How do you figure? We've got no business scaring people any more than we already have.
This will help take some of the pressure off.
Nobody really believes we did this.
I'm not so sure that's true.
But as soon as the Watchtower's back on line, we've got 60 guys champing at the bit to find out who's really behind it all.
I'm worried about them, Steel.
I'm worried about my cousin.
Don't be.
Everybody in the League is good at their job.
But those seven, they're the best ever.
Not because they're the most powerful-- They aren't, not all of 'em.
And it's not just because they were the first.
It's because they're special.
They've proven it time and again.
They make the hard choices.
They set the example.
They do what's right, not what's easiest.
And they always come out on top.
They're gonna be okay, Kara.
We all are.
You guys see that? Something coming up from planet-side.
Uh, Javelins maybe? Not Javelins.
They almost look like missiles.
I'm counting two dozen Damocles-class missiles.
That's LexCorp technology.
Battle stations, prepare for impact! Come on, let's get outta here! Ultimen, keep the League off of me.
Sanitize the Watchtower.
We've got business, Waller.
You told me once that you were a patriot.
Well, it's time to step up.
You have to know that the Justice League would never have fired that weapon at you.
Sure you would.
It was retaliation for kidnapping your man, the Question.
And yet you weren't home.
We've had you under surveillance for months.
You don't think we saw you evacuate your offices? A warning shot then.
Don't be dense.
Someone took over our fusion cannon by remote control.
There are maybe three people on Earth smart enough to pull that off.
Two of them were already on the Watchtower, and that leaves Luthor.
That's where you're trying to lead me, right? You're too smart to trust him.
Who says I do? He provides off-the-books funding for Cadmus.
As far as I'm concerned, that's all he's good for.
Then you must know he's got his own agenda.
He wants to be president.
That's agenda enough for anybody.
Almost anybody.
If I were you, I'd start looking at him, hard.
Something's wrong in the reactor room.
I'll be right back.
Take care of it.
We'll handle these guys.
Everything okay down here? Ray? Put him down! Sure.
I was pretty much done with him anyway.
What do you think you're doing? Oh, I'm about to set the reactor to overload and blow the Watchtower to bits.
But what I'm hoping is that you'll be dumb enough to try and stop me.
What's wrong, hero? Not strong enough? Maybe that's because I'm the real hero here.
Your Justice League is a bunch of dangerous loose cannons, and I'm going to shut you down.
Who do you think you're kidding? You don't care about what the League does.
Admit it.
You just wanna beat me.
I've already beaten you, but I'm going to make it last.
You know what? No matter how bad you beat me, I'm real, not a clone.
Shut up.
Deep down, you know the truth.
You're not a person.
You're just a weapon, grown out of one of Hamilton's petri dishes.
Shut up! He played me.
I knew he was a snake, and I still let him bite me.
He's recently had copies of a lot of our new technology shipped to LexCorp.
That's what he's stolen, professor.
Could he have taken control of the Watchtower weapons system with that stuff? Theoretically, yes, but that's the least of it.
Good Lord, I think I know what he's planning to do.
What? The mission is scrubbed.
Do you hear me? Stand down and await further instructions.
I'm not reading you.
Can you repeat? Don't do this, Galatea.
The mission's over.
Call off the Ultimen.
Do you hear me? Call-- Wrong number.
Power reboot in 18 seconds.
When I get rid of you, I'll be the only-- Somebody blow a fuse down there? I'll say.
Now you're perfect.
A perfect superpowerful immortal body, a suitable place for me to spend the rest of eternity.
Years of plotting, hundreds of millions spent on Cadmus R&D projects, and none of it bore fruit.
Now, it's a lonely employee of LexCorp, Dr.
Ivo, creator of Amazo, who we have to thank for my impending godhood.
That was the last piece I needed.
Got it all figured out, have you? When you and Atom worked together to stop the first Amazo, he showed you the blueprints.
And I suspect you have a photographic memory.
I'm too modest to boast.
The real purpose of Cadmus was to give you superpowers.
And to ruin Superman's reputation.
Imagine how sweet it will be when I save the world from the menace of the Justice League.
Now when I kill Superman, they'll build statues in my honor.
Maybe next time.
That was uncalled for.
Hey, Lex.
That android is Cadmus property.
You're gonna have to find somewhere else to keep your brain.
A nanodisassembler beam.
Your design, I believe.
Arrogant cow! It'll take weeks to build myself another android body.
You ain't got weeks, baldy.
You're under arrest for trying to use the Justice League's space gun to murder everyone at Cadmus.
Did you really think you could take me down all by yourself? Actually, yeah.
But on the off chance I might have been wrong Ta-da.
It's over, Lex.
Not until I-- I'd hoped to remain him until I could install myself into the android.
But you forced my hand.