Justice League Unlimited s03e03 Episode Script

Chaos at the Earth's Core

Trap's all set.
Eat my sparkles, turtle! Wait for GL, Stargirl! You'll give yourself a hernia! I got it, Pat.
Anytime, Lantern.
Stall him, S.
I'll be right there.
"Stall him," he says.
He's almost in position.
On my signal-- As if.
Big boy's mine.
Courtney! Arigato.
Thank you.
" How'd she get here, anyway? Supergirl.
I love you! Please sign my book.
No, mine.
What's with all the wanna-bes? Probably here for the convention.
Convention? When we get back to the Metro Tower you and I are going to have a talk about grandstanding.
Tell that to her.
The little showoff stole my thunder.
Ow! Don't you talk about Supergirl.
Supergirl can melt you with her eyes.
Big whoop.
My stepdad here is a Mecha.
Mecha is so last year.
She's very big in Japan.
Why can't we just fly straight home? Over the North Pole is the straightest route, rookie.
She's always, "Blah-blah-blah, my cousin, blah-blah-blah-blah, my cousin.
" Like we don't know who she means.
"Check me out, I'm Supergirl.
" Ask me, the only thing that matters is we all pulled through.
Shut up, Pat.
It wasn't World War III, it was a giant turtle.
If I was you, I wouldn't talk behind somebody's back, when they got super-hearing.
Easy on the yoke.
I'm not doing anything.
Be my guest.
J'onn, it's Kara.
My ring says we're still at the North Pole.
Maybe somebody's North Pole.
So where the heck are we? I can only guess we're way, way underground.
And the exit would be--? Through them.
Not a problem.
Ow! You guys.
My powers aren't working.
I'm serious.
I'm at, like, half-strength.
Maybe less.
Oh, dang.
Heads up.
Cover Supergirl.
What are you waiting for? Zap them with your star thingy.
Oh, may I? Because it would be such an honor to help the great Supergirl out of a jam.
Come on.
You are so loving this.
Scanning the area.
Yep, that's the last of them.
Oh, wait.
Travis Morgan, warlord of Shamballah.
Been expecting you.
Welcome to Skartaris.
Sorry I can't put out more of a spread.
Times are tough.
Morgan, I don't believe you brought us here just to feed us.
We are in dire need.
My daughter, Jennifer.
Our world must have champions.
I used my magic to reach out and bring you here to the center of the earth.
I'd call the whole thing a load of crab cakes, if I wasn't here to see it.
And even seeing it, I still ain't 100 percent.
If you want something to believe in, come on.
Jeez, you call that an army? Most of these folks have lost everything to Deimos.
So, you know, feel free to dump on them.
What I meant was-- She means we'll do everything we can to help.
Tell us about Deimos.
Nasty wizard.
Those were his Dino Troopers you met.
He used to try and shake down a kingdom here and there, but a few months ago, he started this big push to take over the world.
And that was about the same time he discovered energy weapons? All of a sudden the wizard's gone high-tech.
Somebody's supplying him.
Back when I was in the Air Force, that energy stuff was science fiction.
That explains why Morgan the Barbarian packs an automag.
Came through the portal and made myself at home.
Look around you.
These are some of the last free people in Skartaris.
Deimos has us pinned between his army and the great stone.
I'll bite.
What great stone? The monks keep it in a tabernacle, deep inside the mountain.
They say it's got magic properties.
Deimos wants it.
Lord Deimos! The alien force escaped us.
Describe them.
My lord, it happened so fast.
How many were there? Did they have weapons? Did they address each other by name? One wore a coat of arms.
Well? You're my military advisors.
Do you recognize this crest? Yes.
I know it well.
Best guy I know.
King of Kiro.
Machiste knows as much about the great stone as anybody.
Machiste this is Green Lantern.
When the Black Death came upon me, my case seemed hopeless, until the monks of the tabernacle placed me before the great stone and let me bathe in its rays.
It's a curative? Only for the most desperate.
It can cureor kill.
And Deimos isn't the healing type.
Behold: The great stone.
You okay? I've never seen a piece of kryptonite that big before.
If this place wasn't messing with my powers, I'd be dead already.
Deimos is here.
It's the end.
For Skartaris! Let's get this done.
Supergirl, you stay-- Fine.
Not coming off.
Silver Banshee.
How the heck did you get-- Tell the outworlder to come get his rock.
You need a new plan.
My magic is strongest, girl.
Your breath is strongest, dude.
That's about it.
Such a pretty child.
But then, they're always pretty when I begin.
You and me, pal.
I was hoping to kill you today.
Touch it and you're tinfoil.
At this distance the kryptonite cell that powers me would bring your cousin to his knees.
I'm immune to kryptonite, metal mouth.
Give up.
If you're immune, love, why do you need that staff? You filthy brat! Where are you? You think you've won? No freedom-loving warlord will ever unite the lands and bring peace.
A foolish dream.
Maybe so, wizard.
But it's the one dream worth fighting for.
You lied, little one.
I can see the illness creeping over you.
You have none of Superman's strength.
But I got brains.
I can't move without my kryptonite battery.
But it's killing you.
I won't quit.
You don't have to.
Will there ever be another time such as ours? The great stone is safe.
Deimos is defeated! Now and forever Skartaris is free.
John Corbin.
Alias Metallo.
Fancy meeting you here in the center of the Earth.
Muling kryptonite with Silver Banshee.
You could pretty much run forever on this one little chunk.
And without it what do you have? Fifteen minutes of reserve power? Ten? Tell me, why do you want so much? There's enough in that tabernacle to satisfy a hundred Superman haters! There's a scary thought.
You won't get anything out of me.
Pretty soon you aren't gonna have the breath to talk.
Who knows? Five minutes? One? All right.
I've joined forces with-- Whoa, Nelly! This isn't Silver Banshee's work.
Somebody else didn't want Metallo to give them up.
You'll take that thing with you.
And the great stone too.
Let GL whip it into the sun.
This is the one place where kryptonite can do some good.
That is a fact.
We don't want Silver Banshee coming back after it.
So the only way I'll let the stone stay here is if we seal the portal to Skartaris permanently.
Fine by me.
I got everything I need right here.
I doubt even I could get back through.
How you feeling? Need a lift? No.
I'm good.
You slow your butt down.
My dad.
I know.
Superman tried to keep me on the farm.
Made me hide there for three years.
Big deal.
I've still got a curfew.
Enough cosmic energy to trash a city, and I can't stay out past 10:00.
Three years.
On a farm.
In Kansas.
We'll have J'onn probe what's left of Metallo's mind.
I wanna know what he was going to say.
Something's going on, ain't it?