Justice League Unlimited s03e04 Episode Script

To Another Shore

Looking good, Diana.
Big date? No such luck, Ollie.
I'm representing Themyscira at the global warming conference.
Way to go, man.
Save the planet.
More like "save my relationship with my mother.
" Hey, at least you're speaking again.
It's the first thing she's asked me to do since we mended fences.
I'd rather take another day trip to Tartarus.
I think you'll make a great diplomat.
Leave your sword.
I'm serious.
I really don't wanna go by myself.
J'onn, how 'bout you come along and keep me company? The Justice League currently has in progress.
Only I can properly deploy what remains of our resources.
Oh, please.
Terrific can fill in.
He's smart enough to do monitor duty and the Sunday Times crossword at the same time.
Go ahead, J'onn.
I'm already finished with the crossword.
You did it in ink again, didn't you? Mr.
Terrific is more than capable, but I insist on remaining where I'm needed.
Turn around and talk to me.
You've been cooped up like a hermit in the Watchtower for almost two years now.
I can better serve the League-- We're not even gonna have that argument.
You're a super-strong, nearly invulnerable, telepathic shape-changer.
The reason you aren't on the ground protecting humanity is because you don't want to be.
You don't actually like humanity all that much, do you? I don't dislike them.
You're not the only newcomer to this world around here.
People have strange ways and take a lot of getting used to.
But it's worth the effort.
They're worth it.
She's got your number, J'onn.
You need to mingle, maybe take a meal in the commissary every once in a while.
My Martian physiology doesn't require as many meals as a human.
You know what he means.
You must be terribly lonely.
I've gotta go, but we're not done talking about this.
Progress report, Mr.
Luthor? As promised, I've used various technologies to augment the powers of dozens of our associates.
I've had notable success with Atomic Skull.
And Devil Ray? Ready for action.
I feel stronger than ever.
That's because you are.
The increased strength is the least of the gifts I've granted you.
Your stingers-- Perfect timing, Lex.
I've got an assignment that's right up Devil Ray's new-and-improved alley.
Where to? First, I wanna tell you a story.
In Scandinavia, early in the tenth century, lived Prince Jon, the greatest warrior of his era.
His tremendous skill and valor brought him fame throughout the world as the legendary Viking Prince.
His adventures were epic, as were the legends that grew around his exploits.
This much we know to be truth.
On a frozen battlefield, Prince Jon, sole survivor of a bloody war, its purpose lost to time, met a Valkyrie, a messenger from the Norse gods sent to escort the souls of fallen heroes to their reward in the halls of Valhalla.
Impossibly, they fell in love and swore their hearts to each other.
But Odin, king of the Norse gods, discovered their illicit affair, and enraged, banished Jon from Valhalla.
The Viking Prince pleaded with Odin for mercy, begging to be allowed to remain with his love.
Odin agreed, saying that if Jon died a heroic death, he and his love would again be united for all eternity.
But Odin was a crafty god and cruel.
Before exiling Jon, he gifted him with invulnerability to harm from metal, wood, fire and water.
The Viking Prince soon realized that he would never die a hero's death, because no weapon on earth could slay him.
He trod boldly across a troubled world in search of adventure and an honorable death, growing ever more distant from humanity.
Eventually, weary of the endless fight for justice and despairing in his loneliness, he sailed north, beyond the boundaries of the known world, and passed from the knowledge of men.
That is, until now.
That Viking ship they found in a glacier last month.
You think it's his? I know it is.
That's the standard of King Rikk, his father.
The Viking Prince is on that ship.
And? I want you to steal his corpse.
You want me to reverse-engineer the secret of his invulnerability.
If we gained that power, all of us, we'd have nothing left to fear from the Justice League.
And we'd be that much closer to achieving my ultimate goal.
Which, I note, you haven't seen fit to share with us.
Patience, my friends.
The grandest prizes are worth the wait.
The proposed accords are far too drastic.
With all due respect, princess, we're talking about committing hundreds of billions of dollars, and nobody's even proven the existence of global warming.
My mother's government fully supports the findings of her scientists, and those of the vast majority of scientists here in man's world.
My government does not accept those studies.
Then accept the evidence of your eyes.
There's a Viking ship at the bottom of this mountain, hidden in ice for 1100 years.
If it weren't for global warming, we wouldn't even know about it.
Yes, and it was clever PR for our hosts to hold the talks here.
But it is not proof.
You have to take this seriously.
Atlantis has already withdrawn from the World Assembly over this, and they aren't the only country considering action.
Are you suggesting Themyscira might do the same? If your pollution continues to affect my home, my mother is less likely to withdraw than she is to attempt a military solution.
As a last resort only, of course.
Excuse me.
Agent Faraday, what are you doing here? Not smoking.
Want some? No, thanks.
I'm here with the special security team.
The vice president is attending.
But you know that already.
I saw you reading him the riot act earlier.
I'm not much of a diplomat.
Don't sell yourself short, lady.
You're an international incident waiting to happen.
By the way, if you raise your voice to the V.
again, my men are under orders to shoot you.
You did not just shoot at me.
You have to stop! If you pull that ship free, half the mountain's gonna come down.
So? So I'm not going to let you do it.
Out of my way, jumbo.
Ow! That hurt.
You're cheating.
It's a poisoned stinger, sweetheart.
It'll kill youeventually.
But today's your lucky day.
I'm gonna put you out of your misery right now.
Move it, you goldbricking yahoos! Pour it on.
You okay? Arm's numb.
Stomach's not all that great either.
Easy, princess.
Let me look at that.
Stinger's still in there.
Pull it out.
There's a barb.
You want a bullet to bite? There's plenty lying around.
That's all.
It's out.
Then let's take them down.
You are a beautiful man.
I think I'll keep you.
We should retreat.
I'm not backing down from a fight.
Your bloodstream's full of poison.
I can't believe you're still on your feet.
It's only a matter of time until your system shuts down.
I guess calling for support isn't backing down.
I gotta say it ain't.
J'onn, I've got a situation.
Watchtower sensors have picked up the earth tremors from your location.
I knew you were on the scene and assumed you could handle it.
Well, I can't.
I'm outnumbered and I'm not feeling well.
We're still shorthanded.
I could spare Green Arrow and Mr.
Bring who you want J'onn, but I need you.
Well, that bites.
What's the matter, honey? Break a nail? Green Arrow? And I brought company.
And Black Canary said a buzz-saw arrow was self-indulgent.
They've had every opportunity to escape, but keep fighting.
What makes that ancient vessel so important? If I can get my lasso around one of them, I can make them tell.
Good idea, but save your strength.
Gifted him with an invulnerability to harm.
Close enough.
J'onn, what happened? Are you okay? Didn't get it all, but we can't allow them to take that ship.
They-- Fire.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Not to say that ain't always the case.
What's happening? Da, da, da, da da, da, da, da Hey, buddy.
What are you doing in here? Well, for one thing, it's freezin' outside.
You're coming with me.
Hey, watch the hands.
This is just too good to be true.
Let me give you a hint: You wanna try holding your breath as long as you can.
Let me go, freak, or so help me I'll give you frostbite in places you didn't even know you had places.
Use your powers.
Stop the avalanche, or all the people inside will die.
Why should I care? When it hits, I intend to see that we're both standing right here.
I don't even know if I'm powerful enough to stop a whole avalanche.
Let's find out, shall we? If you move, we're gonna have to mop the floor.
You've done well.
Kiss my frosty butt.
I don't suppose you boys wanna talk about this? That's probably for me.
Attention, unidentified craft.
This is special agent King Faraday.
Your vessel is currently surrounded by three United States Navy Seawolf-class submarines.
While I strongly suggest you surrender immediately and prepare to be boarded, I really enjoy firing Trident missiles at tiny little subs, so the decision's entirely up to you.
How's the shoulder, Diana? Better.
The antitoxin I found in Devil Ray's belt did the trick.
I still don't get what all this was about.
They think the Viking Prince's corpse will give them the secret of invulnerability.
That was their plan, or as much of it as I could learn before something shut down Giganta's mind.
Green Lantern said the same thing happened when he tried to question Metallo.
So these guys were working with Metallo? And perhaps with others.
We can't leave Prince Jon's body here.
Whoever else is involved will just try again.
The legend of the Viking Prince is known even to my people.
If this is really him, he deserves to be laid to rest according to tradition.
I'll take care of it.
Meanwhile, something's definitely not kosher.
Strange thefts, super villains with their heads hot-wired to short out if you question them.
We got a real mystery developing here.
But it's a mystery you'll have to solve without me.
I've been thinking about what you said and about the horrible despair of Prince Jon's life.
I'm a Martian.
I'll live far longer than he did, and unless I find a way to connect with humanity, I'll live out that time totally alone.
I can't learn what I need to learn on the Watchtower.
And now, all in my own country I stood on the firm land The hermit stepped forth from the boat And scarcely he could stand 'Oh, shrive me, shrive me holy man' The hermit crossed his brow 'Say quick,' quoth he 'I bid thee say what manner of man art thou?' Forthwith this frame of mine was wrenched with a woeful agony.
Which forced me to begin my tale and then it left me free.
Since then at an uncertain hour that agony returns.
And till my ghastly tale is told this heart within me burns.
I pass, like night from land to land I have strange power of speech.
That moment that his face I see I know the man that must hear me to him my tale I teach.