Justice League Unlimited s03e12 Episode Script

Alive! (1)

Lex, stop it! You will blow us all to pieces.
Not now, woman! Something's happening.
It's It's It's just one more steaming flop.
Nothing works.
Lex, forget bringing back Brainiac.
I don't need input from some crystal-gazing parasite.
One who's confused a wench's grip on power with the real thing.
This is the real troublemaker for us.
It's pure wild goose chase.
I will prove it.
I will show you what is in there.
Don't be stupid.
This is science.
What good is your sorcery, unless you plan to turn stone into gold, or maybe a frog? Such ignorance.
Transmutation is what you want to do.
Transmutation is What are you waiting for? Do it.
Okay! By the slaughter of the innocent, by pestilence and plague, reveal the hidden unto me.
There, you see? Just a rock, a worthless piece of Oh.
What? It's not important.
Show me! Critical system failure in three seconds Two seconds One second.
Keep the image! There's still Brainiac in the universe.
There is no way to tell where it happened.
I saw enough of those stars to determine the explosion's coordinates.
It should be a simple matter.
You saw the wild goose again.
Concentrate on us, baby.
Space is too far.
Together, we can rule this world.
If you like this world so much, keep your fool mouth shut, and maybe I'll let you keep it.
Me, I'm going to be a god again.
Speed it up! Sinestro, don't forget the floor.
I want radiation shielding from every direction.
Help Bizarro.
Don't distort the metal, moron.
I don't even know why we're doing this.
Killer Frostif Weather Wizard here doesn't shape up, I'm holding you accountable.
Structural integrity is crucial.
Okay, got it.
Soon, people, the Secret Society will no longer exist.
Instead, you'll become the new ruling class of the universe.
You are the lucky few.
The chosen.
Witnesses to the moment I seize my godhead.
Fa! Luthor, what kind of game is this? Because so far, it's no fun.
Bear with me, Toyman.
You'll get the hang of it.
You're going to help me collect some newly-discovered pieces of Brainiac.
So you merge with a living computer like you did before.
You become more powerful than all of us put together.
But what do we get? You'll all be my lieutenants in the new order.
Of course, if you don't like those terms, you'd better stop me now, while you still have a chance.
But you'd also better remember what happened to poor Goldface.
I'm already more powerful than all of you put together.
Excuse me.
Don't take this the wrong way, but what exactly are we doing? I was coming to that.
What are you doing? What's that? I reconfigured Grodd's cloaking field into a hyperspatial drive.
You're not serious? Little bit.
Why is my headquarters moving? Hey! What's going on? I demand to know what's going on! Quiet, Grodd.
Come to gloat at me again? I'm not some monkey in a zoo, throwing-- Shh.
I've been very, very bad.
I backed the wrong pony.
It should have been you.
You finally sussed it out.
That hairless sweetheart of yours isn't a leader.
He's a thug.
And how.
I don't like to compete for Lex with a dead computer.
I want you to be my man in charge, like before.
Sobaby, what do you want? Huh.
Why, only you, my dear.
And Luthor's fat head on a plate.
That's one mother of a laser show.
Toyman? We should be reaching the Brainiac remnant soon.
By the way, thank you for making me your navigator, Luthor.
I always love learning a new controller.
Just keep us on course.
The slightest error, and we're dead.
I wouldn't worry about it, Neanderthal.
The way I see it, you're dead either way.
I'd like to complete this transaction with as little bloodshed as possible, Lex.
Now, put your hands up and have Toyman turn us around.
Don't look at him, big boy.
Grodd is leader.
Luthor? Ah! Finish that oaf.
Giganta, you're out of jail.
How's your head? Pretty good, considering you tried to fry my brain.
Don't get grabby, thunder thighs.
Grodd is mine now.
One creep-sicle, coming up.
You are so annoying.
Trapped like a rat.
It's very weird.
You were never so much fun when we were together.
Ahh! You wouldn't believe what this cost me.
Around the world.
Rock the cradle.
Luthor! Look out! Give it up, Lex.
You're only delaying the inevitable.
You're right.
If it's all the same to you, I'd rather snap your neck with my bare hands.
You know, this mutiny was easy.
The Secret Society hates you.
Like they love you.
Idiotic simian.
Half-baked objectivist.
You're ill-equipped to lead, Lex.
A lower primate masquerading as an intellectual.
I'm the more accomplished, both physically and mentally.
Took you long enough.
I was beginning to think I'd figured you wrong.
Now bow down to me.
Who is master here? You are.
Get up.
Take six steps forward.
Get in.
I should have let you rot in jail.
Goodbye, Grodd.
It could have gone the other way.
It really could have, couldn't it? No.
But why speak ill of the dead? You twisted, pink rat-hole of a hominid I'm not done with you.
I'll get out of this, and when I do! Can any of you give me one good reason to let you live? Killer Frost you've got a future.
Get rid of the rest.
You got it.
We're here.
Darling Grodd must have used mind control.
Maybe not.
But baby, you don't ever doubt that I love you, correct? I-- I-- I know I did something bad.
I'm a sick person.
You don't know what it's like to be me.
Don't be afraid, darling.
You still have a big role in my plan.
In fact I can't do this without you.
I used to think magic was unknowable, unpredictable and not to be trusted.
You've taught me so much, Tala.
Even my wealth of scientific knowledge would never have been up to this task.
You'll be the mystic conduit that will siphon Brainiac's essence from the debris.
I'll be able to reconstitute him from that energy.
But I doubt you'll see it.
You planned this all along.
Even before I-- I'm a sick person too.
Luthor the collection panels are in place.
Lex, please! I beg you.
Hold that thought.
Do it.
I said do it! He cannot hear you, Lex Luthor.
Time has stopped.
We exist between two ticks of the clock.
In my travels through the myriad paths of infinity, I have seen the first and the last.
But what you do today threatens the entire universe, past, present and future.
I should hope it does.
Look, I didn't catch the name.
Metron, scientist and chronicler.
Well, Metron, I'll soon be ready for anything the universe can throw at me.
I'm about to become a god.
You don't know what a god is, or what you are unleashing.
Tampering with forces beyond my ken and so forth? Nice try.
If you want my power, make your move.
Otherwise, you can get lost.
You will regret your decision.
We all will.
Twinkle, twinkle, Brainiac Tala's gonna bring you back Lex! Brainiac, I'm coming.
People meet your new lord and master.
It seems I have you to thank for my resurrection.
Though your world will suffer slowly, I grant you a quick death.
That rodent, Vundabar, thinks he can rule Apokolips in Darkseid's stead.
We'll be the ones who deliver his pestilent corpse to Granny Goodness.
Welcome home, oh, mighty Darkseid.
Arise, my children.
Let this meaningless battle for control end today.
Of course, lord.
We had thought ourselves bereft forever.
Only the slimmest of chances has allowed me to overcome my death at the hands of Superman.
But let the universe howl in despair, for I have returned.
What is your will, my lord? As ever, to search for the anti-life equation, that I may bring order to this aimless universe.
But first Superman must suffer for killing me.
His adopted world will die screaming.
Only then will I seek the ultimate end.
Forgive me, lord.
But an attack on Earth would violate your pact with Highfather.
New Genesis would doubtless retaliate.
Where do you think I'm going next? Superman.
You better get outside quick.
We have a little problem.