Justice League Unlimited s03e11 Episode Script

Ancient History

I like it.
Very imaginative.
But your ring's useless against me, Lantern.
Then why are you running from it? Mind the ion drive.
That's delicate equipment.
Right, I took you lightly.
I won't make that mistake again.
I think you might.
If I were to give you another chance, I mean.
He's all yours, GL.
The Nth metal in this net-- Has properties that interfere with dimensional shifting.
I know.
Next time, Green Lantern, I'll do you proper.
Quiet down in there.
I fought our Gentleman Ghost before.
These intangible types can be tricky.
But he didn't stand a chance against the two of us.
Look, Hawkman, I appreciate the help.
Let's leave it at that.
Well, give Shayera my regards.
You might wanna ease up a bit there.
Most guys don't really go for the ripped, bulky look.
Just trying to maintain my girlish figure.
My girlish, girlish figure.
And why does it always have to be about the guys, anyway? Honey, it's always about the guys.
And since I'll be away on that photo shoot for a week Here we go.
Well, I'm just surprised you haven't made your move before now.
Still trying to figure out the proper Earth protocol for this situation.
It's not like I can just assassinate you in your sleep or poison your water.
I miss Thanagar.
I'm just saying, you think you got a shot, take it.
I'm not worried.
Mari, look.
This isn't-- -There you are.
Hey, stranger.
I was thinking, we could skip the concert tonight.
Just stay in and order takeout.
What do you say? That'd be fine, Mari.
Whatever you want.
Um I need to talk to Shayera for a sec.
Uh, okay.
See you tonight then.
Oh, Mari.
Really not worried.
I just ran into your stalker boyfriend, Carter Hall.
He's not my boyfriend.
And he's still talking about you.
Yeah, the whole reincarnated lovers from Ancient Egypt bit.
Carter's just a little confused.
He's an obsessed fanboy with wings and an axe.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were-- Concerned.
The guy's a serious creep.
I'm a big girl, John.
You know I can take care of myself.
Yeah, I just-- Just wanted to give you a heads-up.
This isn't about us, Shayera.
The photo shoot runs a week in Milan, maybe another day in Rome.
Let me get that.
You can kiss, you can schlep.
I think men are just wonderful.
I'll miss you.
You'd better.
Do you have time for breakfast? The car's downstairs.
Just an English muffin.
Sure you've got everything? You can let the driver up for those.
I'll call you every day.
Checking up on me? Go finish your coffee.
Get away.
This doesn't concern you.
What do you want with Vixen? Guess again.
And don't bother shining a bright light on me.
Hasn't worked in months.
Mari! Get down! You just bought yourself a world of it, Shadow Thief.
Blackest night beats brightest day.
John! Last warning, zoo candy.
This is between me and the Green Lantern, and that Thanagarian harpy.
Stay out of it.
Shayera, he got John.
What? Who--? Vixen, what's happened? The Shadow Thief attacked us.
He took John.
And he said I was next? Unless you know any other Thanagarian harpies.
Anyway, I figure since your boyfriend here-- Not my boyfriend.
Since Hawkman's tangled with this guy before, he might be able to give us a lead.
What's wrong with this picture? Hello? Carter? Did you hear that? Welcome, Shayera.
We've been waiting for you.
Thank you for saving me the trouble of tracking you down.
I've got you, baby.
I warned you before to stay out of this.
See what happens to naughty girls? Get away from her.
The cast is complete.
You always were good with that thing.
Just hit him! Right.
Rest easy, warrior.
Of course you recognize the Absorbacron.
Despite your best efforts to bury me alive, I managed to retrieve it.
Where is Vixen? Out of the way.
She's not part of this.
That machine is Thanagarian technology.
It's a telepathic database more complex than anything on Earth And it's broken.
She might be right.
When I touched it before, the feedback-- Hush now.
Watch and learn.
Eight thousand years ago, two Thanagarian law officers found themselves stranded on a primitive planet.
This planet.
Katar and Shayera Hol used their technology to make the desert bloom and build the greatest city on Earth.
The people loved them, and despite their protests, worshipped them as gods.
For decades, their ever-growing empire was a utopia.
But nothing lasts forever.
At least, nothing good.
Our armies are victorious, my liege.
They continue to bring the gifts of Thanagar to the rest of the world.
Hath-Set, I wish to speak to my husband.
As you wish, my queen.
What troubles you, Shayera? Why ask what you already know? I want to bear your child, Katar.
I don't want to have this conversation again.
Why the hurry? You're a young woman.
There's plenty of time.
Thirty or 40 years at most.
I'm not a girl anymore.
You look the same as you did the day I met you.
When my work is complete, after I've tamed this savage continent-- You'll set out to conquer the rest of the world.
It's my duty.
We owe these people the peace and stability that comes from Thanagarian rule.
I'm not arguing that.
But you also have a duty to continue your bloodline.
Or are you so tired of me that you don't even-- I love you, Shayera Hol.
Nothing will ever change that.
It's just that right now, I need to concentrate on-- The general.
It's the general! Hail, King Katar.
Hail, Queen Shayera.
No need to stand on ceremony, my friend.
What news do you bring? Victory.
The land of Kahndaq has been freed from Ahk-ton's rule and placed under your benevolent protection.
As tribute, Teth-Adam sends 100 of the finest stallions on Earth.
My husband and I travel on the winds, general.
What good are horses to us? I'll show you.
I begin to see the worth of these beasts, Bashari.
I thought you might, my lady, with the right company.
If you desire my company, you'll have to ride faster.
Hyah! Save some for me.
I should have kept it for myself.
You're wasting it.
Katar's my husband.
And my best friend.
I'd leave him for you.
I'd never ask.
I'm afraid that you would.
Katar needs you.
And I need you.
It can't be true.
No, of course not.
Bashari would never betray your friendship in such a manner.
And the queen's trustworthiness is, of course, beyond reproach.
Then why pester me with idle gossip? It's just that these ugly rumors undermine your authority.
And I must admit-- No, I speak out of turn.
You speak when I command it, Hath-Set.
They spend a great deal of time together.
They give the appearance of impropriety.
I trust Bashari with my life.
And Shayera is my life.
I'll hear no more of this nonsense, Hath-Set.
Leave me.
Now! As you say, my liege.
You didn't have to do that.
I can fly.
When we're together, so can I.
I wish they were dead.
What is it? Answer me, woman! No.
Just as you wished, my liege.
I didn't.
I never meant Get out.
My liege, I-- I only-- I said get out! Shayera.
Now you can let go.
You're Hath-Set.
You're the one who poisoned us.
I mean-- No, My Queen.
I think Hawkman knows who I am.
I'm your darkest thoughts, your unspeakable desires.
I'm you, Katar Hol.
When you first touched the Absorbacron, you freed me to do everything you wanted.
You wanted the secrets of Thanagarian technology, I found them for you.
You wanted to be a hero, I became an arch-villain for you to vanquish.
You want this woman I give her to you.
He's the only thing standing between you and a love that spans 8000 years.
End it, Katar Hol.
Take what you want.
Go, Katar.
Finish it.
Don't do it, Carter! Shayera, you're all I've ever wanted.
But you'll never have her.
Not while he lives.
Had me worried there.
Weakling, must I do everything for you? My understanding is that this ring of yours requires concentration.
You see? Even now, she runs to him.
Are you all right? Hurts like crazy.
But I'll live.
Where's Mari? Don't know.
I've gotta find her.
Who knows what that psycho might have-- We'll take care of Shadow Guy.
What's wrong with you? You should be with us.
It doesn't matter how many millennia you've been festering I will conquer you.
Carter! Carter, stop! Shayera.
I owe you an apology.
It's not the time, Carter.
It never was.
We weren't really meant for each other.
I have to accept that.
And I think we both know how the story is supposed to end.
Slight concussion, multiple fractures and lacerations.
Without her healing powers, it could have been worse.
Hey, cheer up.
She's going to be fine.
I haven't been fair to Mari, and I haven't been fair to you.
I couldn't figure out how to tell you this, or even if I should.
What? When Batman and I went to the future, we met a man named Warhawk.
He's our son.
Yours and mine.
Our son? That's why I've been so awkward around you lately.
I've been trying to figure out what to do with that knowledge.
What it means for our future.
Well, what else could it mean? I won't be destiny's puppet.
Whatever the future holds we'll make those choices ourselves.
Don't say you don't love me.
I'll never say that.
But you need to know.
I'm staying with Mari.
Tell me about my son.