Justice League Unlimited s03e10 Episode Script

Far From Home

This stinks, Brainy.
I hate running from a fight.
They'll never look for us here.
That gives us a chance to counterattack.
Attack how? There's only the two of us left.
Yes, I've been giving that problem some thought.
Oh, no.
I know you're a level-12 megagenius, but you are seriously out of your mind.
There's no other option.
All of our teammates have been captured.
To save them, we'll have to break the laws of time and recruit heroes from the past.
But messing with history? That's risky, even for us.
Incomplete records from the 21st century show that three members of the legendary Justice League once came to the future.
My research indicates now is that time.
I did my homework too, Brainy.
The histories say three heroes came to the future.
But only two of them ever made it home.
You ready, Supergirl? Dude, I was born ready.
That tickles.
I'll take that, thanks.
Whoa! So Queen Bee and Doctor Cyber? Not much of a workout.
Hear that, Ollie? Kara thinks it's too easy.
Well, we wouldn't want her to get bored.
Aah! I hate you.
Ha! Some kid, huh? Today's her 21st birthday, but she'd rather be here practicing than go out with me and Dinah.
Good for her.
Hey, at least we wanted to spend some time with her.
You ever think about how she must feel? She's always an outsider.
I know a little bit about that myself, Ollie.
Just a little.
You came to Earth as a baby, grew up here.
Kara spent most of her life on a planet with technology hundreds of years ahead of ours.
She's gotta feel like she's trapped in the Stone Age.
I've tried to make her feel at home.
How? Seems to me you treat her just like another cape.
I was never happy about Kara going into the family business, but now that she's decided it's what she wants to do, I've tried to step back and let her develop into her own person.
I didn't want her living in the shadow of being Superman's cousin.
This may shock you, but she's proud to be your cousin.
She even changed her costume to look more like yours.
Yes, and I'm very proud.
But don't tell her.
No, that's a job for Superman.
Well? Well, what? Aren't you gonna give me notes about all the stuff I screwed up? No notes, Kara.
I've got nothing left to teach you.
Not bad, kiddo.
You set a new record for this simulation.
I'm certain that this must be disorienting for you.
My name is-- Brainiac.
How did you--? Uh-oh.
Please, calm down.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Whoa, sparky.
Let's hear what he has to say.
Thank you.
Yes, I am a Brainiac, but I'm not a machine.
I'm organic.
The universe-conquering Brainiac you knew was my distant ancestor.
Over time, he learned how to pass his code down biologically.
I am Brainiac 5.
Think of me as the black sheep of my family, dedicated to doing good to make up for my ancestor's legacy of evil.
And you demonstrated that by kidnapping us? We'd have never done it if the situation wasn't so dire.
Where are we, anyway? Approximately 1000 years into your future, in what you'd call the 31st century.
Time travel.
It's a real thrill for me to meet you, sir.
You're the famous John Stewart, father of-- You wanna shut up before you create a time paradox? Sorry.
Chuck Taine.
Code name: Bouncing Boy.
Why did you bring us here? We're part of a group called the Legion of Super-Heroes, a galaxy-spanning force not unlike your Justice League.
A team of criminals called the Fatal Five attacked our new headquarters, captured all our teammates.
They must have something big planned to risk taking on the Legion.
But we can't figure what it is.
We needed help.
So we sent the time bubble to bring back some of Earth's greatest heroes.
But why us? It-- It was random.
We'd have taken anyone.
Okay, so how can we help? Whoa, time out.
Just because he's seriously cute doesn't mean we should trust a Brainiac.
I'm not getting a bad vibe off the kid.
And apparently neither are you.
"Seriously cute," huh? The date we pulled her from is exactly when Supergirl vanished from the historical records.
Brainy, she's going to die.
We have to tell her.
Telling her could change history.
Keep quiet, Chuck.
That's an order.
You know, Brainiac, being organic and having a heart? Not the same thing.
We're in.
What's next? The lab's this way.
The tech is out of date, but we should find enough-- A Green Lantern.
That's a rare sight in this galaxy these days.
Take a good look.
He won't be here long.
Aah! So, what's your power? Super-strength? Speed? I have a 12th-level intellect.
Great, you can knock 'em out with your diploma.
That was unnecessary.
My belt protects me from any impact.
Maybe I was just trying to cop a feel.
Aah! Ha! Aah! Empress.
You'll find the Emerald Eye of Ekron more than a match for your ring.
On your feet.
What? You've got to free the others.
Aah! Forget them.
We have the Green Lantern.
Let's go.
What's goin' on? Can you track 'em with those things? Not yet, but I've identified the technology.
They're psion receptors.
Hey, that soda machine in the lobby still works.
Oh, thanks.
Back on Argo, we used psionic technology for our remote controls.
When we lost one, you just had to think at it, and it'd beep.
Don't know why we bothered.
They were always in the couch cushions.
Good idea, but it won't work.
The Fatal Five are masking the carrier wave somehow.
So I have to know, why'd you save me first? My decision was based on pure logic.
Really? Because Green Lantern is the most powerful.
No offense, but I really don't think you could follow the reasoning of a 12th-level intellect such as my own.
Guess not.
Hey, Kara, wanna get me one of those drinks? Oh, sure.
Admit it, genius.
You're in love with her.
Ludicrous, we just met.
Moreover, as a Coluan, I'm ruled by intellect, not emotion.
So in love with her.
Increased sweat-gland production.
Shortness of breath.
Inability to concentrate.
I thought it was guilt, but I am in love.
How did you know? Just call me Cupid, junior.
I never miss.
I'm gonna raid this dump, see if I can't upgrade my arrows with some future tech.
I'll be gone for a long time, so you two are stuck with each other.
For a long time.
You had the superior weapons and the advantage of surprise.
Explain to me how you failed to capture Brainiac 5.
Watch your tone, half-a-man.
I'd hardly call capturing a Green Lantern a failure.
He's more powerful than a dozen Brainiacs.
Perhaps, but that was never part of the plan.
You have to learn to improvise, Tharok.
We're better armed than ever to strike against the United Planets.
After that, the universe will be ours for the taking.
What's that? A legion flight ring.
All of us have one.
So does this mean we're going steady? Uh Trust me, 1000 years ago, that joke was hilarious.
I thought since I couldn't trace the control disk, maybe I could trace the missing Legionnaires' rings.
But it was another dead end.
It's a shame our Justice League comm-links don't work here.
We could track Green Lantern by his transponder.
Come to think of it, we still could if we had a-- Quantum-tunneling RF transponder.
Hold that thought.
Yeah, this looks like it could do some damage.
Get up here.
Brainiac's found GL.
His signal's coming from this ship.
They're headed towards the capital of the United Planets.
The Fatal Five's tried to destroy it before.
And now with GL and the entire legion under their control, they just might succeed.
The good news is my personal cruiser runs rings around their ship.
We could still beat them there.
Then what? We improvise.
Nice ship.
It's strictly no-frills, but it's fast.
What do you pilot back home? Usually just a pickup.
"A pickup"? Is that a type of star cruiser? Yes.
Yes, it is.
We're going into orbit.
And we've got company.
You guys get aboard that mothership and shut down the control devices.
What are you gonna do? Hold off John and the legion until you snap them back to normal.
You won't stand a chance against them.
Maybe, but I'm the only one who does stand a chance of protecting the capital.
You can't go because I lo-- Because I lied to you.
Kara, I don't even know you, but history says you never returned from this battle.
What? And you knew that all along? I'm sorry.
I had hoped it wouldn't come to this.
I wanted to spare her.
There's still a planet full of people who need our help.
Do your job and I'm going to do mine.
But-- In case I don't see you again.
Hey, genius? Hi.
How about puttin' that big brain of yours to work on a plan to get us aboard the mothership? I'll get us in.
I love the direct approach.
The rest of the mission won't be so easy.
Let's move.
You can do this, Kara.
No biggie, just another practice mission.
Ha! Aah! -Shoot.
-I know.
I was hoping they'd be out looking for us.
Obliterate them.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Okay, big guy, that's as far as you go.
You can't stop Validus with that toy.
Rusty, I got him right where I want him.
No! John, stop! Fight it.
I knew what I was doing, but I couldn't stop.
Where are we? Last thing I remember was-- Oh, no.
Just so you know, the sharp part's on the other end, chief.
Believe me, that's coming.
Aah! Tear him to bits.
We wanted to say thanks by making you honorary Legionnaires.
It's very nice, but I already have a ring.
Don't worry about it, GL.
You can't keep it anyway.
If you took it home, the future technology could pollute the time stream.
I'm keeping mine.
I'm not going back.
Kara? History says Supergirl never returned from this mission because she decided to stay in the future.
Whatever abducted them didn't leave any energy signature.
Maybe Dr.
Fate or Zatanna? Where's Kara? She asked us to give you this.
Tell Ma and Pa I love them.
And I love you too, Clark.
Don't take this the wrong way, but I've found a place where I can make a difference.
Where I'm more than just Superman's kid cousin.
I-- I feel I belong here.
Also, I met this boy.
You should have seen her.
She was amazing.
She's a grown woman now, capable of choosing-- Kara's headstrong, but she's always made good decisions.
I trust her judgment.
But you were right, Ollie.
I wish I had told her.
It's okay, Clark.
She knows.
Now, this boy Kara likes so much, does he have a name?