Justice League (2001) s01e09 Episode Script

Paradise Lost (2)

Wonder Woman: Previously on Justice League Home at last.
What? Mother! No.
I should have been here to protect you.
Who are you? Felix Faust.
I came here in pursuit of ultimate knowledge.
To gain this, I must find the fragments Of an ancient sacred relic.
I'll restore your sisters If you help me get the other fragments.
I say we go back and kick that would-be sorcerer's butt.
Men are forbidden from ever setting foot on Themyscira.
Unh! Superman: Diana? Where's Superman? [gasps.]
What kind of horror have we unleashed? The relics will soon be here.
And then, lord Hades, the world will be ours.
Powerful forces are at work here.
Tell me something I don't know.
I hope I didn't hurt you.
Let's just say I'm glad we're usually on the same team.
I wonder how the others are doing.
Batman, on earphone: Diana, I've dug up something on your friend Faust.
Diana, on earphone: What is it? I think you'd better see for yourself.
J'onn: Fascinating.
Faust clearly has a great passion for learning.
Where did he get this stuff? Warlocks 'r' us? Don't touch that.
Don't touch anything! We don't know what kind of powers we're dealing with.
So, who is this Faust? Felix Faust was once a respected professor of archaeology.
But when he became fascinated with the mystic arts, He was kicked out of the university for his heretical ideas.
He swore revenge on those who mocked him, And several later disappeared Under mysterious circumstances.
I have a pretty good idea what happened to them.
Eew! He's mad.
It gets worse.
I found his journal.
The last entries make reference to Tartarus.
The pit of lost souls.
Isn't that just a myth? If only it were Long ago, in ancient times, My mother Hippolyta fell in love with a god, Lord Hades.
When war broke out between the Olympian gods And their ancient foes, the Titans, Hades struck a treasonous bargain with the enemy.
He would deliver Mount Olympus into the Titans' hands.
In return, he would be given dominion over all humanity.
Hades tricked my mother into opening the gates of Olympus To the invading Titans.
There was a battle of which the muses still sing.
The gods fought back and eventually prevailed.
As punishment for his treachery, Zeus cast Hades into the pit of Tartarus, Where he would rule over the dead for all eternity.
And for her unwitting role in Hades' plot, My mother was charged with guarding the gateway to the underworld.
To make sure the gate could never be unlocked, Its only key was broken up And scattered across the globe.
Mother told me she kept one of the pieces in the temple As a daily reminder of her eternal shame.
Then these relics we've been gathering are parts of the key? But why would Faust want it? Only one reason.
He intends to use it.
Where is this gateway to the underworld? Beneath Themyscira.
Diana, you can't give Faust the key.
If I don't, my mother and sisters Will remain petrified forever.
And if you do, It could mean the end of the world.
What are you going to do? Faust: I should thank you For raising such a devoted daughter.
She was so eager to cooperate.
Faust! Back already? And with hours to spare.
I'm impressed.
Have you got the relics? First, free my mother.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
Raedis vitae.
Faust: After 3,000 years, The key is finally complete.
Diana, you didn't.
Thank you for your assistance, But now that your usefulness is over Petro fatis! What? You're not the only one With an ace up your sleeve, pal.
What is this? Unh! You brought men here to Themyscira? Did you really think She'd trust a scum like you? It's over, Faust.
Come along quietly.
Never! Now you see me, Now you don't.
Ha! Whoa! Unh! Aah! Unh! Aah! Aah! Aah! Halt.
Ampaloy! Anybody got some weedkiller? [grunting.]
Come, your highness.
We don't want to be late for the grand opening.
Aah! Mother! Es necropolin, el thomen! [grunting.]
Too late.
She's gone.
And so is the key.
There's only one place they could have gone.
Follow me.
What's that smell? Don't ask.
I beg you, stop this.
You don't know what you're doing.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
I've dreamt of this moment my whole life.
Now, let's not keep our new lord waiting.
No! Hera, help us.
Free at last.
Welcome, lord Hades.
To honor you, I've brought an offering.
Do my eyes deceive me? Can it be my dearest Hippolyta Here to greet her lord and master On his triumphant return from Ah, but you know what I mean.
Not a day has passed That I haven't been reminded of your treachery.
Not a day has passed that I haven't longed To feel the sweet touch of living flesh again.
Oh! My lord, I've upheld my end of the bargain.
I delivered your freedom and the Amazon queen.
Now I demand what you promised me.
Ah, yes.
Ultimate knowledge.
Ultimately Pain and suffering are all men will ever know.
Aah! Good lord.
Wonder Woman: Huh! Huh! Hurry, mother.
Hippolyta You didn't tell me you had a daughter.
I wonder if she's as loving as her mother? [beep beep beep.]
[the Flash grunting.]
Whoo! Get this guy a breath mint.
Aah! Unh! Are you all right? Yes, but Hades must be stopped.
You dare to challenge a god? Uh-oh.
Aah! Behold the fate of all heroes.
Get 'em off! Hang on.
Oh, gross.
[beep beep beep.]
They're endless.
How can we overcome them? You can't! [swords clashing.]
Aah! Ha ha ha ha! Bow to me, mortals.
Lumino stactol.
Aah! Great Hera! [groaning.]
Now you see his true face.
Aah! Come, don't be shy, my love.
No! Hades: I'll get to you When I'm finished with your mother.
Diana, the key.
It's our only hope.
You will be mine and mine alone.
Diana, destroy the key! [grunting.]
Unh! No! Back to the pit, you monster.
[Hades grunts.]
Mother! Unh! I've got you.
Aah! Hippolyta! [groans.]
He's gone? What did you ever see in him? Ancient history.
Thank Athena it's finally over.
Is it? What about our Amazon sisters? Is there nothing we can do for them? I still have this snake-headed doohickey.
But only Faust knew the spells.
Without him Yow! Look.
[Amazon groans.]
But how? Faust's enchantment could only last As long as he willed it.
So now that he's gone, The spell is broken.
It's a miracle.
Athena be praised.
Hippolyta: And for your brave assistance Against the sorcerer Faust and the mad god Hades, You have earned our eternal gratitude.
Did you hear that? Eternal gratitude.
After she hands out the medals, How about you and me taking a private tour of paradise? She wants me.
Hippolyta: Before you leave, Please accept these royal offerings.
You are all truly heroes.
Thank you, your majesty.
Diana, princess of Themyscira, Stand forth.
As your mother, I am overjoyed that you have finally returned to us.
But as your queen, I am obliged to uphold the laws of Themyscira.
And in bringing these outsiders to our island, You have broken our most sacred law.
This cannot be overlooked.
But, mother-- Diana, I have no choice.
It is with a heavy heart That I must exile you from Themyscira.
What? You can't do that.
She risked her butt to save all of you.
She-- hey! Please, she did this because she loves you.
You can't punish her for that.
No, mother's right.
I did break the law, And I humbly accept your judgment.
The fates were against us, mother.
Present arms! That's it? You're just gonna walk away? This is so bogus.
Don't make this harder than it already is.
Diana Let's go.
May Hera watch over you, my little sun and stars.