Justice League (2001) s01e10 Episode Script

War World (1)

32 percent iron oxide.
21 percent carbon.
19 percent silicon.
Superman: Are you getting this, Hawkgirl? Hawkgirl on radio: As if you were in the next room.
I'm sending your data through backup analysis Even as we speak.
3 1/2 miles across.
Can you imagine what would happen if it hit the Earth? That's not going to happen.
Superman: Ready for the fireworks? J'onn: Ready.
Oh, no.
Superman, the computer says there are Hydrogen pockets inside that asteroid.
Get away from there before it-- [both grunting.]
J'onn, Superman? Come in! Life functions still active.
Bring them aboard.
Green Lantern: How could this happen? You were supposed to be monitoring the situation.
Listen, I followed the protocols.
And now two of our men are out there, Injured, maybe worse.
Do you want to stand here pointing fingers, Or do you want to do something about it? Let's go.
Alien: Your instincts were right about this one, sir.
My tests say he's a kryptonian.
Second alien: A kryptonian? I thought they were extinct.
Apparently not.
A rare specimen, And quite strong, too.
He should do well on War World.
[crowd chanting.]
Save your cheers.
That's not what Draaga fights for.
Draaga fights for honor.
And for our leader, The great Mongul.
Well said, Draaga.
But I wonder what your opponent thinks.
Don't you? [cheering.]
He hails from parts unknown, At a weight of 720 mass units.
Meet Krodar the terrible! [crowd gasping.]
Mongul: He prefers to let his weapons do the talking, And that's exactly what they'll do On War World! Crowd: War World! War World! War World! [wind whistling.]
[electronic humming.]
Crowd: Draaga! Draaga! Draaga! [grunts.]
[crowd cheering.]
Once again, The winner is mighty Draaga! Shall I spare him, my lord? What say the rest of you? [all jeering.]
The people have spoken.
Long live democracy! [grunts.]
Mongul: Captain, I want you to hear something.
[crowd booing.]
They're expressing their disappointment At the last specimen you brought.
Great Mongul, please.
A dozen creatures you've found, And not one of them has been able to Last more than two minutes with Draaga.
I promise, the next one will be different.
He's a powerful kryptonian, Guaranteed to give Draaga the fight of his life.
He'd better.
There it is.
No sign of them.
An ion trail.
Looks like a ship's been by here.
A big one.
Unh! Pathetic.
The whole lot of you.
Not a real warrior in the bunch.
And you, the kryptonian, You're the biggest disappointment of all.
Unh! Why didn't you do that when Draaga was here? It's called turning the other cheek.
I have to find a friend of mine.
Guard: Those are the breaks.
One minute you're a champion.
The next, you're croc chow.
Got to give him credit-- he never begged for mercy.
J'onn, look out! [roars.]
J'onn? Where are we? I'm not sure, but we're getting out of here.
Can you stand? Still weak.
Something in the atmosphere Is sapping my strength.
Don't strain yourself, I'll-- [roars.]
aah! Superman! No! [pants.]
This place is starting to get on my nerves.
Come on! Which way now? Not that way.
Get back! [grunts.]
Look! I see it! Oof! [grunts.]
It's some kind of force field.
Go! I won't leave without you.
You've got a better chance Of helping me out there, now go! [groans.]
What's wrong? I'm losing the trail.
There are too many others covering.
Think that might be why? Looks like a refueling port.
If you say so, Sherlock.
What are you waiting for? Let's check it out.
Who's driving here, anyway? Man: Our nation's food ration is being cut another 15 percent.
And then there are the medical shortages, the power blackouts Why do you persist in bothering me With these petty details? Petty? But sire, if this continues, Think of the consequences.
Why, people are already starting to talk about-- Rebellion? There's not going to be any rebellion.
Not if I can keep giving them fights, Good ones.
Enough to take their minds off their troubles.
What's this? The kryptonian.
He tried to escape.
A pity.
I was hoping to build him up With some preliminary matches, But now I'll have to make an example of him.
Give him to Draaga! Unh! I keep telling you, I don't know nothing.
I mind my own business, and you should, too.
Unh! My friends are missing.
That is my business.
Hey, don't bust my mandibles.
Around here, it's best not to ask too many questions.
Why? There's a lot of stuff going on, Smuggling, bootlegging, Slave trading.
[Hawkgirl roars.]
Unh! Oof! [growling.]
[all grunting.]
Let me guess, It was something you said.
I could have handled them.
I've got more important things to do than saving your butt.
Those 3 knew something, I'm sure of it.
And you're letting them get away! Wanna bet? Aah! [grunting.]
Relax, All we want is information About our friends.
You can talk to me, Or you can talk to her.
I heard something about a kryptonian.
He was being taken to War World.
War World? Nasty place.
Heavy into carnage for the masses.
Take us to this War World.
Crowd: Draaga! Draaga! Draaga! Let them all come and fight me! Let them come from every corner of the galaxy! [cheering.]
Move it! You don't want to miss the fight.
So many spectators.
Don't they have families or jobs to tend to? Are you kidding? There's no jobs.
I haven't worked in years! That's dreadful! You wanna talk dreadful, You should have seen the last games.
But I hear this kryptonian is a real killer! Mongul: Today, Draaga meets his greatest foe-- The man from krypton.
Are you ready, kryptonian? I won't fight for your amusement, Mongul.
[crowd gasps.]
Mongul: A bold move.
But let's see how long his idealism lasts on War World! [crowd cheers.]
Crowd: War World! War World! War World! [roars.]
Draaga, We don't have to do this! You don't have a choice.
Neither of us does.
Unh! Aah! Unh! [roars.]
[crowd cheering.]
Aah! Unh! Uhh! [grunting.]
Give it to him, Draaga! Pound that lousy kryptonian! [groans.]
The kryptonian has fallen.
Draaga claims victory! Huh? Enough! Yes! [panting.]
A stunning development.
The kryptonian is victorious.
Well, what say you? [booing.]
Give the bum what he deserves! It's unanimous, then.
The people have spoken.
Finish him.
I refuse.
You can't refuse.
I order you to finish him.
Draaga: Do it.
Give me An honorable death Here On the battlefield.
Sorry, but I can't.
How can I live with this shame? Don't make me beg you.
Finish me.
Mongul: Do as he says.
This is your last chance.
Then destroy him! No!