Justice League (2001) s01e20 Episode Script

A Knight of Shadows (1)

[men scream.]
[men yelling.]
When do I get my kingdom, mother? Soon, my son.
Very soon.
The king needs you on the south tower.
But the gates? I'll stay and guard them.
Hurry! [grunting.]
Did Arthur think mere walls could keep us apart? Morgaine, my love, Your beauty has possessed me.
How I've longed to hold you, To feel you in my arms again.
I, too, have dreamt of this moment.
But Why? For love, of course.
The love of my son, Camelot's new ruler.
We are betrayed! Knight: For Arthur! For Camelot! [swords clanging.]
Man: Art thou satisfied, villain? By base treachery, Camelot will fall this day.
You could never understand, Merlin.
You, who are not a man And have never known The sweetness of a woman's kiss.
A viper's kiss, Jason blood.
The kiss of a demon in human form.
All my great dreams are undone In the name of thy tainted love.
I've paid for my crime with my life.
Is that not enough? Nay! Such swift mercy is not for the likes of thee.
Thou art cursed, Jason blood, Until the day this monstrous deed is atoned.
To mark thy eternal shame, I hereby bind thy soul To a creature of the pit.
Look thee now and see the face Spawned of thy lust, The face of thy perdition, The face of thy inner demon.
Man: Castle Branek.
That's where it is.
The stone What? Power So vast Poor old codger.
Must be delirious.
The philosopher's stone.
Man: According to legend, It was a gem from the hilt of Excalibur And the true source of the sword's fabled power.
Hello, Jason.
I assume you're not here to browse.
I'm a friend of the owner.
You mean that old man? He's 32 years old.
He's also an expert in Arthurian lore.
What's this all about? Morgaine le Fey.
When Camelot fell, Merlin was able to hide The philosopher's stone from her.
Now she's returned to track it down again.
You of all people should know better.
Why does she want the gem? With it she can resurrect Camelot And place her son Mordred on the throne.
Ok How close is she To finding this philosopher's stone? Too close.
Boy: Take that, foul denizen! What? Taste cold steel.
Young man, what are you doing here? Morgaine: What boys do, of course.
Here, now! This castle's closed.
And he's just damaged a priceless artifact.
Everything has a price If you're willing to pay.
Now To the matter at hand.
Morgaine: At last, Merlin’s ark, The repository of the philosopher's stone.
Gone? Curse your soul, Merlin.
Even in death you taunt me.
Mother, look! Jason blood.
Doesn't he ever give up? Such an ardent suitor.
We must prepare a special welcome for him.
She's been here, But she doesn't have the stone yet.
How can you be sure? Get down! Jason, the door! It's sealed shut.
There are too many of them.
Oof! Jason: Gone, gone, the form of man, Rise the demon Etrigan.
Inferno! Etrigan, You could have warned me.
That witch will pay for this.
I'll feast on her cold heart.
If the stone's as powerful as you say We're going to need help.
Wonder Woman: You say you've been trailing le Fey for centuries? In an unending game of cat and mouse.
For the past generation she has hidden from me.
But I'll never rest until her soul burns In the eternal pit.
And I thought bats was creepy.
Grrr! How has she eluded you for so long? The witch has an amulet Which can sense when I'm drawing near.
With that stench, who needs an amulet.
What?! Nothing.
J'onn: Perhaps you should consider another approach.
And what do you suggest? I could try to locate her-- Telepathically.
Morgaine: Where? Where could Merlin have hidden That infernal stone? Maybe he didn't.
What if the archeologists who found that castle Helped themselves to it? I know I would have.
Of course.
Why didn't I-- [gasps.]
Mother?! Someone is reaching out to my mind, Attempting to find me.
Is it Him? No.
A mere amateur.
He has no idea who he's dealing with.
J'onn! It can't be.
Woman: J'onn! My' ria 'h? Welcome home, my love.
I've missed you, my husband.
And so have the children.
They're alive, too? Come, See for yourself.
While you were away I changed the tactile scheme.
Do you like it? I have lived among unfamiliar surroundings for so long.
Kids: Father, father! My dear children! Are you staying home this time, father? Yes! I am truly home.
Etrigan: You fool! Only a weak-minded simpleton Would fall for this illusion.
How dare you violate the sanctity of my home.
Leave this place! Not without you.
Oh! No! We thought we lost you, buddy.
Then it was all an illusion.
Perceptive, isn't he? Lay off, gruesome.
J'onn? Are you all right? Yes, of course.
I'll be fine.
Did you locate le Fey? No.
But I did sense She hasn't found the stone yet.
Thank Hera for that.
Before she lashed out at me I heard the words "archeologists" and "castle.
" It's a start.
Don't trust the Martian.
He's been tainted by that witch.
Let us worry about that.
Heed me.
She will tap into your deepest desires.
Then dangle them like a carrot In front of your nose.
She will give you everything you dream of, But only until she gets what she wants.
The voice of experience.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
[woman screams.]
Youth is so wasted on the young.
Don't these people Believe in books anymore? [computerized music plays.]
Come, Mordred.
What we seek is not here.
Yes, it is, mother.
See? Morgaine: It's like magic.
"castle Branek, excavated shortly after World War II, "the only surviving participants are Henry Moss and Harv Hickman.
" One of them must have the stone.
What is it, boy? You, whoever you are, Show yourself.
Henry moss.
Batman: What did you do? He's in shock.
But he'll recover.
Why bother with him? He'll pass on in a few years anyway.
He has no knowledge of the stone.
The relic is not here.
Blast! But if moss doesn't have it Then maybe Hickman does.
[people talking.]
Harv Hickman, The magazine publisher? Do you know his work? I, uh Only read it for the articles.
This must be his annual Halloween bash.
Let's find Mr.
Stand aside! Man: Hey, quit shoving! Woman: No cuts! What's the big idea? Sorry, official world-saving business.
Are you on the list? This is an emergency.
We are with the Justice League.
Sure, lady.
So are they.
Now, get back in line.
You stupid little man.
Security! We've got a situation here! This is gonna get messy.
Man: Wait! How could I deny such a goddess? Come in.
Come in.
I'm with her.
Le Fey may not know That moss doesn't have the stone.
If she comes, we'll be waiting.
I still don't trust that Martian.
He's damaged goods.
I'd trust J’onn with my life.
I'll send flowers.
Forgive the intrusion, professor, But I think you have something I want.
And what might that be? I believe we've met before.
Have we? I never forget a face.
Burn, witch! Still so bitter, my love? Woman: J'onn, J'onn? My' ria 'h? J'onn, come back to me.
I'm waiting for you.
My' ria 'h.
J'onn, snap out of it! Morgaine: Come, What we seek is obviously not here.
No! I knew it! That harpy still has her claws in you.
You betrayed us.
Batman: No.
Leave him Alone.
Batman! Admit it, Martian.
You let her get away, didn't you? It's all your fault.