Justice League (2001) s01e21 Episode Script

A Knight of Shadows (2)

Previously on Justice League Morgaine le Fey When Camelot fell, Merlin was able to hide The philosopher stone from her.
With it, she can resurrect Camelot And place her son Mordred on the throne.
Jason Blood-- Doesn't he ever give up? Argh! My'ria'h? I am truly home.
Etrigan: You fool! Only a weak-minded simpleton Would fall for this illusion.
Don't trust the Martian.
He's been tainted by that witch.
Le Fey: One of them must have the stone.
Flash: Harv Hickman? The magazine publisher? Mmm Come in.
Come in.
J'onn, snap out of it! Blood: You let her get away, didn't you? Admit it, Martian.
It's all your fault.
Ahh J'onn: Lie still.
You have a concussion and two cracked ribs.
I've survived worse.
I am truly sorry.
Why? I hesitated in battle, and it nearly cost you your life.
Perhaps Etrigan is right.
Perhaps I have been tainted by that sorceress.
I know what I experienced was a mere illusion, But it felt so real.
The urge to embrace it was almost more than I could bear.
Sometimes I believe I would do anything To see my loved ones again.
You can't imagine how that feels.
[disco music playing.]
Hickman: Home theater, complete gym, Game room.
This is one of my most prized possessions.
A genuine Greek-- Roman.
Excuse me? This statue is a roman copy.
How do you know that? Trust her on this one.
I'm guessing she posed for the original.
A model, eh? I thought so.
Uh, I've got a fresh lead.
Carry on.
I have the power to jump-start your career, babe.
But I'm guessing you already knew that.
And what's the source of your power? Some kind of crystal? Or stone? How'd you guess? I'd love to see your stone, Mr.
Please, c-call me h-Harv.
So, while I was working on the castle excavation, I found this.
It changed my life.
Soon, I had everything I'd ever dreamed of: Cars, cash, girls.
Let me understand this You possess the most powerful object in the world, And yet all you wished for is money and women? What else is there? Grr [thud.]
Uh! [rumbling.]
Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh! Aah! At last, my quest is over.
The stone is mine.
Not yet.
My Neiman! Ah! Aah! Uh! Superman? Yeah, he's a close personal friend.
What? Uh! Excuse me, ladies.
You ok? Morgaine's here.
Yeah, I kind of gathered that.
Get out the back.
I'll keep it busy.
Hey, Cecil, over here.
What, are you blind? You can do better than that.
Uh! Aah! Uh! Sorry, Harv.
Come to me.
No! Fools! Why are you still here? You have the stone.
Run! I never run from a battle.
Get the stone as far away from le Fey as you can.
I'll handle the witch.
Hornhead's right.
Go! All right, But you get these people away from here.
Got it.
Don't stop for anything! Stand aside, beast.
I stood aside for you once.
Never again.
Uh! Uh! Is that the best you can do, My immortal beloved? Ah! Ooh! Ohh Time to finish this with more than just a kiss.
What are you doing?! You can thank me later.
Man: Yo, Hickman.
Keep it down! Some of us are trying to sleep.
Ha! I'd like to see her try to get it now.
Be careful what you wish for, little man.
Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine? As far as I'm concerned, this mission's over.
The world's safe again, and I for one am gonna kick back, So go find some other house to haunt.
He didn't mean that.
Do you think I care? Woman: J'onn.
My'ria'h J'onn, the children and I are waiting for you.
Come home.
Please come home.
No! It's a lie! Must fight it.
Le Fey: He's weakening.
I can sense it.
He just needs a little more coaxing.
Flash is right.
There's something unsettling about your friend.
When he stares, it's like he's looking into my very soul.
But I'd rather have him with us than against us.
We are not alone.
Hey, who turned out the lights? Yikes! A little help here! Uh, thanks.
Where is J’onn? My'ria'h: J'onn, J’onn.
Listen to me.
No! J'onn, come back to me.
I'm waiting for you.
Stop it! How many of these things are there? Flash, we need a maelstrom.
A what? A whirlwind.
Run fast Now! Right.
By the cold heart of Hera, I command you.
Freeze! Faster! Faster! You got it.
Ah, uh! That was a real pain in the butt.
Is everyone ok? We're fine, but has anyone seen J’onn? Spread out and search every deck.
Etrigan: Don't bother.
The Martian’s gone, And so is the stone.
You stupid, ignorant, pathetic excuses for heroes.
It can't be.
Oh, really, your highness? Take another look.
I've pursued that witch for centuries.
Yet you blindly ignored my warnings And doomed the world.
Enough! The truth hurts, doesn't it, princess? Why don't you go straight to-- More bad news-- the Javelin's gone.
And J'onn's access code is still punched into the hangar controls.
Anymore questions? Wonder Woman: Watchtower to Javelin 7.
Come in, Javelin 7.
J'onn, if you're there, answer.
Please, J’onn-- He's turned off the comlink.
He belongs to le Fey now.
We'll stop him.
I promise.
Like you promised to protect the stone? We'll do whatever it takes, Etrigan.
Are you saying you're prepared To take out one of your own? I repeat, whatever it takes.
Listen, isn't this kind of academic? We're stranded here, remember? Maybe not.
Get a lock on the Javelin.
You asked when you would receive your kingdom, my son.
Before the clock strikes 12, Before this all-hallowed eve ends, The world will be yours.
A castle, mother? I must have my own castle.
And so you will.
Le Fey: Behold, here is your palace.
With the stone's infinite power, I can make this last forever.
[aircraft approaching.]
And now the final piece arrives.
Come forth, my noble knight.
Ding, fifth floor, Sporting goods, hardware, evil sorceresses.
Ah! Get out of my castle! Whoa, the kid's got chops, too.
The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Imbecile, that harpy has you charmed.
She'll never give you what you want.
Stand aside, demon! She has promised to use The stone's power to restore mars.
All honey and lies.
Your reward will be an eternal purgatory for you in this world.
I don't care.
This is my last chance for happiness, My last chance to embrace my family.
You'll embrace them again After the worms devour your bones! Aah! Ohh! I'll not be denied.
Yield Or suffer my unending wrath.
Aah! Play time's over.
Mother! Unhand him! Aah! Ohh! What? Aah! Aah! Stand and fight, blast you! Nothing will keep me from my loved ones! Especially not you! Aah! Le Fey: The stone.
Give it to me.
My'ria'h: J'onn, my love, we're waiting.
No! What have you done? [gasping.]
You could have had anything you dreamed of-- Your family, your whole world Could have been yours again.
The price was too high.
I see that now.
You can no longer tempt me.
Have we lost, mother? Only this battle, my son.
But not the war.
What'd I miss? It's over.
My friends, I have failed you.
In my yearning for my old family, I almost lost my new one.
Please, accept my humble apology And my resignation from the Justice League.
Resignation? Wait.
The demon was wrong about you Martian.
You redeemed yourself here today.
Did I? Yeah, who knew? Under that goofy green skin, I guess you're human after all.
I only wish I had had your strength centuries ago, But I'm still cursed And must walk alone throughout eternity.
Poor man, May he someday find the peace he seeks.