Justice League (2001) s01e22 Episode Script

Metamorphosis (1)

870 feet.
We drill much deeper, And we'll hit New Zealand.
All this for a few stinkin' barrels of oil.
Just hope this old mine shaft holds up.
[shrieking metal.]
Methane gas! Shut it down before-- Uhh! [rumbling.]
[rumbling stops.]
[man screams.]
Uhh! Somebody give me a hand here.
Come on! Let's go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Gentlemen, you have a problem.
It was an accident.
There were no fatalities.
You got lucky this time, Mr.
But because of unsafe conditions like this, The unions are demanding higher wages, And the insurance companies won't cover your risk.
Luckily, I've got a solution.
Please enlighten us, Mr.
I call it Metamorpho: A chemically altered worker Who will not merely survive In most hazardous environments But will thrive in them.
Stagg, we need a practical solution, Not some half-baked, computer-simulated fantasy.
I assure you it's no fantasy.
Stagg industries has sunk a fortune Into developing this.
I'll believe it when I see it, But not until then.
They want proof? I'll give them proof.
All I need is a volunteer.
Man: Yeah, boss.
I got 'em right here.
Stagg: Listen carefully, Java.
It's important.
I need those mutagen samples.
Don't let them out of your sight.
Understand? No problem, Mr.
Ow! Hey! [grunting.]
All aboard! Sir, you'll have to check that.
Hey! But my boss said-- I'm sorry.
It's regulations.
Oh, boy.
More champagne, Mr.
Mason? Only if you'll join me.
Maybe when I'm off duty.
Now that's service.
Uhh! Watch your step.
We're picking up speed.
Hydraulic systems not responding.
Central, clear the tracks.
We have a runaway.
Do you copy? Fasten your seat belt.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride.
[bells ringing.]
[engine stalling.]
[train horn blows.]
I can't stop it.
Aah! [screaming.]
Ooh! Ow! Uhh! Huh? What? [grunting.]
[people screaming.]
Woman: Oh, what happened? [grunts.]
Man: Lord knows, If you hadn't slowed it down, This would have been a whole lot worse.
Man: That's my pal, Always saving the day.
I don't believe it.
Rex Mason? Hey, John.
Still in uniform, I see-- Though it's not exactly standard marine corps issue.
I signed up with a new unit.
So I heard.
And what about you, Mase? Looks like you're not mucking In the trenches anymore.
Life's been good.
We should catch up, If you're not too busy for an old pal.
Nice place.
Sure beats the old barracks.
Big penthouse, Traveling first class You've done all right for yourself.
Working for an outfit like Stagg Enterprises Does have its perks.
No kidding.
But so must wearing that ring.
A big hero like you makes a fortune on the side, right? It doesn't work like that.
I've hardly got more than the clothes on my back.
Woman: Well then, We simply must take you shopping.
John Stewart, meet my fiancée Sapphire Stagg.
Man: We can no longer support Second man: Can we get a statement, sir? Third man: Any idea what caused this? Fourth man: Terrorists? Woman: Mechanical failure? No statement until we've completed our investigation.
Was there a bomb on board? Is the railroad liable? [all talking at once.]
You're dating the boss' daughter? I told you this job had great perks.
Only thing is, daddy doesn't know yet.
You always did like living dangerously.
I like a little danger, too.
Don't you, Mr.
Stewart? I take it the old man wouldn't approve.
Nobody's good enough for Simon Stagg’s little girl.
He'd blow a gasket if he found out.
I'm gonna dry off, But don't go away, 'kay? Remember, I saw her first.
[earphone rings.]
Excuse me.
Batman: I checked out that train you saved.
Green Lantern: And? The crash was caused by a chemical.
Someone was illegally carrying a mutagen compound.
I see.
Something you want to tell me? What do you mean? That train lost control today Because of unstable chemicals In the baggage car.
It was a mutagen.
Only someone working for a company like Stagg Enterprises Could get their hands on that stuff.
You're crazy.
Why would I take that kind of risk? You always said you'd do anything to get ahead.
Do I detect a hint of jealousy? Of you? I've got nothing more to say.
I see.
Call if you change your mind.
What happened to your friend? Something came up.
Stagg: You idiot! I told you not to let that case out of your sight.
Sorry, boss.
Now it's going to cost me even more To cover up your connection to the crash.
If this project fails, Stagg Enterprises will go bankrupt, And it will be your fault.
Woman on speakerphone: Mr.
Stagg? Mr.
Mason is here to see you.
Send him in.
Mason, thank heavens you weren't hurt.
We'll sue that railroad for all they've got.
It wasn't their fault.
What? Simon, why was Java on that train? He was running an errand for me, that's all.
Was his errand picking up a load of illegal mutagens? Forget about it, Mason.
It's yesterday's news.
I don't hear you denying it.
Then hear this.
Stay out of it.
And if I don't? I made you And I can just as easily Unmake you.
Understand? Yes, Mr.
Saph, we've gotta talk.
Hurry! Can't you go any faster? Sorry, boss.
[horns honking.]
Wait here.
[ding dong.]
Hello, precious.
I came as fast as I could.
Uh, thanks, daddy.
You said it was urgent.
What's wrong? Mason: That depends on your point of view.
What are you doing here? Giving notice.
What? I've accepted a job offer in Chicago.
And I'm going with him.
But you can't.
Daddy, I'm not your little girl anymore.
Don't try to stop us, Simon.
No, of course not.
It's just such a shock.
All I want-- All I've ever wanted is for you to be happy.
Are you sure about this? Yes.
Then go with my blessings.
I'm glad you understand.
I'll clean out my desk tonight.
No hard feelings Dad? Good night.
What happened, boss? I believe I've found my volunteer.
Never a guard around when you need one.
Hello? No! [coughing.]
[Mason moans.]
Mason: What happened? Mason, there's been an accident.
Sapphire: Daddy, I just heard.
Where's Rex? Is he ok? Mason: Darling.
What is it? What's wrong? Brace yourself, son.
No! No! [grunting.]
Java, stop him.
Rex? Don't worry, princess.
I'm here for you.
I'll always be here.
Oh, daddy.
Green Lantern: I heard about the accident.
What can I do? I'm afraid you're too late.
Aah! [people murmuring.]
Are you all right? It wasn't my fault, officer.
I was driving down the street, And he ran right in front of me.
Honest, it wasn't my fault.
Good lord.
What is that? [gasps.]
Help me.
Stay back! Uhh! Uhh! Call for backup! No, I didn't mean to-- Unit 23 requesting immediate assistance.
Ow! [Mason coughing.]
[indistinct police radio.]
It was some kind of freak, lieutenant.
Even bullets couldn't stop him.
I've never seen anything like it.
Are you getting this? I can't believe Mason did all this.
He didn't mean to.
I'm sure of it.
Please, you're his friend.
You have to help us.
Find him before the police do.
I'll find him, I promise, Even if I have to call in the whole Justice League.
Thank you, John.
Mason: Metamorpho Isn't that what you called your little project? Mason! Well, you'll be happy to know it works like a charm.
Behold the wonder of science.
Honestly, I'm heartsick about this.
We all are.
It was a terrible accident.
It was no accident, Simon, And I want to know who's responsible.
Mason, don't! Tell me now! All right, all right.
But remember, she had nothing to do with this.
What are you talking about? See for yourself.
I don't believe it! Green Lantern: Any sign of Mason? Superman: Nothing yet.
Well, keep looking.
That may have to wait.
Long Johns at 10:00.
Both: Huh? Run him down! [men screaming.]
[tires squeal.]
That ought to hold 'em until the police get here.
[man grunts.]
Well, that was pretty darn sloppy.
Care to talk about it? Running into Mason after all these years, I guess it got me thinking-- Wondering about the choices I've made.
The road not taken? Yeah.
Maybe I could have been like him.
Wealthy, successful Engaged to a beautiful woman.
[earphone rings.]
It's Mase.
Are you all right? John, we have to talk.
I'll be right there.
Stay here until the police arrive.
Wait! Mase, where are you? Mason: Right here.
Aah! Unh! I knew you were jealous, But I never thought you'd go this far.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No? See if this jogs your memory.
Uhh! Stagg: Are you getting this, Java? I want them to see what my creation can really do.
whoa! It might even have military applications.
Hah! I won't let you take her from me.
Mase, you're making a big mistake.
No, you did.
And it will be your last, old friend.