Justice League (2001) s02e15 Episode Script

The Terror Beyond (1)

Man: I think we found him again.
Oh, yeah.
Way to big to be anyone else.
All units in position, sir.
Get his attention.
[tires squeal.]
Got him, sir.
I've heard it before.
Search the rubble.
Show me a body.
You heard him.
Let's start digging.
Ohh! Hey! Leave Grundy alone! Grr! Open fire! Aah! Huh! Grr! Uh! Uh! Aah! Grr! Grundy told stupid soldiers to stay away, But soldiers still come.
Now Grundy crush! Aah! Grr! Aah! [groaning.]
Aah! [groaning.]
Man: He's finished.
Get the cage.
Huh! [grunts.]
Uh! Ohh! Ohh! [sea creature growls.]
If you want to live, come with me.
Where are we? You promised to give Grundy gold.
And I will once you've done your part.
If stupid Fishman Tries to trick Grundy, Grundy will crush.
Your gold's inside.
Woman: Welcome back, your highness.
I assume this is Solomon Grundy.
My name is Inza.
Do you have Grundy’s gold? Here, brute.
Everything I promised and more.
Ooh! Ha ha ha! Grundy likes gold.
Where's your husband? Preparing for the incantation.
I'll tell him you're here.
Kent, your guests have arrived.
He's on his way.
Please make yourself comfortable.
Nothing for me.
Solomon? [groans.]
It's ok.
Take as many as you want.
My apologies for the delay.
I have a kingdom do protect.
Keep me waiting again at your peril.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.
I am Dr.
Girl gave Grundy the cookies.
I've done as you asked.
Let's get on with it.
Soon, but first I have to make sure He is truly what they say.
Too much talking! Grundy bored! What does stupid magician want Grundy to do for his gold? I need to know your origins.
How did you come to be As you are? Grundy doesn't remember.
Grundy's always been Grundy! Doubtful.
Perhaps a simple spell of revelation.
Fate: Yes.
I see now.
Your name was Cyrus Gold An evil man who performed many evil deeds [click.]
Until the day you aroused an evil as great as your own.
They ended your life, Cursed you with a powerful grigri And dumped your remains in a swamp Redolent with mystical properties of its own.
These magics did not sit well together.
And so it was that decades later The swamp gave birth to a walking dead man, Soulless and empty, Always seeking, never knowing why.
Grundy remembers.
He meets our needs.
Then we should begin immediately.
The future of Atlantis is my only concern.
Grundy wants something.
We're already agreed.
You help us, I give you the gold.
Grundy not want gold! Grundy wants what men took from him.
Their curse removed your soul.
Grundy wants it back.
Will magician help? I will do everything I can.
If you help Grundy, Grundy will help you.
Bring the trident.
We still have preparations to complete.
Looked like you needed a hand.
I've had more than enough help From your kind for one day, thanks.
Meaning? My men had Grundy well in hand Until your friend showed up.
What friend? No one in the Justice League would-- Don't tell me what happened! I was here.
He wrecked our tanks, grabbed Grundy, And hightailed it On the back of the flipping Loch Ness monster.
Who? Aquaman.
Wonder Woman: We can't assume he's gone bad.
Aquaman helped save the world, remember? He helped save Atlantis.
He couldn't care less about the world.
It doesn't make sense to jump to either conclusion.
Let's just see what he has to say.
You ever get chafed straddling the fence all the time? Hold on a minute.
Something up ahead.
[people screaming.]
Care to weigh in on the Aquaman question now? I'll get back to you on that.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Ow.
Hah! Hah! Huh! Haah! Aah! Hera, give me strength.
Do you have to say that all the time? [grunting.]
Hawkgirl, catch! [growling.]
Where's the creature? Superman: Diving away from us.
Running back to daddy.
Could be.
My friends, welcome back to Atlantis.
Thank you, your highness.
We've come here to speak with your husband.
"speak with" being a polite euphemism For shutting him down.
What are you talking about? Two attacks on the surface world By giant sea creatures.
And we couldn't help noticing as we came in That your army is on high alert.
So, looking to expand the kingdom? After all you've been through together, How could you even think such a thing of Arthur? There doesn't seem to be any other explanation.
Come on.
Where's Aquaman? He's with Dr.
If he wishes to see you, He'll summon you after his return.
That's not good enough.
This audience is concluded.
That went well.
What, you expected her to confess to an act of war? She's royalty.
You were needlessly disrespectful.
Standard interrogation technique.
I was bad cop.
You're always bad cop.
Why play against type? Anyway, we got a name out of her.
That's another thing that bothers me-- Aquaman and Dr.
Fate? Fate's some sort of mystic, isn't he? That's right, And only magic could have hurt me like this.
I guess I'm off the fence.
No door? Fate! Nobody home.
I want to see for myself.
Aah! Magic.
Let me give it a shot.
Haaah! After you.
Nice use of space.
Fate: I warn you both again-- Once the spell has begun, I cannot stop.
And the pain will be unbearable.
You've told us before.
Get on with it.
Stupid magician.
Grundy not care about pain.
Grundy wants his reward.
Very well.
The elements are gathered in a place of power-- A wizard of great knowledge The trident of Poseidon Aah! Fate: And the forbearance of a dead man.
The walls between the worlds have been torn asunder.
I order them now sealed.
Power of the Titans which resides in their trident, By the power of the Lords of Order Which resides in everything, By the power of Fate Which resides in the helmet of Nabu [Fate chanting.]
Banish the old ones and seal the breach.
So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands! Fate: So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands! Stop! Aah! Haah! Aah! Uh! Aah! Do you realize what you've done? Leave here! Now! Not without Grundy and a good explanation.
Fate: You've ruined everything! Aquaman, stop them.
I'll try to improvise something, But I must be allowed to concentrate! Go away! Superman always takes everything from Grundy, But not this time.
This time, Grundy crush! I've got Aquaman.
You take the magician.
Your mace seems to be giving him fits.
Just for the record, I didn't start this fight.
First time for everything.
Hawkgirl: Hrrah! Too much noise.
Away! Really not your day, is it? What were they trying to do to you? Superman always attacks Grundy.
I was trying to help you.
Help yourself! I'm not here to hurt you, Grundy.
Give up.
Grundy can't give up.
Magician promised to help Grundy.
Don't make me do this.
Raah! Uh! [grunts.]
Grundy will help magician, Then magician will help Grundy.
Last chance.
Let me go.
Grundy won't quit.
I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible.
Huh! Haah! Don't overestimate your abilities.
My people are warriors, No less than yours.
As you wish.
No quarter given.
Where are my friends? Bring them back, Or I'm going to find out What that bell on your head sounds like.
Fate: You shouldn't make threats When you're so clearly outnumbered.
Running out of tricks? Not entirely.
Hawkgirl: Aah! [roaring.]
Those runes.
They're thanagarian.
What do you know about Thanagar? Talk! [grunting.]
Uh Uhh.
Give them to me, Superman.
Let's slow this down.
It's way past time you explained What's going on here.
I'll explain it to your grieving friends.
Haaaah That's enough! You've run out of choices.
Tell us what you're doing now! [roar.]
We were trying to prevent that.