Justice League (2001) s02e14 Episode Script

Eclipsed (2)

Announcer: Previously on Justice League Flash: For fast energy, Grab a lightspeed booster bar With a big burst of flavor in every bite.
This is what these self-appointed guardians of humanity Are really about-- Cashing in on their image, Shilling for whoever's got the deepest pockets.
No one's asking the other guys to do this sort of thing.
That's because they don't have me as their agent.
We believe that our new A.
, Anti-Fusion Device, Will enable us to completely neutralize enemy warheads At the point of detonation.
Mankind's time will be forever eclipsed.
It's him.
Stay back.
Its dark power can destroy the world.
Man: The glorious one isn't afraid to say, "I told you so.
" Millions lost power tonight.
Did the "heroes" think of that Before they took on this weirdo? How much longer are we gonna put up With this kind of reckless endangerment And wanton disregard for public safety? Haven't you had enough? Audience: Darn straight! Friends, the will of the people must be heard, So I want you to call on our government, No, on all the world's governments To ban the Jus-us League! They can't do that.
We have a contract.
Artie: Not anymore.
Energy bars, track shoes-- No one will touch you, not even public access.
But Godfrey's full of it.
Why-- not to worry.
Remember, no such thing as bad publicity.
Your name's on everyone's lips.
That's a good thing.
Then there's got to be something you can-- Sorry, kid.
[imitating static.]
Going through a tunnel.
Hello? Hello? [hangs up.]
Nice kid, but a few miles short of a marathon.
I can't remember.
It's all a blank, I swear.
And the costume? I-- I just don't know.
Lantern: You expect us to believe that? The Anti-Fusion device is gone.
What did you do with it? I told you.
I don't remember anything.
What makes you think I took it? You took the other weapons from the base.
The A.
Isn't a weapon.
It's purely defensive.
It stops nuclear fusion.
Unless you're planning to go knock out a star, The only thing it's good for Is protection against nuclear attack.
Flash: This night couldn't get any worse.
My sponsor just dropped me, And they're all out of iced mochas.
I hope this is ok.
I didn't know how you take it.
Hey, you sure you're ok? Don't you ever shut up? Ugh! Sorry I asked Princess.
Lantern: He claims not to remember anything.
Do you believe him? I don't know.
You see how they're looking at us? Godfrey's got them scared.
Men are fools.
You dark ones cannot hide from Mophir.
Our incompetent jailer.
You have our gratitude.
Keep it.
Mophir prefers your head.
You'll not destroy this world.
Lantern: Hold it, grandpa! She doesn't look so hot.
I'll get her to the Watchtower.
You handle the lunatic.
The heart of darkness is death.
They will have their vengeance So what's the deal with this guy, doc? Why did he attack my friend? Delusional paranoia.
We gave him something to calm him, But he's not responding.
Death, evil.
Now man's time Forever eclipsed.
Say what? Man's time forever eclipsed.
Ok, that's the second time I've heard this tonight.
So either you're sharing your delusions With the general or-- Why don't you tell me all about it? Long ago, before writing, before cities, Man's future uncertain, For he was at war with ophidians.
Ophidi-whats? Snakes who walk like men-- Moon worshipers.
[ophidians snarling.]
[all yelling.]
After years of struggle, Man was winning.
Most ophidians dead, wiped out.
[speaking native language.]
[all chanting in native language.]
Here was born black diamond, Heart of darkness.
Any who touched dark heart Are possessed by vengeful spirits.
Their only goal-- destroy humanity.
Since that time, Mophir’s people guard dark heart.
Mophir is latest to guard diamond.
But evil wants escape.
Not Mophir’s fault.
But why attack the princess? Mophir tracked evil to her.
Tried to drive out dark ones, But ring man stopped Mophir Before he can finish job.
Let's say I believe you.
How do we stop it or them? 2 ways.
Pure light from Mophir’s gem Drives spirits back into heart of darkness.
What's the second way? Separate host head from body.
Flash: So these dead snake guys are inside Diana, And they want to destroy the world.
This is a grave development.
I'm glad you believe me.
I know this Mophir guy sounds Looney.
Diana has been acting strangely since her recovery.
We should keep an eye on her.
I'm on it.
So how are you? Fine, I guess, But everything's still a blur.
Just take it easy for a while, And don't make any sudden moves.
What? Uh, nothing.
J'onn, I have an idea.
Can you do one of those Martian mind probes on Diana? Not now.
There's been a breach in our security.
Where? In the javelin bay.
Didn't I tell you? It's that vengeance snakethingy.
It's inside Diana.
She's been in the medical bay the whole time.
But it's got to be her.
Before we start pointing fingers, Call up the javelin bay security tapes.
J'onn? I don't understand.
I have no memory of doing this.
Where have I heard that before? Keep an eye on him.
Ok, that crazy old coot said This would drive out the bad spirits.
Come on, be serious.
You've got to admit something weird is going on here, So unless you got a better plan Hold still.
You're clean.
So is Diana.
Superman? Aah! Ugh! Pathetic humans.
We shall lay waste to your world.
Careful! Don't touch it! No one will ever again.
Hyah! Nice move.
But you might want to warn us next time before you Uh-oh.
This has got to be a nightmare.
When the sun comes up, you'll all still be human in a super-powered, possibly alien kind of way.
Humanity has witnesses its last sunrise.
I'd love to hear more about it, But Hyah! Come on! Come on! Aah! Whew! Diana: How fitting for the humans to die By their own weapon of war.
When this hits the sun, the star will collapse.
And the descendants of the mammals Who destroyed our proud people Will themselves be destroyed.
[plodding thumps.]
Hey, bats, mayday.
Hello! Aah! Aah! Great! Perfect! [clang.]
Oh, jeez.
What is it? What-- what's happening? [woman screaming.]
[people talking excitedly.]
Mophir has failed.
The snakes have won.
Folks, we're getting a live report.
What? This can't be right.
Mommy Over here! He's below.
What I wouldn't give for another amulet.
[loud clang.]
Lantern: You've lost, human.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it is hopeless.
But like granny Flash used to say, Why curse the dark when you can light up a 700,000-watt candle? [all screaming.]
[all but Flash moaning.]
Flash: Everyone ok? I'll be seeing spots for a year.
If you're lucky.
We have a situation.
How can we stop it? J'onn: There is one possibility.
To halt the process, We would need to create an Einstein-Rosen bridge To drain off the infecting Anti-Fusion matter.
Create a what to do what? Make a wormhole to suck away the bad stuff.
We can use the javelin.
It's got a wormhole generator for interstellar travel.
Uh More bad news.
How long will it take to repair? Too long.
We don't need the whole ship, just the generator.
But without the ship's engines behind it, We'll never get close enough to light speed For the generator to trigger a wormhole.
Even I can't fly that fast.
Lantern: No, but Give Flash the generator.
Excuse me? I'll use my ring to give you a running start.
Our combined speeds might be enough To get the generator to open the wormhole.
That's crazy.
You've got a better idea? According to J'onn's calculations, The wormhole has to open Exactly 7 1/2 minutes into the run.
Any earlier, it'll be too far from the sun To have an effect.
Any later and you risk tearing the sun apart Through the wormhole.
Got it? No pressure, huh? Let's get this cosmic treadmill rolling.
Bring home the gold, hotshot.
Oh, my.
Hawkgirl: Lantern, is he He's in one piece.
I think he's all right.
You hear me, buddy? You better be all right.
Swirly lights Fuzzy grilled cheese Huh? What happened? Flash You did it.
You saved everyone today.
How are you feeling? Actually, kind of faint.
I think I need some mouth-to-mouth.
He's fine.
[crowd cheering.]
Godfrey: That was the scene today At a rally held to honor the Justice League, Who apparently saved the world this week.
Now, to the sponsors who dropped me, I just want to say, I know I've sometimes appeared critical Of the Justice League, But it's only because I care.
And if you feel it's possible to care too much, Then here I sit guilty as charged.
Friends, starting next week, Look for the glorious one at our new time-- 4:15 A.
, right after the farm report.
Can you believe this guy? [cell phone rings.]
Talk to me.
Great news, Bunkie.
Mercury Sport Shoes called And people like us magazine.
Sport shoes, huh? Artie: What did I tell you, babe? You're a star.
Uh, sorry, Artie.
The endorsement thing is really not working for me, But I know someone who might be looking for representation.
Mophir's job to preserve the world.
So when Mophir need fast, fast, fast relief From cramping, burning, itching, Mophir always reach for gluxitol.