Justice League Action (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Time Share

(SECURITY ALARM RINGING) - (EXPLOSION) - (TIRES SCREECHING) Now that I have this you cannot catch me, Batman.
Or you, weird flying kid.
My name is Blue Beetle.
(CRASHING) BATMAN: Focus Beetle.
Chronos's time bombs are temporary but effective.
Khaji Da.
(BEEPING) Get the suit ready.
(ELECTRONIC WHIRRING) (SCREAMS) This isn't a game, Beetle.
If you want to be part of the Justice League you don't pose and you don't work on impulse.
You plan ahead.
I can't believe we blew it in front of Batman.
(KHAJI DA BEEPS) Fine, I blew it.
Happy? (KHAJI DA BEEPS) (BREAKS SCREECHING) (CRASHES) "Vigilante confounds Carmine.
"Authorities ask who is the Bat?" My first case, Carmine Falcone.
He ran the Falcone crime family.
Kidnapping, smuggling, racketeering, you name it, Carmine was behind it.
I took him down.
Why does Chronos have clippings of your first case? (POWERING UP) (POWERING DOWN) BATMAN: End of the line, Chronos.
(LAUGHS) Out of time, Batman.
Beetle, no! What was that? So we went through that light thingy and now everything looks newer? That light thingy was a time portal.
That's the Falcone family warehouse.
This was my first case.
Now we know why he was collecting data on me.
I learnt Carmine was, is holding a meeting with the heads of his criminal enterprises tonight.
So we have to stop Chronos before he changes anything in the past and boom, home free, right? We also have to be careful.
If anyone sees us, especially my younger self, we could create a paradox.
It endangers our future and the entire time stream.
And erase you from history! So no biggie? This is exactly what I mean when I say crime-fighting is not a game.
(DOOR OPENS) Were you living in your car? No, I was staking out the Falcones.
- (CLATTERING) - 24 hours a day.
Seven days a week.
(METAL CLINKS) That is why I built the grappling gun.
Got it that time.
I am vengeance.
I am the knight.
I am Batman.
(LAUGHS) Oh, I thought you said we don't pose.
- We - We're not talking about it.
- (LAUGHING) But that, "I am vengeance.
" -Moving on.
- "I am the knight?" - We're done now.
The Falcones' meeting is in 10 minutes, which means we have to move.
You got a picture, right? (KHAJI DA BEEPS) Ah! That's so cool.
(KHAJI DA BEEPS) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Look who we have here, boys.
When a nutjob in a hood told me a nutjob dressed like a bat, was going to crash our meeting I was skeptical.
But what do you know.
Looks like we have ourselves a vermin problem.
Your reign of terror ends tonight, Carmine.
(LAUGHS) I think you got it backwards, Bat.
The only thing ending tonight is you.
(GUNS LOADING) It's over, Chronos.
Oh, no, Batman.
You are about to be erased from history! - You keep forgetting about me.
- No! You dropped all my time bombs, weird flying kid.
It's Blue Beetle.
Come on, man.
I can still finish you.
BLUE BEETLE: You will remember my name.
(GRUNTING) I'll get you yet.
(GROANS) (STRAINS) You see my parkour skills.
CHRONOS: Haha! Ah! Almost got you that time.
(MIMICS GUNSHOTS) I can see a full second into the future, learn what you're going to do.
Hoo-hoo! And counter.
BLUE BEETLE: Khaji, when those time bombs wear off, Batman will still be a sitting duck.
(KHAJI DA BEEPS) What are you doing? You're the one who told me to plan ahead.
It's about time.
(GAS HISSING) (COUGHING) Oh! BATMAN: (DEEP VOICE) What's the matter, Chronos.
Hard to see the future when it's still full of smoke.
Ow! The time bombs are wearing off.
- Now! - (GUNS FIRING CONTINUOUSLY) - (PUNCHES) - Ow! - (PUNCHES) - Ow! - (PUNCHES) - Ow! - Ready to go, Bat? - Wait.
Falcone should be there.
(GRUNTS) Now we can go.
(ENERGY PULSATING) I'll get you yet, Batman.
You'll never be safe from me.
And Blue Beetle.
Batman and Blue Beetle will never be safe from you.
Hey, don't let it bother you.
In time, everyone will know who you are.
You did a good job.
Did he just say, "Good job?" I've never heard him say that before, and I've saved his life twice.
It's nice to have you in the Justice League, Blue Beetle.
You must have really impressed him.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) (KHAJI DA BEEPS) Yeah, it's raining again.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? (KHAJI DA BEEPS) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Oh, finally.
Oh, hey, tell me you've got that picture.