Justice League Action (2016) s01e12 Episode Script


(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) - Ah! - (PLATES CRASHING) Mmm, that garlic risotto was amazing.
I told you, it's the best place in town.
This is so nice.
I haven't been out on a date in ages.
So, what about Steve Trevor? Oh, I think that's going nowhere.
He's got a crush on Wonder Woman.
Of course.
But as Diana Prince, I'm as invisible as my jet.
Tell me about it.
Lois just looks right through me.
You'd think she was the one with x-ray vision.
It's nice to have someone who likes you for being you.
(SIRENS WAILING) There's trouble.
(ENERGY PULSATING) OFFICER: Fire! (GRUNTING) Huh? We'll take it from here, Officer.
HAWKMAN: Mind if I crash your date? Oh, hi Hawkman.
Date? Uh I mean, we're just fighting a super villain.
I'd hardly call that a date.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Kal, he's talking about the fight.
Oh, oh.
Of course, Hawkman.
Always glad to have you.
Oh, joy, the spandex patrol is here.
WONDER WOMAN: What's the meaning of this, Staticman? I think you're mixing me up with someone else.
You can call me Repulse.
Due to your winning personality, no doubt.
(SUPERMAN GRUNTS) Ugh! Can't touch me.
(GRUNTS) Wonder Woman, are you okay? Hardly.
I'm tied in my own lasso, I didn't get to eat any cannoli for dessert, and I still haven't gotten that kiss.
I must've been hit harder than I thought.
Haven't you learned, Man of Steel? I'm rubber and you're About to beat you.
(SCREAMING) (GROANS ) Huh? Luthor, maybe you should've used the name "Repulsive" instead.
Oh, hilarious, Man of Steel.
You should have been the Man of Stand-up.
But we'll see who gets the last laugh.
(SIRENS WAILING) Superman saves the day again.
You never need saving.
And today was a team effort.
You did take one for the team by jumping in the sewer.
You're a super gentleman.
Super PDA is the worst.
Is it the sewer smell or the garlic risotto? (GROUND RUMBLING) No.
Just a minute.
I can do this.
Something's wrong.
(WONDER WOMAN STRAINING) Superman, your suit! It's Luthor.
He's somehow infected you with his Repulse power.
(HAWKMAN SCREAMS) It's growing too fast.
I'm a danger to others.
I need to get some place safe.
Ah! Oh, no.
(GRUNTING) (SIGHS) Where's he going? Somewhere he can't harm anyone.
We need to figure out what's going on.
(DOOR OPENS) To what do I owe the honor? Cut the act, Luthor.
We know you did something to Superman.
Now, how do we stop it? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm teaching a spin class.
Wrong answer.
After you.
Let's be reasonable here.
We are done with reasonable.
(LUTHOR GRUNTS) What did you do to Superman? (LASSO CHARGES) I infected him with millions of nanobots that feed off the solar radiation in his Kryptonian body, producing a geometrically increasing repulsive electromagnetic charge.
How do we get rid of it? Theoretically you'd need something to drain the power from the nanobots.
Something more powerful than the Sun.
What could drain the power of the Sun? HAWKMAN: There it is.
Black hole XT 357.
I wouldn't get any closer.
If you get sucked into the event horizon, you'll never get out.
It's the vacuum cleaner that never needs emptying.
Hmm, if I can sell these on Earth I'll be a billionaire.
Here he comes.
Superman, can you read us? No doubt the nanobots are interfering with his comm device.
- I should go out there.
- He knows what to do.
WONDER WOMAN: Great Hera! It's working.
The Repulse energy is being drained off.
The nanobots can't replicate fast enough.
(ALARM BLARES) Someone's activated Justice 2.
This should have just enough fire power to push Big Blue into the black.
(SCREAMING) WONDER WOMAN: Clark! I don't believe it.
I'm looking at the center of a black hole.
No one has ever seen this before.
Enjoy the view.
It's not on my bucket list.
The Repulse power must be protecting us from the crushing weight of the black hole itself.
Get us out of here before the power's gone.
I'd love to oblige but this is one trap you made too perfectly.
We'd need a miracle.
And here she is now.
(STRAINING) SUPERMAN: No picking these locks, Lex.
Watch it.
I've got delicate skin.
I'm a redhead, you know.
Superman, something's happening to the black hole.
LEX: It's the Repulse nanobots, obviously.
They're still operating.
If they keep growing while the black hole collapses they'll They'll what? We should go.
WONDER WOMAN: The black hole collapsed on itself, Lex Luthor is back in prison, and we still have time for dessert.
I heard they make an amazing cannoli.
That's not the dessert I was referring to.
What? Hawkman scanned me.
The nanobots should be gone, I Nope, it's not that.
You really shouldn't have ordered the garlic risotto.