Justice League Action (2016) s01e15 Episode Script

Hat Trick

(MONSTERS ROARING) (SCREAMING) (GLASS SHATTERING) (MONSTERS ROARING) I was hoping you summoned me because there was a sale on capes.
This called for more supernatural mall cop.
(BATARANGS SWISHING) (ROARING) And I thought Black Friday was a shopper's nightmare.
(MONSTER ROARING) Sick 'em, Audrey! (ROARING) Shop till they drop, Zatanna.
Maybe time to summon your friend, Jason.
Gone, gone, - form of man.
- (FIRE CRACKLING) Arise, the demon Etrigan! - (MONSTERS ROARING) - (GLASS SHATTERING) (MONSTERS ROARING) (MONSTERS ROARING) (MONSTERS ROARING) These dummies can't take a hint! (GASPS) My hat! (LAUGHS) A perfect fit.
Was that Felix Faust.
It appears this entire attack was begat in order to acquire your magic hat.
My hat's a mystic portal, a gateway to other dimensions.
What would Faust want from another dimension? FAUST: From lowest depths, beyond all sight, - come forth, vile beast, to spread your fright -(OWL HOOTING) to sting with tail and rend with tooth, once your freedom bringeth back my What? Not quite the vile beast I was envisioning.
Shoo! I'm casting a spell! (CLEARS THROAT) Where was I? Okay, ah yes, um.
Your freedom bringeth back my Scram! I'm trying to finish a spell over here.
Rodents, running around, coming out of hats (TRACKER BEEPING) (BEEPING) My BPS.
Bunny Positional System.
Comes in more handy than you'd think.
(BPS BEEPING) BATMAN: The Hebrides islands of Scotland.
We'll find my hat there.
We're running out of time.
We have to get to Scotland, quick.
Say no more.
Merlin! (WIND HOWLING) Merlin! (WIND WHOOSHING) Why do you disturb me, impish rival? From this place where we have fought, transport us now to the land of Scot! Very well.
Now bother me no more.
(WHOOSHING) FAUST: Come forth, vile beast, to spread your fright, - to sting with tail and rend with - ETRIGAN: Faust! (GASPS) Once your freedom bringeth back my youth! (THUNDER CRACKING) Oh, great and powerful Ghast.
As promised, I have set you free! Now, grant me my reward! (GHAST ROARS) Uh, please? (THUNDER CRACKING) (LIGHTNING CRACKLING) (GHAST ROARS) (STONES RUMBLING) Hmm.
(STONES RUMBLING) Has my madness unleashed doom upon this world? Totally worth it! (STONES RUMBLING) (LAUGHING) Feel great, feel good.
Here we go, get my books, get out of here.
- ZATANNA: Faust! - Oh! Give it back.
You mean this? You want this right here? Ha, ha.
Well, I don't know, you're going to have to come and get it.
If that's how it has to be.
Talking backwards.
Hey, look, I've got a trick too.
I can levitate, see.
How does he do it? What kind of magic is this? Argh.
(SIGHS) (WHIRRING) Yonder town is this thing's aim.
Drawn like a moth unto the flame.
Time to do some pest control.
(EXPLODING) (BLOWS) - (EXPLODING) - (TOWN PEOPLE MUTTERING) (SCREECHING) (COUGHING) What have we learned? My kung fu is better than your kung fu.
A squirt bottle.
Oh, that's real mature.
- At last.
- Ugh.
-You may have heard my hex to summon the beast, but I seriously doubt you have any idea how to return it.
- Huh? - (CASTING SPELL) (ROARING) (SCREECHING) Together, we are a team of thunder.
Have you an opening for a new boy wonder? Get ready to jump.
(SCREECHING) No worse for wear.
- (GRUNTING) - (CHAINS RATTLING) FAUST: Why did it have to be rabbits?