Justice League Action (2016) s01e16 Episode Script

Field Trip

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (LASERS FIRING) This is your last warning.
The Justice League is totally here to put an end to your villainy.
FIRESTORM: Oh, the heat is on! (GRUNTS) (SCREAMING) Excuse me.
(MOANS) Stargirl! Watch where you're shooting! Ugh, watch where you're flying.
Ugh! I got this! - Khaji Da, sword.
- (KHAJI DA BEEPS) (BLUE BEETLE GRUNTS) (LAUGHS) Do you think this is the first time the great General Zod and I have fought your pathetic Justice League? We will make the people of this planet suffer For our incarceration! (SCREAMS) Like, how did we even get into this mess? What're you looking at me for? The Fortress of Solitude is the Justice League's secondary headquarters should anything happen to the Watchtower.
As members, we want you to familiarize yourselves with the security systems and layout.
ALL: Whoa.
Alien kitty.
- (KITTEN MEWS) - Ooh.
It's so cute.
- (SLURP) - And goopey.
That does not negate the cuteness.
If you like that, you're going to love this.
Welcome to the Krypton room, which holds one of the most important items in the entire fortress.
The Phantom Zone Projector.
A dimension set safely apart from our own.
My people use this to transport our most dangerous criminals into the Phantom Zone.
- (KITTEN YOWLS) - Alien kitty! No! (YELLS) - (LASERS FIRING) - Well, you made it worse.
I'll fix this.
You, basically, got two buttons, right? I mean, how hard is this to figure? Wait, Ronald, I don't think you should Do that.
Okay, yes, it's bad but for the record, Blue Beetle made it a million times worse.
I got this.
(MACHINE POWERS DOWN) - (LASERS FIRING) - Come on, this should be easy.
Without exposure to Earth's yellow sun those Kryptonians are regular non-powered thugs.
And is it just me or did it get really quiet.
FIRESTORM: Hey, where'd they go? Yes, I got them.
North quadrant.
And now You can start to thank me for saving the day.
You do realize you've trapped them in the arsenal room, right? The arsenal what now? (EXPLOSION) STARGIRL: They're blasting their way towards the exit.
We have to stop them before they get outside and power up on solar energy.
Okay, think.
They're Kryptonian.
So they're weaknesses are same as Superman's.
- Which means - Kryptonite! Firestorm, use your nuclear magic to whip us up some Kryptonite.
That's easier said than done.
Did you just say "nuclear magic?" Um, I'm gonna be honest.
We don't exactly get how your powers work.
I'm not Shazam! I don't have magic.
I just rearrange molecules but it helps if I know what kind of molecules we're talking about.
- Professor? - I'm sorry, Ronald.
If it was a terrestrial object I could be of use but Kryptonite is completely - Wait, shh! Do you hear that? - (RUMBLING) - (FIRING) - Get down! (EXPLOSION) These Justice League humans are beginning to annoy me.
For real this time.
STARGIRL AND FIRESTORM: No, wait! Khaji, heavy-gravity mode.
(EXPLOSION) (GROANS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) (PANTING) (EXPLOSION) (STRUGGLES) - (EXPLOSION) - (SCREAMS) Is that what I think it is? Not sure how long that security door's gonna hold out.
(EXPLOSION) What's this? Growing a backbone? (LAUGHING) The Justice League never runs.
Unless it's running to get something.
Uh! That sounded so uncool.
I hope you had fun because this is the last time you're setting foot on our planet.
All thanks to a little something we like to call Kryptonite! Kryptonite! Hmm.
(CHUCKLES) Did you really think Kryptonite that small would affect us? Subjugating this planet is going to be much easier than we thought.
(EXPLOSION) I can feel the power.
No, no, no, this is my fault.
Who knew my love of adorable kitties would turn against me.
We all messed up.
We should have been working together this whole time.
Not arguing.
Ho-ho, but it's not too late to fix that.
You speculating what I'm speculating, Ronald? You know it, Prof! If we can figure out the atomic structure of Kryptonite from this piece then the heat's back on.
Woo! But we're gonna need a little time.
BLUE BEETLE: You got it! STARGIRL: Just leave it to us.
PROFESSOR STEIN: All matter can be broken down.
It's just a simple question of learning the basic parts.
Hey, that doesn't look too hard.
Oh, there's more.
(LAUGHS) Okay.
Oh, that's a lot, that's It keeps coming.
Why does it keep coming? Can we just stop it, Professor? Seriously.
I don't think I studied any of this at all.
Oh, why, there's another page.
(PANICS) I can't handle the information! It just keeps coming and coming.
Stop the information! I'm going to explode! PROFESSOR STEIN: Concentrate, Ronald.
Do you think I'm Stephen Hawking? This is totally your last warning.
Throw down your weapons or get ready to fight! Oh, crud, they can fly.
Khaji, my shield! (EXPLOSION) (BOTH GROAN) My loyal soldiers, care to help me end this? (GROANS) With great powers comes a great big butt-kicking! Uh.
Took you long enough.
What can I say? Chemistry, ho-ho, it is not my best subject.
And then, Firestorm and the Professor fixed the Phantom Zone Projector.
And don't worry about those Kryptonite chains.
Firestorm's absorbing all the green energy coming this way.
(LAUGHING) It's like having your own alien heat lamp.
Argh! Aren't these chains enough of an indignity? How much more of this teenage blather must we endure? Not much at all, Zod.
(BEEPS) (SCREAMING) I'm glad you three were able to accomplish so much working together.
Because now you can put all that teamwork into cleaning up this mess.
Starting with that.
Alien kitty!