Justice League Action (2016) s01e17 Episode Script

Luthor in Paradise

Thank you, your highness.
Do you hear that? A man? Here? The man.
Lex Luthor.
Careful, I've heard Diana speak of this one.
How quaint.
And now, Your Highness, I'll trouble you for the Oculus of the Argo.
You know about the Oculus? Hippolyta, don't make me ask twice.
Once was enough.
This staff will lead you right to it.
Too easy.
Luthor! Wonder Woman! What an honor! Luckily I dressed for the occasion.
Your battle suit may be invulnerable.
You aren't.
Circe! That's right.
The witch is back.
Circe! You're working with this, this man? What can he do for you that you can't do for yourself? For starters, I dig bald guys.
Also, he can do that for me.
It's my Hands of Hercules spell.
She's in a tight squeeze, which I can make tighter.
Give us your staff, and we'll let her live.
I'd happily give her life and every other Amazon's before I'd let the two of you have that kind of power.
If that's the way you want it.
Another advantage of men, Hippolyta Distraction.
- Shall we? - With pleasure.
The Amazons can be prickly.
Excuse me.
Thanks, guys.
Diana! These men are your friends? Uh, more like sidekicks, mother.
Forgive us for intruding, Your Highness.
We were tracking Lex Luthor.
His trail led us here.
He and Circe have breached the Fallen Realm, Diana.
The Fallen Realm? Okay, what's the Fallen Realm? A very bad place.
- And Circe, she's a witch.
- Figures.
Who else would team up with Luthor? The two of them want the Oculus of the Argo.
It's an artifact from the early gods.
According to legend, when a mortal man puts on the Oculus he can attain the power of Zeus.
Got it.
Hera, Queen of the Gods, tasked me with keeping it safe.
And I failed.
Can you get us to this Fallen Realm without your staff? We'll get it back for you, Your Highness.
Tell your sidekicks never to address me directly again.
And to fight like the gods of war.
Hurry! The Fallen Realm, gentlemen.
I've seen worse.
Follow me.
The Oculus.
Infused with the power of Zeus himself.
And now, mine.
Did I say mine? Ours, of course.
And now, if you don't mind, I'd like to slip into something more powerful.
Lovely hair! At last.
We'll rule two worlds together, Lex.
As king and queen.
Huh? Oh, right.
He's taken advantage of you, Circe.
It's what men do.
Some men.
You dare! You have heard of Zeus, haven't you? All powerful, King of the Gods.
I have all of his power.
And all of his hair.
I've faced an immortal or two before.
Never an immortal like this one.
This time, you're going to stay buried, princess.
Mmm, tingly.
Now, what to do with them.
- Circe, please.
- I know! Trees.
I'll leave them as a warning to anyone who might try to cross us.
I was going to turn them into animals, but I'm branching out.
Very creative.
Can we go now, please? What's your real plan, Luthor? My real plan? Say it.
Well, first I'm going to conquer Olympus.
And then? What about Circe? Uh I'm going to ditch her the minute we take Olympus, what do you think? Lex! Sorry you had to hear that, my dear.
Just some teeny weeny white lies I needed to tell in order to free myself.
That was the Lasso of Truth, you weren't lying.
For once.
I told you we should have left.
To think.
I almost made you my equal.
Equal? I'm not your equal! I'm your superior.
I have the Oculus.
Oh, you're sure about that? He's all yours.
Can't let you guys have all the fun.
Hera be praised.
Mother, I believe this is yours.
And so is this.
Hey, come on! Loosen the hands! Just a smidge? So you can cast another spell? No chance.
No magic will free you from the pits of Tartarus.
Outlanders! They have names, Mother.
Superman, Batman.
We owe you our most sincere thanks.
You've saved Themyscira and our Amazonian way of life.
Now off my island before my elite guard filets you.
Told you they were prickly.