Justice League Action (2016) s01e19 Episode Script

Rage of the Red Lanterns

Where's the meteor headed? Present course, downtown Bludhaven.
More powerful than a potential disaster? In case you hadn't noticed, we have a situation here.
Any of you three can handle an ordinary meteor.
The energy contained in this artifact is astronomical.
A single missing component is key to unlocking its true power.
Speaking of power, why isn't this meteor burning up? A better question would be, why is it changing course? It's headed straight for us.
I knew a day alone in the lab was too good to be true.
Yee-haw! Time to get what's mine.
Trash day is Tuesday, so you can't hang around here.
Not very neighborly.
I'll teach you some manners.
Huh? You need to calm yourself.
But I'm just warming up, precious.
Huh? If you're looking for trouble, you've found it.
Chill, superdudes and princess sparklerope.
Cool band name.
Anyway, I'm not here to rumble, I'm here for Oh, what you call it? Sanctuary.
Don't exactly pull out the welcome wagon for your guests, do you? Depends on the guest.
Tell us why you need sanctuary.
And from who.
I think we're about to find out.
Huh? I don't think they're here to sell cookies.
Diana and I will find out what our guests want while you two keep an eye on Lobo.
Can I get a cucumber water or something? I'm super parched.
Be on guard.
These Red Lanterns can be a bit touchy.
Ambush! Whoa, Zilius! No.
I demand vengeance.
Vengeance soon.
I can wait.
No problem, master.
I require the bounty hunter Lobo.
For what reason? He stole three newly forged red lantern rings.
Please, give us a moment to find your rings.
We'll be right back.
Why are we waiting outside like common fruit vendors instead of scorching them to cinders? Because I would have them relax their guard until Dex-Starr lets us inside.
Then we will take our rings and destroy any who stand in our way.
Your deviousness inspires me once more, master.
I never had a doubt! Unlike these two fools.
Hey! Personal space, metal mitts! The rings aren't here.
Doesn't mean he didn't steal them.
That's a bunch of crud.
Why would I? They aren't worth squat.
It's true.
No one can use a lantern ring unless they're chosen.
But it wouldn't be the first time a dull-witted criminal has done something stupid.
Hey! I'm right here.
Good kitty.
Is it wrong not to want that guy in here? Even if the Red Lanterns will take him apart.
If you read his record, Lobo has done some terrible things.
Giving him to the Red Lanterns for something he didn't do this time may not be our justice, but it is justice.
We can't.
They'll execute him.
Look out, my hero friends! The bad guys are here! Oh, come on.
We've got to upgrade security.
Atrocitus, we are getting to the bottom of this.
You have my word.
And what exactly is your word worth, Kryptonian? Well, how'd those get there? Ooh, you guys are in trouble! They've been working with the thief all this time.
Atrocitus, we did not take those rings.
We didn't even know they were here until now.
Come on, Justice chumps.
Let's kick some Red Lantern butt! Form up or we'll be overrun.
Where's Lobo? Yeah! Thanks for the spider gauntlet, super saps.
I've been looking for it everywhere.
All that's missing now is the key.
Fits me like a glove! Hey.
I feel like a little cardio.
Here's me kicking all your sorry butts! Thanks for everything, chumps.
I knew you Reds create the distraction I need to steal this power gauntlet from the little leaguers.
I ain't even had any practice.
Atrocitus, we need to join forces on this.
I hate you and yours, Kryptonian.
But for today, only a fool fights in a burning house.
Aid the Justice League.
Master! Zardox! "Ful.
" Masterful is how I describe this new idea.
Two in one day! How do you do it? With me, Cybert, to glory.
Cyborg, dude.
Let's not be left out of Lobo's destruction.
Hmm? Hmm.
Ouch! Wake up, cat.
Come one, come all! There's plenty of beatdown for everyone! How do you shut that thing off? Batman's the only one who even looked at it.
What the Now, cat.
Everything you've got.
Oh! If there's one scratch on my Spacehog, when I come get it Give it a rest, jabber jaws.
We have a secure prison on the edge of the galaxy.
Lobo won't be causing any more problems for you.
He'll pay for his crimes.
As you provided the edge in battle, Lobo is yours.
What? That's outrageous! We fought much more courageously.
Except for protecting your leader.
Where were you then, Zilius? Er Let's not get into who was where.
I wouldn't want you to be angry at the others and their extreme cowardess.
What I meant to say was, great decision, master! You're three for three today.
That's why I prefer working alone.
I prefer working alone sometimes.