Justice League Action (2016) s01e20 Episode Script

Freezer Burn

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (TIRES SCREECHING) Fair warning, Frosty! You're skating on thin ice.
That you, Stormy? Your hair still on fire? Allow me to cool it off.
Oh, well.
Allow me to treat you to some sweets.
Ronald, you're not flirting with Killer Frost, are you? Why? Don't you think she's cute? She is your polar opposite and she happens to be a criminal.
Since we tracked her here to Gotham City, perhaps we should alert the Batman? Like I already don't have enough adult supervision, Professor Stein.
Whoa! Huh? All right.
If I'm gonna melt her cold, cold heart, I'll need to crank up the heat! (GASPS) Ronald, no! (GRUNTS) Hmm.
(GROANS) (SIGHS) Next time I say we call Batman, we call Batman.
(MOANS AND MUMBLES) (SIGHS) Brand new hideout, same old bat problem.
(GRUNTING) I'm putting your travel plans on hold, Freeze.
How did you manage to find me? Echolocation? - (BEEPING) -Sub-zero readings in the middle of July.
(GRUNTS) I'm not late, am I? - (GRUNTS) - No.
Right on time.
The Batman was just leaving.
(GRUNTS) Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty PROFESSOR STEIN: The freak accident that created Killer Frost enables her to harness heat and convert it into cold.
So, what have we learned, Ronald? (SIGHS) Never fight frost with fire.
I get it, I Hey! Why aren't you a floating head? 'Cause you are currently out cold.
Which doesn't grant you permission to daydream during class, by the way.
What? (CHUCKLING NERVOUSLY) I don't even I don't know what you're talking about.
That's That's actually a little rude.
Look, Teach, Frosty's kinda new to this whole "supervillain" thing.
Right? So, who knows? Maybe some of my winning charm can get her over to the winning team.
Many thanks for accepting my invitation.
(SCOFFS) Like I'd miss an opportunity to hang with the Mr.
Freeze, the Sultan of Sub-Zero.
I am such a fan.
Truly, Killer Frost, it is I who am humbled by your mastery over cold.
- (GIGGLES) - After all, I fear heat, while you are able to reverse it.
It's how I roll.
But really, I'm here to serve.
Oh, that's good, because freezing all of Gotham in order to rule it as my own personal kingdom is something I do not feel I can accomplish (YELLS) (THUDS) without you.
(GASPS) Now may we call Batman? No time, Prof.
We need to stop that Freezo, pronto.
You were saying? (LAUGHING NERVOUSLY) Batman, hey.
This is so weird.
I was just about to call you.
Infiltrate Freeze's airship while I provide air cover.
We need to disable that freeze ray.
Good to see you, too! Huh? (GASPS) Ah, the Dark Knight returns.
Engine room! Bingo! Hey, Frosty.
Hey, Stormy.
(ALARM BEEPING) We have a guest.
Serve something cold.
FREEZE SCREAMS) Miss me? Aah! You know what they say, "Don't meet your idols.
"It only leads to heartache.
" Freeze is using you like some kind of living battery.
(PULSATING) He's forcing her to supply a perpetual source of cold to the freeze ray - by powering her -With a perpetual source of heat! So, you do pay attention in class.
On occasion.
But you do realize, if we disconnect Frost, - she skates free.
- Look out! (GRUNTING) She does like me.
Yeah, yeah.
(GRUNTING) (TEASING) Aah! I'm out! Gutter ball! Ooh! Missed.
Gotta work on my game.
(SIGHS) (LAUGHS) Just come on over here! Hey.
(SCREAMS) Hello.
How're you doing? He addresses the ball! (GRUNTS) Goal! KILLER FROST: Hello? I'll stop.
I know.
It's annoying.
- (LOUD CREAKING) -Sounds like we need to jump ship, so will you unplug me already? Oh, boy.
What's the plan? I'm all ears.
(ALL SCREAMING) Come on! Come on! - (THUDDING) - (ALL GRUNT) Whoo! That's game.
FREEZE: Not yet.
Have an ice day.
Back at you, creep.
(BOTH GRUNT) (GROANING) Whoo! The heat is on! Whoo-hoo! The heat is on! I'm not gonna do it all the way.
But you know what? Looking good people! Hey.
Any signs of my girl? Friend? Or whatever you wanna call her.
Just don't make it weird.
I think she likes me now.
I'd like to believe that wherever she may be, Killer Frost is seriously reconsidering her allegiances.
Ha! I told you there was hope for her, Prof! Indeed, Ronald.
Though it may have less to do with your winning charm than Mr.
Freeze's extreme lack thereof.
(ENGINE TURNS ON) What does that mean? I'm still cool, right? Right? Prof?