Justice League Action (2016) s01e30 Episode Script

Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting

Just checking the time.
Keep your mind focused on what we're doing.
(GROANING) Of course! I'm, like, the total focus queen.
(YELLING) It's just that I got this babysitting gig.
I'll finish up here.
Ah, you're the best.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Thanks for coming, Courtney.
There's an auction on late 12th century antiquities.
I could be the proud owner of the throne of Henry the First.
Oh! That's super exciting, Professor.
Courtney, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney (GASPS) Whoa! And that's why we hired you.
Timmy, that vase is 1,200 years old.
Let's try to be more careful.
And be good for Courtney.
Yes, Daddy.
All right, kiddo.
What do you want to do now? Mmm, hide and seek.
You're it! (CHUCKLES) Okay, but don't knock anything over.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
(WIND HOWLING) Do you feel it, Teekl? (MEOWING) We're close.
Soon, the Magdalene Grimoire will be in my grasp.
Who are you? Your newest and coolest friend.
Do you wanna play hide and seek? You read my mind.
You go hide, and if I don't find you by the time you count to Hmm.
8,000, you win.
Whoa, that's a lot of counting.
What do I win? (CHUCKLES) Kid after my own heart.
You win whatever you want.
Even a smart phone? Sure.
Whatever, kid.
COURTNEY: Timmy! Where are you? Ugh, how many people are in this house anyway? (MEOWING) Teekl, you search for the Magdalene Grimoire while I distract these fools.
(CHUCKLES) Timmy? Timmy, where are you? (SHATTERING) (GASPS) What are you doing up there? Looking for something.
Timmy! Whoa! (GRUNTING) COURTNEY: Timmy? Dude, that's it.
Climb right down this instant! Your dad would be very upset if he saw you now.
- Argh, where is it? - Ah! Stop that! Stop.
You are gonna be in real trouble, mister! (EXCLAIMS) Timmy! - Whoa! - I'm hungry.
Ugh, dude More boysenberry! More! Uh, micro-manage much? No.
That's not it.
Uh, I assure you this is boysenberry.
What? No! I mean Crusts cut off.
How'd you get so annoying? Are you even trying? All right, I get you're hungry, but you are out of line, mister.
(MEOWING) Hey! That belongs to Mr.
- Stop! - (YOWLING) (YOWLING) Hey, get back here! (GROANS) (GASPS) After five centuries, the Magdalene Grimoire! (BREATH TREMBLING) Timmy, you know you're not supposed to be in here.
Be a good boy and wait outside while I catch that demon cat.
Release me this instant! (GROANS) Huh? Now, worm, with the Magdalene Grimoire in my possession, witness the full power of Klarion the Witch Boy.
(GRUNTS) - (PHONE BEEPS) - Call Batman.
BATMAN: Babysitting problems? Uh, I don't do babysitting problems.
Not even this babysitting problem? (BEEPS) I'll be there as soon as I can.
(DOORBELL RINGING) Oh, thank heavens you're here.
And you brought a hobo.
This is John Constantine.
He's a specialist.
Great! The study's this way.
I don't know what happened.
One minute, I'm chasing a cat and the next minute, Timmy turns into this weirdo.
His name's Klarion.
More trouble than a bag of cats.
But if he's here, then where's Timmy? If you harmed one hair on his head (YOWLS) (HISSING) Oh, look who it is.
Batman! I see you've brought a teenage girl and a hobo with you.
Magic barrier.
Constantine, can you break through it? I'm sure I've got something for it, Bats.
Recognize this, Constantine? The Magdalene Grimoire! Oh, yes.
More spells than I could ever ask for.
I could do a lot with that magic book.
I think I'll take it from you.
Oh, you want to use magic? Let's use magic! (READS IN LATIN) (ALL SCREAMING) - (LAUGHS) I love this book.
- (MEOWING) Let's see what else we can find.
- Hello.
Hello, ladies.
Ugh! (SPEAKS LATIN) Oh, you're gonna pay for that! (KLARION LAUGHS) It looks like you've lost your marbles.
Laugh all you want, Witch Boy.
I know exactly how to break through that shield.
(GRUNTS) Well, that didn't work.
7,097, 7,098, 7,099 8,000! Timmy? I won! Do I get my smart phone now? What? You little brat.
You'll get nothing like it.
(GROANING) That's it.
Sayonara, Witch Boy.
Let go! - Timmy, it's me.
Courtney! (BEAST SHRIEKS) (ROARS) (SCREAMS) (GROANING) Looks like you're all tied up.
I think it's time for us to leave, Teekl.
You're not going anywhere.
(HISSING) Teekl! (CLICKS) (GROANING) Yay! COURTNEY: Hey, hobo! Can you close the portal? Sure, if I had my other arm.
I got it.
(SCREECHING) (GROANS) Close the portal.
Your magic is nothing compared to mine.
Give me that book.
Now! All right, all right.
Got it, mate.
My magic is nothing compared to yours.
- But my fist is! - (GROANS) (GROANS) You little Huh? (SCREAMS) (READS LATIN) (SCREAMING) Teekl Teekl, help me! (SCREAMING) Good job, Constantine.
Good job? Look at this place.
Anderson is going to kill me.
Definitely not going to pay me.
Leave it to me, kid.
I got you covered.
(READS IN LATIN) Daddy! Daddy! Everything go smoothly? Oh, yeah.
He was a little angel.
Daddy, there was a man here.
A man? It was Batman! Oh, Batman was here.
Wow! Yeah! And he gave me this cell phone.
Wait What? You need a lift? No.
I'm good.
I'll make sure to call you.
Next time I need some hobo magic.
- Cheeky.
- How about you? Well, it's a beautiful night.
Think I'll fancy a stroll.
Suit yourself.
(TIRES SQUEALING) (READS IN LATIN) - Yoo-hoo! - Over here.
Hello, ladies.