Justice League Action (2016) s01e31 Episode Script

Booster's Gold

Batman? What's up? I didn't forget Watchtower duty, did I? No, of course not.
But Booster Gold did.
I hate to interrupt your vacation.
Well, it's not exactly a vacation.
I've just been feeling a little unfocused.
But I thought I'd head back to the island that taught me how to be a hero in the first place.
- (RADIO STATIC) -This connection is not very No, that's likely due to the Bermuda Triangle/thunderstorm combo.
Your location is why I'm contacting you, Green Arrow.
Booster is missing.
And the last signal we received from his comm came from your area.
And you want me to find our missing hero from the future? I'd hardly call a dilettante who traveled back from the 25th century to make money a hero.
But yes.
Keep your eyes open.
Roger that.
Green Arrow out.
This is one serious typhoon.
Yikes! I'd better find a spot to set down.
If there is any.
Ah! Bingo.
I have to get out of this wind.
The canyon should keep the wind off me, give me some time to find a landing Huh? A pterosaur? Amazing! A living fossil.
- Beautiful! Majestic - (SCREECHING) Ahhh! Get off, you ugly freak of a chicken! - (SCREECHING) - (EXCLAIMS) Why doesn't this thing come with windshield wipers? Why don't you let go? (SIGHS) I can't believe it.
A real living pterosaur.
Batman is gonna be so jealous.
Let's see where you come from.
(SCREECHES) This is beyond incredible.
Imagine it.
The last dinosaur! - Absolutely unique in the animal - (ROARING) What? (GASPS) (EXCLAIMS) That was nuts.
This is absolutely Well, you wanted to focus.
Here's motivation.
(ROPE WINDING) Faster, faster, faster! (GRUNTS) Whew! That was too (GROWLING) Aw, come on! - (ROARING) - (SCREECHING) - All right, slump officially over.
- (GROWLS) Aw, hey, that's my good quiver! You guys are fast on the ground.
Let's see how you do in the air.
Better make it count.
(LAUGHS) I I can't believe it.
They're everywhere.
An island lousy with dinosaurs! This can't be natural.
But to bring those extinct beasts into the modern world The impact to our modern ecosystem would be catastrophic! Only a complete simpleton with no thought of consequences or personal responsibility could possibly BOOSTER GOLD: Oh, hey! Hi, Green Arrow! What a nice surprise.
Welcome to Dinosaur Island.
Home of Booster World.
How did I not see this coming? Booster, what are you doing here? What have you done? Hmm.
You're right, I should have called, but reception here is pretty spotty.
I'll have to work on that.
Anyway, glad you dropped in.
I'll give you a free tour.
What? You're right, free would be ridiculous.
I'll give you the 8% Justice League discount.
Come on! I got the idea watching a primitive 21st century 2D TV.
There was this movie all about these scientists that used old dinosaur DNA to fill a theme park with dinosaurs.
Being from the future, I know, of course, that would never work.
It's ludicrous! However, I could just travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs, bring them here and make a fortune! I'm kind of a genius.
Not only cheap and simple for a time-traveling superhero from the future to do - What? - It's easy money.
What could possibly go wrong? (SIGHS) Booster, did you even see the end of the movie? Nah.
In the future, we've evolved into having super-short attention spans.
I only made it through the first ten minutes.
What a slog.
(SCREECHING) Looks like I made those enclosures a little too escape-y.
(YELLING) Hey, you broke my Legion Flight Ring.
(ROARING) GREEN ARROW: The dinosaurs are eating Main Street, Booster.
What did you feed them? Feed them Right.
I probably should have done that.
Help! - What do we do? - We jump.
- Jump? - You first.
(YELLING) That wasn't so bad.
And we got away scot-free.
(SCREECHING) Oh, not these guys.
They are so nasty I had to kick them out of Booster World.
I'm all out of arrows.
Use your power blasters on them.
Been there.
That only makes 'em angry.
Swim away! Swim away! (BOTH PANTING) BOOSTER GOLD: Okay.
Deep water.
Can't get to us here.
Safe as houses.
I designed my suit's time-travel circuits to trigger in case of a life-threatening experience, whisking me to safety.
Really? You did that? Yes, I did.
No, I didn't.
Suit came with that standard.
I totally forgot about it.
So, where are we? The question, my friend, is "When?" Same spot, many thousands of centuries in the future.
Kinda cool, huh? Incredible.
(EXCLAIMS) Hey, kid.
Here's your ball back.
(SPEAKING DINOSAUR LANGUAGE) Shh, no, no, it's okay, it's okay, kid.
We're superheroes.
(SPEAKING ANXIOUSLY) (STAMMERING) Yeah, I don't like the sound of that.
It's probably nothing.
(SIRENS WAILING) We should go.
I'm sure if we could just explain We should go.
Come on, get those time circuits going! I'm trying! I'm trying! - (BUZZING) - (ZAPPING) (BOTH YELL) (BOTH GRUNT) Yup, that's you, all right.
What do you think, Green Arrow? These pants really make me look like that? Green Arrow.
That takes a long time to say.
Have you considered shortening it? To what? Just "Arrow"? I don't think so.
No, I meant just "Green".
Like, Green.
- You sure this is gonna work? - Of course.
All we have to do is disable the power and shut down your TV before you ever get your "brilliant" idea in the first place.
Get your power blast ready.
Nip it in the bud.
Wait a minute.
I mean, do we even have the right to stop that world from ever existing? It was a flourishing, utopian society.
- Who are we to decide the destiny - (BLASTING) What? What were you saying, buddy? Not totally paying attention there, kinda went a little bit whacky.
Oh, it was, uh, nothing important.
Forget it.
(GROANS) Oh, hey, Green Arrow.
What are you doing here? Never mind that.
What am I doing here? GREEN ARROW: (SIGHS) I need a vacation.