Justice League Action (2016) s01e32 Episode Script

Boo-ray for Bizarro

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Sorry I'm not there, guys.
Maybe you should start without me.
What are you doing in Paris? Believe me.
The city of romance, this is not.
I'm in a situation.
Why don't you play ahead of me? Look.
The pyramids.
Boo ray! (WHIRRING) Who is that? Oh, that's right.
You weren't around.
Long story short, somebody tried to clone Superman but ended up with opposite Superman.
Bizarro is evil? No, he's harmless.
(BIZARRO GRUNTING) What are you doing with him? I just ran into him by accident and suddenly, we're on a "date.
" It's that easy, huh? He's talking about joining the Justice League.
That isn't a very good idea.
I've got it handled.
I've convinced him that if I beat him at miniature golf, he'll back off.
Bye! Oh, a hole in hundreds.
Me am losing.
I'll ditch him by Mount Rushmore.
Never a dull moment.
Behold, Justice League.
I am Amazo, the android who will destroy you.
There's only four of you.
How disappointing.
I'm sure you'll find the four of us are more than enough.
Let's rumba.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) Martian Manhunter.
Your powers aren't invisible to me.
And mind control.
Let's try it out.
(GRUNTS) (INHALES) Lantern, watch out.
If you get close enough, you can mimic our powers.
The brilliant Professor Ivo, may he rest in peace, created me to duplicate the abilities of meta-humans which I've done to three of your mightiest members.
If you're going to do it, make it quick.
(GROANING) Request denied.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to him.
(GRUNTING) SUPERMAN: Looks like our monthly meeting had a party crasher.
Amazo, a super android that duplicates powers.
Don't let him get too close.
Too late.
Oh, thank you, Superman, for that learning moment.
I have filed it in my perfect computer brain.
(YELLS) (SIGHS) Let's call the others, shall we? (BEEPING) (BIZARRO CHOMPING LOUDLY) Oh, you shouldn't have done this, Bizarro.
You shouldn't have.
(CHOMPING) Hmm-hmm.
(PHONE BEEPING) Bizarro, I've gotta go.
There's trouble at the Watch Tower.
Bizarro help Wonder Woman not get job done.
Become Justice League Bizarro.
Not this time, big fella.
We need a hero who can think on his feet.
Understand? Nope.
Wonder Woman in trouble.
What should me do? (GASPS) Me know.
Me help.
Me get most smartest hero in the galaxy to help, too.
Down, down, and away! AMAZO: Make yourselves comfortable.
- (BUZZES) - (GROANS) I have activated the power damping grids in your cells, if you understand that.
There's no means of escape.
I have complete control.
You'll never win by brute force.
Oh, but I don't merely steal powers, Batman.
I steal the way you think, too.
I can see now that your intellect may make you the most formidable of them all.
In fact, I think you're hiding something from me at this very moment.
Consider yourself uninvited to the weekly Justice League poker night.
(LAUGHS) A little humor, which I do understand.
Now I know something's up.
Perhaps a Martian mind-reading is in order.
Here's a piece of my mind.
(GRUNTS) You're finished! (GROANS) Don't get any closer to him.
He can mimic your powers if you do.
What's your plan, android? It's fairly simple.
I have call a priority one emergency meeting of the Justice League.
He's bringing everyone here.
He's going to take all their powers.
And then your world.
- (SNICKERS) - Huh? Now I'll go upstairs and ready my trap so I'm not surprised by any more early arrivals.
(RUMBLING) Good-bye, everyone.
And it gets worse.
Here goes Bizarro.
(GASPS) Who even are you? Me am Bizarro.
Me bring greatest mind in entire galaxy to stop you.
Me bring Space Cabbie! Mind your shoes.
I think I'm gonna yak.
Oh, what's going on here? I got a fare waiting on Alpha Centurion.
Well, hold the pickle.
Is that the Justice League you got trussed up? Who is this runt with a gifted mind? I sense no evidence of it.
Okay, slow the roll, pal.
I'm just a cab driver.
Uh, the Bizarri weirdo Me am Bizarro.
Yeah, him.
He asked me for directions once and now he thinks I'm some big genius.
I mean, he didn't even follow them.
He went the opposite way.
Oh, then you're nothing.
(GRUNTS) (YELLS) Bizarro save Cabbie.
Me no understand.
If you beat smartest man in galaxy, then you must be even smarter.
Quit your gibberish, creature, while I scan and duplicate your powers as well.
Me no creature.
Me am Bizarro.
And me thinks this not so smart.
(GRUNTS) (GROWLS) So where are the keys? There's a code but you won't have time.
So don't worry about us.
Downstairs in the lab, you'll find an energy circuit.
Flip the switch to stop the transmission recalling the other Justice Leaguers.
Then Amazo's trap will fail.
- (THUDS) - (GRUNTS) Oh, me feel good.
Me can still lose this fight.
Count on it.
Ice vision.
He's got Bizarro's powers.
Where is that runt? Bingo.
- (RUMBLING) - Huh? Uh, stop or I'll use this.
I'm trembling.
Not really! That's just sarcasm.
(GRUNTS) That's some pea-shooter.
No more surprises.
(RUMBLING) Good-bye.
Bizarro am here.
(GRUNTING) (STRAINING) (GASPS) (GRUNTS) (STRAINING) (GRUNTS) Give it up, you imperfect monster.
Bizarro will always stop trying.
Quit talking gibberish! I'll crush you.
(VOICE CHANGES) Except you Am So Handsome.
Wait, what did I just say? Me am handsome.
Glad you noticed.
Me must destroy all of you except Wonder Woman.
Me like Wonder Woman.
No, her, too.
Me want take over the world.
I I must take Ah! The opposite way you think! I can't compute it! It's driving me sane! You did this! You tricked me into taking his mind.
You am smart.
He smartest man in galaxy.
Me know.
Me want autograph No! (CIRCUITS SCRAMBLING) Sparks pretty.
Whose power in that? No! Make Stop! Make it stop! (STRAINS) Huh? (POPPING) Does not compute.
(THUDS) Hello, Amazo.
(CHUCKLES) He am funny.
(SIZZLING) WONDER WOMAN: He saved us all.
I don't see that we have any choice but to invite him into the League.
Bizarro's heart is in the right place even if he is a little bit backward.
Bizarro, you've saved the day.
I extend to you the honor of being inducted into the Justice League.
All you have to do is stay right here while we swear you in.
Can you do that? No way.
Me not going anywhere! Problem solved.