Justice League Action (2016) s01e42 Episode Script

Phased and Confused

What's up? Something big.
Take a look at this satellite image of the sun.
(EXPLOSION) That's not so unusual.
Keep watching.
(BEEPING) Zod? But we trapped him in the Phantom Zone with the other Kryptonians.
It appears this explosion opened a temporary rift between the zones.
Zod escaped before it closed.
When did this happen? The last half hour.
We would have known sooner if Booster had been on watch like he was supposed to be.
- (BEEPS) - (SNORING) - Booster! - (GRUNTING) Ah! Whoa.
Oh! Hey, guys.
I was just totally meditating there about stopping crime and stuff.
We don't have time for this.
(KEYBOARD CLICKING) Zod will try to free the other Kryptonian criminals, now that he's escaped.
Wouldn't he need the Phantom Projector for that? (BEEPING) SUPERMAN: There's something at S.
Labs that might help him.
If Zod should get his hands on it We should head over there right away.
All of us? Because, uh Meditating.
(CRACKING) (CRASHES) The Kryptonian prism.
A little piece of home.
Free us quickly, Zod.
We are fed up with this accursed cage! (BOTH GRUNT) Do not worry, Faora.
Soon we shall be reunited.
If you miss them so much, Zod, we'll gladly send you back.
That went smoothly.
A quick victory is still a victory.
Some sort of energy came off the prism.
I've never seen a piece of Krypton that looked like this.
Even so, I think we should keep this at the Watchtower for the time being.
(LAUGHS EVILLY) SUPERMAN: It's one of the only remains from my planet that didn't turn into Kryptonite.
The scientists at S.
Labs wanted to study it.
The prism is a gateway between our existence and the Phantom Zone.
I can see the other Kryptonian prisoners trapped inside.
Zod's not with them.
Hey! (GASPS) I do not know how that happened.
This is bad.
Very bad.
I can't alert the others in this state.
The prism's energy must have had a delayed effect.
Look! We're phasing out of existence.
Can we unphase ourselves with the projector? Not without help.
And we'll need to do it soon before we phase completely into the Phantom Zone.
Hello! Anyone here? Got pizza! SUPERMAN: Booster, we're here! WONDER WOMAN: We're here.
- SUPERMAN: Get us out.
- WONDER WOMAN: In here! Go to the projector.
Oh, wow.
This is unbelievable.
I'm the only one here.
It's all for me, baby! I guess it's time to hit it.
When he clocks in, the monitor will automatically update him to our status.
(BEEPING) What is this? (BEEPS) (BELL DINGS) That's better.
Mmm, mmm.
We have just enough tangibility left to effect tiny changes in the visible world.
(STRAINING) Got to contact Booster.
Morse code! Great idea, Batman.
(BUZZING) Yes, I understand.
Totally time to replace this bulb.
(HOARSELY) I'm Batman.
I don't sound anything like that.
I'm faster than a locomotive.
Speeding bullet.
More powerful than a locomotive.
And I never say that.
Do not go in my locker.
Do not go in my locker.
Do not go in my locker.
I'm a gorgeous, tough Amazonian princess.
Do you have Poison Ivy there? Let me check.
- Uh, yeah, we got Poison Ivy here.
- (CHUCKLES) Then you should fire your gardener.
(LAUGHS) I can't take much more of this.
It's not even a good prank call.
(SQUEAKS) That came from the Watchtower bathroom.
(SQUEAKING) I just managed to turn the hot water tap.
I may have just enough substance for this.
Look at the mirror.
Look at the mirror.
Look at the mirror! - Oh, I got somethin' - (SQUEAKING) Incredible.
Booster has a knack of always doing the wrong thing.
That's it! Come on, before we fade away to nothing.
- WONDER WOMAN: One, two.
- (ALL GRUNT) (GLASS BREAKING) Jaw destroyers.
My favorite! Ah! Well, I'm sure someone will clean this up.
- Ugh.
- Ugh! Seems a shame to let them go to waste.
I'll just take one.
All right, two max.
All right, that's it.
Oh, what the heck? (GRUNTS) Quickly, before he realizes he shouldn't eat off the floor.
Five-second rule.
(INDISTINCTLY) Ten-second rule.
Fifteen-second rule.
Great thinking, Wonder Woman.
But how are we gonna get him to I've got a plan.
Quickly! (GRUNTING) - (BEEPING) - Just in time.
(INDISTINCTLY) Thirty-five second rule.
Fifty-second rule.
Ooh, shiny.
Oh, yeah.
Score! (BUZZING) Hey! I know you.
Don't tell me.
General Bod.
Zod! In the flesh.
Which is more than can be said for your friends.
(LAUGHS) This worked out better than I ever imagined.
Soon my fellow Kryptonians shall be free.
You are the only wrinkle left in my plan.
Too bad.
I don't iron out so easy.
- (GRUNTS) - (LAUGHS) (GASPS) You'll have to do better than that.
- (THUDS) - (GRUNTS) (BUZZING) At long last, we have our freedom! And a lovely little human punching bag.
He will be the first of his kind to kneel before Zod! (EXCLAIMS) (GROANS) Batman? Guys? (WHISPERS) What do I do? What do I do? Don't panic.
There's one more thing we can try.
Okay, Zod, you know what? You got me, you win.
But before you start taking over the world and stuff, could you let me join my friends in the Phantom Zone? I do not usually grant requests.
But knowing the torment that awaits you, I'm inclined to make an exception.
Thanks, man.
Really doing me a solid.
Get them! (GRUNTS) (BOTH GRUNT) Hold still.
This won't hurt a bit.
(GRUNTING) Ah! (GRUNTS) Ah! (GRUNTING) Ah! (DEVICE CLICKS) Time for the final phase.
(GROANS) No! We'll get you for this! Maybe, but I doubt we'll feel it.
Booster, are you all right? Oh, Bats.
I never knew you cared.
I got to admit, taking on Zod like that was incredibly brave.
Your timing was perfect, for once.
Glad I could help.
Now, how about we fire up that projector and get me out of here? Guys? Come on, guys.
Oh, come on! Seriously? Guys!