Justice League Action (2016) s01e45 Episode Script

Race Against Crime

It's like a monument to losers.
(CHUCKLES) And now, back to our regularly scheduled world domination.
(FIREWORK WHISTLING) (CHEERING) This is Lois Lane reporting live from Metropolis Centennial Park.
We are moments away from the race to end all races.
Where Superman will take on the Flash for the title of "The Fastest Man Alive.
" Celebrities, politicians, everyone who is anyone is here.
In fact, I can see the organizer of this brilliant charity event right now.
Billionaire Bruce Wayne.
(PEOPLE CHEERING) Flash, how does it feel to be racing the Man of Steel? (CHUCKLES) Well You know, Miss Lane, I'm not called the Flash because I'm slow.
That may be, but you are aware that Superman is faster than a speeding bullet.
Uh, so am I.
Sure you are.
Superman! Lois, you look lovely today.
Did you do something to your hair? I guess nothing escapes your super eyes.
(GIGGLES NERVOUSLY) As for the race, I think we both know how this is going to turn out.
Should I congratulate you now or later? Now, Lois, the Flash is definitely going to give me a run for my money.
Money for charity, that is.
(CROWD CHEERS) All this and a sense of humor, too.
He's somethin'.
GREEN LANTERN: Runners to the starting line.
This super race for charity is about to begin.
On your mark Get set Go! For the convenience of our viewing audience, Superman and the Flash are wearing GPS devices which will allow us to show the real-time progress of our two heroes as they streak across the globe.
(BEEPING STEADILY) - (BEEPING) -CHRONOS: Their belts are tapping into the Speed Force even more than I predicted, Lex.
Thanks to your satellite connections, we are transferring that energy in record time.
I estimate the batteries being at full charge in 19.
396 seconds.
You're so exacting, Chronos.
I bet when you were a kid, you enjoyed algebra.
- Loved it! - (DEVICE CHIMING) It's done! A suit that controls speed! I thought you said it controlled time.
Time, speed.
They're just flipsides of the same thing.
Ultimate power! Now you're speaking my language.
What are you doing? We're supposed to be working together.
Why? Well, of course, there's that whiny voice of yours.
I can actually feel it.
No aromatherapy this week.
(SCREECHING) (SCREECHING) You fool! You don't understand the power.
No, Chrony, the problem is I do.
(GRUNTS) You (GROANS) Too much exercise for you, old man.
Why don't you have a seat? Thank you, uh Uh I'm sorry, I don't remember your name.
We'll catch up later, pops.
Right now, I'm a little busy.
Got a world to conquer.
That aging bit cost me 10% of my power.
- (BEEPING) - Can't waste it like that.
Doesn't mean I can't have fun! We're almost halfway through the race, and they're still neck and neck.
They've just crossed the Rockies.
You know what that means.
- Here they come.
- (WHOOSHING) Oh! - Booga-booga.
- Luthor! How can he be this fast? He can't.
Unless He's connected to the Speed Force.
Speed Force? It's found between dimensions.
It's how I got my speed powers.
If Luthor's tapped into it Tapped? I'm gushing with Speed Force.
Can't you tell? And it's total time control, too.
Not only can I accelerate time I can make it stop altogether.
I see him.
Straight ahead.
No! Superman, stop! Argh! (GROANING) Now we know what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable blockhead.
If I can stop time, I can stop anything and anyone.
So tell all your buddies in the caped clown car to stay out of my lane, or I'll see to it that time stops for them.
Guys, it's Flash.
We got a whole different race going on.
Slow day? GREEN LANTERN: Luthor! (GRUNTS) Not even a scratch.
FLASH: It's not like you're hitting a rock.
It's a force.
What is he doing in there anyway? He's stopped time.
Just like out here.
No one moves.
Nothing is working.
Except for S.
Labs' computers.
They're still functioning.
Looks like Luthor's taking control of S.
Labs' satellites.
And using them to get into other satellite systems.
Bet you they're defense satellites.
So he can piggyback into every missile system in the world.
Starting with ours.
What makes you say that? Oh, I don't know.
It's just every supervillain's plan in every action movie ever made.
We gotta get in there.
If I vibrate fast enough, my molecules can pass through solid objects.
Maybe I can get through this.
(GRUNTS) Can't keep going! Friction's too much.
- (EXPLOSION) - (GRUNTS) Like I said, it's not a rock.
BATMAN: (ON MEGAPHONE) Don't worry, you'll do it.
Found out what's happening.
The belts were rigged.
They were sending an energy signal during the race.
I traced it to Luthor's place on the recorded GPS.
That's where I found him.
Two-timed me, he did! I remember now.
Young people think they can pull the wool over my eyes.
Well, let me tell you Uh Where are we? I've reprogrammed the belt to send its energy signal directly to Flash's belt.
Here, plug this in.
Then what? Then run.
May the Speed Force be with you.
(BEEPING STEADILY) (BEEPING) Now that you have the added power of Superman's Speed Force, you can vibrate through that time-wall and stop Luthor before it's too late.
Almost there.
(PANTS) Phew.
(BEEPS) LEX: Finally.
It's my time.
- FLASH: Ahem.
- Huh? Booga-booga.
(LEX GRUNTING) (STRAINING) - (BEEPS) - LEX: No! (GROANS) - (ALL GRUNT) - (BOTH GRUNT) I feel so good again! All that anger, it's suddenly gone! Wait till they set your bail.
Looks like you're due for a time-out, Luthor.
Ten to 15 in Stryker's Island prison.
I'll have him there in 15 seconds.
Ha! I could be there in two.
Race ya.