Justice League Action (2016) s01e46 Episode Script

Party Animal

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) We're here live at the Metropolis Christmas Eve Festival, where thousands of kids are ready to greet Santa Claus.
With me now is six-year-old Keely Miller.
Keely, what do you hope Santa brings you this year? Um, a teddy bear? Why don't you go ahead and ask Santa now? - Santa, Santa, please bring me - MAN: What's going on? - (ALL CLAMORING) - (GROWLING) (GRUNTS) This is gonna take a lot more tranquilizer arrows.
Slow him down.
Yee-haw! Head along, little Grundy.
(STUTTERS) Teddy? Not Teddy.
Grundy! - (GROWLS) - (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) Mommy.
All right, Plas, you get Grundy back to his cell at S.
Labs, then pick up some ice on your way.
(MUFFLED) On my way to Where? Plas, my Christmas party.
Right! Which is at 7:30.
You better be there.
You know how hard it was for me to find a banquet hall that's insured for meta-humans? Okay! Okay! Just ice? I can pick up a few pizzas if you want.
Pizzas? It's a Christmas party, not a prison rodeo.
You know what? I'll get the ice.
You won't get the right kind.
Of ice? (MUSIC PLAYING) Gambo croquettes with saffron aioli.
You got any of those little hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough? (GROANS) I mean Yeah, you know, these look terrific.
(BURPS) GREEN ARROW: Was that No, no.
I guess it wasn't.
Oh, poor thing.
I know.
It's just so sad.
He's gotta know he's not coming.
- Who's not coming? - Batman.
And who cares? Pumpkin carrot soup shooters.
Wait! I almost forgot the bat signal croutons.
Come one, Green Arrow, get with it! Oh Why? GA has this whole imaginary bromance thing with Batman.
He wants to be friends outside work and he thinks the Christmas party is his way in.
Yeah, not that Batman cares.
He spends every Christmas Grinching it up in his cave while GA toasts bat signal croutons and saves him a seat.
Well, this is just about the easiest Christmas present I can think of.
Oh, no.
Oh, hi, Batman.
I didn't think you were coming.
(GLASSES SHATTERING) (DRINK SPILLING) Hey! It's a Christmas miracle.
Socks, jelly beans.
Whoo, really nice watch.
More socks.
Let's get this party started! All right, everybody.
In a few minutes, I'll be reading Twas the What's that ghoul doing here? I know, right? I didn't think Batman was comin' either.
- It's drooling.
- (GROWLING) That's just because of the tranquilizers.
He's so out of it, you won't even know he's here! (GRUMBLING) (GRUNDY GRUMBLING) Munchies.
(GRUMBLING) There goes Zatanna's figgy pudding.
Oh, I tried it last year.
Better him than us.
You were supposed to take that thing to S.
Labs! I did! I tried.
But But what? What? (GRUNTS) They were in the middle of their Christmas party, and I didn't want to make a scene, so I figured we could keep him for a few hours.
What? S.
Labs scheduled their party the same night as mine? Oh, okay.
All right, all right.
Oh, yeah, and it's amazing! Whoo, they have a peppermint chocolate fountain and Santa's there.
Though it might just be the Professor Hamilton guy.
Twinsies! Hey, big fella, that's not cheese.
Let's save some for everyone, okay? (GRUNTS) Oh, I was looking forward to Martian Manhunter's banana cream pie.
Listen to me, you shape-shifting freak.
If I didn't have three dozen cinnamon pecan roundies coming out of that oven in exactly 45 seconds, I - (BELL DINGS) - What? Don't worry, GA, I'm totally in control of That thing is a soulless undead animal.
Capable of who knows what.
Keep it subdued or I will.
Okay, Grunster, let's sit you down right here.
- (GRUMBLING) - And look, Christmas cartoons! Hmm.
Sweet rich cocoa, just in time for the Secret Santa gift exchange.
Oh, yeah.
Mine's in In the car.
Hey, Zatanna, I'm your Secret Santa and I got you something really Well, special.
You're not Zatanna's Secret Santa, I'm Zatanna's Secret Santa.
Hey, Superman, I'm your Secret Santa and I got you something really Well, special.
Oh, uh Mmm.
Gas station clearance bin at best.
REPORTER: (ON TV) Holiday havoc in downtown Metropolis today, as the annual Christmas parade was attacked by the savage Solomon Grundy.
This young eye witness encountered that terrifying creature.
(WHIMPERING) I I was asking Santa for a teddy bear when the big scary man smashed him.
(GROWLS) Fortunately, Justice League heroes Green Arrow and Plastic Man were on hand to stop the mindless monster.
GRUNDY: Grundy, remember, fight enemies.
(GASPS) Now, Grundy, here.
Grundy with enemies! Grundy, destroy them! Grundy destroy enemies! SUPERMAN: Uh, excuse me, um, Grundy, no one should be without a present at Christmas.
- For you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Yeah, um (RUMBLING) Holy Hannah, my tree! Oh, and Yeah, Grundy has escaped.
Batman, you take the Batman? Batman? (GROWLING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) - Sled, now! - (GRUNTS) Hey.
That looks just like the teddy I gave Grundy.
No wonder he's mad.
Why does everybody hate that bear? Wait! I know where Grundy is going.
Everyone, follow Batman.
Flash, I need to find somebody.
We're comin' out by the street.
Maybe we should start slowing down.
Sleds can't talk.
(SCREAMING) PLASTIC MAN: Ho-ho-ho! (SCREAMING) (BOTH GRUNT) Leave him be! Are you insane? Trust me.
Come on over.
Aw! What's going on? Hey, there.
It's okay.
(GRUMBLING) Uh, Grundy sorry.
Scare you.
For you.
No one be without present at Christmas.
Wow! Who needs a big fancy party? I could stay here Oh, my You know, the S.
Labs party is like two blocks away.
Race ya.
Well, it is Christmas Eve.
I still can't believe they scheduled it the same night.
I mean, the nerve.
Okay, well, maybe see you there.
Be sure to invite me next year.
I did it.
I really did it.
Hey, guys, what about my party? Uh, we've got the hall till midnight.
Uh, there's a disco ball!