Justice Served (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[rain falling]
[man 1 shouting indistinctly]
You take everything from me,
and then you wanna take my car?
The only thing I've got left!
- [gun fires]
- [man 1] Fuck you!
[man 2] Fuck!
[man 1] You fucked with the wrong guy!
Fuck you!
- [gun fires]
- [man 2 gasps]
[man 1 screams] Fuck you!
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music intensifies]
[suspenseful music playing]
[vehicles honking in distance]
[on radio] It's The Morning Drive
with your fabulous host Baby Jordan.
It's hot and only going to get hotter.
We've gotta talk about Allan Harvey.
It's one year since that umlungu
shot a Black boy in the back on camera.
You would think
it's an open-shut case, yeah?
But no, not that simple here in Mzansi.
Every person of color
is a crime waiting to happen.
Every one of us.
Allan shot Zoli. Fact.
Allan says "self-defense."
So if you think Allan is gonna go down
for killing Zoli today,
well, you know nothing about this country.
If you ask me,
he's going away for a long time.
Please, Jerry,
you know how this place is set up.
- The amount he spends on lawyers
- [whispering] Careful. Fuck, he's here.
- Later.
- Later.
[dramatic music playing]
[clock ticking]
[man 1 whistling]
- [guard in Zulu] Good day.
- [men] Hello.
[man 1 whistling]
[man 2 in English] We're here
from Radebe's Fumigation and Pest Control.
We're here to fumigate the building.
Hmm. Radebe's
- [man 2] Yep.
- [guard] Radebe's
Nope, not on this page.
Can you show me where is?
- [guard grunting]
- [punches landing]
- [driver] Shit.
- [man 1] Wait.
[man 2 chuckles]
[dramatic music playing]
[guard in Zulu] Find any gold?
Piss off, I'll make you eat this gold.
- [guard] A gold treasure hunt.
- [laughs]
[woman in English] Do you think
Harvey is guilty? I have serious doubts.
- Truth Media's angle is guilty until
- Our angle should be the truth.
Truth is subjective.
- Facts aren't.
- Yeah.
You and Baby are gonna get on just great.
I'm still surprised he hired a white girl.
He hired me off my CV.
Most people don't expect
a white girl to be called Karabo.
[tech] Must have been
an awkward first meet.
Yeah, well
[dramatic music playing]
[man] Trial's about to start.
- [guard in Zulu] What's going on here?
- [driver] Good day.
[people chanting]
[guard screaming in pain]
[people chanting]
[chanting continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
[people speaking indistinctly]
[guard in Zulu] There's something wrong
with camera 14.
[gun cocking]
[in English] Shoo, big man.
Get on the floor.
On the floor now.
[in Zulu] Come along. Move it.
On your knees.
On the floor. What are you looking at?
On your knees.
- [zip tie zipping]
- [guards grunting]
[zip tie zipping]
[in English] We're ready.
[driver on radio] Protocol one complete.
Faith, son.
[water running]
[man whistling]
[whistling echoes]
[muffled roaring]
[roaring crescendos, stops]
[people speaking indistinctly]
[Karabo] Harvey seems relaxed.
That's his mother.
That's Nono and Shaka,
the victim's family.
[bailiff] All rise!
Here comes Judge Bengu. I love her.
Did you read her open letter
about the constitution?
She's practically the only one standing
between us and a state of emergency.
[in Zulu] I need to sit down and release.
You like to eat a lot,
and you actually waste food.
[guard] You don't have to wait for me.
You can leave.
Don't worry about me.
Don can handle the front.
I'm just reading about Somizi.
It's going down. [laughs]
[man] Hello.
[in English] Mr. Harvey, please stand.
Having regard
to the totality of this evidence,
in this manner,
the unanimous decision of this court
is the following.
[people chanting]
[Judge Bengu] On count one,
- [chanting continues]
- [guns cocking]
[computer keys clacking]
[Judge Bengu] the accused is found
[fire alarm sounding]
[crowd murmuring]
[bailiff] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a fire alarm.
Please remain calm.
[chanting continues]
Evacuate the building
through the main entrance only.
This is not a drill.
- I repeat, this is not a drill.
- [bailiff] Hey, this way please.
[people clamoring]
- [man 2] Everybody get down!
- [woman] Get down! On the ground!
[man 2] On your knees! Right now!
Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.
Do not speak to anyone
unless you're spoken to.
- Get down! On your knees!
- [gun firing]
[in Zulu] Are you shitting maize meal
and sour milk?
Can't you hear the alarm?
- Let's go.
- [guard] I'm coming, man.
I'm still wiping.
Wipe faster.
[guard] You can't even take a dump
in peace. What is it?
- [doors slam shut]
- [alarm stops]
[masked man 1 in English]
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a takeover!
[people clamoring]
[masked man 1] Everybody remain calm.
[clamoring continues]
[masked man 1] Hands up there, Judge.
Well, well. Allan Harvey.
Now, justice will be served.
[people shouting]
[driver] Lock it down.
- Okay.
- [computer keys clacking]
[grates squeak, thud]
[people shouting in distance]
[masked man 2] Let's move. Come on.
[masked man 2]
Check that the exits are sealed.
Let's make sure nobody gets in or out.
[whispering] What is What is that?
[masked man 1] Let's calm them down.
[in Zulu] Spitjo, we can't just stand here
with our mouths open.
There's nothing we can do.
Your baby-dick phone has no airtime,
and our radios are connected to everyone.
You don't know what you're talking about.
[breathes shakily] We're stuck here.
No way, boy.
Spitjo, as soon as we get a chance,
we're out. We're leaving.
I'm not going anywhere.
If we survive this,
I'm going home to my wife, Busi.
Come on, Spitjo.
[Sphiwe gasps]
[masked man 2] Let's go! Let's go!
Men here. Women this side. Let's go!
Are you listening to me?
[masked man 1] You stay.
[driver] I want one line,
down the hall right now.
Keys, phones, wallets in the bag.
[masked man 2] You play nice,
we play nice.
[driver] Hurry up!
[masked man 2]
Everything into this bag now.
Cellphones, let's go.
[muffled roaring]
[masked man 2]
You will be given a red mask.
Wear it until we tell you to take it off.
- [coughing]
- [masked woman] Breathe. Breathe.
[driver] Do exactly what we tell you,
and no one gets hurt.
[masked man 2] Mmm. [chuckles]
[in Afrikaans] What do we have here?
Hmm. [chuckles]
[in English] Thanks.
Sexy Snow White.
[Bengu] Show her some respect.
[menacing music plays]
[masked man 2] Some what?
You heard me.
[driver] That's enough.
[masked man 2] Whatever.
[masked woman] Not him. Not him.
Come. You.
[driver] You. Come with me.
Why are you guys doing this?
We're not doing anything
until you tell us what's going on.
[masked man 2] Oof! She's got balls
for someone on her first day.
- Who told you it was my
- [masked man 2] "Who told you?"
[driver] Proceed.
[tech] What do you need us to do?
Connect it all to the Truth Media feed.
[driver] Don't say anything stupid
in front of her. Watch your mouth.
[masked man 2] Yeah, yeah.
- [helicopter blades whirring]
- [alarms sounding in distance]
[man] Welcome back.
We're pretty much set up.
[woman] Thank you, Wendy.
[Wendell] We don't know
who this group is yet
or what their demands are.
From what we can see,
all the entrances have been closed.
How many openings, in and out?
We've had a look,
and they all look pretty much locked down.
Hmm. Have we opened
any lines of communication yet?
[Wendell] Not a peep from inside.
[woman] I need a list
of all the people in the courthouse.
Everybody from the Allan Harvey trial.
- All of them?
- [Wendell] All of them.
And here I was thinking
my first day back was going to be slow.
[chuckles wryly] I'm supposed to be
getting a sunburn on a beach somewhere.
Thank you.
The information here at the court
is still very vague.
What we do know
is that a group of terrorists
have hijacked the court and have hostages.
Although it's still very unclear
what the group's demands are
[phone ringing]
the police are calling it
an act of terrorism.
[television switches off]
- [Wendell, on phone] Busi Ndou?
- [in Zulu] Yes, who am I speaking to?
[in English]
You're talking to Col. Brown, SIU.
We're trying to account
for all the court workers,
and we can't get hold of your husband,
Sphiwe Ndou.
- His phone was stolen last week.
- [Wendell] Ah.
- Did he go to work today?
- [Busi] Yes.
[in Zulu] What's happening?
[Wendell in English] We can't give
any more information now.
We'll call you when we know more.
Thank you.
- [phone disconnects]
- [door opens and closes]
[in Zulu] Excuse me.
Madam Pinky, my husband works
at the courthouse.
May I please be excused?
[Pinky in English]
Maybe you should ask my mom.
She should be here by 2:00.
I'm sorry, Busi. I can't help.
[in Zulu] May I have money for air time?
[in English] Bye.
[somber music playing]
[sighs] Busi
[woman] It's working.
We have the live feed set up
and ready to broadcast.
[boy and girl laughing]
- [boy in Zulu] It's your turn.
- [girl] You're cheating.
[in Tswana] I grew up in the Transkei
[in English] in 1942.
[boy] Um. Wait. Wait. Wait.
[girl in Tswana] I'm part of
a revolutionary?
[boy in Zulu] You are Chris Hani.
[both laugh]
[boy] You are.
Okay, so I'm a pastor,
but I don't mind a fight.
- [girl in Tswana] A pastor from where?
- [boy in Zulu] A bishop.
[soldier in Afrikaans] Move it.
[in Zulu] Thandi, wait. Let's go.
[girl in Tswana] Just look
at how they're handling our people.
[in Zulu] Hold on. If they see us,
we'll be in trouble.
[in Afrikaans] Hey! Where are you going?
It's past curfew. Go back home.
[soft music playing]
[in Zulu] When I can afford the bride price,
I want to marry you.
Is that something you would want?
[in Tswana] Please tell me
you're not jealous of Abel.
Although everybody loves Abel,
because he's a protector, a leader,
to me, he's just a friend.
[in English] You are my heart.
[whispering indistinctly]
[both laugh]
[in Zulu] What am I?
- Your heart.
- [giggles]
[boy] Hmm?
Your heart.
- [boy 2 in Tswana] Thandi! Open.
- [knocking on door]
Thandi, open!
They know.
[dog barking in distance]
[boy 2 in English]
And then, you brought him here?
Thandi, you brought him here? You know
that his father is working for the police.
[in Zulu] My father is not a snitch.
[in English] He's fine, Abel. I promise.
[in Tswana] I promise.
[Abel in English] Thandi,
they know we've got banned materials here.
[in Tswana] How?
[in English] It's only a matter of time
before they know about this place.
- They even took Kgomotoso!
- Shit.
[Abel] Take those things
and put them somewhere right now.
[in Tswana] I can't. My parents think
I'm studying at a friend's house.
If I go home, what will they think?
[in English] Okay, okay. Um
- [vehicles approaching]
- Shit! They followed me!
[in Zulu] I'll take the pamphlets.
I'll hide them in my father's storeroom.
[Abel in English] No, no.
- [in Tswana] Take it and leave. Run!
- Thandi!
[dogs barking]
[police officers shouting]
[in Zulu] Stop him!
Where is he? Catch him.
Stop him!
- [dog barking]
- Where did he go?
He's gone.
[woman in English]
Brigadier Mashaba's approaching.
Did you hear me?
I said Brigadier Mashaba's approaching.
[suspenseful music playing]
To the people inside
we want to resolve this peacefully.
I'm leaving a cellphone by the door
so we can talk.
There's one number on it.
- [police officer] Hold your fire.
- [people chanting]
[masked man 1]
You want to know who we are?
[chanting continues]
[masked man 1] We are you.
are us.
Call us by our name.
We are Numoor.
Mampho Mashaba, correct?
I read about your late husband.
It was unfair, what they did to him.
He was one of us.
He was Numoor
at heart.
What do you want?
What do you want?
[masked man 1 chuckles]
What do you want?
We're pretty much ready, boss.
Uhuru, tell them we're ready to go.
Yes, Commander.
[phone buzzes]
Oi! Karabo and Maps's stream
has gone live. Please pull it up.
[phone ringing]
- Baby?
- [Baby] Julie.
We've got a feed coming
from Maps's camera.
- How?
- [Baby] Who knows? Who cares?
Spread the word.
We're streaming live from inside.
And we're exclusive.
[suspenseful music continues]
Okay, listen up.
Listen up, everyone. We have a feed.
We are streaming live from inside
on truthmedia.co.za.
Come on. Come on.
I am Azania Maqoma.
of the Numoor.
We are redeemers,
warriors, freedom fighters.
Those who stand for injustice
and corruption have felt our wrath.
We live in the shadows.
But today,
we come into the light.
Ours and yours.
Those who betray us betray you.
You're oppressed by myths of hope.
Suspecting but unknowing
who is truly in control.
Your justice
now belongs to the privileged elite.
But we're going to change that
right here, right now,
at the Allan Harvey trial.
Your lessons of liberation begin today.
Your first lesson
will remind you, the people,
that when the true battle
for power begins,
you have the power.
You determine what the future looks like,
what justice looks like.
Allan Harvey will go back on trial.
And you will see who he truly is.
Then, with a simple online vote,
you will choose his verdict.
- This is crazy.
- Right?
or death.
Votes conclude at 5:00 p.m. today.
And at 5:00 p.m. today,
we will deliver true justice
and take Harvey's life.
If you choose.
[in Sotho] They want us
to vote to kill Harvey?
[in English] Oh, and Abel
bad news.
- I'm going to hijack your weekend plans.
- Who's Abel?
- Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
[clock ticking]
There's a reason why we don't have
the death penalty in this country anymore.
Because the poor suffered the most.
I think Harvey deserves
to be killed for what he's done.
You can't kill a man on live TV.
It's just barbaric.
[in Zulu] Spitjo, let's make a run for it.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Let's go.
- To die in a war?
- [door rattles]
[Uhuru in English] Open the door,
and no one gets hurt.
[banging on door]
[Uhuru] We know that you're in there.
Is there anyone else here with you?
He said, is there anyone else
in here with you?
- Talk!
- [yelps]
Easy, Tee-Kay. These are civilians.
He's in uniform. He's not a civilian.
- [gun fires]
- [grunts]
[breathes heavily]
What did I just say to you?
[breathing shakily]
[exhales deeply]
[somber music plays]
[Wendell] We have STU on standby,
but if everything
really is rigged to blow, then
Oh boy.
[clears throat]
- General.
- [Wendell] General.
[Uhuru] This man was an innocent,
and he won't be the only one.
No more bodies will drop.
Tee-Kay is a mindless dog.
He doesn't follow the creed.
He doesn't know how to reason, Commander.
Every pack needs dogs.
And like us, he's a necessary evil.
And this man wears a uniform.
He's a warrior. It's within the creed.
We take this risk, we do what we do
to make the Judas pay
for what he did to us and this country.
Maqoma, this man is an innocent man.
This man is not Allan Harvey.
- This public spectacle
- [Maqoma] Is necessary.
We'll cleanse this place.
[sighs] Commander, please hear me out.
[Maqoma] The powder clouds your mind.
It brings wisdom.
It brings clarity. You know that.
[Maqoma] The powder clouds your mind,
We both know you take too much.
Too much since your teacher died.
[somber music playing]
[breathing shakily]
[general] We don't know much
about this group.
What we do know is
they've been operating across Africa.
Our intel suggests
this man, Azania Maqoma,
is a key battlefield leader
for these Numoor terrorists.
They've been active for some time.
Fought Gaddafi with the rebel forces.
When the West arrived, they vanished.
Then again in the Congo,
South Kivu, Nigeria
Then what are they doing
hijacking a courthouse in South Africa?
[sighs] Our command fears
they're here on a destabilization plot.
Perhaps hired
by militant pan-African forces.
So, our orders,
go in heavy, take them out.
- Our country's in enough shit as it is.
- And the hostages?
Acceptable collateral damage.
- [Mashaba] Sir, I'm in charge here.
- [general] Not anymore.
Excuse me? Sir, what was that?
Did I stutter?
I said "not anymore."
On whose authority?
Is that a serious question, Mashaba?
You might be my command, but
On the Police Minister's authority.
We are inches from a state of emergency,
and he put me in charge.
You wanna double check, Mashaba?
I got him on speed dial.
[slow rock music playing]
[general] I want you to find out
where these Numoor terrorists are,
how many there are,
where they're stationed.
Deploy the STU.
You've got your orders! Get moving!
[music continues]
Go sit over there.
I gotta ask you twice?
Are you really gonna make people vote
on killing me?
[gun cocks]
Oh. Okay.
Go stand over there now.
[Harvey softly] It'll be fine.
Mr. Maqoma
My elder.
Your Honor.
Please, let these people go.
Whatever you've got planned
Aren't you wondering why
you haven't been gagged, Judge?
Harvey, Harvey's mother, Zoli's mother
and brother, they have skin in the game,
but not you, Judge.
You can't be judge and executioner.
I agree.
I agree.
The law is the only thing
that stands between us and anarchy.
- Oh ho!
- It is the only way to ensure justice.
It is not the only way.
Who fights for this man?
For the rule of law?
[Maqoma] You.
Yes, you.
The people are the judge.
The people.
You are the defense.
Why are you doing this?
[teacher speaking Zulu]
[in Zulu] I hid the pamphlets
at my dad's shop.
And then Did they say
when they would fetch them?
- [in English] After lunch.
- Okay.
[in Tswana] But
you should come tonight.
We're planning a protest.
- Protest?
- Yeah.
You're one of us now. You're a hero.
[bell ringing]
[in English] Okay. Okay.
[Abel] Take a picture with me.
We're taking pictures now.
Come, Thandi.
It's too bright this side.
Stand this side.
[Abel] Listen, comrade,
there's a meeting later.
- I want you to be there.
- [Maqoma] Yeah.
Thandi already told me about it.
I'll be there.
[in English] Okay.
To remember us.
[shutter clicks]
[people shouting]
[boy in Zulu] The soldiers are coming.
[camera shutter clicks]
[soldier in English]
Form a line! Form a line!
[in Sotho] Don't run. Don't run.
[soldier in English] All students
assemble in the courtyard now!
Everybody, line up against the wall.
[shutter clicking]
Boys on the left. Girls on the right.
Move up against the wall now!
[gun cocks]
[boy in Zulu] Chase them out!
[crowd clamoring]
[soldier in English] Move!
[camera shutter clicks]
[in Zulu] What have we done?
[gun fires]
[people screaming]
Leave, Thandi.
[guns firing]
[students shouting]
[soldiers shouting]
[all shouting]
[Thandi whimpering, shouting]
[in English] Thandi! Leave her!
[in Zulu] Thandi, let's go. Let's go.
[in Sotho] Thandi! Get out of here!
[gun firing]
[Thandi and Maqoma screaming]
- [Maqoma grunts]
- [glass shattering]
- [gun fires]
- [glass shatters]
Thandi, we have to get out of here.
- Thandi.
- [soldier shouting]
- Thandi.
- [soldier shouts]
- Thandi. Thandi. Thandi. Thandi.
- [soldier shouting]
[in Zulu] Let go of me. Let go of me!
["Hello, My Baby"
by Ladysmith Black Mambazo playing]
[in English] Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up. Thandi, please.
[soldier shouts]
[in Zulu] Let go of me.
Thandi! Thandi!
Thandi! Thandi!
Hey, hey, hey, beautiful girl ♪
Come along, come along to kiss me ♪
Before I'm going ♪
Come along, come along to kiss me ♪
Before I'm going ♪
Don't you kiss me nice, nice
Before I'm going ♪
Don't you kiss me nice, nice
Before I'm going ♪
Come along, come along, come along ♪
[soldier shouting indistinctly]
You, you ♪
[Abel speaks indistinctly]
Don't you meditate ♪
[Abel shouts indistinctly]
Don't you meditate ♪
I sent a messenger to tell you
That I want to meet you at the station ♪
Come along, come along to kiss me
Before I'm going ♪
Come along, come along to kiss me
Before I'm going ♪
Don't you kiss me nice, nice
Before I'm going ♪
Don't you kiss me nice, nice
Before I'm going ♪
Come along, come along, come along ♪
You ♪
- [water splashing]
- [boys gasping]
[in English] Does anyone
wish to share any names?
We can do this the easy way
or the hard way,
but you will give me names.
[menacing music playing]
[whip cracks]
- [whip cracking]
- [boys screaming]
[breathing shakily]
[Maqoma in Zulu] Father.
[Maqoma's father] My boy.
[Maqoma's father] Listen.
Please tell them who the leaders are.
Tell them who gave you the flyers.
If you tell them, they'll let you go.
The system isn't going to change.
They have rules
for a reason.
Just follow the rules.
You'll see.
We'll live in peace.
I hate both of those words.
Just like I hate you
and everything you stand for.
Listen, my boy.
Please, listen to me, my boy.
My boy
[Judge Bengu in English]
I said, why are you doing this?
[Maqoma] You believe in this system?
This system?
You defend it.
[guns cocking]
[Mashaba] Eish.
Eish indeed.
[phone ringing]
[clock ticking]
[reporter] The president has called
an urgent meeting of cabinet
to discuss the calls
for a state of emergency.
[man] Any trouble with Brigadier Mashaba?
[general on phone]
No. Don't worry about her. She bought it.
Why does it feel like
Maqoma's playing into our hands?
- We want a state of emergency.
- I know.
I don't like it.
Alert me when infiltration begins.
All right.
- [sinister music playing]
- [Numoor chanting]
Goodbye, Azania.
[music and chanting continue]
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor!
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