Justice Served (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[dramatic music playing]
[children shouting playfully]
[man singing]
[girl in Zulu] Father.
[Thembeka] Did you see
what's happening in the city?
They want us to kill that Afrikaans man
by voting.
- I don't believe you.
- Look.
[in English] At 5:00 p.m. today,
we will deliver true justice
and take Harvey's life
if you choose.
[dramatic music plays]
[in Zulu] We need to pray about this.
[Numoor chanting]
[dramatic music continues]
[in English] Look at our country
slowly spiraling into chaos,
giving the government the excuse
it wants to steal away our democracy.
This is one more reason
we need to declare state of emergency.
We have to buy more time
to undermine the elections.
[phone vibrating]
[sighs] Excuse me.
[general on phone] We're infiltrating.
Any intel yet
on what this is really all about?
[Abel on phone]
No, but it's working for us.
Kill him, before whatever
he's really up to becomes a problem.
[Numoor chanting]
Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
- [crowd] Numoor! Numoor!
- [Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!!
[girl] Menzi!
So those police schedules
we lifted off my mom's phone are right.
We've got, like, a 15-minute gap
where we can move in
and spray-paint Thabi's stencils.
"Fuck the system"
across Hillbrow police station.
- It's one of your better ideas, bro.
- Forget about that.
You are not going to believe
what's happening at the Harvey trial.
Yo! We have to get to the court right now.
What is going on?
I'll tell you on the way.
And we need to call all the BSM members.
This is gonna be huge.
Okay, so we are not going anywhere
until you tell me what's what.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey. Hey. Are we seriously not going?
I've been working on those stencils
for two weeks.
You can stay if you like.
Fine. Whatever.
[coins hitting floor]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Uhuru] Come. Let's go. Let's go.
[phone vibrates]
That's it.
Sir, Maqoma has texted.
I don't care.
- We're going into their trap.
- [general] For goodness' sake!
General Hassen
Sit down and shut up!
[phone vibrating]
[Hassen] Seriously, Mashaba,
take it outside.
[phone beeps]
[Hassen] How many guys we have?
- [Menzi] Did you get a hold of your mom?
- She's not picking up.
But my gut tells me
she's in charge of the hostage situation.
That a problem?
Fuck you.
I saw a post on Reddit that claims
that these guys fought
in liberation battles in the '60s,
Nazis in Africa,
even older shit like the Crusades.
These guys sound quite serious.
Okay, I call bullshit.
When does the vote open?
[Thabi] Um
You're gonna vote before the retrial?
Yeah. Harvey's guilty as shit.
[Thabi] Doesn't say anything
about the vote opening anytime soon.
You hear?
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
- Okay, look
- Guilty.
Okay. I just I don't know how I feel
about this guy just executing someone
on national television.
We talk about bringing down
the system all the time.
You think that'll happen
without bodies dropping?
Azania's doing the thing
that should be done, okay?
That racist prick is lying.
There was no crime.
He was drunk and full of road rage
and terminated that poor fuck
because he could.
So I mean, what's
what's the problem, babe?
Is it your mom?
Being a dick comes easy to you, eh?
Am I?
Just drive.
[Tee-Kay] Line the hostages up.
Let them form a human shield.
You, over here.
On her.
Guys. Guys, guys!
They're streaming again.
Karabo Friedman reporting live
from the main criminal courthouse.
Um, we are with the Numoor.
They have brought us underground.
- I'm not sure what we're seeing.
- [clanking]
- [Tee-Kay] Come on. Fall back.
- [Uhuru] Get ready.
Steady. Steady.
The media's streaming.
Something happening on the livestream.
We need to get
the True Media stream on this screen.
- Go on their live stream.
- Stay on STU cameras.
- [thudding]
- [hostages screaming]
[Tee-Kay] Retreat,
or we kill the hostages.
[police officer]
Control, what are our orders?
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
[Tee-Kay] I said retreat now! Retreat!
General Hassen,
get them the hell out of there!
[people coughing]
- [gun fires]
- [people scream]
- Who took the shot? Who's shooting?
- [police officer on radio] Take cover!
Oh shit. These fucking cops!
- [Hassen] Abort! Abort!
- [people coughing]
[Hassen] All units abort.
Mission compromised.
[police officer] Fall back! Fall back!
You just had a journalist shot
while they're livestreaming.
All units back to base.
[breathing shudderingly]
If anyone thinks
they've got nothing to do,
they can go home and do it,
and don't bother coming back.
Geez, what a shitshow.
- The media's gonna love this.
- Just watch your attitude, Mashaba.
[dramatic music playing]
- [Uhuru] Let me help you.
- No! Stay back.
[Karabo grunts]
I promise I won't hurt you.
[Tee-Kay] Let's go! It's not safe here.
- [Uhuru] Okay?
- Okay.
[Uhuru] Shit.
[Tee-Kay] Hurry up. Let's get out of here.
[Karabo screams in pain]
[Tee-Kay] Everyone out!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Move out!
This is bad.
[in Tswana] We pray that you help us
to find the right path, dear Father.
[in English] The police shot a journalist
live on TV.
Now, you know your society's wrong
when the cops are the baddies,
and the hijackers are the heroes.
[Baby Jordan] The heroes have risen
from the shadows.
[Maqoma] Numoor! Numoor!
[Baby] They've come to fight
for the people. The people.
[dramatic music playing]
[breathes heavily]
- To remember us.
- [camera shutter clicks]
But enough from me. Let's hear
what some of you guys have to say.
I agree with police.
Shoot to kill. We are tired.
Maybe you should work
for our fascist Minister of Security.
There's a tweet coming out
from Thembi, and Thembi says,
"That terrorist is a hot snack."
A whole buffet. Oh my goodness.
[pastor in Tswana]
We pray for guidance for our leaders.
Thembeka, what are you doing here?
Why aren't you at school?
Ma'am, come and join us.
We pray for guidance for our leaders.
The leaders don't need her prayers.
[pastor] We are living in sin.
[reporter in English]
Police are yet to comment.
But it appears that one of the hostages,
a Truth Media journalist,
was shot by the police.
The fate of the other hostages
is still unknown.
[breathing heavily]
The Numoor were expecting them.
I really wanna know who took that shot.
[vehicle approaching]
You know, I'm going to lose it
with this asshole if he keeps pushing me.
You just got off suspension.
Brig, keep it cool.
[Mashaba sighs]
You know what, Wendy?
Find out who took the shot.
Check the weapons log
and bring me their internal files.
Now we're talking. Yes, ma'am.
That's littering, you know.
You should pick that up.
Okay, there's your boy.
Xolile, my bro. [laughs]
How you doing?
Thabs! You despicable human being!
How you doing?
I don't like the way
he speaks to you sometimes.
[chuckles] He's passionate.
No. He just thinks
that this shit is a game.
- Not true.
- Very true.
How much of the BSM stuff
has he taken credit for
that was your idea?
[scoffs] There's a reason why
I don't want too much credit.
My mom.
I'm just saying.
You don't know him like I do, Thabi, okay?
So just drop it.
Itu! Babes. Chick.
Let's go march and get noticed.
Check out the masks. Check them.
Put them on. Put them on. Put them on.
See, now it won't be so easy
for the fucking cops
to identify or disperse us.
Yeah! Viva la revolución!
[boy] Yeah!
Okay, now who's ready
to go make some trouble?
[all shout in agreement]
[door opening]
[Uhuru] You're safe now. You're safe now.
- Good. Good.
- [Karabo panting]
[Uhuru whispering] Easy. Easy.
[Uhuru whispering indistinctly]
[Karabo panting]
There's a fragment here.
- You'll need to take this.
- [Karabo] What is it?
Roots. It's old medicine.
You'll feel almost no pain.
It's not possible.
[Uhuru] Hey, hey. Trust me. It'll help.
[muffled roaring]
[Karabo sighs] That stuff is
[Uhuru chuckles]
[Karabo sighs]
[Karabo whimpering]
[Karabo] Are you sure
you know what you're doing?
[Uhuru] Don't worry.
I've done this many times before.
[somber music playing]
Is that blood?
Over there. [sniffs]
Did you kill someone?
Did you kill someone?
Are you Are you gonna kill us on camera?
We have a code.
- [muffled heartbeat]
- [gasps softly]
[muffled roaring]
[exhales deeply]
[in Zulu] Move this car.
Cars aren't allowed to park here.
- [whistles]
- Hello, sir. Please may I go inside?
[in English] Get behind the barricades.
[in Zulu] Listen to me.
Please may I speak to my husband?
[in English] Step back now!
[in Zulu] I'm sorry, but my husband works
at the court. I'm begging you.
[in English] Step away now.
- [Busi] No!
- [officer] Get behind the barricade now.
[in Zulu] My name is Busi Ndou.
My husband works at the court.
- [in English] Hey!
- [officer] Get behind the barricade.
Ms. Ndou? Ms. Ndou? Ms. Ndou? Ms. Ndou?
- [reporters clamoring]
- Have you had communication inside?
Back up, now!
Back up!
[in Zulu] That police thug
wanted to hit me with his stick.
Mrs. Ndou, I am sorry about that.
I promise you,
we are trying to deal with the situation.
We will make sure
the hostages aren't harmed.
But you were attacking them.
What is that?
Do you protect people by shooting them?
I'm really sorry.
[dramatic music playing]
[woman] He's watching.
Voting is now open
and will be open until 5:00.
[sinister music playing]
[clock ticking]
Allan Harvey.
On the 6th of May,
Allan Harvey stopped
at a traffic light under an overpass.
Moments later,
Zoliswa Masondo
was shot in the back while running away.
How do you plead, Harvey?
[chuckles] This is a joke, man.
You deny murdering Zoli?
I took his gun, and I shot him.
But "killed" and "murdered" are different.
[Maqoma] You shot him so easily.
He knocked on my window with a gun.
He knocked on your window
to ask for directions.
You were drunk, angry.
You had just been fired.
Yeah, for diversity reasons.
You ever murder a man before this, Harvey?
Kill him in cold blood?
[muffled roaring]
[man in Afrikaans] You see a communist,
you shoot a communist.
You see a communist
[soldiers] You shoot a communist, Captain!
[in English] No.
You ever torture a man?
[Bengu] Mr. Maqoma.
Mr. Maqoma.
He either committed the crime,
or he didn't.
His past isn't relevant.
Looks like an innocent man to me.
He looks like you, you mean.
[Maqoma] This is not about a moment
in Harvey's life.
This is about his entire life.
[Bengu] You said
you wanted me to defend this man.
So I will.
Not for him,
but for what's at stake
if madmen like you
can turn justice into a circus.
So let me.
You can question him.
But you wait your turn. Sit.
[menacing music playing]
[Maqoma] You were in the army, Harvey.
Did you enjoy it in the army?
[soldiers in Afrikaans]
Left, left, left, right, left.
Left, left, left, right, left.
[in English] I wasn't there to enjoy it.
So you never murdered anyone
while in the army?
It's not murder if it's war.
[Wendell] The shot was taken
by John Ndlovu.
Ndlovu's physical description says
that he's got a tattoo on his chest
or a brand.
Just like the one on Maqoma.
He's bloody Numoor.
Colonel, is there some sort of problem?
The report says
that you were the one who took the shot.
Like I told my CO,
it really was just a mistake.
[inhales] Sweaty palms.
[Wendell] So you didn't even aim?
[Ndlovu] No, sir.
[Wendell] You managed to hit a journalist.
[Ndlovu] Yeah, unfortunately.
[Wendell] You're new to the unit.
[Ndlovu] Yeah. Less than three months.
[Mashaba] Take off your shirt.
- Excuse me?
- [Wendell] She said take off your shirt.
[menacing music playing]
I will not take off my shirt
until somebody here
tells me what's going on.
I can get you to take off your shirt here
or in a jail cell.
Which do you prefer?
Have you ever killed a man, Maqoma?
Have you?
I'm not the one on trial here.
[Bengu] What's happening here,
it's an abomination of justice.
If we let this happen,
what stops any man from anywhere
doing this again?
Allan Harvey might not be a good person,
but all that matters now is,
did he commit this crime?
Was it self-defense,
or was it a hijacking?
[Maqoma] Hijacking?
Nothing proves the gun was Zoli's.
You really believe
that he was asking for directions
in the middle of the night
in an underpass?
Mr. Harvey's guilt has to be
beyond a reasonable doubt.
Ah, you see.
I'm tired of being reasonable, Judge.
And I suspect
so are Zoli's mother and brother.
Mama, how do you feel?
Of me?
Oh, you don't need to be.
This This is your other son.
[in Zulu] What do you think, brother?
[in English] My brother wasn't guilty.
I don't care what he or she says.
She's a sellout.
[Maqoma] You hear that, Judge?
This young man is implying
that the system hasn't changed.
It just got new management.
Any thoughts?
I would say you've forgotten
what it really was like before liberation.
Oh, I remember.
[boys singing]
[gun fires]
Thandi. Thandi. Thandi.
But what has changed? Really?
[Maqoma] No.
[chuckles] No, no, no, no, no.
The gatekeepers just have a new skin tone.
But unemployment skyrockets.
Liars rule!
The state is captured by thugs.
Fuck you, Azania.
Captured by criminals,
and this court does nothing.
- What do you think, Mrs. Harvey?
- [Harvey] Leave her.
- [Maqoma] What do you think?
- I said leave her!
[Maqoma] Tell us.
[man] The data traffic
is coming in from everywhere.
We can't identify the source
of the packets.
[Abel] I've just been insulted
in front of the whole country.
Why are they still able to broadcast?
We can't block the system
using terrestrial means, sir.
They're not broadcasting in the spectrum.
They're using the Internet.
- Cut them out.
- [man] We are trying to, but we
- Hack into their systems.
- [man] They're using a complex VPN.
The guy who's manning the attack is
They're ghosts.
Get in through their website.
Crash it. Hack it. Make it collapse.
Look. Look at Zoliswa's mother.
- [Bengu] Mr. Maqoma!
- [Maqoma] Look! Look at Zoli's mother.
- [Bengu] Mr. Maqoma, may I speak?
- No!
Tell us
about Zoliswa.
Zoli was a good boy.
Zoli was a good boy.
[Nono] Good with his hands.
He did what his father did,
[Maqoma] Mm-hmm.
And every cent he made
went to Shaka's education.
How did his death make you feel, Mama?
[sentimental music playing]
Zoli worked so hard to try and help us.
You think we eat every day?
You think it doesn't cost
to live in this country?
Everything costs.
He died trying to keep us alive.
[Numoor chanting]
[in Sotho] Hey, you.
Are you really voting to kill someone?
[in Zulu] Piss off, you.
Leave me alone. I have a right to vote.
[Bengu in English] Mrs. Masondo.
You said your son would do anything
to make money for the family.
[Nono breathes shakily]
Did he ever commit crimes to do so?
[Nono] Zoli's a good boy.
You believe that he may have been
a hijacker, don't you?
Shut up!
She doesn't.
You are a sellout here.
You're the sellout.
[dramatic music playing]
[phone vibrating]
[Baby] You're watching, right?
[Julie] People are gonna kill this guy.
[Baby] Yeah, they're voting already.
Not a lot. A couple of thousands.
But it's not looking good for Harvey.
[Julie] But how did
Karabo even pull this off?
Luck, I guess.
Have you ever heard of these guys before?
The Numoors?
Are you lying to me?
- No.
- [Julie] I don't believe you.
- So fucking what?
- [Julie] Baby, listen to me.
I know our take on things
has been far-left.
But this? No. We have to be careful
about what's happening.
- Why?
- Because this country is reeling.
I mean, this shit
could blow out of control.
It could trigger riots.
These are terrorists.
But you should fucking see our numbers.
[phone beeps off]
I think the people
that are supposed to be our heroes
are actually the ones
that are denying us all the justice.
[in Sotho] The Numoor are here
to fight for us.
They are the ones who know the truth.
- Amandla!
- Awethu!
[in English] Maqoma and the Numoor
should pop that umlungu,
like they say
the Numoor popped colonialism,
because we are oppressed.
- Amandla!
- Awethu!
- Amandla!
- Awethu!
[rock song playing]
[Mashaba] So, what are you Numoors
attempting to achieve
with this farce of a trial?
When your leader was talking,
when he first took the court,
he said this is just the beginning?
Now, who the fuck is Abel,
and what are his weekend plans?
You should be happy.
Those responsible for your husband's death
will finally see justice.
- This is the second time you people
- [Hassen] Mashaba!
There's a large crowd gathering.
- Go deal with it.
- Sir, that's Bongani's job.
This man is part of the Numoors.
It's far more important.
- He mentioned
- I want this man taken to Central.
- [Mashaba] But, sir.
- Go oversee Bongani.
Deal with the crowd.
He'll be interrogated later.
Or should we call the minister?
[sinister music playing]
[crowd chanting]
If you cannot affect change
by a democratic means,
then the only solution
is organized revolution.
[reporter] What are your thoughts
on Minister Kunene's desire
to declare a state of emergency
this coming weekend?
[Menzi] All it is going to do
is make these elections harder to manage,
that is, if they happen at all.
You think you can keep
the state of emergency going that long?
[Mashaba in Zulu] Itumeleng,
is this why you were calling me? Huh?
[in English] You shouldn't be here.
I was phoning to give you the courtesy
of knowing this is happening, Ma.
You don't even have a protest permit.
If you think
you'll get special treatment from me
[Menzi] Brigadier Mashaba
Nice to see you.
Don't you mess with me, boy.
- I eat punks like you for breakfast.
- Ma.
Itumeleng, this is a bad situation.
You need to get your people out of here.
We've had this conversation so many times.
I'm doing what I believe in.
Like Dad taught me.
Don't do that. Don't you dare
use your father's name to win arguments.
I'm not arguing, okay?
This system is screwed.
Things have to change.
That man
has stolen the courthouse.
The cops shot someone.
Not them.
I'm sick to my stomach of the idea
that a racist prick like Harvey
can get off.
I agree with this.
- We are led.
- You keep quiet.
Are you going to vote
for that man's death?
You know what? Maybe I am.
Itumeleng, you're going
to be part of a murder.
Everyone is going to be complicit
in his murder.
"It's not murder if it's war."
Itumeleng Mashaba.
This is going to get out of hand.
[protestors chanting]
[dramatic music playing]
[Tee-Kay] Hey, medicine boy.
[in Afrikaans] This looks cozy.
What's happening here?
[in English] You flirting,
licking powders,
when you should be guarding the prisoner?
[Uhuru] What do you want?
[Tee-Kay] Snow White looks
sexy enough to eat.
- What do you want?
- [muffled heartbeat]
[muffled roaring]
[gun fires]
It's almost time for the heroic comeback.
She needs longer to clear her head.
[Tee-Kay] Don't take too long, young hero.
- I said she'll be out when she's ready.
- Yeah. Whatever you say.
- [sighs deeply]
- In the basement
that man
he pointed his gun at me.
- He shot me on purpose.
- [chuckles]
You knew it was going to happen?
- That's the root talking.
- [sighs]
Getting me shot was part
of some bigger plan, wasn't it?
- Oh, God. [grunts]
- Stay still.
I don't need your help.
[breathing heavily]
Look at me.
Look at me.
You were never in any danger,
I give you my word.
Now, relax.
It'll be over soon.
[phone vibrating]
[dramatic music playing]
These government amateurs have been trying
to hack the site for 45 minutes.
So what are you going to do?
[Numoor chanting]
[people exclaiming]
[man 1] Shit! We've been hacked!
[man 2] What's Paladin?
[chanting continues]
what do you think?
He was just trying to find that bar,
where he could get that job.
And this one killed him.
This racist asshole killed him!
You killed him.
You are the one who killed him.
You racist bastard! You killed him!
- You killed him! You killed him!
- My son is not a racist.
Your son is not a racist?
Let's call to the stand Mrs. Harvey,
Allan's dear old mummy.
Leave her alone.
She's got nothing to do with this.
She raised you.
Hate is learned.
I hate criminals, not Blacks.
- You think Blacks are criminals.
- No, that's not what I said.
[Maqoma] Maria, to the stand. Now.
[Numoor chanting]
Leave her alone. Leave me, man.
[chanting continues]
- Move.
- [Maria] Oh.
[gun cocks]
[Maqoma] Mrs. Harvey,
you say your son isn't a racist,
but he grew up in Apartheid South Africa.
So how is that possible?
[people shouting]
[gun cocks]
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
[Harvey panting]
[muffled ringing]
[muffled ringing]
[wind howling]
[guns firing]
[soldiers shouting in Afrikaans]
- [shouting]
- [guns firing]
[man 1 in English]
We gotta move, Harvey! Move!
[man 2] We're overrun.
We need to get out of here.
[man 2] Let's get to the river.
[in Afrikaans] Get them! Get them!
- [explosion]
- [men scream]
- [ringing]
- [man 2] Maqoma.
[in English] Stay down!
Stay down!
Stay down! Don't move! Don't you move!
[young Harvey panting]
[in Afrikaans]
Where do you think you're going?
Get up. Move. Move.
[in English]
The first one that talks lives.
Take out your sidearm, Harvey.
- [Harvey] Should we not take them in, sir?
- Take out your sidearm!
You're gonna tell me where your base is,
otherwise this boy here
is gonna shoot your fucking brains out.
[in Afrikaans] Shoot the communist.
[Harvey in English]
I think we should take them in.
[in Afrikaans] Shoot the bloody communist,
you sniveling asshole.
Shoot the communist!
Are you not a patriot, Harvey?
[in English] I am, sir!
- Are you not a God-fearing Christian?
- I am, sir!
Then shoot the communist!
Shoot the communist!
[in Afrikaans]
Shoot the fucking communist!
[gun fires]
[body thuds]
[dramatic music playing]
[clock ticking]
[Numoor chanting]
[chanting stops]
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