Justice Served (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

And so we remain hidden
in the shadows,
affecting change, removing tyrants,
while letting the people lead themselves.
The people must always lead themselves.
Speak up, boys.
Why do you want to be warriors
of the Numoor?
There was a woman.
Loved her.
She wanted freedom,
She dreamt of
She dreamt of a united continent.
We want to join.
We must.
So I ask again.
Other than Zoliswa
did you ever murder a man?
Shoot him in the back in cold blood?
Did you ever torture a man?
Lower your weapons.
If he shoots,
no retaliation.
Do it, Allan. Do it.
Kill me with millions of people watching.
Do it. Come on.
Do it.
You're about to witness true justice.
I want I want to tell my story!
I want to tell my story.
I want to explain why I did what I did.
I repeat.
This is an illegal gathering.
Disperse now.
Please disperse!
Mashaba, Mashaba, come in.
It's clear the situation is getting worse.
Why haven't you tear-gassed those fucks?
I can hear them from here.
- It's a small crowd.
- Please disperse!
But I've got it under control.
Small crowds get big.
Now, you deploy the riot squad
to sort this out,
or do you want me to come over there
and call them in myself?
My children,
please listen to me.
Do you want the blood
of innocent people on your hands?
Do you?
Inside this courthouse
there are people's fathers, mothers,
brothers and sisters.
Consider the hostages.
Don't have their blood
on your hands.
Blood on our hands?
Who shot the journalist?
Was it the Numoor?
- Or was it the cops?
- It was the cops.
Men carrying AK-47s
and taking hostages
aren't here for justice.
We don't want to act in violence.
Unless you make us.
Long live Azania!
Long live!
- Long live Maqoma!
- Long live!
- Long live the Numoor!
- Long live!
Minimum force.
What's going on?
Stand still.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
It's fine. It's me.
It's me. It's me. It's me.
Menzi, this is fucking crazy.
Every revolution is.
Listen, they got Thabi.
- What?
- It's okay. It's okay.
As long as we are out, we can get
an even bigger crowd down here.
No, Menzi, please.
No, listen. Listen.
We can do this. Yeah?
Yeah? Yeah?
Okay. All right.
The effect of the powder
should be passing.
It's time to return.
I'm sorry. There we go.
You okay?
You sure?
I'm sorry.
Can I go to the bathroom?
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on.
We were on page 160,
the Rise of African Nationalism.
A-are you going to vote?
No, Thembeka.
Voting won't change anything.
I'm sorry, but
it was the times.
"It was the times."
So, you don't have a rage issue?
- You don't just lose it?
- No.
Your sins begin and end with the army,
and you've never hurt anyone since?
- No.
- Like your wife.
Why did your son's wife leave him?
She told lies.
Those were nothing but lies that she said.
- Maria.
- Those were lies.
Those were lies.
He abused her, Maria.
He beat her. He broke her nose.
- He broke his son's arm.
- What?
Are those lies too, Harvey?
Does your constitutional democracy
outweigh this?
Did she press charges?
Oh, Harvey convinced her not to.
Didn't you, Harvey?
How do you know all this?
Our intrepid journalist.
Shot by the police no less.
- You helped her?
- Yes, sir.
You okay?
Yes, sir.
Why don't you tell the people
how the police shot you?
Speak the truth.
The Numoor have someone inside the police.
They staged things
so everyone would see me get shot.
They're manipulating you!
Don't believe anything Azania says!
They're controlling the narrative!
We need proof!
Let go! Let go!
Stay close.
Menzi. Menzi. Menzi.
So not a single one of us got away?
You tripped me.
You tripped me.
- I ran into
- Do I look like a fucking idiot to you?
Geez, Thabi, chill.
He fucking tripped me.
How can you be on his side?
We're all a team.
You're panicking, okay?
We're going to be okay. Okay?
Yeah, maybe you, rich boy.
Excuse me?
You. Out. Now.
Hey, where are you taking her?
Where you taking her?
Itu. Itu.
I was part of a tactical unit
tasked with locating
and neutralizing MK communist camps.
What happened after you captured me?
Are you a man or a mouse?
Fucking darkie!
I tortured you.
This is nonsense.
You still think
the past doesn't matter, Bengu?
The past matters a great deal, Maqoma,
but so does constitutional democracy.
The past hangs heavy on me too.
But I'm not that man anymore.
I'm not.
I swear.
Forget the constitution.
I'm with the Numoor.
Judge Bengu is right.
If we give these monsters any more power,
it will be the end of us.
Let's tear the system down.
- This is what happens when terrorists
- Freedom fighters.
act without consequence.
It says to society
that anybody can act without consequence.
They're freedom fighters.
I should've given you a hiding
in front of your little friends.
Once we get home
I'm not going home.
No, I'm going to stay here
with my little friends.
Are you talking about Menzi?
Itu, that idiot has got connections
to get himself out of this.
We don't.
Be smarter than that.
I believe in what we're doing.
Really? You believe in murder?
Like no one died fighting apartheid.
You youngsters.
You're a fool
to think South Africa now
is anything like apartheid.
I'm your mother, Itu.
And I'm not gonna ask you again.
My whole career,
I've spoken against compromised cops.
And do you know what that cost?
Now here you are,
my own daughter, compromising me.
I never asked you to.
You think I'm just gonna stand by
and watch you go to jail
and throw away your future?
- Now, let's go.
- No.
I'm gonna stay
and fight for what I believe in,
like you did, like Dad did.
Mom, Menzi's so much like him.
I doubt that.
Are you sure you're okay?
Maybe you're the one
who should be going home.
Do you see that woman sitting there?
Her husband is inside.
Do you think she cares
about bringing down the system?
Maqoma and his rhetoric,
you think he cares about her or her pain?
All she wants is her husband back.
All those people sitting there
want their loved ones back.
Itu, please, man.
I need you to work with me.
I'll release your little boyfriend
and his friends
if you guys promise
to go protest elsewhere.
Just let us focus
on getting the hostages out of there.
If Menzi's anything like your father,
he would understand saving lives,
real people's lives.
Sis Busi.
Some tea.
Thank you.
I'm usually
the one making the tea.
Excuse me.
My love.
Sphiwe, my love.
I've been wracking my brain
trying to remember your number.
Where are you?
What's happening? Are you safe?
Whose phone is this?
Don't worry about that, my love.
It's a long story.
I'm okay.
For now.
Where are you? Are you with Nandi?
It's her husband.
He's inside.
I'm outside the court.
Nandi is at daycare.
Sorry, ma'am.
Can I please speak
to your husband?
Sphiwe, the police want to speak to you.
Can they get me out of here?
Can you get him out?
We'll do everything in our power.
I promise you.
Please trust me.
I love you.
I love you too, my sweetheart.
How many Numoor
occupied the building? Where are they?
What? I don't know.
All right, calm down.
You need to help us figure out a way
to get the STU into the building
without anybody seeing them.
That means moving around.
No, no. I don't know.
I can't do it.
Listen, listen, my friend.
You have a daughter, right?
When she looks at you,
do you want her to see a security guard
or a hero?
Now this is your moment, right now.
- All right, so now
- how do I get around?
When you come out of the toilet,
get to the corridor.
Go all the way down that corridor
until you get to the very end.
You come to a split, you turn right.
You got it? You turn right at the split.
Okay. My phone is dying.
Look, Sphiwe, help me help you. All right?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
We'll call you back with a plan.
Don't worry.
Everything is gonna be just fine.
How we doing with those profiles, people?
That man's wife
is sitting out there.
It's on us to bring him back alive.
It's on us to take out Azania.
He's gonna get him killed.
I'm here now.
You're safe now.
Go back. Go!
You're safe now. Shh.
"#FakeNews #AzaniaMustFall."
is trending at number one.
What is wrong with these people?
254,431 say Harvey is guilty,
and 239,220 say he's not.
And it's rising.
Maybe you shouldn't have let Bengu
defend the rule of law.
Maybe we shouldn't be killing a man
on national television.
My phone.
What do you mean, "your phone"?
You better not have lost it
getting high with the journalist.
I had my phone on me.
I don't know what happened.
What do you mean, "your phone"?
Don't you dare fight me, boy.
Did we come this far
to fail the memory of Suku,
our brothers and sisters,
to let Abel get away with it?
Did you betray us? Hmm?
Did you?
What else did you tell the journalist?
She worked it out.
She worked it out.
Stop taking the roots.
Dial him.
Someone's cut the call.
- When last did you have your phone?
- I don't know.
- Question the journalist.
- No.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
How many times do you want me to say,
"I didn't take your phone"?
You did.
You took it in the bathroom.
After you had me shot?
Stop this right now.
I'm the guy you tell the truth right now
before the others get involved,
do you understand?
I'm the only one.
Why are you doing this?
You don't belong with these men.
Our roots go deep. They're my brothers.
They're liars!
- You don't know shit.
- You want me to know shit. Tell me shit.
You have a code?
So do I.
Get the truth to the people.
If you think
what you're doing here is heroic
you're brainwashed.
This thing is complicated.
This whole thing. I don't I
I don't need
to explain myself to you, okay?
- What I need is that phone.
- I didn't take your phone.
And I need it right now.
More people will die.
- I didn't take your phone.
- Give it back!
If I find out that you're lying to me
You're on your own.
She's not the one who took the phone.
She doesn't have it.
- You sure you're not brainwashed?
- What did you say?
I've always gotten a lot of shit
for giving shit about the creed.
She doesn't have the phone.
I'm going to report this back to Maqoma.
Permission to speak freely, please.
You may.
We're alone.
Let me be here for you.
The clock is ticking.
And Uhuru's not the only one
compromising the mission.
But our plan works
whether Harvey lives or dies.
He's just a carrot
to draw them to the second option,
the important one.
For a year,
you have learnt Tarik's creed and proved
yourselves worthy of being a Numoor.
This evening,
in front of the elders
you become one of us.
Numoor! Numoor!
Numoor! Numoor!
Numoor! Numoor!
Come in.
legal says Truth Media's protected
by the constitution.
We can get an interdict
based on inflicting harm.
However, it will take 24 hours
to get an urgent interdict.
- Then maybe get started on that.
- Yes, Minister.
The authorities have lost control.
Shooting journalists, beating up students.
That journalist
Come in.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
I brought you some food.
I need your help.
How do I vote for this thing?
You can't vote
with this type of phone.
Have some food.
What's happening here is shocking.
It's a mess.
Let's listen
to what Harvey has to say in his defense.
I'm so tired of it.
Every day in this country,
someone is violently attacked,
or raped, or murdered.
And that's not just
white or Black people. It's
It's all of us.
That night under the bridge
I didn't wanna do what I did,
but I had to.
It was either him
or me.
I was a hero.
Just what he could have done
to someone else.
What would anyone else do, huh?
What would you do, Maqoma?
You want to execute me
because of the terrible thing
I did to you.
I understand that.
I really do.
But I was in the army.
I was ordered to do it.
I had no choice.
Everyone has a choice.
There is no forgiving
what he has done, Mr. Maqoma.
And I don't blame you for hating him.
But this,
what you are doing,
our justice system will not survive.
Then let it die.
- But
- But! But!
I'm tired of a system
that defends men like him.
This system does not protect men like him.
It doesn't do anything of the sort.
You are just saying things,
crazy things.
The journalist told us what you are doing.
The journalist is confused
and wrong.
As for being crazy,
anyone who gives power to the people,
genuine power,
is called crazy and a terrorist.
But you heard, my people,
killing Allan Harvey
is killing the system
and killing those people
who would silence us
with payouts and food parcels
while they steal everything
and then use the system
for their own personal benefits.
They keep you on your knees, begging
while they feast like kings.
And like piglets, they keep us in the mud.
Viva Azania!
The man is a bloody dictator.
Is this what you want?
If you think things are bad now,
believe me, they will get worse.
For who?
Well, you are not peasants.
You are not piglets.
You are sons and daughters of the soil
and the rightful heirs of this continent.
Yes, finally.
Justice for the poor.
He shot Zoliswa.
He cut me open.
He beat his wife and son.
Look at his mother.
She agrees.
Vote to kill Allan Harvey.
Vote to kill the system.
Kill the whole system.
Take the whole government, man.
- This government has done nothing for us.
- He's right there.
I don't care.
I'm voting to kill him right now.
- Moloi!
- Fuck.
My office, now.
Killing Azania is a big mistake.
It'll just rile things up worse.
Sir, you need to speak
to the Minister of Police.
Killing Azania is our top priority.
Let me remind you.
Is that what the minister said?
Are we murderers now?
What are they doing here? Who let them in?
Mashaba said
as soon as they're ready to talk
- Can you keep them outside?
- Suspects have to be processed.
- Sir, I'm going to negotiate with them.
- What for? They're already in custody.
I think we should focus on helping Sphiwe.
Remember that his battery is running out.
Now, if he takes this corridor Sir?
If he goes down this corridor,
he's gonna find another entry point,
which leads down to the basement parking.
I can show you better
on this blueprint over here.
We both heard them.
They're gonna kill Azania.
Your mom gave Azania a phone earlier.
If you get his number from the phone,
you can warn him.
Are you out of your mind?
It's not like this is the first time
you're going into her phone.
If I could do it myself, I would.
Sort your shit out.
Uh, it's this one. That'll give him access
to the basement parking.
- Fuck it, I'll do it myself.
- No. There's no way.
If you're not brave enough,
if our cause is just some game to you
Well, it's not to me.
That is not fair.
Don't worry about it.
You guys talk about it?
We don't want anyone getting arrested,
and if people die
during this whole Azania thing,
you guys will just blame it on us.
So you'll talk to your people?
You said we could protest?
- You know the park down the way?
- We'll turn a blind eye.
- I'll see you.
- I'm gonna stay.
'Cause everyone knows I'm your daughter.
They'll just accuse me of selling out.
Just stay here. Okay?
Mashaba, I need you here now!
- Sphiwe.
- Yes, sir. I'm still here.
Stay calm.
Everything's fine. Just stay with me.
I'm gonna be with you
every step of the way.
This is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna open the door
in front of you. You'll see a corridor.
You're gonna go down that corridor
till you see a turn to the right.
Take that turn
and follow the second corridor
as far as it goes, okay?
- Fuck.
- How am I gonna get out of here?
Where's this entry point?
Sphiwe, I'm struggling to hear you.
Hello. Yeah. Yeah.
Hello. Yeah.
There's bombs all over the door.
Any bombs, any wires,
anything that looks out of the ordinary,
just ignore it, okay?
Don't touch it. Just go straight on past.
When I was in the Congo,
a shaman warned me,
women are like demons
and use sex
to take a man's power.
You have bewitched my brother.
You see
this shaman
- gave me potions to shield myself.
- Stop! Stop!
Don't! Don't! Don't! Please don't!
Stay away from her.
The creed!
I taught you the creed.
I want the phone.
I didn't take the phone
You're very brave
for someone on their first day.
How do you
Is Truth Media in on this?
Baby's in on this, isn't he?
He sent us in here knowing.
Where is the phone?
I didn't take the phone.
So you can all fuck off.
We don't kill innocents.
Then whose blood is in the bathroom?
Fetch me the cameraman.
Whose blood is in the bathroom?
Whose blood is in the bathroom?
We've just received word
from one of our loyal viewers.
Let's see where this takes us.
They're fucking onto him, man.
My husband!
Mampho, my husband!
What the hell is this?
You promised me.
- Get her out!
- Mampho! Wendell.
This way, please.
Let's call our hero, shall we?
Find out what these snakes are up to.
Itu here. Who's this?
Hello? Hello?
Who is this?
So nice to hear your voice.
All right, everyone. Listen up.
We gotta find out who this Itu is.
Get on it now!
Where are you going?
I need some air.
You promised me.
Seems there's a disconnection.
the Numoor thank you.
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