Justice Served (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[somber music playing]
[bell ringing]
[reporter on radio] Mashaba's testimony
has outed four high-ranking members
of the SAPS for state corruption,
while SAP protest against Mashaba,
calling her a snitch and a traitor.
[radio cuts off]
You did the right thing.
Don't doubt that.
Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[in Zulu] Have you seen a young woman
wearing a camouflage top?
Have you seen a young woman
wearing a camouflage top?
Have you seen a young woman
wearing a camouflage top?
- What girl?
- A girl wearing a camouflage top?
She went that way.
[dramatic music plays]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Sphiwe panting]
[grunts, panting]
[door opens]
No, I want everyone on him.
Minimum security at the courts.
We can handle these just fine.
Find that guard.
I need to talk
to my mom in private, please.
I need to talk to her but not here.
Tie him up.
Gag him if he talks.
Come on.
[woman] No conversations
about the journalist.
The online conversation is
about killing the system and who's Itu.
They're loving us again.
[Baby] Who is Itu, a mysterious hero
who's emerged from the shadows?
Let's take a look at the footage again.
Itu, the Numoor thank you.
Viewers, we're gonna take a small break.
Keep voting.
Minister Kunene, we have it under control.
I assure you.
I'll call you back.
Police Minister.
Yes, sir.
You said "Kunene."
He's the Minister of State Security.
They're in contact. That's what I meant.
Yes, sir.
You know, eavesdropping
can be career-limiting, Brown.
And it's uncouth.
[dramatic music playing]
[Sphiwe panting]
[Tee-Kay clicks tongue]
[breathing shakily]
[phone vibrating]
[Sphiwe exhales]
[vibrating continues]
[Sphiwe] Hello?
There's a route that avoids the cameras.
You'll have to cross the whole building
and go down to the basement parking.
Eh? Cross the whole building?
- [Hassen] Say again. I can't hear you.
- [phone beeps]
- [Hassen] Listen
- I can't hear. The phone is dying.
You have to do this for me.
You gotta find me a way in.
They're watching. You need to find us
a way into the courthouse.
Now you put your fear aside.
You understand? Because the country
needs you to be a hero.
Busi Busi
Okay, I'll find a way.
[Maria crying]
Mom, look at me.
Don't believe everything they say.
I killed a bad man.
[Maria] Did you?
Did you?
Yes. Shh.
And Rebecca and little Bean,
were those lies too?
[sobbing] You were such a good boy once.
But you turned into
a monster like your father.
- Please.
- Maybe you do deserve to die.
- Just like him.
- I'm innocent, Mom. I'm innocent.
I'm innocent.
I'm innocent, Mommy!
[sobbing] I'm innocent.
I'm innocent!
I'm innocent.
I'm innocent!
I'm a hero!
- I'm a hero!
- [Shaka screams]
- [hostages gasp]
- [Shaka screams]
You claim that you're a hero?
Whose hero are you?
[Nono] Shaka!
- Prove it now!
- [Nono] Shaka!
No, Shaka. Shaka.
He was innocent.
He was fucking innocent.
We, the Numoor, protect the innocent.
Go. Go sit. I'll take over from here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[water dripping slowly]
[radio hisses]
[softly] I think
he's in the generator room.
I'll report back.
[breathing shakily]
[exhales sharply]
[radio beeps]
[Uhuru] Let's pull back
and regroup in the atrium.
[Tee-Kay sighs]
[exhales shakily]
[sniffs, exhales]
[muffled roaring]
[water stops]
Maybe this trial is our fate, you and I.
You know, I was watching you
day after day
on television, telling your story.
Playing the hero.
And I thought,
"Allan Harvey,
you've murdered again."
So, killing is in your nature.
[gun cocks]
[Maqoma] I had to expose you,
show the world what you truly are
a killer.
It was self-defense.
Does one defensible act counterbalance
all the evil you've done in your life?
Does it?
the next time I ask how you plead,
I'm asking about your entire life,
every broken piece of it.
We need to get our friends
from Mamelodi bussed in.
With numbers, real numbers,
we can go back in there,
and if they wanna arrest people,
they'll be arresting a lot of people.
'Cause fuck them.
'Cause if there's a lot of numbers,
there's less chance of it being you.
And those who have doubts can leave.
I've shed blood for this,
and I'm willing to bleed more.
[Thabi] I don't believe you.
I didn't trip you.
You fell.
And this is the last
that we're gonna talk about it.
How are we gonna pay for the transport?
Rich boy will take care of it.
Xolile, Shona, my brothers-in-arms,
get the people.
[in Zulu] Let's go.
[in English] I wanna see if you can do it
while people are watching.
Is this a problem?
[Itu] Menzi.
[Thabi] Itu!
[Menzi] Babe.
- [Menzi laughs]
- [Itu cries]
You are trending.
He outed me.
He He phoned me. Why would he do that?
But it's great.
No, it's not.
Look, everyone knows who I am now.
But they haven't seen your face.
[breathing heavily]
[man] I heard something. This way.
[man] There he is.
[Sphiwe whimpers]
[man] We found him, in the basement.
[Maqoma] Kill him.
No, damn it! Hold your fire!
[breathes heavily]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Mashaba] Itu
What have you done?
What do you mean?
Don't play dumb with me right now.
[in Zulu] Why did you do that?
[in English] You were trying
to have him killed. We heard you.
I was trying to do the right thing.
You contacted a terrorist.
Christ. Shit!
It's a crime, Itu.
[breathing shakily]
[in Zulu] I raised you better than this.
What if they find out it's you?
[in English] They won't.
Okay, we'll run. Yeah?
We'll run. We'll just get out of
You think they won't find you?
[in Zulu] What exactly
are you going to do, Itu?
[in English] Go into exile?
- This isn't the '80s.
- Ma, I
- You're going to jail, Itu.
- [scoffs]
Do you understand that?
[cries, sighs]
There's a way I can get you out of this.
We need to go back.
- What?
- We work out a deal. Give them Maqoma
- You want her to sell out?
- [in Zulu] You.
[in English] Just
shut up.
Itu, please.
[in Zulu] Please trust me, my child.
[in English] They want him
more than they want you.
Just for once, Itu,
do as I say.
Itumeleng, you can drop that attitude.
- [in Zulu] I'm talking to you, child.
- Mampho
What's bothering you, Itumeleng?
[in English] This grumpy teenage charade
is getting incredibly immature.
Oh, so when I'm genuinely upset
about something, I'm a grumpy teenager?
[in Zulu] Where do you get the courage
to talk to me like that? Huh?
I'm dealing with a lot. I don't have time
for a disrespectful child.
[in English] I'm in matric, Ma.
That's why I'm stressed.
You're stressed because you decided
to take down the man, or slay Goliath or
[in Zulu] Child!
[in English] You are not talking
to one of your friends here.
That's enough.
Both of you get in the car, now.
[in Zulu] I'm begging you.
[man in English] He's inside the van.
Okay, big guy.
Listen, there's no need for drama.
[Sphiwe cries]
[Tee-Kay] Come on, we just wanna talk.
No, if you come any closer,
I'm going to blow us all up.
[in Zulu] I'm not a fool, you smart-ass.
[phone rings, beeps]
Sphiwe, we haven't heard from you.
Where are you? What the hell's going on?
Hey, I'm not going to talk to you
until I talk to Busi.
Where's Busi?
- [phone beeps]
- General, he's scared.
- [Hassen] Bring her in.
- [police officer] Sir.
Sphiwe, just hang tight for me.
We're gonna fetch her now, okay?
She's on her way.
[Tee-Kay] Just come out of the van.
Let's talk.
[Wendell in Zulu] Sister Busi, please sit.
[in English] It's Sphiwe.
He's asking to speak to you.
[line beeps]
[Busi] Sphiwe.
[in Zulu] Busisiwe, my love.
I want you to know that I love you.
What's going on?
[inhales deeply]
Please tell me that you love me.
[Sphiwe crying on phone]
[sighs] Sphiwe, my love,
please promise me that you're coming back.
That you're coming back home.
Please, Sphiwe.
[crying] Yeah. I promise.
[in English] Ask him where he is.
- General
- [Hassen] Listen
- Sphiwe
- [in Zulu] I just want to say
When I get back
[gun cocks]
Who is that, Sphiwe?
[Sphiwe crying]
[in English] You know what I hate
about cockroaches?
- [Busi on phone] Sphiwe!
- [Tee-Kay] Firstly, they hide too well.
You can't trap, kill.
Little pests.
They're everywhere
and nowhere at the same time.
- [cries]
- [Busi] Sphiwe!
[Tee-Kay] Secondly,
they never die on the first try.
[Busi in Zulu] Talk to me.
[Tee-Kay] But I've learned
that if you really want
to kill a cockroach
you don't do it with fire.
You kill it with force.
[in Zulu] Sphiwe! Sphiwe!
Sphiwe, who is that?
- [grunting]
- [Sphiwe choking]
- Piss off, Satan!
- [in English] No! I said stand down!
- [neck cracks]
- No more deaths!
- [Tee-Kay] Grenade!
- [men grunt]
[hostages gasping]
[hostages screaming]
- [Hassen] What the fuck was that?
- Sphiwe!
No one knows what has caused
the enormous explosion.
Smoke can be seen billowing from the
[woman] Everybody, get in your seat.
- Somebody tell me what that was.
- [Busi] Sphiwe!
- We need to get you out of here.
- Sphiwe! Sphiwe!
- [Busi] Sphiwe!
- [in Zulu] Ma'am, we have to go.
- [Hassen in English] Get her out of here!
- Sphiwe! Do something!
- [in Zulu] Let's go.
- [in English] Put her somewhere.
Make sure she doesn't talk to the press,
or I'll arrest her myself.
- It's her husband that we
- Her husband what?
Her husband was supposed to help us,
and he fucked up.
Where the hell is Mashaba?
She's still getting some air.
Still? What the fuck
are the rest of us breathing in here?
[phone ringing]
I need some information.
How many devices detonated?
- Where did they detonate?
- Fuck.
- [ringing stops]
- Casualty report, damn it.
[sirens wailing]
[Baby] The power in the court
has gone out.
We're gonna try and get details
No, never, bro. They don't want us to see.
Yeah, but when they want us
to vote for them,
you can be sure
that the lights will be on then.
I want to leave.
What? But it's just getting good.
Okay. You stay. I'm gonna go.
[door opening]
The website's down.
Tee-Kay, Uhuru, get here now.
- What happened? What's going on?
- [gun cocks]
[Uhuru panting]
You gave that security guard
my phone, didn't you?
- [Karabo] I
- [Uhuru] Didn't you?
Congratulations, he's dead.
That's what you get
when you try to play the hero.
Now, an innocent man's death
is on your hands.
Get up.
Are you angry with me,
or are you angry about the fact
that no one else seems
to give a fuck about your code but you?
- Just get up.
- [gasps] Ow!
[grunts] Have another hit of your powder,
you piece of shit.
Walk. Walk!
[breathing deeply]
[in Sotho] What now?
- [in English] What happened?
- Oh.
He fired me.
Yeah. Apparently, I have a bad attitude.
[in Sotho] Oh no. I'm sorry, my friend.
- [in English] Are you surprised?
- Well
Viva Maqoma!
- [sirens sounding]
- [helicopters circling]
[officer in Zulu] Please sign this.
What is this?
If you talk about what just happened,
we will have to arrest you.
Just sign.
Just sign it, my sister.
Go back home to your children.
We will contact you
if we need a statement.
Here's transport money.
- [cries]
- Goodbye.
You'll be all right.
[sighs deeply, cries]
[sobbing continues]
[Baby in English]
Let's talk about these numbers again.
At the moment of explosion,
the counter was sitting
at close to 600,000 to kill Harvey,
and 500,000 votes to save him.
What do these numbers tell us?
More people are getting into the game.
But as I mentioned before,
a lot of people are refusing
to be drawn in,
while others are waiting
for the last moment.
Letting the trial play out, so to speak.
[Baby] Let's cross back to Julie,
live outside the courthouse.
- Pull in on me.
- [Mashaba in Zulu] Please trust me.
[in English] We're currently with
Brigadier Mampho Mashaba,
the officer in charge
of this hostage negotiation.
Mrs. Mashaba, what are your thoughts
on this turn of events?
[Mashaba] No comment at the moment.
[Menzi] Itu, let's get out of here.
[Julie] Itu?
The Itu?
I said, step aside.
[Julie] Are you the one who called Azania?
- [Mashaba] Don't say anything. Step away.
- [Julie] Itu!
[Mashaba] Lady, I said step away.
[Julie] Itu, are you working
with the Numoor?
Bring her to me.
- [Julie] Menzi.
- Now.
[Julie] What is your take
on the matter? Menzi?
Commander, I
[Maqoma] I wanted her kept separately.
I won't let Tee-Kay assault her.
What caused the explosion?
[Tee-Kay] The security guard
killed himself with a grenade.
[sighs] In the parking lot,
where we parked the vans.
We lost Tam Tam and Dosh.
Two good men and an escape route.
You know what that makes us look like?
Hostages of our own hostage situation.
That guy had a gun.
Bullshit! He was a useless security guard,
and you know it.
Shut it.
[exhales deeply]
The data is stable on the site,
but I can't run it off mobile.
We need power.
We know there's a generator.
Go fix it. You go with her.
I'm partnering you with Eunice,
before you and Tee-Kay kill each other.
You still here?
Talk to our friends outside.
Let's get some food in here.
How does everyone feel
about fried chicken? Huh? [laughs]
[Uhuru sighs]
[Mashaba in Zulu] Wait.
[in English] Remember what I said.
Just tell them everything
they want to hear, okay?
[Hassen] Don't worry about Mashaba.
No, no. No need to come down here.
Who doesn't need to come down here?
You should be more worried
about your daughter.
Itu's gonna be charged
with being an accessory to murder
and assisting the Numoor
in whatever the hell they're doing.
Maybe she was in on this
from the beginning.
Who knows?
Maybe even you.
How dare you question my integrity?
You forgot that your takeover led to
a journalist being shot in that building.
As if that wasn't enough, General,
that security guard,
he's probably dead. You used him.
And you? What about you, Mashaba?
Where were you?
"Getting some air?"
Is that what they call interfering
with an active investigation these days?
Now, you and your filthy traitor
of a daughter are going to prison,
so I hope you enjoyed
your years as brigadier.
I mean, you did trade your husband's life
for the rank, didn't you?
[dramatic music playing]
My daughter's innocent.
How about we let the law decide
who's guilty and who's innocent this time?
Now, I'm gonna go
and talk to your daughter.
And you don't go anywhere,
because this conversation isn't done.
[dramatic music continues]
[pop music playing]
[people speaking indistinctly]
- [Mr. Mashaba] I see you.
- [Itu] Oh no!
- [Itu] Oh my God.
- [Mashaba laughing]
[Mr. Mashaba] I am so glad
that they squeezed us in.
It really helps when you use
a Caucasian voice to book a table.
The confusion on their faces
when they realize that the Jacob
who was on the phone
is actually Jakobe. [laughs]
- Kills me every time.
- Wow, Dad.
[Mashaba] Yes, my love.
I'm the butt of the joke
- [gun firing]
- [screams]
[screaming, crying]
[tires squeal]
- [Mashaba] Jacob!
- [Itu] Dad!
[dramatic music playing]
[screams echoing]
Sorry to, um
We've had contact from inside.
They want to exchange hostages for food.
You take care of it.
Wait. I-I can't
[Baby] Looks like Itu is trending again.
A tweet from @AzaniaForever says,
"Brigadier Mashaba's daughter
is braver than her mother."
Another tweet from Peter Smith says,
"She's the head cop's daughter?"
"Hmm. Who can we trust these days?"
Now we talking!
Cool. I'm gonna call the press and
to see if they can
We're going back.
Are you fucking crazy?
We're going to stop them
from taking her to court. Okay?
"Break Society Frees Hero Member,"
I can already see the headlines.
This is what's gonna put us
on the map, Thabi.
After this, we can get into politics.
Politics? We're Break Society.
What are you talking about?
It is gonna be great.
[crowd singing protest song]
They've agreed to food for five hostages.
You, get up.
You, you, and you, come with me. You too.
I want everybody to line up here.
Up these stairs, hurry up! Hurry!
What's happening?
Releasing five hostages, you included.
- Come. Let's go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm trying to save your life here.
Why are you so concerned for my safety?
[Uhuru whispers] This is your last chance.
Do you understand me?
Take her instead of me.
She's an elderly woman.
Just do it.
[Uhuru in Zulu] Don't worry.
You will get out of here.
No one is going to hurt you.
- [woman whimpers]
- Trust me. Let's go.
Let's go.
[in English] Boy, I've gathered cattle
faster than you're gathering these people.
[dramatic music playing]
[Tee-Kay] Everything's gone to shit.
Maqoma doesn't know
what the hell he's doing.
And if I can see that they can see that.
Is there a mission we've done
that you don't complain about?
Let's take a roll call, shall we?
Tam Tam and Dosh dead.
Explosives key to our escape plan gone.
No signal, no power.
We look like amateurs!
Whose fault is that?
Let's not forget
Azania's only the commander
of the faithful
because everyone else above him died.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
[people speaking indistinctly]
I'm gonna ask you one last time.
Call Azania.
Pretend to help him.
[chuckles wryly]
So principled.
So brave.
It'll ruin your life.
But still,
I respect it.
[Itu shouting indistinctly]
Get your hands off me!
[in Zulu] Leave me alone!
[in English] I can see movement.
They're moving her.
She's in a black Beemer.
Number plate BH722.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!
[somber music playing]
[Itu] Ma?
Are you going to get out of bed today?
[Mashaba cries quietly]
[inhales shakily]
[Mashaba crying]
[Mashaba] Why aren't you
at school, Itumeleng?
[Itu] Um
I dropped out.
[Mashaba in Zulu]
Why would you do such a thing?
[Itu] What was I supposed to do, Mom?
[in English] It's been months,
and you haven't gotten out of bed.
We needed a mother.
[somber music continues]
- [Mashaba sobbing]
- [sirens wailing]
- [engine starts]
- [dramatic music plays]
[Menzi in Zulu] Comrades!
[in English] We came here
to support Maqoma,
who walks the walk.
[in Zulu] But the cops
[in English] decide
to shoot the messenger
by wounding the journalist.
[menacing music playing]
They intimidate us.
They chase us.
They beat us.
And now
they take one of our own.
They took Itu.
Say her name.
[crowd] Itu!
- Say her name!
- [crowd] Itu!
- Say her name!
- [crowd] Itu!
- Say her name!
- [crowd] Itu!
Right here
right now
is the time to say that enough is enough.
- Enough!
- [crowd] Is enough!
- Enough!
- Is enough!
- Enough!
- Is enough!
An injury to one is an injury to all.
- [chanting] Amandla!
- Awethu!
- Amandla!
- Awethu!
[chanting continues]
[man singing protest song]
[crowd joins in singing]
[people shouting and whistling]
[singing protest song]
[Wendell] Just leave it at the door.
Good. Back it up.
Back it up.
Here we go.
[dramatic music playing]
[Uhuru clicks tongue]
[Uhuru clicks tongue]
[hostages crying]
[Wendell] Come to me.
Come to me.
[man] Cover us! Cover us!
[Uhuru clicks tongue]
[doors slam shut]
[sirens wailing]
[helicopters circling]
[crowd singing protest song]
[crowd stops singing]
[in Zulu] Comrades!
The time has come.
Let's go.
[crowd shouting]
[dramatic music playing]
[crowd] Itu!
[in English] We have a problem.
[Itu panting]
[officer] They have surrounded us.
Go ahead.
We got a problem.
[crowd shouting]
Do whatever it takes
to contain the suspect. Do you copy?
[officer] We're under attack!
We're under attack!
[crowd shouting]
- [glass breaks]
- [screams]
[crowd shouting]
[dramatic music continues]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] Itu! Itu! Itu!
- [Menzi] Say her name!
- [crowd chanting] Itu! Itu! Itu!
- Say her name!
- Itu! Itu!
- [Menzi] Say her name!
- Itu! Itu! Itu!
[chanting continues]
Itu! Itu! Itu!
[gun fires]
[crowd screams]
[mournful song playing]
[Thabi shouting] No! Itu!
[Thabi shouting indistinctly]
[muffled] What have you done?
[song continues]
[song ends]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [Numoor chanting]
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