Justice Served (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

We need to let forensics take over.
Who ordered the live rounds?
Who ordered the live rounds?
never and never again shall it be
that this beautiful land
will again experience the oppression
of one by another
and suffer the indignity
of being the skunk of the world.
The sun shall never set
on so glorious a human achievement.
Let freedom reign.
God bless Africa. I thank you.
- Amandla!
- Awethu!
- Amandla!
- Awethu!
Sing it!
New orders from the elders.
Our people inside your new government
talk of rumors of Paladin infiltrating.
Paladin is real?
- I mean, we heard stories, but
- As real as the Numoor.
Their neocolonial reach is everywhere.
There's a rumor about
an arms deal with the French.
You will ensure
our revolution is not hijacked.
You leave at early light.
Maqoma, we're going north to Rwanda.
You know
This whole situation
It's confusing.
All these years,
we fought together
like family.
Thandi would love
to see us in this moment.
What would make her laugh is that
you and I are going to miss each other.
Wherever we may be
you and I
will always be together.
A hero has fallen.
Itu has been assassinated by the state.
Her crime was helping Bab'Maqoma.
But enough from me.
Let's hear what you have to say.
@Papi says,
"Say her name, Itumeleng Mashaba."
Here's one more. @Hotboy says,
"She got what she deserved."
It's people like Hotboy
that are holding us back.
Itu, gone but not forgotten.
Come on, man. Say something.
Kiss me again, and I'll say yes.
Say her name.
Menzi Dube.
Menzi. Menzi.
You're free to go.
Get up. I don't have the whole day.
Your parents are here. Move it!
No! No!
V? How's it going down there?
ETA of 30 minutes.
We have a 5:00 p.m. deadline.
Maybe Tee-Kay was right.
She'll slow things down.
Complicate things.
Gag her.
No. No, Maqoma. No!
Let go of me.
Leave her alone!
Why didn't you leave
when you had the opportunity?
To spare the life of an old lady.
No one dies here today.
Except for the security guard
you chased, and whoever
His death is on the hands of the police,
who thought to manipulate
You say you're here for the truth.
For justice.
- I am.
- Why take Judge Bengu out of the game?
She's corrupted by privilege.
Like you.
That's an easy thing to say
when you don't like what you're hearing.
Whose blood is in the bathroom?
The Numoor do not kill innocents.
I don't believe you.
I've seen who you are
outside of this room.
You're no better than Allan Harvey.
I'm no better than Allan Harvey?
Than Allan Harvey?
Me and that thing cowering in the corner
we're nothing alike.
Show's over, everyone.
When's the power coming back?
We have a 5:00 p.m. deadline.
What were you thinking?
What are you doing?
My job.
We should let go of the hostages.
She's right.
Whatever Suku said, we shouldn't be here.
Those guards were working-class men
finding jobs to feed their families,
not combatants.
When we talk about the people,
people like them are the people.
- And if we break the creed, we are exact
- Compare me to Harvey, and I'll kill you.
Fight injustice and seek the truth.
Protect the innocent, Commander.
We're not doing any of those things.
We're not.
You forgot to give me back the phone.
Give it back.
Your journalist doesn't seek the truth.
She seeks to keep the system as it is.
And if you weren't high on your medicine,
you would see that.
We need to forget about that mess
and focus on Azania.
Relieve the checkpoints now.
We can see the crowd is re
Maybe I wasn't clear.
Go home.
Get some rest.
Brown, would you mind?
She's dead because of you.
Your daughter was a fool
caught up in a bad crowd.
She got what was coming to her.
So did your husband.
I just got another tweet
from URadebe, and URadebe says,
"I only just realized
that Itu is that dead girl."
"The whole time,
I thought they meant Itumeleng Khune!"
"I was like"
Maqoma's on the line.
Bab'Maqoma's calling us.
Bab'Maqoma's calling us live in studio.
We've got to take it.
commander of the Numoors,
liberator, a warrior,
a freedom fighter,
is this really you?
It's nice to speak
to such a proud supporter of the Numoor.
We have no electricity, Mr. Jordan.
Without power, our stream dies.
So I thought I'd call
to let the world know
what caused the boom.
But before I do,
my condolences to Itu's family.
Her father was also assassinated
by the state.
Jacob Mashaba.
Which brings me
to the poor security guard.
The police killed him.
The explosion
was their attempt to blast in.
He died there.
It weighs heavy on me,
because when I talk about people,
he is the people that I talk of.
So, let me get this straight.
The cops killed that security guard?
And there won't be any justice.
There's never any justice.
Not now, not then.
So if not now, then when, Bab'Maqoma?
When I fought for liberation,
all we achieved
was a trough for the pigs,
who took, who stole,
and lied.
Long time no see, brother.
Yes, indeed.
You've put on some weight.
Yeah, but I can still out-shoot you.
I, um, visited Thandi's grave.
You ever wonder if, uh
Thandi would have changed her views?
She wouldn't have.
Just like we won't.
Why are you here, Abel?
I've let go of that Western slave name.
It's Mngwane now.
Minister Kunene.
As to why I'm here
I was approached by the Paladin.
They want me to, um,
help capture the president.
They want all
the lucrative government tenders.
We must call the council.
And we will.
But for now,
let's shoot it out, and, uh,
you might learn a thing or two.
Isn't betrayal the worst of all sins?
Come with me.
Hey, I respect what you did,
letting that woman go instead of you.
But the way you spoke to him in there
comparing him to Harvey, I
I don't know
if I can protect you indefinitely.
He's here for the truth, isn't he?
Here to show the world
the truth of everything?
But he can't handle the truth
about himself, can he?
You're going to get yourself hurt.
You don't agree
with what he's doing either, do you?
Allan Harvey does not deserve saving.
- It's not him I'm trying to save.
- Then who?
The people.
The people who buy into his lies,
the people he'll make part of this murder.
- Why do you follow him?
- No.
I don't follow him.
I follow the creed of Tarik.
How is this making anything better
for anyone?
- Look
- Uhuru!
- Hey, wait there.
- Uhuru!
Where's the journalist, Uhuru?
You report to me.
Not the other way around.
Not when the commander wants me to report
on you. Now where is the journalist?
I can't believe this.
Where is she?
Busi Ndou?
Hi, my name is Mbali.
I work for Mzansi News Network.
I saw you earlier on
at the police perimeter.
You said the security guard
was your husband?
He was the guy we saw on TV?
Um, do you mind
if I ask you a few questions?
They said if I talk I'd be in trouble.
That's why you need to speak out.
They are trying to silence you.
And I promise my channel can protect you.
I swear on my soul.
I gave the phone
to Brigadier Mampho Mashaba.
What's she doing
talking to the media?
Sphiwe should have never been made
to do these things.
He did a three-month security course,
but he's not a policeman.
It's a couple of blocks away.
What do you want me to do?
For fuck's sake.
wanted to hear me
Someone was hurt in here.
Who? Where are they now?
Are they alive?
Yeah, well, she was in charge
from the beginning, sir.
I only intervened when I realized
Mashaba's daughter was
working for the Numoor.
She's compromised, sir.
Well, she gave the orders.
You think I'd let the situation
get so far out of control?
Yeah, well, we'll issue a media statement
making it clear that Mashaba
was acting against official orders.
Yes. Y-yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Commander, we have a problem.
The journalist has escaped.
So this is Tarik's creed.
Murder someone, then cover it up.
Let's go.
Get her!
What is wrong with you?
He did as you feared.
Watch her.
Shoot her.
- Command
- I said shoot her.
Do you not care
about our brothers and sisters?
- I
- Are you not a child of the soil?
- Are you not a child of the creed?
- Yes, sir.
Then fulfill your oath
and shoot the journalist.
Shoot her. Shoot her.
Shoot her.
We should have never come here.
- Suku ordered it.
- Yeah, so you claim.
But I don't believe you.
I challenge you by the creed.
All those who can abandon posts,
meet at the main atrium.
Uhuru has challenged me.
He has chosen an outsider
over us.
He chooses to betray.
What happened to you?
Is that supposed to be a trick question?
Who has Hassen been taking orders from?
Who told him to kill Maqoma?
What did you mean when you said
the men behind my husband's death
will get what's coming to them?
They killed my daughter
for helping Maqoma.
I want to trust you.
But I just don't know if I can.
If you want answers, if you
if you wanna know who Abel is
Yes, please.
Then ask Azania Maqoma.
Get up!
Come here!
I've challenged you, and I've failed.
I accept your punishment.
I accept punishment.
The trial will hinge
on one crucial question.
Was the firearm found
at the scene Harvey's
or the alleged hijacker's,
Zoliswa Masondo?
When interviewed, Harvey said,
"In a country beset by crime,
I am a hero, not a villain."
Let the past go, Commander.
Easy to say, elder.
Hard to do.
- The focus is on Yemen.
- I know.
I came back for this meeting Abel called.
I'm worried about Mngwane.
His name may be more African,
but he himself is more
The ruling class
have become indulgent.
I assure you,
Abel maintains cover.
Has he told you the reason why
he has requested a meeting
with the elders?
Something about ending
the threat of the Paladin for good.
That's all he'd tell me.
you called this meeting.
We could have been great.
But we were too subtle.
The thing is only those
who control monopoly capital
have any power in this world.
And that
is the Paladin.
They have agreed
to let me take control of my country
and the rest of Africa.
Democracy doesn't work.
am what South Africa needs.
I'm sorry.
Find Maqoma and Suku.
Bring me their bodies.
I want no one alive.
I will not have the death
of another Numoor on my soul.
Your punishment is to kill the journalist.
If you cannot,
you are banished.
See to it.
It would be my pleasure, Commander.
Commander, the power should be back on.
Itu's dead.
This is her mother.
We meant what we said.
Your husband really was a good man.
What does my husband have to do with this?
Ask Abel.
Who the fuck is Abel?
Mngwane A. Kunene,
Minister of State Security.
The A is for Abel.
Hassen is his man.
Any orders that come from outside,
come from Abel to Hassen.
Tell me, how's it been
working with Hassen?
What's in it for you?
We want to honor your daughter.
This is bullshit.
Good luck, Mampho Mashaba.
Chaos is about to strike the police camp.
And then?
You told us Suku's last words.
says she lost her way.
But you told us Suku's final orders?
Cover the whole ground.
They can't get away.
There's nothing back here!
- Suku!
- Drop it! Drop the gun!
How could you?
How could you?
I came to you, brother.
I offered you to lead with me.
And you said,
"The Numoor don't lead the people."
"They stay in the shadows."
I'm not gonna let you get away with this.
will never come
within a meter of me ever again.
- Kill him!
- No!
Stay in the shadows.
Grow stronger.
Rebuild in Yemen.
Let the past
We follow Suku's wishes.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry for your pain.
I know you loved your son.
- Get away from here!
- I know a mother's love for her son.
I had to do what I had to do,
you've got to believe me.
I was on my way home to my mother,
to my mother,
and he stuck a gun in my face.
- Take this thing!
- He laughed at me.
He laughed,
and then I grabbed his gun and
Wait. Leave me alone, man.
Just kill him. He's better off dead.
None of you can kill me
till your bullshit TV show is back up.
Shut up. Sit down.
- What?
- Sit down.
Why are you defending this white man?
Please. Please.
Why are you talking to him?
Don't even look at him.
I need you to help me
so we can get through this day.
If we can just get through this day
Mom, you're just like them.
Exactly like all of them.
All you want to do is sit here
the whole day and say nothing!
Can't you speak up for yourself?
Tell me,
do you think this white man
is telling the truth?
Was Zoli really trying
to hijack this white man?
Hijack him?
Mom, say something.
Suku, my ancestor,
the sky that holds the stars
please light the way for me.
Please show me the way.
People are dying, my ancestor.
Today is getting hot, hot, hot.
And I'm not talking weather here.
I'm talking political temperature.
And I know what people are going to say.
Things are out of control.
The cost is too high.
But as Jalaluddin Rumi says,
"Endure rough winds that smooth you."
Hassen, you there? Hassen?
My comrades, the Numoors
are giving us a chance at a new world.
And all I can say sometimes is
the ends justify the means.
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