Justice Served (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Come on, medicine boy,
you can do it.
Go down the corridor.
The north stairs.
There's a secure docket room.
Wait this out there.
Thank you.
- You need to go hide in that safe room.
- Are you okay?
Go now.
- Have you seen General Hassen?
- I'm waiting for him as well.
It's back on.
Well, it's been a long day of voting.
Lots of questions about who we are,
who you are.
Guys, it's on.
But the power's back,
so let's get this show back on the road.
It's time for closing statements
because 5:00 p.m. is 15 minutes away.
The prosecution rests.
Let me speak.
Judge Bengu, of course. Of course.
Help her.
Maqoma says
choose between a flawed system
and a perfect one.
But there is no perfect system.
Murdering a man on TV,
the anarchy this will cause
will destroy who we are.
Only the rule of law keeps us safe.
Shut up!
Shut up.
Something you want to add, Allan?
Help him. Help him.
Allan Harvey.
Stand and address the court.
Talk to the people.
How do you plead?
Viva Azania!
Of course he's guilty.
- Yes.
- Viva!
I thought you were against all of this.
Not all of it.
Viva Azania!
Now we know how Harvey would plead.
Keep voting.
We'll be back in a few minutes
for the final results.
That's it. I'm voting.
You've never voted in your life.
Yeah, well, I'm voting now.
Max, this isn't a joke.
You can't vote to kill somebody.
It's just
It's so easy for you.
You can just pack up
and go live with your aunt in Australia,
but the rest of us have to stay here
and live with this shit.
I'm taking a shower.
Lock up when you leave.
Okay. Please work.
- Julie. Hello?
- It's me.
- Karabo, are you okay?
- They're not heroes.
I need you to get me on the news.
I need to tell everyone
what's really going on in here.
Okay. Okay, stay on the line.
You will not believe this.
We've hit a million votes to kill Harvey.
Let's go to an ad break.
Keep voting.
Baby, I've got Karabo on the line.
They've killed at least two people.
- They're sociopaths.
- They're freedom fighters.
He ordered my death.
He ordered them
to put a bullet in my skull
I don't believe you.
Baby's in on this. He's working with them.
He told them stuff about me.
- Whoa!
- You are working with them!
You sent us in here
knowing what would happen.
Baby, tell me that's not true.
What proof does she have?
- Baby!
- It's not true, Julie. Jesus!
If you're not working with them,
you can put me on air.
This is my studio,
and I make the decisions here.
Baby, listen to me.
If they're willing to kill journalists
for telling the truth
This is the first step to cleansing
the mess that our world is in.
You You live
in a fucking penthouse in Sandton.
You know nothing about the mess.
Oh, and you do?
- Baby!
- And Julie.
For the record, you work for me,
not that underage white bitch.
I'm still here.
He's manipulating all of us.
Please, do the right thing.
Okay. Listen up, everyone.
Who wants to talk
to my girl on the inside?
Get out.
Someone has been running this
from the top.
I wanna know all about the man
behind this shitshow.
This will get you killed, Mampho.
How is this connected to my husband?
It's not connected
to your husband.
Azania said it is.
- And he knows all about me.
- I'm telling you the truth.
I know
that you report directly to Abel Kunene.
You are part of this.
You're making a mistake, Mashaba.
You killed my daughter,
and there will be justice.
You will talk.
We have just learned that Karabo Friedman,
the Truth Media journalist
who was earlier wounded by the police,
is able to talk to us
from within the court.
Controversially, it would seem that
Truth Media are refusing to take her call.
I'm sorry about Itu.
Did you know Busi's husband
is the security guard that died?
Who's Busi?
Our maid.
what's the situation like on the inside?
Don't you want to see
what happens with the vote?
This is Karabo Friedman, reporting
from the main criminal courthouse.
Please listen to me.
Azania Maqoma is a murderer.
Find out where
she's making that call from.
I've just been informed
of something very distressing.
A journalist we've just fired
is making up stories
on our rival channels.
He has sanctioned the death
of two security guards,
ordered my death
for discovering the truth
We refused to broadcast her
because she had no proof
of anything she was saying.
Truth is she's a bloody agent.
Next thing, she'll be starting
to make personal accusations
claiming I'm somehow
in bed with Bab'Maqoma
just because I support him.
Before you vote,
the question you have to ask yourself is,
could you pull that trigger?
Could you kill a man in cold blood?
Open the door!
Voting yes is pulling that trigger.
She's just trying
to save an old white racist.
And we all know why.
This isn't even
about Allan Harvey.
This is about who we are as a nation.
Azania Maqoma is a hero,
a man who's willing to do what we cannot.
Could you kill that man?
And if you could,
how are you different to Allan Harvey?
In our country's dark hour,
grant the people wisdom
to do the right thing.
Let's bow our heads
and thank God for his grace.
May your grace be upon us,
all of our days.
One minute to 5:00,
and the people are speaking.
Death to the system.
Death to Allan Harvey.
Viva Azania. Viva.
Viva Azania! Viva Azania!
This morning, you didn't know who I was.
But now you are led.
You are led.
Your voice matters.
You matter!
Sacrifice Harvey for our birth to begin.
Vote's closed.
Let's find out, shall we?
- Thank God.
- What?
He's crazy!
Okay, let's hope
the bloody circus is over.
Tomorrow back to normal, people.
- Are you coming for a drink at Katzy's?
- Of course I am. I need to.
Come here.
The people have chosen.
It's time we stop this madness.
You challenged me, and you lost.
In fact, you were sent
to finish the journalist,
and you come back wounded.
And no Tee-Kay.
The conclusion is simple. You betrayed us.
You betrayed us.
You did. When you ordered me
to kill innocent people.
Get this Judas away from me.
Get this thing out of my sight!
No one is innocent!
No one!
Don't you look at me.
Don't you look at me.
Don't you look at me. I did this for you!
I did this for the people!
And they betrayed me!
They betrayed me.
They betrayed me.
We never needed to win this one.
Allan Harvey was always
just a smoke mirror.
Allan Harvey had to die.
I gave them a choice.
I gave them true democracy.
This is democracy.
Abel was right.
Abel was right.
They don't deserve it. They don't.
I have a plan to get us out of here.
But we'll need him
and the boy.
Somebody must have seen General Hassen.
No, sir.
Today really is
a shining example of order and excellence.
- What about his car?
- Still in the lot, sir.
Oh, for God's sake.
And General Hassen?
Uh, Minister Kunene.
General Hassen seems to have disappeared
about 35 minutes ago.
I'm taking over the operation
until the general is found.
Well, perhaps perhaps I should call
the Minister of Police.
You don't think he knows I'm here?
Because this situation
is no longer about policing.
Now, get me up to speed.
Of course, sir. Uh
This is the court building over here.
I'm gonna need you
to think with your mind,
not your heart.
I didn't have to kill your brother.
I could have just let him go.
I want to go back and make it right.
You can be redeemed, Harvey.
For Zoli,
for what you did to me,
for your wife.
Harvey, you can be a hero
and make everything right.
Let's not do anything stupid.
I'm giving you five seconds
to tell me what the fuck is going on.
They'll kill me.
- They'll kill my family.
- Five
- Four
- Mampho. Mampho.
- Three
- Wait. Just
- Two
- Your husband.
Your husband was onto them.
Who's them?
The Numoor.
- I'm talking about Minister Kunene.
- The minister is Numoor.
- Why are they trying to kill each other?
- The minister wanted to end the Numoor.
These are the survivors. He thinks
they're doing this because of him.
That makes no sense.
You heard what they said.
Part one, phase two, all that crap.
You know they're planning something crazy.
- Crazier than taking over the court?
- Yes.
You You have to let me go.
Please, Mampho.
I can help you.
And you're right.
This is completely out of control.
But it's not too late.
You're no criminal.
You're a good person.
You're a great officer.
What would Jacob say?
What would your daughter say?
We need to figure this out.
Let's do that.
You bitch.
That's when Hassen
dismissed Brigadier Mashaba.
Damn it. They're online again.
Unmute that.
I apologize for losing my temper.
It is not the Numoor way.
But the people have spoken.
Allan Harvey lives.
And now it's time for us to leave.
We wish
for an armored vehicle,
large enough to carry my Numoor away.
You let them leave,
I'll hand myself over
and free the hostages.
Refuse, and we will fight
our way to freedom.
That is your choice.
Not ours.
How could you, South Africa?
Our chance to take on
the ways of the Numoor,
to cleanse our society.
Don't you see what we've lost?
Sorry. Excuse me, Officer.
- You're under arrest.
- Is this the South Africa you voted for?
Don't fight me.
What happened
to freedom of speech?
This is what happens
when fascists are in power.
You were like a son to me.
I treated you like my brother.
You were gonna sit at my right-hand side
in the new world order.
The creed was not meant to rule.
We live in the shadows, Maqoma.
That's why we always lose.
That's why all the people we love die.
Life is change, Uhuru.
Just tell me the truth.
Am I wrong?
Was this really Suku's command?
- You are no Numoor.
- I'm beyond Numoor.
I will burn this earth to the ground
and rebuild it in my image.
I will force you to show me
how to prepare the powders.
my son,
I will eat your treacherous heart.
The truck is here.
Get ready.
Make sure he's ready to leave with us.
- Judge Bengu, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Go! Go! Go!
I've got a suspicious taxi.
Focus on the Casspir.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
You figured out my plan yet?
We're going to take Azania
to be questioned at the Union Buildings.
Uh, sir, protocol says that
We are seconds away
from a national state of emergency,
where intelligence will run this country.
So shut up and do as I say.
We didn't kill him, Mrs. Ndou.
You were there. You heard.
Those weren't cops.
And Brigadier Mashaba's daughter
was also killed today.
For what it's worth,
I'm sorry.
Everybody's always sorry.
You can travel with him to the morgue
if you'd like.
- I want to see him.
- Busi.
If you see him like this,
you'll always see him like this.
Remember him like he was.
Thank you.
Hey. She's doing fine.
You were so brave in there.
You okay?
Well, looks like
we're both out of a job.
- Yeah, a pretty hectic first day.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Oh. Anytime.
Get out of the vehicle.
Get out!
Stop right there.
What is Allan Harvey doing here?
Don't shoot!
Please, everybody, hold your fire.
Would you like to be Numoor?
Drop the gun! Do it now!
No hospital.
come to do your own dirty work.
The Numoor
are pathetic.
We are about
to trigger a state of emergency.
The Paladin are everywhere,
ready to start chaos on the ground,
so we can cancel the elections
and take control.
You don't have to tell me your evil plans.
I already know them.
Sit, please.
There'll still be a state of emergency,
but it won't be the leaderless chaos
that you need.
You see, for the past six months,
my Numoor
have infiltrated all your cells.
So it'll be my people on the ground,
rallying the poor and the hungry
to my banner,
my cause.
But but you're right.
You're right.
The people can't think
beyond 280 characters.
They don't deserve democracy.
It doesn't suit them.
They want to be led.
But it won't be you leading them, Abel.
I will.
This morning
no one knew me.
But they know me now.
They follow me.
They believe in me.
Hey, you!
Boss, are you okay? Let's go.
You still with me?
Greet Thandi for me.
Initiate protocol ten.
You'll never escape us.
Today, you were given
the opportunity to choose for yourselves.
But you chose wrong.
Now there's a new choice.
Rise up.
Rise up
and join my army.
Become Numoor.
Or become our enemies.
Welcome to the new world.
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