Justified s03e01 Episode Script

The Gunfighter

Previously on Justified This is not what we discussed on the telephone.
I figure you're good enough that no one can link the hitters from last night to you.
- Thank you.
- Except, of course, for Gary.
He seems like a bit of a loose end.
I'd leave the country, but that's entirely up to you.
Are we finished? As long as you understand that the next time we have this conversation, there won't be a conversation.
Devil, you want sugar? Devil! Hello, Ava.
It's the top of the first, Raylan.
Hey, batter, batter, batter, batter, batter Cut him down.
Now, God damn it.
Wait, Raylan! Come on.
Listen to me.
You ain't getting to Loretta without me, and you know it.
Boyd? He shot Ava.
I'm gonna need him for a little bit.
What, are you asking me or are you telling me? Makes you feel better, you can tell people I asked.
I want you to leave this alone.
I want you to leave it to the authorities.
This is not your problem, Raylan.
I promise you I will be fine.
Take me to work.
And go to Harlan.
But I can't promise you I'm gonna be here when you get back.
I need you and your boys to put your guns down.
And why would we do that? Maybe you don't want to see your brother's brains fly through the air.
Guys! Cease fire! - Was I speeding? - Winona Hawkins? - Yeah.
- Ma'am, this is a courtesy stop.
Chief Deputy Art Mullen's been trying to reach you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How is he? He's sleeping right now, but he's gonna be all right.
The bullet went right through his side, just under the ribs.
Didn't hit any vitals.
He's a lucky son of a gun.
Look, Art, I End of the hall, Winona.
First door on the left.
I even tried a cross-pull.
I don't think I've done that since Glynco.
How'd that work for you? Won't be doing it again.
Did you try lefty? So I could shoot the side of a barn? All right, we'll try one more week of medical restriction, and then I'll issue you some hand grenades.
You're a lucky man, Raylan.
I got shot, Art.
Only thing that saved you was all that body fat you got going on there.
I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.
Why? We're alone.
Crowder's here.
Didn't wear your suit.
Boy, you say that as if I've only got the one and not a whole closet full.
I'm sorry.
You didn't wear your black suit.
Well, I can see by the hitch in your step you're still not 100%.
How's Ava? She's moving not so different from you.
She's healing.
So, was I right not to wear my suit? Well, we don't have a strict dress code.
Well, it just occurred to me that Raylan Givens invites me up to Lexington, chances are I might find myself in front of a judge before the day is out.
Why? Did you do something you shouldn't have? Well, that's a pretty low bar, Raylan.
Nah, Trooper Tom Bergen, up there in your world, he says within a day of Mags killing herself, all her marijuana-drying sheds got cleaned out.
I wasn't aware that marijuana interdiction fell under the Marshals' purview.
He also said that the floorboards in the sheds had been torn up, ceilings pulled down, walls opened up, like someone was looking for something, which does fall under the Marshals' purview, recovering ill-gotten gains.
Mags' bank accounts have been seized along with her property, but there's still a sizeable amount of money missing.
How sizeable, Raylan? Well over $10.
Well, now, if I found that kind of money, I'd be in Mexico by now.
Boyd, I've been to Mexico.
I don't think you'd like it.
How so? There's a lot of Mexicans.
Raylan, if a book could only be judged by its cover, you'd be a best seller.
Are we done? Looks like.
Sorry for wasting your time.
Never a waste of time to spend a moment with my good friend Raylan Givens.
Tell you what.
I'll ask around.
See if I can't get a line on that money for you.
- I appreciate it.
- In exchange for an apology.
I'm sorry.
What? I want you to apologize.
For the crack about the Mexicans? By the time I got out to Wade Messer's house, Dickie Bennett was tuning you up like it was his birthday and you were his piñata, only I don't think there would have been candy pouring out.
- You're saying you saved my life.
- Are you saying I didn't? I would suggest what you're looking for is a "thank you," not an apology.
Well, now, follow my logic, Raylan.
I had my own plans for Dickie on account of his shooting Ava, but you said you needed him, so I let you have him under the condition that you would return him to me once his services had been rendered.
I'm sorry.
Did you see a creek out in the lobby? Some pretty green trees and cut-off mountains? Do you think we're in the holler? I am a Deputy US Marshal, Boyd.
You're a Givens, Raylan.
And you think I'm gonna hand a man over to you to be murdered like he is, what, some pig I borrowed from you? You gave me your word.
I got half a mind to kick R-A-Y- L-A- N.
Recovering from a GSW.
That stands for "gun" No resistance here, Officer! There's no resistance here! Hey, BOW- Should have wore the suit.
No resistance, Officer! I'll see you, Raylan! This is great country.
First time, and I already love it here.
The way the pastures roll off into the distance.
The horses I have never seen such beautiful horses.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
May I sit? Please.
Two coffees.
Now, you want a little kick? Mr.
Arnett likes a little kick.
Yeah, he'll have a little kick.
He won't.
Just black.
Thank you.
Thank you, Yvette.
You can go now.
You're banging her, aren't you? - I beg your pardon? - And now you've lost her respect.
That's hardly your concern.
Well, in a way it is.
See, she's your public face, and she is not selling the same story as you are.
Who's he? Mr.
Nix is one of my brokers.
Could he sit where I could see him? That's good.
Now, why don't you state your business, enjoy your coffee, and then get the hell out? Detroit is concerned.
Look, when you go back to Detroit, you just tell them that the properties that I'm holding are poised to rebound, and when they do, they're gonna be worth twice what I paid for them.
So, what do you think they're worth right now, today? No, I don't really have a current assessment.
That's okay.
'Cause I do.
You picked a shitty time to get into commercial real estate, and now you're underwater.
Detroit did not make an investment, Emmitt.
It made a loan, which you assured them that you would repay as per the agreement.
I could have that in two weeks.
Emmitt, you read the business pages.
Things are getting tough all over.
So, if you can't have the money here by tomorrow, I suggest you tell me right now.
I'll have it tomorrow.
That's great.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Said you were looking for work.
Everybody's been wondering what happened to all that Bennett weed.
And you get first crack at it, courtesy of Mr.
Boyd Crowder.
Just his way of showing his appreciation for a new business partner.
Well, let's get to it, then.
There's more in the tractor shed out back.
Lee! Go take a look! A-Ron.
Get over here and help me.
- Devil.
- Yeah? Ava's here.
- Ava.
- Devil.
Arlo throwing a party? No, we got a buyer for the pot.
Rodney Dunham.
"Hot Rod" Dunham? Out of Memphis? Now, we're taking care of this, Ava, me, Arlo, and Johnny.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- I don't see Johnny.
- Well, he'll turn up.
Yeah? You figure Boyd's locked up, you'll just go into business for yourself.
It ain't like that.
Boyd allowed as how he might sell it.
We're just acting on his behalf.
Dunham wants a word.
Tell him to come on out.
Come on out, Dunham.
I got this, Ava.
That smell can really take the wind right out of you.
Tell me about it.
Dunham, Ava Crowder.
- I'm proud to know you, ma'am.
- Likewise.
I've seen all I need to see.
Yeah? What's your offer? All I got to offer is advice.
Next time you want to pull a big score like this, don't bag the plants wet.
What, is there a problem? - How long's this been sitting here? - About three weeks.
You got mold.
You got mildew.
You got rats and mice eating on it out in the shed.
Are you saying it's all gone to shit? That's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying you can probably salvage two or three grand if you get to cleaning right now.
No, this is 120 kilos of premium weed! Three weeks ago, maybe.
- We were thinking that we might - I'm talking to the gentleman.
Let us handle it, Ava.
Now, you as much as told me on the phone that you was gonna take the whole lot.
I told you I'd look at it.
No, no, no.
Here's how it works.
You want to keep buying quality bud, you gonna have to take all this off our hands.
- Devil! - Stay out of this! Pull your head out of your ass, son.
This is serious weight, and these are dangerous times.
Now, you want this to get ugly? It can.
Of course that's not what we want, Mr.
We appreciate you coming by.
You're lucky I was already in Knoxville.
If I'd come eight hours from Memphis for this, I'd be obliged to kick somebody's ass! Understandable, sir.
Thank you.
That go about the way you expected? I could use a drink.
Amen to that.
You know you got two and a half bottles of whiskey on ice and no beer? That can happen.
You can't drink any of that shit anyway.
- Well, I can have one.
- Who says? My mom.
She used to have a couple drinks a night when she was carrying me.
She'd put her ashtray, balance it on her great big belly.
- That explains a lot.
- How you doing? I've been better.
Well, you still look good.
What do you mean, "still"? You are not getting any younger, kiddo.
I'm so glad you're here.
You ready to get back in action? Art said another week of light duty, and that was before the fight.
That's not what I'm talking about.
You okay? Did that hurt? I'll manage.
So, what's going on? What are you asking? I just It seems like there's something on your mind.
Do you know about the newborn baby in the delivery room? Calls his daddy over and says, "How do you think that feels?" Is that what you were thinking about? Maybe a little.
You know the baby's the size of a walnut right now, don't you? You know it's gonna get bigger, too, right? Well, yeah.
Maybe we need more room.
After all the time I spent redecorating? Well, much as I appreciate you putting lipstick on this particular platypus, maybe we should, I don't know, start looking for a house or something.
And leave all this? Yeah? I got a large olive and eggplant.
Sorry, son, I didn't order a pizza.
I did.
Where would you like me to put them? Put them on the desk and sit.
These are way nicer than the piece of shit I wear.
But I'm not complaining.
Keeps good time.
You don't remember me, do you? Never seen you before in my life.
You've seen me.
You just didn't notice me.
But I know you.
You're Delmer Coates.
You used to own that watch store over on Clinton.
Couple of kids tried to rob you.
You shot them.
Dumbasses didn't know you had a gun under the counter.
Couple other guys tried after that, right? - Yeah.
- You shot and killed four men.
You're one tough son of a bitch.
But I come in here and ask you for the watches, and you just lay down.
What was I supposed to do? I was hoping you'd pull on me, give me some lip.
You just hit the silent alarm and wait for the cavalry to come.
I know all about your security system.
I'm the guy who put it in.
When I ordered the pizza, I took your security system offline.
Took me less than 30 minutes, which is more than I can say for you, slick.
You understand why I ain't paying for that pizza, right? Now, I don't like wearing a mask.
I'm too pretty.
So I am gonna have to kill you.
But I'll tell you what, there's this game I like to play.
I'm gonna put this gun between us and have the pizza man count it down from 10.
When he gets to one, we both go for it, so you got the same chance I got.
That sounds fair, right? Start counting.
I don't think I should be involved in this.
- Ten.
- Ten.
Four Three.
I win.
I didn't see anything.
I'm not gonna say anything.
I swear.
- Are you gonna eat that pizza? - No! Take it! What's up? Somebody killed a Mr.
Delmer Coates last night along with a pizza delivery boy.
They also emptied his safe.
I regret their passing.
So? Well, whoever killed them took Mr.
Coates' security system offline, -which is not so easy considering - I'm gonna stop you there.
Were either Mr.
Coates or the pizza delivery man federal fugitives? No, but Fletcher "the Ice Pick" Nix is He's charged with interstate flight.
The stab wounds on the victim's hands are consistent with an ice pick.
Can't help you.
I'm on light duty.
Maybe Rachel.
Yeah, I'd rather take her, but But what? Wynn Duffy's security system did the installation.
Is there a question attached to this? Well, Duffy's the only lead I got, and I thought you might help me out.
- Why would you think that? -'Cause you had that thing.
- Had what thing? - Where you two killed Gary together.
That's funny.
That's funny.
Excuse me.
I'm out of staples, and I'm getting a little light on paper clips.
Come on, man.
"Come on, man.
" Have you not been listening? - I cannot leave my desk.
- Just say you're on lunch.
- I can't talk to Duffy.
- Sure you can.
- No, I can't.
- Why not? Last time I saw him, I said our next conversation wasn't gonna be a conversation.
Well, this is a different conversation.
What? He's not gonna remember something you said that long ago.
He doesn't want to talk to you.
Well, that makes two of us.
Who don't I want to talk to? Raylan.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Deputy Gutterson has some questions for you.
Gentleman named Delmer Coates was murdered last night.
- Name ring a bell? - Not offhand.
Should it? Well, you installed his security system about two years ago.
It was a Whispertech Series C.
That's a good system.
Whoever killed Coates disabled it first.
- Since you install so many of them - I'm sorry, I just have to ask.
Are you two accusing me of being involved or are you just asking me for information? Whichever applies.
I don't think it'd be very good for business if I went around murdering my own clients, do you? Well, it might be worth it if they had a safe full of expensive merchandise.
All my clients have expensive merchandise.
That's why they buy security sys Just answer the question, or shut your mouth.
I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you, Raylan.
It'd be so much easier to just beat a confession out of me, wouldn't it? That's still an option.
As a matter of fact, as I recall, last time we met, you told me next conversation we had wasn't gonna be a conversation.
This is a different conversation.
You ever hire an installer named Fletcher Nix? Favorite toy's an ice pick.
That's not exactly standard equipment.
That ain't exactly an answer.
Raylan, I am so sorry.
I would love to be of more help, but I got to get back to watching women's tennis.
Close the door, Mike.
Well, the man's a piece of shit, but I believe him.
You do? He didn't flinch when you mentioned Delmer Coates.
No, but when I mentioned that ice pick Yeah, he flinched a little.
Well, maybe this one's above his pay grade.
Who's he work for? Emmitt Arnett.
Dixie Mafia shot-caller out of Frankfort.
Okay, how about you go talk to him? You drop me off at the corner.
- I'll keep an eye on Duffy.
- Excuse me? Or, you know, you can go back to the office, get your paper clips, do the p-p dance, whatever makes you feel happy, Raylan.
Emmitt, is there anything you want to tell me? What is this, 20 Questions? You hired one of my own guys to go after one of my clients? Where'd you get that idea? Don't insult my intelligence, Emmitt! I'm talking about Fletcher, the Ice Pick.
Hey, baby? Baby, pull that door a minute, will you? I didn't think he was still one of your boys.
He isn't one of my boys.
Do you know why? Because he's a federal fugitive, which means that anything he does points right back at me.
Which raises the obvious question, was that your intention, Emmitt? No! No, look.
It didn't go as planned.
I'm on my way into the office to meet him, and that'll be the end of it.
Well, let me know how that goes.
And, by the way, Raylan Givens is on his way to talk to you.
It sure is good to see you.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
How are you? Well, it sucks talking to you through this glass.
They're transferring me to Trimble.
Everything okay? You know that cord of wood we got stacked behind Arlo's house? I thought maybe we could sell some.
Yeah, but your old buddy from Memphis came by, said he couldn't use any of it.
Not a piece? He said it was starting to rot.
Didn't seem to have any good ideas about what we should do with it, either.
Well, burn it.
- All of it? - All of it.
I wouldn't want to attract any termites or any other pests.
Yeah? What's the problem? Yeah.
Small world.
I'll tell you later.
You want me to handle it? All right.
Have it your way.
Something I can help you with? I like your hat.
There much call for cowboys these days? - You would be surprised.
- Yeah? Yep.
It's not your floor.
Change of plan.
See you again.
Emmitt? Marshal! I didn't hear you come in.
Looking for Mr.
He won't be coming in today.
You know where I can find him? I can try to find out.
Or maybe there's something I can do for you.
- My daddy had a hat kind of like yours.
- Yeah? Except the brim was smaller.
Businessman's Stetson.
That's it.
Can I be honest with you? I'd like to think so.
I don't think Mr.
Arnett's in the real-estate business.
What makes you say that? Mostly just the people who come around.
I mean, they don't look like real-estate folks.
They don't even look like contractors, or property managers or maintenance people.
- They're just sketchy.
- Like Wynn Duffy.
Exactly! And this new guy, Fletcher Nix.
He is super creepy.
What do you know about him? Nothing.
Except he was supposed to come into the office this morning for a meeting, but Mr.
Arnett canceled at the last minute.
Why'd he cancel? - They rescheduled.
- Rescheduled for? Can I just say it is so nice talking to a man who's interested in what you have to say.
I mean, none of Mr.
Arnett's colleagues are very good conversationalists, to say the least.
Must be difficult.
- They rescheduled for? - Tonight.
But I don't have to be there.
Thank goodness.
Do you know where? Near a cab stand at Jefferson and Main.
Yvette, may I offer you some advice? Quit.
The sooner, the better.
I got a feeling Mr.
Arnett's about to ride a barrel over the falls.
I wish you could see it, buddy.
Hey, you know how they talk about Kentucky bluegrass? Well, it's actually blue.
I did.
I sent you a postcard this morning.
No, I wouldn't kid you about that.
You'll see for yourself as soon as I get settled.
Hey, look, Pop's got to go.
I love you, buddy.
- How'd that go? - Just like you said it would.
You tell him about tonight? But that's what I don't get.
If they catch Fletcher before he makes the drop, you don't get the money.
Well, I'm not so worried about the money anymore.
Then what'd you come all this way for? I like the scenery.
- This is Fletcher Nix? - Didn't you look at his file? - Not closely.
- There a problem? Okay, Rachel, I want you to call the LPD shift captain.
Make sure he has all our info.
Tim, you call the SWAT team leader and do the same.
Now, we're gonna need a photograph of Emmitt Arnett.
Something better than a driver's license would be a big plus.
Hopefully, we can get Arnett and Fletcher Nix together tonight, and it'll be one-stop shopping.
All right.
You ain't gonna let me do anything, are you? Well, you can't run and you can't shoot.
What good are you? Well, I can be the guy on the radio, telling people what to do.
That's my job, asshole.
- But, Art - Not changing my mind.
There's something else you should know.
Tim showed me a picture of Nix this morning, but I didn't look at it.
Is that it? And then I ran into him later in the elevator at Arnett's, but I didn't recognize him.
Because you didn't look at the picture.
'Cause you've been shot, and you're off your game, which is why I told you to stay at your desk.
So the next time I tell you to stay at your desk - I'm gonna stay at my desk.
- Thank you.
- But this thing tonight - Yes? It might have come too easy, the information I got from Yvette.
I didn't have to work hard for it.
Anything else you screwed up today? Not that I can think of.
Go home, Raylan, really.
We'll be fine.
You sure do have some fine cookware, Mr.
Most of it was Helen's.
Some from her sister.
They both liked to cook.
As do I.
Ava? While we appreciate you making this fine meal, I think we would appreciate it even more if you told us what Boyd had to say.
Yeah, why you stalling? Well, you got me, Devil.
lam stalling.
I just wanted to get some good food in you before I relayed Boyd's orders.
Boyd instructed that you burn the weed.
- The hell? - That weed's worth 100 grand easy.
It's also worth 20 years any law enforcement happens by.
Hot Rod was our last outlet.
We can't just sit on it and hope we run into someone who will take it off our hands.
We ain't burning it.
Those were Boyd's orders.
Yeah, well, Boyd's not here, is he? Devil, I can imagine it is hard taking orders from a woman.
Only you're not.
You're taking orders from Boyd.
I'm just passing it along.
Now, the way I figure it is you got a choice.
We can play nice.
You do what Boyd says, and I keep cooking my fine food.
My fried chicken is to die for.
The other path? You ignore Boyd, and I get ornery.
Well, what are you gonna do? Spit in our food? We clear? I need to make my point any more emphatically? You didn't need to do that, Ava.
Of course I did, Mr.
Otherwise I wouldn't have done it.
Male, 40s, approaching the Escalade, holding a box.
- Fletcher Nix? - Negative.
Not, repeat, not Fletcher Nix.
You're supposed to give me something for this.
How about you get in the car, or I shoot you in the face.
- Driver's got a gun.
- All right, shut it down! Get in the goddamn car.
Take him down! Keep your hands in the air! Keep your hands where I can see them at all times! Get out of the car.
Put your hands on your head.
Turn around.
Kneel down.
Get down on your knees.
I've always thought Felix deserved a comeback.
Felix, Felix Givens.
- Like Felix the Cat.
- Yeah, but without the cat.
Just Felix.
What do you think? Yeah, maybe.
Maybe? Raylan, I think it's sweet that you think you have a say in the name.
I'm sorry? Well, I do know you, and I know that if I spend more than five minutes in labor, sweating and screaming and all of that, you're gonna go with whatever name I choose.
I mean, I could I could choose Jiffy Pop or Palmolive.
That's a good one.
- Jiffy Pop- - Jiffy Pop- Jiffy Pop for a boy.
- Palmolive's obviously - Obviously a girl's name.
What's up, Art? - How'd it go? - Not well.
Fletcher Nix was a no-show, as was Arnett.
Nix sent some homeless guy to do the drop, and Arnett sent some guy that might have been a bodyguard, but we don't know now because he's all lawyered up.
I thought the homeless guy was gonna get popped, so I shut it down.
What's next? Frankfort PD's on the way to Arnett's house to bring him in for questioning.
- Who are you? - I'm the one with the gun.
This has nothing to do with the lady.
That's too bad.
Come inside.
Shut the door.
Now I ask you to take your gun out.
I think you'd do it, considering the company.
Just take two fingers, and You know what? Just do whatever you'd tell someone to do in a situation like this.
Whole thing.
Put it on the ground.
Have a seat.
What's next, Fletcher? You're showing me you know my name.
I know a lot about you.
You didn't know me in the elevator.
What I still don't get is why you don't just take the money and run.
Maybe because it's not money.
I look like I know anything about watches? Hell, I could take those off your hands.
Give you 20 apiece for them.
You can be on your way.
You're the one who put that plug in Tommy Bucks on that Miami rooftop.
That's right.
How about we play a game? Count down from 10.
Go ahead, Winona.
Right now? This is as good a time as any.
When she gets to one, we go for it.
Four Three.
I'm sorry about your tablecloth.
- Is that really necessary? - I don't know him.
He'll be here.
He'll be here.
Don't worry.
No, he won't.
He probably just stopped for a sandwich or something.
That boy just can't stop eating.
Actually, you know, it's a problem.
Arnett, he's not coming.
I had your assistant, Yvette, tell the Marshals where the exchange was happening.
You're funny.
I'm not joking.
Why would you do that? You had a good thing going here, Emmitt.
But you let go of the rope.
You done? Almost.
You know me now? Yeah.
I don't know if you're thinking of it, but stay away from the neck.
Now, back here's okay, but up here? Hurts like a son of a bitch, and don't mind my saying.
I think it might be because the skin is looser or something.
Yeah, no, no, thank you.
I don't I don't plan on getting no tattoos.
Well, man, neither did I, but, as much as anything else, it gives you something to do, you know? You can only spank it so much.
What the hell's he doing here.