Justified s03e02 Episode Script

Cut Ties

Previously on Justified Hello, Ava.
You're pregnant? It's like the best news I've heard in, like - Ever? - That's the word I was looking for.
Maybe we should, I don't know, start looking for a house or something.
You know the baby's the size of a walnut right now, don't you? You know it's gonna get bigger, too, right? Mags' bank accounts have been seized along with her property, but there's still a sizeable amount of money missing.
How sizeable, Raylan? Well over $10.
Tell you what.
I'll ask around.
See if I can't get a line on that money for you.
- I appreciate it.
- In exchange for an apology.
I'm sorry.
What? By the time I got out to Wade Messer's house, Dickie Bennett was tuning you up like it was his birthday and you were his piñata.
- You're saying you saved my life.
- Are you saying I didn't? You think I'm gonna hand a man over to you to be murdered like he is, what, some pig I borrowed from you? You gave me your word.
I got half a mind to kick What the hell's he doing here? And this home is one I think you both will really enjoy.
Several amenities, including convenient shopping and some wonderful restaurants, as well as a number of top private schools.
And you'll find Mr.
So glad to finally meet you.
I don't see why that's so funny.
You know what? Why don't we start with the backyard? Right this way.
I swear to God, I didn't know they were here until I heard them downstairs.
And yet you managed to get all your clothes on.
Hey, the only reason we're here is 'cause of you.
I guess.
You guess? No.
No guess.
That's why we're here.
Well, least I don't have to worry about you taking up with the realtor.
Why's that? 'Cause she's too old for you.
That guy was cute, though.
I think he's married.
So was I.
Too short for me, though.
I need someone tall and strapping, like a Like - Like a - Like a fireman.
Like a lion tamer.
Good with animals.
Can find alternative uses for household furniture.
No, as far as realtors go, I'm done.
Person spends enough time lying for a living, gets to the point where you realize the only thing he doesn't mean is what he's actually saying.
I'm sorry.
Say that again? Crowder! You got a visitor.
Let's go! Well, hello, Raylan.
There you are.
Hello, Raylan.
This is a surprise.
Did you know my mama's Uncle Everett? Owned that squat, irritable boar.
Charge you 12 bucks to breed your sow with it.
That sounds vaguely familiar.
He thought he was gonna be a prizefighter till Tommy Hearns detached both his retinas.
You don't say.
He once told me that he wouldn't have relations in the three weeks prior to any fight.
To keep his legs fresh? Because of his head.
He said women were put here on Earth to turn men's head to mush.
Raylan, what are we talking about? What do you make of a man who divorces a woman, then gets her pregnant, then wonders if maybe they should move in together? Well, now, Raylan, you're talking to a man who's sleeping with his dead brother's widow and murderess, so if you're looking for someone to cast stones at you on this matter, I think you've picked the wrong sinner.
I have not been myself, Boyd.
I couldn't see that you weren't assaulting a federal officer.
You were just having a dustup with an old buddy.
And, hey, it takes two to make an accident.
I know that.
So, I talked to AUSA.
I told them I want to amend my statement.
And hopefully we'll have you out of here by the end of the day.
- I'm sorry - It might not be till tomorrow morning 'cause the warden likes to do his releases after wake-up.
But I just hope you'll understand.
Raylan I'm done.
Lot of action down here lately, if you believe what you read in the papers.
Nah, it's mostly local stuff, you know, up in the hills.
I don't think it'd bother your people too much.
Boy, I got one boy, though, keeps finding himself in the middle of it.
Finding himself or putting himself? Yeah, I think he might be my penance for all the shit I put my first chief through.
First few years I had my star, I kept waiting for my chance to walk in the saloon through the swinging doors, hear my spurs scrape on that wood floor.
Piano player stops playing.
Everybody's head turns and looks at you.
"Who is that tall stranger with the badge?" You know, I used to wonder how I'd match up with those old-timers.
You know, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Bass Reeves.
One of my all-time favorites.
And good luck trying to find a movie about him.
Somebody needs to tell Denzel that story.
Bill, I got to get back to work.
I can take a hint.
I got rounds to make.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
You stop by next time you're through.
I'll do it.
Who else is gonna keep me apprised of the local mischief? That's right.
- Dewey, you stand away from me.
- Boyd, listen.
Dewey, I know Dickie Bennett's your new road dog, but this business ain't got nothing to do with you.
Now, when I spot him, I'm gonna go for him.
You best not be in between.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
He's not here.
A couple screws just came, took him to isolation.
I guess they must have been tossing cells while we were at rec time and found some contraband under his mattress.
I wonder how many days he'll get.
- What? - Raylan.
- Raylan Givens? What's he got to do - Any chance you been here long enough to know which one of these hacks is approachable? The kind of guy that will smuggle in a cell phone for you for the right price? What do you need a phone for? I don't.
-"The wind tickled Calliope's whiskers.
" - You skipped a part.
Well, how do you know? You can't even read.
Did you skip a part or not? Well, you seem to think so.
I know so.
Baby's down.
Your turn, June Bug.
Mommy, I don't need to take a nap.
Naps are for babies.
Naps are for Mommy so she doesn't lose her mind.
Now say goodbye to Uncle Bill.
He's gonna be gone before you get up.
All right.
Come on.
Thank you, ma'am.
No contact with your family? 'Course not.
Not even a quick call to your mama on her birthday? Not even.
Nobody from your old life? I am following the guidelines.
What about June? Is she following the guidelines, too? Probably not.
Good news is she tells her teacher one day that she used to live in New Mexico, and the next day, she used to be the princess of Fairyland.
I can't imagine anybody takes her word as gospel.
Gets easier.
Once you testify, that's not hanging over you.
This will always be hanging over me.
You think Carlos Salazar is one to forgive and forget? The entire 40-year history of the WitSec program, however many thousand witnesses, we never lost a one who followed the guidelines.
Jesus, Bill, you scared the hell out of me.
You better have one hell of a story to tell me.
I do.
I do.
You ain't gonna believe this.
I got to show you something.
Stay there! Stay there! Get your hands off it, Bill.
I'll shoot you in the head.
Get your hands off it! Where's your piece? Get your friggin' leg down.
Get out of here! Sorry, Bill, but you know how it is.
Deputy Brooks.
My office called to tell you to expect me.
- Yeah.
But - Hug me.
In case anyone's watching.
I'm your college roommate, and I'm visiting from Dallas.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
I think we might be in trouble.
I still I feel like I still have some of that jelly on my stomach.
- No, I mean, just from this angle - Wish somebody would get me a wet wipe.
It bears a striking resemblance to the creature from Alien.
It's six weeks old, Raylan.
Don't come running to me when it busts out your ribcage.
I'm so glad you're having fun with all this.
Mostly I'm just scared.
That's just what every little girl dreams Prince Charming will say.
I'm scared, too.
Do you remember the other day, I said something about me and you starting to look for a house? - Think we should start looking for a house? - That what you want? Why wouldn't I? I mean, have you given it any thought, what you want to do after your place sells? Some.
- Shit.
- What? I forgot to turn my phone back on.
- Seventeen missed calls.
That's bad.
- I gotta go.
- How come your phone's off? - I Deputy Givens, Assistant Director Goodall.
Hello, Raylan.
Goodall? And here I thought you'd be more surprised by the "assistant director.
" What are you doing here? Marshal Bill Nichols.
His car was found parked outside the diner at Castlewood.
Body was dumped near a pasture at Khartoum Farms probably sometime around midnight.
Said the stink was spooking the horses.
Body was mostly bled out.
Three shots, leg and head.
Leg shots were sufficiently clotted that the ME says that it was probably made several hours before the kill shot.
- I don't like where that leads.
- No.
Me, neither.
Till we know different, we have to assume he was tortured into giving up the location of one of his people.
How many people did he have? Three in the eastern district.
Mary Archer, Darrell Simmonds, and Terry Powe, but he was responsible for all the WitSec clients in the state and Ohio, too.
- We moving them? - No, we're just sitting on them right now.
Rachel's with Mary and her two kids in Castlewood.
Tim's down in Versailles with Simmonds, and Powe's with the LPD until I can get there.
And you're just gonna keep me here when we're "all hands on deck"? No, you're coming with me to see Little Joe Delahunt.
Remember him from your O.
Task Force days? We're going to Boston? Little Joe's in Lexington.
Has been for the last three days.
- So? - So, before he went into WitSec, Terry Powe was a button man named Walter Vondas.
Put Big Joe Delahunt in Leavenworth for life times 14.
Who's driving? He got guys with him? We should assume so.
Be nice not to have to kick the door down blind.
I could just knock, and whoever answers, I pull him out by the hair.
Little Joe answers, you could.
He's pretty little.
Little guys are always the worst.
They're more physical.
How about you knock, no matter who answers, you say, "Oh, geez.
I'm sorry.
I have the wrong room"? -"Oh, geez.
I'm sorry"? -"I have the wrong room.
" You're different than I remember.
Yeah, well, I'm older.
It's something else.
When did you get married? Few months before I got divorced.
Anyway, I think it's a good plan.
Unless he doesn't follow.
Nothing I can think of that would keep a guy from coming after you.
Powe, Chief Deputy Art Mullen.
You should be expecting me.
- What did you guys screw up this time? - Excuse me? The guy on the phone said you were coming by, but he didn't say why.
Powe, could we do this inside in case your neighbors are looking out the window, please? Yeah, yeah.
He said you were coming by.
He didn't say why, but I've been through enough of these scrambles to know it must be a screw-up Mr.
Powe, I'm gonna have to ask you to step away from the window, please.
All right.
You know, most of the places I've been, lawmen always travel in packs.
Roxbury detectives came to get me once.
They sent nine of them.
Nine of them in two cars.
They were They were packed in there like circus clowns.
But you WitSec boys are the only ones I've ever known to travel solo.
- I'm not with WitSec.
- Oh, no? Mr.
Powe, I'm going to ask you again to step away from the window.
And I'm gonna ask you again what this is all about.
Got to be some kind of threat.
Otherwise, why you telling me to get away from the window? But if that's the case, why don't you just move me? You ain't moving me 'cause you ain't certain the threat's for me, right? But then if that's the case Holy shit.
Did something happen to Nichols? That's it, right? That's why I couldn't get him on the phone this morning.
What is he, missing or dead? So, what, do you collect reptiles? Yeah.
I collect all kinds of reptiles.
Got 15 of them.
The broads love them.
What do you do with them? You pet them? Pet them? You can't pet them.
I don't pet them.
I don't walk them.
I just throw food in there, and I leave them alone.
I just Never understood that whole pet-reptile thing.
Might be better for you to pack a bag, Mr.
Powe, in case we do have to move you.
Yeah, all right.
What do you feed them? Mice? I'll tell you the truth.
I don't know what to feed them.
Everything I put in there, they don't eat.
They just die.
I end up feeding them to the snake.
You know, it's a real shame about Nichols.
I always liked him.
He was very decent to me.
Always treated me with respect.
You know, I'll tell you, Chief y, you catch up with this guy, you ought to give me a call before you bring him in, you know? - Nichols deserves some payback.
- Mr.
Powe Hey, hey, you know what? Call me Walt, all right? What happened to "Terry"? Who's gonna overhear? Mr.
Powe, I hope you're not informing a sworn officer of the law of your intention to commit a major felony.
I mean, look, call it a joke if you want, you know? All I'm saying is that whoever did this to Nichols needs to pay for it.
That's all.
You boys mind if I work in a set? Let's get this sleeve off.
Well, I think I might need a spot.
Here you go, fool.
Oh, my goodness.
I must have the wrong room.
Oh, no.
You're wrong, honey.
This is definitely where you belong.
Let go of my arm, or I'll call the manager.
Hey, now, honey.
I apologize if we got off the wrong foot.
Why don't you come inside? We'll grab a couple of those travel bottles in the minibar, see if I can't put a smile on that pretty face.
Butchie, what the hell's going on, huh? - And who is this guy? - Where the hell is the goddamn ice machine? I'll show you where it is.
US Marshal.
Who else is inside? You just broke my damn hand! At least you put a smile on my face.
Who else is inside? You stay right there.
I'm starting to doubt your plan.
He came after you, didn't he? Be a doll and get me my purse.
US Marshals! Open the door! Raylan? Raylan Givens? Open the door, Joe.
Who's the girl? - Assistant Director - Goodall.
- Yeah, what's she want? Right now what I want is for you to open the door.
I guess if you had a warrant, you'd have said so already.
What kind of half-assed assistant director doesn't have the juice to get herself a warrant? You know, you're right.
I don't have a warrant.
You want to talk about juice, though? I have the juice to get your daddy put in solitary fed all his meals through a slot in the door.
I have the juice to kick open this door and make you put your hand in there while I kick it closed again, and I'm gonna do that over and over again until you tell me which one of your guys murdered a Deputy Marshal.
And if you still don't, then I'm gonna get mean.
Whichever of my guys did what? What's going on, Raylan? You're sure? Yeah.
No, I'll take care of it.
Everything all right? Actually, no.
Little Joe's here in Kentucky.
We think some of his guys might be on the way over here.
- What does that mean? - That means we have to get out of here, so get your bag.
So, I really got to stay down here the whole time? Yeah.
Same protocol that says you got to take my car? If your vehicle had been compromised, if they had installed a tracking device on it or something, they would have already been at your address, which would mean they wouldn't need to track your car.
Makes sense.
Look, this is probably not the thing you want to hear from the guy that's supposed to be protecting your life, but I really have no idea where that safe house is.
Do you mind if I use your navigation system? Knock yourself out.
Hey, you think they're gonna relocate me again? Tell you, if they do, this time, I got to spend more time picking my name.
That "Terry" was like a joke.
You know, like that movie with the guy and his wife.
They get their WitSec names, and the wife says, "Terry," and the Marshal or whatever, he says, "No, no.
That's your name.
" Tell you, I can use a new gig, too.
You think they would let me work in a bar or something? You know what? We're not as far away as I thought.
You kidding me? Already? What the - Get out, you son of a bitch.
- All right.
All right.
Crowder, federal law requires me to give you the option to refuse all medical treatment and to also tell you that by doing so may result in disciplinary action.
Do I have your consent to proceed? You do.
All right.
Let's see here.
Open five.
Ask my permission to use my car.
Ask my permission to use the nav.
Real careful.
Make sure you're doing everything by the book.
Then we get here, you start searching my friggin' house without a warrant? Well, we were using the new book then.
Now we're using the old book.
That's my savings.
I don't trust the banks.
Walter, all that permission I was asking was before I got into your nav system and figured out exactly where your car was at the moment Bill Nichols was killed.
Now, we don't have a lot of time here.
You got one chance, exactly one, to tell me what you did.
All right.
We'll stick to the Old Testament, then.
You know, back in the old days, we used to use the phone book.
You know, whack! But people don't even have phone books anymore.
We still used to tell people, "You have the right to remain silent as long as you can stand the pain.
" Son of a bitch! That phone call I got was from my guy who I sent to brace Little Joe.
And the kid gave you up, said that you called him a few days ago, and you asked him how much it would cost for you to buy back into the game, square everything for sending the old man to jail.
He told you $2 million, thinking that you'd never come up with it, and then you told him to come on down here to Kentucky.
Now, the way I figure it, the only way you come up with that kind of money is by trailing your WitSec Marshal, finding out where all his other clients are, and then selling out at least one of them to whoever's looking for him.
So, what happened? Nichols figured out you were trailing him.
Yeah, let me guess.
You never planned on killing him.
- It just kind of happened.
- Yeah.
I know what you mean.
I didn't really plan any of this.
Just kind of happened.
So, the only people you intended to hurt were your fellow protectees, people in the exact same position as you, living scared every day of their lives.
Except that maybe some of them were in the Witness Protection Program 'cause they wanted to do the right thing and not because they were a sniveling, murdering, piece of shit like you, who just wanted to stay out of jail.
That the gun you killed Nichols with? - You need to talk to me, Walter! - Hey! All right.
This is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna tell me who you sold out and who you sold them out to.
Otherwise, I'm gonna take your gun.
I'm gonna fire a couple bullets into that wall over there, and then I'm gonna take my gun.
I'm gonna fire a couple bullets into your face.
Then, when the cavalry gets here, I'll just tell them that you drew down on me, and I did what I had to do.
I don't think anybody will shed too many tears.
Hey! Hey! Deputy Brooks, I was about to make some tea.
You want some? - Thanks.
That would be wonderful.
- Okay.
Hey, Art.
They're already here.
- Art? - Yeah.
He followed Nichols, sold out Mary Archer.
We got to go.
Let's go! Oh, my God.
Rachel, talk to me.
We're good, Art.
Hey, hey.
Come Come on.
Ain't you supposed to call out the cell number when you're opening up? Hello, Dick.
Help! There ain't nobody gonna save you now, Dick.
Are you ready for what it's gonna feel like when I open you up? That blood pouring out of you.
The air whistling through that little hole I'm about to make in your neck.
I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth.
But if I even think for one second you gonna scream, trust me, you gonna scream.
Ready? On three.
One, two.
Boyd, you know You know I never meant to hurt Hey, hey.
Don't even say her name.
You understand me? Making up lies about how you shot Ava by mistake ain't gonna be your salvation today.
But, Boyd The only thing that's gonna save you right now is the truth.
The truth? Okay, what kind of truth do you want? - Well, I'm glad that you asked.
- Okay.
The truth about your mama's money.
Mama's money? But you, you know better than anyone that all that money, the Black Pike money - Oh, Dick, Dick.
- It went right into trust for Doyle's boys.
That ain't the money I'm talking about.
I'm talking about everything she squirreled away over all them years.
You're gonna tell me how to get my hands on it.
I can't.
Boyd, wait, wait.
You don't understand.
I'm just saying that I can't tell you how to get your hands on it because I'm the only one he will give it to.
I'm the only one.
Even if I told him, "Hey, give it to him.
Boyd is my friend," or whatever, he will never, ever give it to someone else.
- Who is he? - Have you heard of Ellstin Limehouse? - Yeah, I heard of him.
- Nobles Hollow.
He owed Mama some kind of debt, okay? And that's why she knew that he was gonna keep her money safe.
And now, listen, Boyd.
Hey, hey.
I'm just telling you that money dies right here with me, okay? I'm just What time is your flight? Any time I want.
They flew me down on the service jet.
Look at you.
Want to go to Miami? They just let you use the jet like that? Like you're some kind of rock star? I take it to Paris every weekend.
You know, I transported a prisoner from Paris once.
They had some really good coffee.
But it was so little, I didn't know if I could hang out or if I was supposed to leave.
Felt a little uncomfortable.
I miss Miami, Raylan.
- I miss Dan.
- Yeah? He was the best chief I ever had.
Art seems good.
Art saved my life.
How? Ever tell you I'm from Harlan County? No.
You got nothing to worry about.
How you feeling? I'm fine.
It's not like he's my first.
He's your first since your first.
You sound like that psychologist I had to speak to the last time.
What did you tell him? I told her what I felt was a tremendous relief.
I just heard.
I'm so sorry.
I just want to make sure you're okay.
Thank you.
Should I stay? Or meet me at home, or - No, if you don't mind, stay.
- I'll stay.
You want to sit? - Can I get you anything? - No, I'm okay.
- Just give me a minute.
I'll be one sec.
- All right.
Yeah, I'll call you back.
Hey, did you ever hear from Arnett's assistant? - Yvette? - Yeah.
- You ever heard from her since that night? - No.
Why? That was FPD.
They said all the carpet had been pulled out of Arnett's office and the concrete underneath had been bleached.
That's never good.
Might be worth a trip down there tomorrow morning.
Are you okay? Sure.
Why wouldn't I be? Hey.
We good? You file your report? Then, yeah, you're sprung.
It's good to see you.
- Take care of yourself.
- You, too.
What happened to your face? The apple of my eye, the rose of my Sharon.
Is it possible that you could be more beautiful? Will you tell me what happened to your face? I didn't play well with others.
It was a little harder to get to Dickie than I thought.
- But you did get to him? - I did.
And he told you where his mama kept her money? He did.
Fact you're not dancing me around this parking lot makes me think there's a "but" coming.
But getting at it's gonna take some doing.
Why? Where is it? It's with Limehouse.
Bernard, you know the Army used to hang men who fell asleep on watch? Yes, sir, Mr.
Yeah, these dangerous times for us, with the law sniffing around us, that Crowder boy fresh out of jail.
Now more than ever, we need to stay vigilant, starting with the man on night watch over the one bridge we got going in and out of our holler.
- Wouldn't you agree? - Yes, sir.
Bernard, did you ever hear me argue with your dad about the best way to train a dog? There was a time I thought that pain was the only thing a dog remembers.
But it was your daddy who taught me a dog also remembers when you elect not to hurt him.
And if you can get your dog to not just remember, but to learn from the not hurting, then he's yours for life.
But some dogs, though, they take you not giving them the hurt that they deserve as weakness.
And after that first pass, well, they can't never be taught.
You got no choice but to put that dog down.
You ever see what happens when you put too much lye in the scalding water? Well, it burns off the hair and the hog's skin besides.
Now, I'm gonna give you a choice, Bernard.
I can pour some of this here on the back of your hand, see, turn the heat on the pressure hose up near boiling, and then we'll take this hand, and we stick it in under the stream till I decide we square.
Then we take your hand out, pour on some vinegar, and hope that lye hasn't eaten down to the bone.
Or you promise me that you will never fail me again in any capacity, and we can all go on back about our evening.
Now, before you choose, I'm gonna tell you what.
That first way hurt like nothing that you ain't ever felt, but it'll square us.
Second way doesn't hurt, but it will mean next time you screw up, I'll have to take that as a sign that you don't respect me anymore.
Now, can I assume from your face that you're choosing door number two?