Justified s03e03 Episode Script

Harlan Roulette

Previously on Justified The only thing that's gonna save you right now is the truth.
The truth about your mama's money.
Have you heard of Ellstin Limehouse? I'm the only one he will give it to.
That money dies right here with me.
Boyd instructed that you burn the weed.
We ain't burning it.
Those were Boyd's orders.
Wade Messer.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
So, how you been keeping yourself? Pretty good, joined the Marshals Service.
Marshals Service, huh? Boy, I'd have never guessed that.
Right there.
Nobody gonna tell me that wasn't no base hit.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Deputy Gutterson has some questions for you.
As I recall, last time we met, you told me next conversation we had wasn't gonna be a conversation.
This is a different conversation.
You had a good thing going here, Emmitt.
But you let go of the rope.
You know me now? Yeah.
Sometime it come out better than others, but when it do, boy, it is a sweet, spicy, smoky, juicy, tender piece of heaven, if I do say so myself.
And despite all that, I know it ain't good enough for you to come all the way out here, alone, this time of night, to have some.
I'm afraid you figured me out.
I ain't here for the barbecue.
Yeah, well, whatever reason, it's nice to see you, Ava.
And you, Mr.
Well, you looking well.
Better than the last time we saw each other, anyway.
You can bet that.
Though you do seem to be favoring that shoulder, if I'm not mistaken.
You're not.
But it ain't because of anything Bowman did if that's what you're thinking.
I heard what happened to your husband.
Yeah, the paper said you done it at the dinner table.
Shame of it was wasting all that ham.
I was thinking the shame of it was I wouldn't be seeing you around here anymore.
Well, that's sweet.
That, young lady, is the truth.
So, you got yourself a new boyfriend yet? Funny.
That's actually why I'm here.
I think you should meet.
That black bastard even twitches, we gonna mow them all down.
Ellstin Limehouse.
Boyd Crowder.
You boys play nice.
You know, my father and then, you know, like his father before him and so on, they always kept armed guard on this bridge at all times.
Back then, it was a necessary precaution.
I mean, not so much anymore, though there are still those who wish my people harm and those who advocate for the restoration of white supremacy in the land.
You believe that? I didn't come all the way out here to discuss ideology.
I think maybe you best tell me what you did come here to discuss.
Well, it has come to my attention that you are in possession of something that belonged to Mags Bennett.
Now, if that were true, what you know of me, you think I'd be telling you other people's business? Not the living.
But poor Mags is now on the other side.
Yeah, well, some agreements transcend the grave, Mr.
Well, that's an agreement that you made with Mags, but you continue to honor it because of her son Dickie.
Now, it seems to me that if Dickie were to join Mags in the afterlife that there would be no person for that money to go to, except maybe you and me.
I'm disappointed to hear you say that, Mr.
I was hoping that maybe you'd come here to discuss other business.
Could you give my regards to Arlo Givens? I believe last time I saw him was on this very bridge.
To satiate my curiosity, would you mind telling me what other business you think we might have to discuss? You know, I was figuring maybe you need a little help with your weed problem.
Arlo, just 'cause you're an old man, the only reason you're not getting one of these.
Next time Ava gives you an order, like "burn the weed," you follow it.
Let's go.
It's got two sinks.
- I heard about that.
- Double-bowl vanity.
- That's what they called it.
- That's fancy.
Figure that, separate commode area, could add three, four years onto our relationship.
- Givens.
- Hey, Raylan.
It's Tom Bergen.
You just said "commode," didn't you? I thought it sounded better than "crapper.
" - You doing anything right now? - No.
Wade Messer's been spotted.
We're setting up a road block.
I can give you the location.
Just text it to me.
I can be there in an hour.
You're not gonna see the house, are you? Not immediately.
- I'm sorry.
I just have to - You don't have to apologize.
It's your job.
Go do your job.
You like these guys for how many armed robberies? We're looking at them for, like, 12.
Doesn't sound like Wade Messer.
Guy that strung you up in a tree and tried to hit you with a bat? He strung me up in a tree.
He didn't hit me with the bat.
You heard about that football player killed all them dogs? Got a few years in the pen for it.
I heard about it a little, I guess.
See, to me, that ain't right.
I mean, they just dogs.
I know dudes killed people, got less than two years for it.
- Who? - What? Who do you know that killed people, got less than two years for it? That don't look like no accident.
Hey, Raylan! Say what? That guy down there with the hat, his name's Raylan Givens.
He's a Marshal.
, it might be a good time to get out of here.
Jesus! God damn it! Come on.
Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Where's Messer? I don't punch like a girl.
You punch like a girl.
I punch like a That's because you can't handle being punched like a man.
Dickie! You caught me in the nose! I'm so sorry.
I think it hurt Look, you caught me.
You two are an awfully cute couple.
Shit, man.
It ain't like that.
Why don't you get some exercise, Crowe? I'm good.
- Did it look like I was asking, numbnuts? - No.
He's good.
Thank you.
You know, incidents like the one with Crowder, they happen in this place all the time.
If it wasn't for us kindhearted guards looking out for you, life in this facility would be more miserable and violent than it already is.
Officer, I believe you're trying to scare me.
I mean, you're doing your best.
You're doing your best, but what What I don't understand is, why would that be? I overheard every word of that conversation between you and Crowder, and I want that money.
I ain't got no money, bro! You think I got money? Let me tell you something.
What you were listening to in there, okay, that is what you call a ruse.
I was doing whatever I needed to do to keep that psychopath from cutting me open, man.
I ain't got no money, man.
That's actually kind of funny.
'Cause at first, I thought the same thing.
I thought, "Oh, this is a" A "ruse"? - Ruse.
- Yeah.
So I made a phone call, and I called a buddy of mine who is in the local down in your neck of the woods.
He told me that your dead mama was one big shot-caller.
So you get me that money, or life in here will take a turn for the disastrous.
Let me tell you something.
If you truly had been paying attention to my encounter with Boyd Crowder, then you would know that even if there were money, which there ain't, how am I gonna get my hands on that money, you think, while I am inside here? You follow me? So you and Boyd and everybody else who wants a piece of me, you're just gonna have to hold your horses, that's right, until I am home, sweet out of here.
Is that all? This here's a 24-piece combination set, hardly ever been used! I am aware of that.
My offer is still $3.
I ain't giving this shit away! I'm sorry.
Did I come into your place of business and ask you to take a crappy wrench set off my hands? - Okay.
We're done.
- Huh? I don't want your wrench set.
Get out.
- Kiss your mama with that mouth? - I sure do, if she were still alive.
What happened? They had a roadblock.
They was waiting for us.
Jesus Christ! You idiot.
Beckett, shut up.
Where's J.
? So, you come all the way out here to let Messer get away? One of your boys let him get away.
I got the driver.
Besides, these boots aren't made for running.
And yet chasing fugitives is a Marshal's primary function.
It's ironic, isn't it? Hey! Dull roar.
-"Bring your kids to work" day? -"Wife's sicker than shit" day.
That explains the fried chicken for breakfast.
All this crap's stolen.
Truck itself's a dead end, but those plates turn up on toll-booth cameras every few weeks between here and Frankfort.
- Dixie Mafia.
- On the receiving end, probably.
Word is somebody's giving addicts laundry lists of swag to steal.
Pays them in Oxy.
What are you thinking? Well, I always knew Messer was a bit of a drunk.
Now he's looking like an addict to me.
You know what they say the difference is? A drunk will steal your wallet and feel like shit about it.
Addict will steal your wallet and help you look for it.
Help you look for it.
These days in this county, a lot of folks will help you look for your wallet.
- I guess Messer's one of them.
- Yeah.
Hey, you want us to hold on to that J.
fella, you know, the one you did manage to get, so you can question him? - Why's that? - Just posted bail about five minutes ago.
- I'd like to know who posted his bail.
- All right.
You sorry sack of monkey shit.
Least he was able to get away.
It was his fault I got caught.
I don't want to hear it.
You say anything to the cops? Anything at all? No.
I didn't see him say nothing.
I ask you? - Well? - Not a word.
You aren't wearing a wire or anything, are you? No.
He's not wearing a wire, boss.
I already checked him.
Well, that's why I'm checking again, 'cause you did it.
That's a good one, boss.
I'm truly sorry, Mr.
You know what? Don't be.
I mean, it's my fault, really.
Work with addicts, shit is bound to fall on your head.
I'm hurting awful bad.
He gets arrested, my truck gets confiscated and he still wants his little pills.
I'll go get you something real nice right now if you want.
I heard Ruth Crane just got herself a flat-screen.
You win, you get a pill.
You lose, well, I'll put a pill on your casket for you.
Make them sing for their supper.
Shut up, Wally.
Ain't there something else? Come on.
One pull.
- One more.
- Huh? You heard me.
Pull it again.
That ain't how Russian roulette works.
You're not playing Russian roulette, dumb shit.
You're playing Harlan roulette.
Come on, Mr.
What? You want to play? Huh? I'm sorry.
I heard you say, "Oh, come on, Mr.
Fogle!" It sounded like what you wanted is you wanted to have the gun 'cause you can if you want.
- No.
No, sir.
- J.
, give it.
No, second thought, you keep it, J.
You're the one that got arrested.
I already went once.
I go again, odds ain't good.
Come on, now.
They're not that bad.
One in five.
I mean, in your condition, with all the Oxy you do, you wouldn't live a few more years anyway.
Hey! Tell you what I'll do.
You pull that trigger again, I'll give you this whole bottle.
You two can share it.
I'm sorry.
He wet himself! Boom! That's right, boy! You actually thought I was gonna let you kill yourself in my office? Stupid.
- Please, Mr.
-"Please, Mr.
" Maybe it's just your lucky day, son.
Or maybe not.
You two dump the body and clean up this mess.
Well, I never seen a man shot like that before.
I heard about it plenty.
Never seen it.
You know, he bled a whole lot more than I thought he would.
How many people you seen Fogle kill? Just dig the hole, Messer.
Limehouse asked we give this to you.
Now, the way I see it, you boys are doing me a favor by taking all this off my hands.
Limehouse doesn't like to be in anyone's debt.
You give him my regards.
You was gonna turn down that coon's money? There can't be more than $5,000 in here.
Split four ways, you think you can retire on that? That's more than what we would have had if we'd have burned the pot like you wanted.
Why do you think I wanted it, Devil? Limehouse knew we had that pot.
And if he did, you can bet plenty of other people did, too.
Now, what if a cop came by? You want we should all go to jail so that you can make $1,000.
You think that sounds like smart business? This is your score.
You help them load that weed.
Right now.
You better go, boy.
Go on.
Just here to make money, same as the rest of us.
You think I don't have plans to get this crew paid, Arlo? If you do, I sure as hell haven't heard them.
You haven't even told us where the hell Johnny is.
Unless I missed something.
You know, my father, he considered himself a Harlan criminal, but, in fact, he became nothing more than a middleman lining the coffers of the folks in Frankfort and Miami.
Ava, could you come in here for a minute, please, darling? And, in the end, this association cost him his life, but we will not make that mistake.
We will not work with outsiders.
We will protect Harlan.
We will control every aspect of crime within its boundaries, protection, pills, robbing and gambling.
We will be meticulous and we will be clean.
No more smash-and-grabs and no more bad decisions.
Now, as to the whores, well, my father ran them and he ran them well.
We will not, not just because of Ava's objections, but because these are rock-hard times for the working man, and he's just trying to stay level to get his pills.
Now, make no mistake about it, everybody sitting at this table, we are all in it together in the service of the almighty dollar.
That's a fine speech, but we're gonna need more than just us.
That we will, and I've already taken steps in that direction.
Now, I'd like to discuss today's business.
We're going to reclaim something that rightfully belongs to the Crowder family.
You see, for years, the focus of the Oxy business has been the Florida pill mills.
That pipeline is drying up and we are gonna fill that void.
They weren't tracking users in Florida.
That's what made it so easy to get pills.
Kentucky, they do.
That's why I came down here, Wynn.
I pitched an idea to the Detroit colleagues and they are backing me.
You see, we're gonna take all this furniture and move it out.
We're gonna load it up with computers and printers, make IDs, MRIs, X-rays, medical records, and then we are going to Harlan.
We'll set up mobile trailers, rotate doctors in and out.
If it gets hot, we move.
The deal we make with the addicts is simple.
We fill their prescriptions at the regular price.
They get half the pills.
We ship the other half to Detroit where we charge 10 times the price.
You see, Wynn? That is why it's called "organized crime.
" How soon can we get set up? Hey, buddy.
What's going on? I'm at the office.
No, just the usual, boring stuff.
- Bathroom? - Down the hall to the right.
How's hockey? That's my boy.
You crushing them? I know.
Other door, pal.
No, I think you're gonna love it down here.
The schools are great.
I know you don't like school too much but trust me on this, you are going to love the view down here.
Just starting to wonder if anyone worked here.
Just me.
Hey, who drives that Vette? - That's mine.
- And you work here? I'm the owner.
Glen Fogle.
That explains it.
Nice car.
Yeah, I used to own one of them European sports cars.
On a weekly basis, somebody would be calling me a douche bag or faggot or some derogatory shit, but now people, they just see it and they say, "Nice car.
" -ls Wally working today? - No.
Like I said, just me.
How much you pay him? Why? You looking for work? Well, I'm looking for someone.
Fella named Wade Messer.
- Never heard of him.
- Well, he and this other dude, J.
, wanted on suspicion of armed robberies.
got himself arrested this morning.
Your employee Wally posted his bail.
If that's true, I am most certainly paying my employees too much.
What you got in the back there? The back room, that's not for customers.
Customer Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens.
- So, this Wade - Wade Messer.
He's a fugitive? - He is.
Well, you got a warrant there, Marshal? This is just a nice, friendly visit.
Afraid without a warrant, this is friendly as I get.
Funny, 'cause I came here 'cause I'm looking for my buddy Wade, but the way you're acting makes me think maybe the person I'm actually looking for is you.
In fact, it just occurs to me if I was running a scam, shipping stolen goods out of town, a pawn shop would be the perfect place to hide the swag in plain sight.
I'll tell you, if I ever break bad, I will keep that in mind.
See you around, Glen Fogle.
Sounds like things have gotten pretty exciting down there, Glen.
I don't have any hot merchandise here.
is out of the picture.
I got the other one under control, but this Marshal seems like he's just gonna keep coming at me.
- Says he's gonna get a warrant.
- Who's that? It's the pawn-shop owner down in Harlan.
Raylan Givens has been sniffing around.
- Cowboy Marshal.
The one with that - With the hat.
- Hey, you there? - Yes.
Fogle, I am indeed here, and when I want to talk to you, you will hear my voice.
I just didn't know.
He had a hat.
Have the pawn-shop guy kill him.
- He's a US Marshal.
- Yeah, you tried and you failed.
There were extenuating circumstances.
Not a criticism, just an observation.
Obviously, Givens is a hard guy to kill.
Do you think Mr.
Pawn-Shop Guy is up to the task? - No.
- Exactly! What I have planned for Harlan, Mr.
Pawn-Shop Guy is more trouble than he's worth.
Let Givens take care of him for us.
What if he gets lucky and pops the Marshal before the Marshal pops him? Then we get lucky.
I'm sorry, Glen.
Are you still there? Where else would I be? Cornholing a pig? Listen, I need you to do something.
You sure? 'Cause you cannot un-ring that bell.
I'll take care of it.
Had a visitor while you were gone.
Marshal named Givens.
Says you are a federal fugitive.
I was gonna tell you about that.
I know.
But you didn't 'cause, well, I would have cut you off, and then you wouldn't have had any more Oxy.
That right? That's just selfish is what that is, Wade.
It's just selfish.
You are a stupid, selfish, Oxy-smoking gutter turd.
I can make that up to you.
Yeah, you will.
I even know how.
This federal that's after you, you know him? - Raylan.
- Yeah? Yeah, you old friends or something? Well, I set him up for Dickie Bennett, strung him up in a tree.
- I don't know.
Is that a friend? - Okay.
Now, you got a gun at your house, or did you already sell them all to finance your habit? - No, I keep one in my bureau.
- Okay.
You're gonna call this cowboy and you're gonna say you're tired of running.
That's no kind of life.
And you want to meet him at your house in an hour.
Now, you go there now, and when he comes up to the door, you say, "Hi," and you shoot him through the screen.
Now, you think you can handle that? I mean, do I have to do that? Standing here with me after what you seen me do, you honestly have to ask me that question? No, sir.
I'm sorry.
Y'all see what I mean? Yep.
It is definitely worse.
Smells like bleach and puke.
Can I help you boys? Yeah, we gonna have to dig in deep, get this place looking respectable again.
Hey! What the hell you think you're doing? Look at this asshole, bringing a baseball bat to a gunfight.
I'm sorry.
Do you know who I am? - I do not.
- Well, I'm Boyd Crowder.
Now, you're probably wondering why your day is taking this turn, and why wouldn't you? But don't worry about it.
I'm gonna tell you.
See, not so long ago, this bar belonged to my cousin Johnny.
- Do you remember him? - I bought this place fair and square! Buck, have you ever been shot? I have.
Right here in my chest.
It hurt like hell.
It almost cost me my life, but my cousin Johnny, he took it a lot worse than I did, a shotgun at close range.
He spent months laid up in a hospital room, contemplating the difficult nature of his new existence.
And while he was infirmed, you swooped in and you took advantage.
- I didn't take - Well, hey, now.
I can't blame you for plucking that low-hanging fruit, but the time has come for you to right that wrong.
Now, we can take this bar back in a civilized manner, or Devil here can send you to the hospital for months, and we can take it the same way you did.
The option is yours.
So, what's it gonna be, A or B? Think I'll take option C.
Now you take that gun off of him.
- You met my friends? - No.
You met mine? Daddy.
Good times in here today.
Drop them guns right now.
Well, Johnny, I believe you got us a couple of keepers.
Now, Jimmy here, we never know what he's gonna do, so that's a problem.
What's worse is Rip here.
If you boys don't get your asses out of here right now, well, we all know what Rip's gonna do, now don't we? You can take what's left in that cash register.
That's your severance pay.
On the double.
And we will need a deed.
I want you to make it out to B-O-Y-D C-R-O-W-D Raylan.
Well, you got here quick.
Seemed like you were in a real hurry to turn yourself in.
Well, I guess you was pretty surprised to hear from me.
Little bit.
Well, you know, after we crashed that truck, running through the woods, -and I asked myself - Wade, no need to explain.
Why's that? On account that you just did not 30 minutes ago when you called.
You know, you could have gone on ahead and let yourself in.
Wade, you remember way back when the miners struck Tremmins Power? Yes, sir.
Well, one day, some company gun thugs came to our house, looking for my uncle, my mother's younger brother, living with us at the time.
They came across the street, five of them, a couple carrying pick handles, and they walk up on the porch, where my mother stood.
They said they wanted to see her brother, the agitator.
They said they wanted to set his thinking cap on straight for him.
She said he wasn't here.
They said they intended on looking inside anyway.
Well, I come out the screen door to stand with my mother.
And she looks at me like she'd given up all hope.
But none of that was in her voice when she told them, "You don't walk in a person's home unless you're invited.
" Would it be all right with you if I went in just to change my shirt? You don't want to know what happened next? Well, of course.
They knocked my mother aside, used the pick handles to put me down, went in and out the back empty-handed.
I guess my point is that there's been plenty of rules I've forgotten or discarded over the years, but that one's always stuck.
I appreciate you coming out here to get me, especially after all that went on with Dickie.
I'm awful sorry about all that.
I mean, he just showed up.
I didn't know what else to do.
Just consider it water under the bridge, Wade.
Well, yeah, yeah.
And then I heard that you got to little Loretta just in time that same day, and I just want you to realize that when I decided I was gonna help her, I had no idea what she had intended to do.
I suspect it'd be difficult to tell without the proper context.
Damn it! - You didn't change your shirt.
- No.
Was it 'cause you went in the house looking for this? I thought you wasn't gonna go inside! We all got lines we got to cross, Wade.
- Well, what about that part - What the hell happened to you, Wade? - Shit.
- Raylan, I don't know.
It's these pills.
I'm not myself.
It's just It's not my fault.
Well, tell that to the judge and the jury.
Well, it don't have to go to that, does it? I mean, we're old friends, aren't we? Friends? You strung me up and left me for dead.
I thought that was water under the bridge.
Now you come here looking to put a bullet in me.
Honestly, I think I was just gonna put a bullet in me.
I'll tell you what I want to know, Wade.
After you shot me, what was you supposed to do next? - Is he dead? - He is.
But I took a bullet.
- What? - Yeah, I been shot.
Fogle, I need help.
Be there shortly.
Yeah, if He hung up.
What happened? He get him? Grab some guns and ammo from out front.
Messer? Wade? Where you at? Fogle.
- You're looking well.
- Well, thanks.
Feel pretty good.
I bet you're looking for Wade Messer.
- You haven't seen him, have you? - Yeah.
He's right there, handcuffed in the backseat of my car.
Not true.
Whatever he's been telling you.
Well, he sounded pretty convincing.
Come on.
You're not gonna take an addict's word for it.
I think the question you should ask is whether I care if you ride out of here cuffed in the back of my car or get carried out of here in a coroner's bag.
The answer is me and dead owls don't give a hoot.
You gonna shoot me? Look.
I'll take out my gun and put a bullet through your heart before you raise your weapon.
Then I guess I got to wait for your partner to finish sneaking around back.
You tell him to step on every twig and branch he passed? All right.
You know he's there.
It's still two of us and one of you.
More like one and a half.
Look at him.
He's stoned.
What did you even bring him for? Hey, Marshal.
Now, listen.
Let's take it easy.
All right, maybe there's another solution to all this.
Yeah? Put that down.
Let's hear it.
I got somewhere else I want to be.
Somewhere more important than here with me? Thinking of buying a house.
Really? What neighborhood? In the greater Lexington area of kiss my ass.
What if I gave up some friends up in Frankfort? Your friends got names? How about Wynn Duffy? I'd say we're getting somewhere.
Now I just need you to put down your guns.
You heard the man, there, Wally.
Put your gun down.
You saying he can just make a deal and skate, just after all the shit he's done? Put the gun down.
Well, it's too bad you don't know what's going on up in Frankfort, or you could make your own deal.
I might not know about what's going on up there, but I do know what he's doing down here, like how he killed J.
just for sport of it.
Wally, you keep your mouth shut.
Well, you know, Wade and I saw him do it.
We buried him ourselves.
- All right.
Put the gun down.
- Marshal, listen.
- Settle down.
- I am officially turning myself in, and I can guarantee you whatever these two addicts are accusing me of, they are, in fact, responsible for it themselves.
Beckett, put that gun down.
I'll turn myself in, Marshal, long as you kill Fogle.
All right, now, that's enough, both of you.
Marshal ain't gonna shoot me, you dumb shit.
He needs me.
Yeah? Well, he might not, but I will.
Put your guns down, both of you.
Messer! You got that phone on you? - Yeah.
- Dial 911.
You let him shoot me.
I can't die here.
Shit! My cousin Johnny's securing us the services of Jimmy and Rip.
Well, it does seem those boys are gonna be right at home.
Did you ever approach Johnny about taking part in the Commandos? Well, as much as cousin Johnny likes guns and money, I don't think he ever would have bought into the "why.
" I remember when you recruited me.
Took me to that church, showed me your ink.
I thought to myself, "This here son of a bitch is crazy, "preaching race war in a goddamn church.
" But, boy, I never believed in anything the way I did those Commandos.
Yes, sir.
You know, and then your Marshal friend shot you.
It all turned.
Some said you'd gotten religion.
Others said you'd gone crazy, betrayed your father, -all them people hanging out in the woods.
- Devil, what are you looking for here? I just want to know which Boyd Crowder I'm being asked to follow.
Well, what if I told you I was the man that recruited you in that church? But then I also told you I was a man who got shot? Who found God? Who betrayed his father? That I was a man who killed men and gotten a whole bunch of men killed? See, Devil, I can't discard my past any more than I can these tattoos.
Now, I told you what I'm offering.
There ain't nothing more.
I'm in.
When I was kid, my old man wouldn't let us watch Mister Rogers or Sesame Street.
He made us watch Taxi Driver.
Now, you might think that this thing is great, but it has to be perfect every time.
If it jams, I am screwed.
This is version 3.
Where'd you get the track? It's funny you should ask that.
Actually, I was Christmas-tree shopping with Go check it out.
Tell him we're fine.
Tell him we're fine, asshole.
We're fine, Mike! Howdy.
That's a big gun.
I'm unarmed.
Stand up, turn around and put your hands in the air.
You move, I'll shoot you in the back.
How may we help you, Marshal? Remember that conversation we weren't gonna have? This is it.
The pawn-shop owner's dead, along with his flunky.
I found another one in a shallow resting spot.
I don't give a shit.
I don't give a shit 'cause I know it was you that called the shot on me, Duffy.
I know.
I know, just like I know it's no accident that Emmitt Arnett and his assistant are missing.
Look here.
Next one's coming faster.
How fast do you think those bullets will be when they're heading back at you?