Justified s03e04 Episode Script

The Devil You Know

Previously on Justified - Ellstin Limehouse.
- Yeah, I heard of him.
He owed Mama some kind of debt, okay? And that's why she knew that he was gonna keep her money safe.
Well, it has come to my attention that you are in possession of something that belonged to Mags Bennett.
Yeah, well, some agreements transcend the grave, Mr.
If Dickie were to join Mags in the afterlife, that there would be no person for that money to go to, except maybe you and me.
So you get me that money, or life in here will take a turn for the disastrous.
How am I gonna get my hands on that money, you think, while I am inside here? Detroit is concerned.
Look, when you go back to Detroit, you just tell them that the properties that I'm holding are poised to rebound, and when they do, they're gonna be worth twice what I paid for them.
You had a good thing going here, Emmitt.
But you let go of the rope.
Now, I told you what I'm offering.
There ain't nothing more.
I'm in.
Hey, Eye of the Tiger.
How about you settle down a little? Could be a while yet.
Yeah, well, suppose I ain't got a while, Tanner.
What then? Listen, man, I don't know how they do things up in Shitkick Holler.
Down here in white civilization, boss calls you to his home, you sit and wait till he's goddamn ready to see you.
What's he even want with me, anyway? Devil, I'm taking you to see the wizard, brother.
Oughta be grateful.
Where is he? Where is he? You must be the one they call Devil.
So, Devil, can I get you a coffee or a bourbon or anything? I am particular to the bourbon.
I love that shit.
We don't get it in Detroit.
No, I don't want anything.
Nothing? I'm gonna help myself.
Devil? Devil, Devil? Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
Why don't you just calm down and have yourself a seat? So, Tanner here tells me that you are a man who gets things done.
Is he right? Well, I don't do muscle work anymore if that's what you're after.
Got my own thing going now.
Not exactly the way that I've heard it described.
You been talking out of school about me, Tanner? Just looking out is all.
See, Tanner's kind of like my talent scout for my organization.
He finds people who are under-utilized in their current situation and reports it back to me.
And from what I've heard, you have been pushed to a second tier position at an enterprise that's going nowhere fast.
Am I right? Yeah, I don't know about that.
I only know what I've been told.
You and Tanner go back.
You two got to talking.
Quart of shine in my belly, I say a lot of things.
Here's what I think.
The potential, down in Harlan County to make money, you've only just begun to imagine, and there's only one thing standing in the way of making that happening.
Well, we got a few things lined up.
Tell me you're shitting me.
Chasing money up a black holler? Cozying up with people you'd just as soon see swinging? Taking orders from a woman who has raised her hand to you and is protected by a man who is not against taking a poke at you himself! Give me an amen! Give me an amen! Give me a goddamn amen! Amen.
What, are you saying you got something better? I guaran-damn-tee it.
"Guarantee's" a big word.
You ain't the first to come along, making promises.
Yes, but I am the first who can actually deliver.
You see, I have the resources and the infrastructure to turn your shitty little project, or whatever the hell you call it, into a moneymaking machine.
I just need the right people to run it.
Right people.
You're saying that's me? You wouldn't be here otherwise.
Well, I don't know.
You don't know.
Hey, you don't know.
'Cause I'm not gonna bullshit you.
It would take you getting your hands dirty, but from what I understand, you're not against getting your hands dirty if it's a means to an end that makes sense.
Let me tell you this.
This is an opportunity that only happens once.
Do you understand? Well, for the sake of argument, what you got in mind? Dickie! Get off me! You big lug! Help! Dewey! Don't let 'em think they got you hurt, Dewey! Dickie! Help me! - Damn! - Would you Take it.
Would you just hold still? Damn.
What the hell are we supposed to do now? What do you mean, what are we supposed to do now? The plan never accounted for this dipshit to be in the mix.
What? Dickie, you there? Hey, hey! Brother Dewey! Yeah, man.
Hey, have no fear.
I'm right here.
I think I'm in shock.
I feel cold.
Well, you never should've jumped in on the fight, man.
Had 'em right where I wanted 'em.
What kind of man am I if I don't stand by my friends? The fight was supposed to put him in here, not you.
You are now a liability.
Damn, man.
Can I at least get like a Tylenol or something? Yeah, can you get him I say we throw him back to gen pop.
I say he's heard too much for that to be a viable option.
You really think this one's gonna put two and two together? Hey, moron.
How much have you heard? About y'all breaking out? Nothing.
Do you hear this? Nice.
He ain't nothing to worry about.
Come on.
I mean, take a look at him.
Nah, he can't go back in.
Not now.
Wait a sec.
I got an idea.
Ash, would you start loading us up? I'm gonna handle this one.
Hey, hey, ain't no reason to handle me.
I don't know anything.
If you want, I could work up like a cover story and you all can play along.
What you think? Yeah.
What's that right there? Hey! What the hell did you just do, man? Dickie, help! What did you do? Dewey! Hey, what did you do to him, man? Just another minute.
There we go.
Time to go to sleep.
Come on.
Come on.
Why the hell did you go and do that? He said he didn't know nothing.
So, you ready to do things my way, or would you like option B? Let's see if I got this right.
You managed to get bushwhacked by an imbecile and an undernourished half-cripple.
I turned my back for one second.
Next thing I know, I wake up, I'm in the refrigerator.
Gonna take all week to get my core temp back up.
Prison old-timer died in his sleep last night and was awaiting transfer to the morgue.
So they slipped out in a coroner's van? Well, Tramble's got its own private hearse transfer.
Subcontracted out.
We got a line on the driver? Edward Fowler.
Worked for Tramble six months.
BOLO's already out on the hearse, and the Marshals task force will follow up on the other leads.
My shift's been up for three hours, and I'm gonna need stitches, and I can't really stitch it myself.
Is there any chance I could cut loose and head to urgent care soon? - Sit tight.
- Okay.
All right.
Any trouble? Not a peep.
Good job.
Hey, you think I can get a little taste? Nap time's over, Gimpy.
Come on.
Time for business.
You just gonna let him freak out inside that thing all day or what? Your boyfriend.
You fix it.
Dewey, Dewey, Dewey, hey, hey.
There you go.
What the hell, man? There you go.
Hey! Easy, easy, easy.
Hey, look at me.
Take a look around.
Take a look around.
Come on.
See what we got here? You're free, brother.
Free where? Where the hell am I? You're out of Tramble now.
Why am I out of Tramble? And which one of y'all stuck me in the neck? Your lucky day, Dewey.
This thing goes right, you may live as a free man.
Serious? Well, awesome.
Funny, I said if things go well.
Did you get out okay? Got me on a short leash.
He wanted to make sure I went to the hospital and got stitches.
Still don't know why we need Dumb and Dumber both.
You let me worry about Dumber.
You just worry about the other thing.
All right.
This is how this works.
You got the money up blacktown.
That's where we're headed.
Hold on.
You need to know that you don't know shit about Nobles Holler, all right? 'Cause I can tell you we ain't getting anywhere near that place with the whole crew we got going on here.
That's why it's just gonna be you and me, buttercup.
You take him to the hotel.
You wanted him.
He's your problem.
Come on, gimp.
Let's roll.
Friends? Couple.
You know.
Still slinging weed? Mostly heroin.
A little cocaine.
Is that why you're here? Marvel at the expansion of my drug empire? Yeah, I have been wondering how you're doing.
Well, here you see it, in all its babysitting glory.
But I need to ask you a question.
Donnie, you put that down right this minute! What question? Mags Bennett may have a sizeable amount of money socked away.
Yeah? Yeah.
How much? Can't say.
"Can't say" you don't know or "can't say" you can't say? Bit of both.
You gonna ask do I have it? Was just gonna ask if you knew where she kept it.
Couldn't say.
"Couldn't say" don't know or "couldn't say" couldn't say? Well, why couldn't I have it? I think if you did, you'd quit the babysitting gig.
Well, maybe I'm doing this babysitting gig to throw off the authorities.
Loretta, do you have it? Got it.
Found the hearse off 225.
Driver shot once through the head, two empty body bags in the back plus the old-timer they used to get out.
They got an accomplice outside.
Or they had a gun ready.
Come time to make a deal with the driver, they put a bullet through him instead.
Anyways, you were explaining where we're going? Nobles Holler.
Nice community.
Carved out for emancipated slaves after the Civil War.
Good white folks of the county been trying to dig 'em out going on 150 years now.
Hasn't happened yet? They're still working on it.
You're all up on your race relations.
I pay attention during Black History Month.
And you're bringing me along as the ambassador of African-America.
Help smooth your passage.
I recall being pulled along on a similar mission sometime back.
Fair enough.
If the girl's right, Mags kept her money there.
Fellow named Ellstin Limehouse.
You know this Limehouse? No.
Met him once.
And you think Dickie's fool enough to show up there looking for it? Fool enough to bring along Dewey Crowe.
I'd say anything's possible.
Deputy Marshal Givens.
Deputy Marshal Brooks.
Givens? Boy, something about that name.
Remembering my daddy, I expect.
Why? He do something worth me remembering him? You put it that way, no.
Well, then why would I remember him? We're here about two local boys.
Dickie Bennett and Dewey Crowe.
Busted out of the pen at Tramble this morning.
Who in the hell is Dewey Crowe? Wears gator teeth.
Joined the Heil Hitler club.
Wants you to know he's bad, but doesn't have it down yet.
We have to pretend you don't know Dickie Bennett? Word is Bennetts' been keeping their cash up this holler a long time, and Dickie, being out, he's gonna need a friend.
And you think I'm that friend? Mr.
Limehouse, any information you might have on Dickie or the money he's after Where is your family tree, girl? Trying to cover it up, but I hear Tennessee up in there.
You hear right.
Now, down Tennessee, your people teach you the way to get ahead is betraying the confidence of folk you got dealings with? Taught me to be careful who I choose to do business with in the first place.
Well, you got luxuries up there we ain't got down here.
I didn't know you were from Tennessee.
Hendersonville, up near Johnny Cash's place.
Ever see him? Nah, I never made it up that way.
Ended up helping my mama clean house for a white lady.
Said I needed to go to college.
Paid my way.
Four years at Ole Miss.
I believe Ole Miss has the best-looking girls any college in the country, even Vanderbilt.
Well, you two clearly got a lot to talk about.
We're not done with you, yet.
You know, I'd love to help you, Marshals, but these ribs is done.
But y'all can bring your revenue agents down here if you want to with their guns and their dogs.
Won't be the first time nor the last, I expect.
We can start by posting up on your road into town.
Keep an eye out for Dickie.
I'm sure you won't mind since you got nothing to hide.
If you get hungry, you come on up.
I'm gonna hook you up with some bacon.
You ain't ever gonna forget.
We get KSP to post a unit up here.
You mind if I leave you with them? Sit in the A/C? Well, where are you going? Another idea I want to run down.
How the hell did the Marshal Service get posted up here already? Did you tip them off, Dickie? Yeah, yeah, I tipped off Raylan about my own escape.
What can I say? It really felt right at the time.
Shit! Well, we are not getting up there.
Well, that is surely true.
Where are we going now? To the motel.
If I can't get up there, you're gonna find a way to get the goddamn money out.
What happened? No joy.
Give me a phone.
Hello, Dickie Bennett.
You two know each other? Sure we do.
We got family in Harlan.
We know all the Bennetts, matter of fact, not just this sorry shit-heap.
Hey, hey, hey.
Ain't no reason to get all spun up there, tater tot.
You call your banker.
You tell him to bring that money someplace useful, or I will show you what it means to get "spun up.
" Okay.
Here we go.
It's ringing.
Yeah, hello? This is, I'm a very special friend and client of Mr.
If you would please put him on the phone right straightaway, thank you.
Say what? No, that Hello? It's okay.
I'm just gonna do something here.
You know he's just gonna keep on calling.
Yeah, give it here.
Now, before you say a damn word, I need to know you know how to talk on a telephone.
Listen, listen, you know that I do, and you know I wouldn't be calling if it wasn't something needed done, okay? I assume you are aware of the situation up here.
Yes, I am aware, and let me just say, okay that I wish all this could be handled in some other way, but since it can't, here's the thing.
I am counting on you, okay? I'm counting on your sterling reputation for customer service, not to mention our family's long and mutually beneficial history to prevail upon you to honor the arrangement between us, okay? And, given the current circumstances, I'm gonna need you to bring the package to some other location.
Well, if it ain't the Devil himself.
Where the hell you been, brother? Been around.
Around? Yeah.
What? I miss something? Just your share.
Johnny had his eyes on it, but I was able to fend him off.
This it? What, you were expecting a prize at the bottom? No, it's just a little light is ail.
Just watering seeds, son.
Just watering seeds.
Yeah, you been telling me that, haven't you? What the hell you so crotchety about, Devil? Nothing.
Just wondering if and when we're ever gonna actually make a move on something worth moving on.
And I told you that time is coming.
But we're gonna have to put a pin in this for now 'cause I'm sensing a disturbance in the force.
Boyd? Hello, Raylan! Welcome! I like what you've done with the place.
Well, I appreciate that.
What can we do for you, Raylan? We have 17 different kinds of bourbon behind the bar.
We'll even give you the first one on the house.
How many kinds of water? Give him some tap.
And where's Arlo? Are you saying I know the whereabouts of your daddy better than you do? Saying I can't see him passing up the chance to drink off a weekday afternoon.
It makes it hard for him to piss whatever he takes in.
Well, you know what they say.
Getting old ain't for pussies.
Your daddy's slipping into decrepitude.
Truly is sad, being the man that he once was.
He was something.
Hard on my mother, though.
He'd lay bruises on her when he'd drink or when he didn't.
I was 10 the night she decided she'd had enough.
Lit out, took a clutch with her like she wasn't coming back.
And did she go up to Nobles Holler? Heard the stories, white women seeking shelter there, men not daring to follow them.
But not Arlo.
Hell no! He wasn't scared of black folks.
He was gonna chase her down and bring her back.
'Course, he tied one on first and then come up and dragged me with.
How did that sit with the good folks in Nobles Holler? We come up to the bridge.
Arlo set to screaming for her.
And that's when I met Ellstin Limehouse.
Young man then, 20, 22.
Arlo reached back about as far as Nebraska to swing at him.
Limehouse just felled him like a tree He beat him so bad, I had to drag him back to the car and drive him home.
Well, that must have made quite an impression, seeing your daddy laid low like that.
And yeah, I was up at Nobles Holler this afternoon.
Limehouse, no recollection of it whatsoever, like it never happened.
Well, maybe he just found it interesting to allow you to believe that.
Or maybe he's kicked so many white boys' asses, he just ain't keeping track no more.
What do you think? Hey, boys.
Would you mind giving me and US Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens a moment, please? Come on, Devil.
I'd love to know what precipitated that conversation between you and Mr.
Well, Dickie Bennett took a flyer out of Tramble this morning.
He did not? His compadre in escape none other than Dewey Crowe.
Dewey Crowe? I don't suppose they've been by.
No, no, they have not, and I think we can both agree that if he's running around with Dickie, I'm unlikely to receive him.
More likely you go after them.
Which would be easier if you knew where they were, even if it was in prison.
All right.
I might have a nut or two for your trail mix.
I'm listening.
A bent screw at Tramble, the kind of guy who put people together who ain't supposed to be.
He might be the same kind of guy who can get them out.
Yeah? What can I do for you? The Slayton gang rode past here last night, heading south.
I'd like some help You still think he's gonna call? I say we do the other thing.
Not yet.
Yeah, we don't need Combs and Junior around for that.
The kind of money that you're talking about is pauper's wages compared to what we're gonna get.
- If the man ever calls.
- He'll call.
Hey, man, I don't mean to complain, but I got a serious hunger thing going on over here.
Hey, man, why don't you just shut your mouth and watch TV? Hey.
I haven't eaten all day, either.
And I've got stitches, so I'm not going anywhere.
Are you going out? Get some chicken.
- Yeah, I want chicken.
- Daddy, you want some chicken? Dickie, we're getting chicken.
Hey, this is your idea.
No coleslaw! Johnny.
Damn, Devil, what the hell you doing lurking around back here? Just waiting, hoping for a word.
A word? Gonna shed some light on why you been all jinked up lately? Only $360, that's what's got me all jinked up.
It is what it is, Devil.
You can blame the economy.
Blame belongs one place, and you and I both know where.
What are you driving at, Devil? I remember after you got shot, I come visit you at the VA hospital.
I remember you saying, "Boyd put me here.
Put me in this chair.
" Well, I was on a lot of meds at the time.
That enough to put all that behind you? Well, he's helped out since.
Yeah? How? Got you your bar back? Hallelujah.
What else, Johnny? You name me one thing that's worth a shit.
Yeah, okay! Look, I'm not gonna deny, sitting in this goddamn chair, that I ain't never had that thought before.
Hey, look.
There's a time I believed in Boyd Crowder.
I did, with everything I had.
But the Boyd we have today is not the man I believed in, not by a long shot.
Look at us, Johnny.
You and me, right connections, there ain't any limits on what we can do down here.
Well, I will grant you that.
But, Devil, just how do you think we're gonna get our hands on those right connections? I got a line on that already.
Putting together a meeting for tomorrow.
Gonna put us in some real deep pockets.
How deep? Listen, Johnny.
I'll tell you anything you want to know.
But I got to know you got my back.
Start talking, Devil.
Is there any way you can get me just a little closer or something? I'm at the location.
I said I'm at the location.
My question How are you doing, Ash? Marshal.
Why don't you put your food down, and we'll have a word? Let's go.
Ash, you all right? No! You ran me over, you son of a bitch! Yeah, technically you rolled over me, and then I backed into you, but you were brandishing a pistol both times.
I think you broke my leg.
I'm gonna break both your legs you don't tell me where you were going with that food.
Call an ambulance, man.
I am jacked up.
Come on! Don't leave me.
Don't leave Don't go far.
Did you see that? They just left you.
You know where they're going? I don't know what you're talking about.
Does your stomach hurt? Could be bleeding inside.
Most likely spleen.
That's okay.
You can pretty much live without a spleen as long as they get it out before it goes septic.
If that shit happens No bars.
So hard to get cell phone service in these holler roads.
Use the one in the hotel room.
Use the phone in the hotel room.
I just feel bad about leaving you again.
You know, in case you die.
Nobody wants to die alone, do they? - Fine! - No? But you got to promise me that, no matter what happens with them, no matter how weird this thing gets, you say I cooperated.
I'm sorry.
What does that mean, "How weird things might get?" Let's go.
Now what? Get up.
Look, he told the banker to take the money to his mother's store, okay? So you guys take Dickie up to the store, pick up the money, okay? Dewey, you're gonna stay with me.
He said he would call when the money is there, and he ain't called.
Has he called? You're a smart guy.
Figure it out.
There ain't nothing to figure out beyond what's already been figured out.
Hey, listen to me.
Ash is gone.
There's a new plan.
When the money is there! Either your man gets the money to the store on time, or you get dead.
What about me? I've got a bigger plan for you, okay? Or is that gonna be a problem, too? Supposing you tell me what it is before I answer? - What do you think? - Would you just Shut up.
- Call when the money is there.
- Would you please run him down? - Get your ass in the car.
- Go, Dewey! - Look out! - I'll get it.
Can't let you through.
Come on now.
I need you to three-point this truck and send it on back up the holler.
- Miss, I - Deputy Marshal Brooks.
Deputy Marshal Brooks, excuse me.
This truck is carrying pig shit and pig shit only.
Yeah, your delivery's gonna be a little late.
Feel free to blame me.
So that's how it is, then? That's how it is.
Let me start again, okay? This is our livelihood.
Whatever you got with Limehouse, is with Limehouse.
Alls I'm asking is for passage of a truckload of pig manure.
The only way this truck leaves here is if we go through every inch of it, get an all-clear from Lexington, and then maybe.
You did hear me say what I'm hauling, right? I'm ready to get dirty.
Are you? Y'all have a good night.
Ash says Dickie's got a deal with Limehouse.
The money's gonna be at the Bennett store.
Well, one of Limehouse's men tried to slip out a fertilizer truck.
I sent him back.
The money could've been in there.
Well, if so, the money's not gonna be there, and like as not, they're gonna kill Dickie.
Shit! What? Goddamn if I don't have to save Dickie Bennett.
See, Dickie, when that Black Pike shit went down, what your mama did after, selling all those folks out that believed in you, that crossed the line of decency as far as I'm concerned.
Hold on.
Say that part again, the part about crossing a line of some kind.
The line of decency.
Now, isn't that a wee bit ironic coming from a fella holding a gun on an unarmed man? Yeah, you see, Dickie, I volunteered to come out here for one reason and one reason only.
See, 'cause I thought it would be fun to put a bullet in you and watch you die.
Let's go.
Come on.
March, gimp! Come here.
What's the holdup? Well, it just gives me pause, Junior, to see how far the mighty have fallen.
No shit.
Come on.
Let's go.
Say there's some money in here, how about you get to it? Why don't you just Easy.
Ain't looking too good, is it? Just hold on, hold it.
Let me just keep May I keep looking for one second? Second's up, Dickie.
Wait! Okay? I got something here.
Just How about that shit? - Well, I'll be goddamned.
- Yeah.
Daddy, look at this.
Open it.
You Come on.
You heard him.
- You want me to - Open it.
Take it easy.
Hello, baby.
Here we go.
Hold on.
Daddy, suppose he got a gun hidden up in there, come out blasting? Look at us then.
Hey! Junior, fine! That's fine.
Why don't you go right on ahead? You open it yourself.
Yeah, go on.
It's all right.
What, and then you got a booby trap in there and I get my face blown off? One of us needs to open the cooler, if we're gonna see what's inside! I know that.
- Well? - Shut up! Let me think.
God's sake, boy.
Put your gun on his neck, stand back, and have him open it.
I got to tell you everything? Does he have to tell you everything? Shut up! Open it, shit-heel! Okay.
Holy shit! What? Clear down here.
Come on down.
I got to tell This man right I got to tell you, you had me a wee bit worried.
Your friends in the Marshal Service? Now, they sure can be watchful.
We had to fly that stuff out here in an old Underground Railroad trail.
Well, these two right here How you like me now? These two right here were gonna put me down either way, so I got to tell you something right here right now.
I thank you.
Okay, here's the thing.
Got one question for you.
This, right here, is this a teaser bag and you got the money all split up, safe and sound? No, that's it.
That's it? That's it, meaning That's all they got left, Dickie.
There's supposed to be $3 million in here, Limehouse.
Way north of $3 million.
You know.
Come on.
Look, it's all spent, except what you see right there.
That's $46,313.
And receipts accounting for every single penny that your mama spent, buying mostly property for that mine deal.
Hell no.
Mama, looking down, she knows that this ain't right.
We done.
Limehouse! I believe the terms of the deal are I receive the money and then we are through, isn't that right? That's right.
Those are the terms.
Then you take it back.
Just go on.
I do not accept this.
What exactly is you aiming to do out here in this world with no money, son? You don't need to worry about what I'm gonna do, okay? What you can worry about, if it ain't too much to ask, you could lend me a shotgun.
How about that? No, go ahead.
Dump it.
Give it to him.
You good with this, Mr.
Bennett? Are we good? Are we good? Can you not tell? Why don't you just go on? Go on.
Get your It's got handles there.
Just go on.
Just leave me here with all my nothing! I want you to make that money have babies.
I want to see it back where it belongs! Hey! I will come for it! You hear me? How far behind me are you? Ten? You going in or are you gonna wait? Yeah, I'm gonna go in.
Raylan Givens.
Hey, there, Raylan.
Hey, you know what? I hereby surrender, Raylan.
You got me.
What the hell, Dickie? Well, you know, the thing is, I really had no choice, Raylan.
They forced me into it.
You see, the escape, the money, the whole thing.
To be very clear, Raylan, I am the victim here.
Yeah, that much is clear.
And Dewey Crowe, he can back up every word.
Where is Dewey Crowe? I still don't see why I got to be bound.
I'm a wanted fugitive.
Where am I gonna go? Why don't you loosen these up? I've been here hours like this.
I can't feel my feet.
You're right.
It's been too long.
If things are going to plan, we would've heard by now.
So now we got to do the other thing.
What other thing? Hey.
No, no! Come on, no! No! No! Come on, no! No! No! No!No!No! There we go.
Get some rest, Dewey Crowe.
You're gonna need it.
I got one.
No, no, I just got the one But, hey, before you get in the oar, I may have a way for us to make some more money.
Hey, BOW- We got to talk.
Well, come on in, Devil.
Have a seat.
Why are you so serious? Is this a good meeting or a bad meeting? This is a come-to-Jesus meeting, Boyd.
Well, is that a note of veiled menace I detect in your voice, Devil? You hear it however you need to.
Johnny, what's this about? Look at me, Boyd.
It's been coming a long time.
Well, Devil, this road you seem bent on taking, once you go down it, there ain't no coming back.
Now, I'm offering you a way out here.
You choose to take it.
Yeah, save it.
There ain't any way you talk yourself out of this.
What line did they take with you, son? They tell you, why be the man sitting beside the man when you can be the man? Now, don't you know that you are jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? I guess we'll see, won't we? Well, I guess there's nothing left to do, then, but to do it.
I guess not.
One more thing.
An indulgence, if you'll allow me.
Devil, knowing me the way that you do, whatever led you in your imagination to believe that you could pull this off? Johnny, what the It ain't never gonna happen, Devil.
You should've known that.
- Devil.
- Wait! Wait! All I ever asked for was your loyalty.
Was I not entitled to that, after everything that we've been through? I know how much it hurts.
I've been right where you are, laid out on the ground and holding my chest, looking up at the ceiling Trying to find my breath.
Devil, I was lucky I made it back.
Son, you ain't gonna make it back.
You want some help with the pain? You close your eyes, son.