Justified s03e05 Episode Script

Thick as Mud

Previously on Justified I overheard every word of that conversation between you and Crowder, and I want that money.
How am I gonna get my hands on that money, you think, while I am inside here? Nap time's over, gimpy.
There you go.
What the hell, man? You're free, brother.
Free where? Where the hell am I? - You're out of Tramble.
- Well, awesome.
If things go well.
How are you doing, Ash? Let's go.
You know where they're going? I don't know what you're talking about.
So hard to get cell phone service in these holler roads.
Fine! But you got to promise me that, no matter how weird this thing gets, you say I cooperated.
See, Tanner's kind of like my talent scout.
From what I've heard, you have been pushed to a second tier position at an enterprise that's going nowhere fast.
What, are you saying you got something better? Devil, whatever led you to believe that you could pull this off? Wait! There's supposed to be $3 million in here, Limehouse.
Look, it's all spent, except what you see right there.
I believe the terms of the deal are I receive the money and then we are through.
That's right.
Those are the terms.
Then you take it back.
I do not accept this.
If things are going to plan, we would've heard by now.
So now we got to do the other thing.
Come on, no! No! No! Hey, before you get in the car, I may have a way for us to make some more money.
- What if he finds out? - What if who finds out about what? What if Dickie Bennett finds out you lied when you told him this here was all that was left of his mama's money? Well, about the only way I can see him finding out about this here is if someone was to tell him.
I ain't the only one who knows.
He does find out, you know he'll come looking for it.
There'll be no stopping him.
Oh, I'll stop him.
Besides, I hear they fixin' to send him back to Tramble.
Inside or out, $3 million buy a lot of friends.
Well, anybody comes, we're gonna stop them.
How it's always been.
And why you asking questions? You think I ain't taking care of business? No, sir, Mr.
Just think we should get us a couple Tramble brothers to shiv his ass.
That ain't the agreement I made with his mama.
I don't know your agreement with his mama.
Boy, what is you really asking? Where that 3 million is? No, sir.
So you lay down your head at night, and you dream about all the living you could do with that money? Boy, that dream will get you killed quicker than a bullet.
Now, you know what you need to know.
And it wasn't no 3 million.
Not near.
Now, you get that put away.
I'm gonna go check this smoker here.
Don't know why we're out here freezing our asses off instead of just tossing this traitor in a slurry pond.
Devil was a friend before he became a traitor.
You remember what your daddy used to say? "Once you make up your mind to kill a man, there ain't nothing left to talk about.
" Thinking about it only makes it harder.
Well, maybe it should be harder.
That kind of attitude might make a man blink when the moment comes.
Did I blink? Arlo, there's no need to rob the bodies of the dead.
Thought we weren't robbing the dead.
This is Devil's last gift to us.
We return to the great unknown a man with a bellyful of the fruit of temptation.
May his entrance into that world be more painless than his exit from this one.
I'm sorry.
- I was trying not to wake you.
- I was up.
- Doing what? - You know, packing, making lists.
Looks smaller, doesn't it? Yeah, well, they always do, empty.
You remember the first time you set foot in this house? You came in the dark that night, too.
Came in through the garden door.
Poor Gary.
Scared him half to death.
I apologized for that.
I remember coming down these stairs and seeing you in the kitchen and knowing that my marriage to Gary was over.
I thought you'd be angry, me coming home at 2:00 in the morning.
Do you want a beer? Seriously.
You're seven weeks pregnant, ready to move.
I haven't done anything to line up a place for us.
I'm just out there running and gunning All right.
You've convinced me.
I'm angry.
I'm still not gonna fight with you.
I'm done trying to change who you are.
And I'm done pretending that I could ever feel about anyone else the way I feel about you.
That may be the sweetest thing you ever said to me.
You want a beer or not? Wake up.
Come on.
Wake up, shitbird.
Relax, relax, relax, relax, relax.
Look, we don't have a lot of time.
Well, actually, you don't have a lot of time.
You ever see that movie, where the evil, spic-a-roo surgeon snatches up the pretty gringo tourists and cuts out all their organs, sells them off to rich folks who want to skip the transplant line? Well, it turns out that's pretty much all bullshit.
What did you do to me? Most organs, your heart, your lungs, won't stay viable if removed outside of a hospital setting.
Kidneys, though, you can take a healthy kidney, put it on ice for two full days.
Reinstall it, and that baby goes back to work without ever missing a beat.
Now, there are people all over the world that are just chomping at the bit to pay 20, sometimes 30 grand, for a new pair of kidneys, and they don't give two shits where they came from.
You can't take my kidneys.
I already have.
Now, like I said, your kidneys will do just fine for a while without you.
Unfortunately, you can't last long without them.
Poisons are gonna begin to build up in your blood.
It's gonna make your skin change color.
It's gonna feel like someone reached inside of your guts and literally just started twisting.
Eventually, you're gonna start puking blood.
Your body's gonna go into convulsions, and then your muscles are gonna seize up so hard that your bones will actually break.
Well, how do I stop it? You could go to the hospital.
Although, seeing as you're a fugitive, that means you're gonna have to spend the rest of your life getting dialysis treatments in a prison Infirmary.
Or you can buy them back from me.
I don't have any money.
I suggest you find some.
Let's say 20 grand.
Now, you have four hours to be at this address.
If you're late, if you don't have the cash, if you bring the cops, then I'm gonna sell your kidneys to a businessman I already have lined up in Chicago.
Get out of the car.
Now! You sure it was Dewey? First car on the scene showed him the fugitive printout.
That's why they called us.
- What about fancy Lance? - You okay? - Why? - When's the last time you slept? Well, I was sleeping like a baby till you called.
Lance, the prison nurse? Yeah.
I thought Dickie said Dewey was his hostage.
Oh, you're saying Dickie might be full of shit? Or Dewey gave Lance the slip.
They say which way he was coming from? You really think a male nurse gonna go "Butch and Sundance" in a motel room? - Just Butch.
- He's a prison nurse.
- What's that mean? - Means he might know enough law to realize he's looking at felony murder for his two dead partners.
You want us to use a ram? Or Lance, you in there? Looks like we get to use the ram after all.
You're just dying to smash something, aren't you? Did any of the witnesses of the carjacking say Dewey was covered in blood? Perhaps a little pale? Looks like somebody's been killing chickens in here.
Maybe your boy Crowe got the drop on him and it's the nurse's blood.
Dewey ain't the "get the drop on anyone" type.
More like the "running around with his head cut off" type.
- Oh, my God.
- Open the register.
- Okay.
- Move it! Don't make me hurt you.
Come on! - Where's the rest of it? - Rest of what? You heard me, man.
I just need the register.
Now, I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.
Where's the rest of the cash? I swear all the cash is in the register.
There's like 200 bucks! All this expensive shit you got here, there's only 200 bucks? I'd barely get a blender with that! Mostly our customers just use credit cards.
The receipts are in the drawer.
Just take something, anything in the store, and sell it on eBay.
I don't have time for that.
I need cash.
Where do people use cash? He took $229 from the register, left 50-some-thousand-dollars' worth of merchandise behind? Well, he never was the sharpest apple in the city.
Why did he take so long to start traveling? I mean, he could have driven all day yesterday while we were busy chasing Dickie.
Could have robbed a mattress store in El Paso this morning before crossing the damn border.
Well, maybe Lawrence Nightingale really did take him prisoner.
Get it? Lawrence Instead of Florence.
Florence Nightingale? Yeah.
I got it.
Oh, Jesus.
Not again.
Don't tell me guys pay you by credit card.
I saw some girl on TV say she could make 3,000 bucks in one night on the pole.
Now, granted, she was a nine-and-a-half, and you're a six, if I'm feeling generous, but I figured you'd be good for a grand or so.
- It's 10:00 in the morning.
- Lexington ain't hardly Vegas.
You think I don't know that? - It's not too late for you, son.
- It's getting there.
Guy said I had maybe six hours before my skin would start turning color.
First step is admit you need help.
I need money.
Son, drugs are a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
You think I'm a tweaker? Learned not to label others lest I be labeled.
Man, you don't know shit.
Do you know you're bleeding? Now, hold on! You think this is a joke? I told him! I told all of you! I'm a desperate man! -"Desperate man," huh? - That's what he said.
- He really bust out of Tramble? - He had help.
That where he got the transplant? - I'm sorry? - The kidneys? The cuts on his stomach.
He told you they were from a transplant? No, but when my aunt had her kidneys swapped out for a new set from this kid who drowned, she had cuts in the same places.
Guy matching Crowe's description just knocked over a Fluff 'n' Fold.
I don't see what good we're doing just trailing after his mayhem.
You stick with Dewey.
I'm headed to Tyree Medical, pay a visit to Mr.
Ash Murphy.
The prison guard? What makes you think he knows anything? He said things might get weird.
I'd say this qualifies.
You never came home.
I just need a little time.
You regret killing him? I regret that he made it necessary.
I want to show you something.
Still hurts like hell sometimes.
Dickie Bennett's gonna pay for that.
Let me see yours.
We didn't get these working down a mine or putting a car in a ditch.
This is the price we pay for the life we live.
- I chose this life, Ava.
- So did I.
And whatever you decide, I'm in it, same as you.
This fella that put these ideas into Devil's head, a fella name of Tanner, I got to decide what to do about him.
Now, Tanner himself, he ain't so much, but the people he works for, well, if they decide to come in force, I don't know that we're gonna be equal to it.
I don't believe that.
What the hell do you want? Is that any way to greet the man who saved your life? You ran me over.
Saved me from having to shoot you.
Do you not remember drawing down on a federal officer? You did not have to do it a second time.
- You still had the gun in your hand.
- Whatever.
You know what? Instead of a thank you, just tell me what you meant when you said things might get weird.
You really expect me to help you? I know that Junior and Coombs got popped, which means I'm on the hook for felony murder, right? Which is a double life sentence.
You really expect me to believe that you're gonna be able to cut me a deal? - What is this, morphine? - Yeah.
You give it to yourself, what's to stop you from ODing? Well, if you hit it too many times, it locks itself out for a bit.
Come on.
What do you know about kidneys? They're the Cadillac of beans.
Come on.
Shit! Shit's starting to wear off.
Come on, come on, come on.
Ash, you been futzing with men's organs? Shit! It was Lance.
We were gonna strip them for parts.
He said that we'd get 50 grand easy just for livers and kidneys alone.
He'd been doing it with bodies at the Tramble morgue.
It wasn't me.
It was him, his idea.
What I want to know now is who was doing the cutting? I don't know.
Excuse me.
I thought I made myself clear to the other detectives.
He won't give me my morphine.
He hit me with his car.
He I told him everything that I know and Deputy US Marshal, ma'am.
Well, whoever you are, this man is my patient.
Well, he's my prisoner.
Don't worry about that.
The machine cuts him off from ODing.
I'm sorry.
What is so important that you would treat him that way? Do you know what he is, your patient? Well, I know it's not supposed to matter.
Not to you, either, I believe.
You know, I got a question.
It's a medical one.
Say you took both a guy's kidneys, then you closed him up.
If you're taking out both his kidneys, there's no reason to close.
Say you did.
You made the two incisions.
You wouldn't have to make incisions 'cause you take the heart and the lungs first, and you go in for the rest once the guy's open.
No, I'm not talking about a cadaver or brain dead.
You're talking about a healthy subject who's just decided to donate both his kidneys? Well, say he didn't decide it.
It was decided for him.
In a motel room.
You ever hear of something like that? - I've heard of Bigfoot, too.
- Yeah, well, he's not my problem.
- You're crazy.
- What? A surgeon can't go broke out at Keeneland and get in debt to a shylock? They bet playing golf.
Yeah? You know any of them bets more than he can afford? Well, my money would be on Dr.
Boisineau, but that may just be wishful thinking.
- Boisineau, huh? - Yeah.
He's this young guy.
Always comes out of the OR thinking he's God, saving lives.
He thinks we should reward him.
He thinks that a nurse's job is to slap instruments in his hand and then go to bed with him.
He'll say, "Hey, come on, I got a room set aside.
"We can make it a quickie or do the other.
" I see.
But you go for older guys.
That it? Point is you work around Dr.
Blow Job, you learn how to turn him down without making him angry.
You know where I might be able to find this Dr.
Boisineau? Well, unless he's got a procedure scheduled Maybe I'll check the empty rooms, see if he talked anybody into this, that or the other.
Your man came in the clinic and said he was bringing me here, I thought maybe Ms.
Crowder took a turn.
As a matter of fact, I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did patching her up.
She doing her exercises? I know they're painful, but she can't let that scar tissue I didn't ask you here to talk about Ava, but, as a matter of fact, I am glad that you mentioned pain.
Now, being a doctor, people People must come to you all the time, in need of help with their pain.
As a matter of fact, there are those who stand to profit from that pain.
And I bet they come, too.
You mean pharmaceutical reps? You know who I mean.
I ain't angry.
I just want to hear you say it.
What are they offering? I write them prescriptions.
They offer protection and Oxy.
- Have they delivered any Oxy yet? - Couple months' worth.
What do you want me to do? Well, you're a doctor.
I want you to sell it.
Sell their Oxy and give you the money? They'll kill me! Not if we can put you somewhere where they can't find you, like maybe with your mama up in Ewing.
Now, you don't think they know about her, do you? I don't see how they could.
Well, now, the way I see this thing, you're between a rock and a much, much harder rock.
I do not envy your position.
But you got to think, now, how would your mama advise you, if we were sitting in her kitchen, having this conversation, eating jam cake at that little fold-out table just to the right of the back door that she never locks? I need directions.
You know, if you put a tablespoon of nail-polish remover in a cup of water, that blood will wash right out.
You know where this is? Yeah.
Buckeye Fork.
You going up there into God's country, huh? I don't need the tourist guide.
I just need to know how to find it.
I'm not sure I like your attitude.
Well, I'm sure I don't give a good goddamn either way.
Son, I'll ask you not to blaspheme in here.
Listen, you old shit, I need to find this address.
Now, you gonna help me or not? Well, let's say not, and we'll just leave it at that.
Oh, you want to leave it like that, huh? You see what happens, dumb-ass? I was just gonna get the directions and be on my way.
Can't imagine you got much in this dump worth taking, but whatever you got, you can give over just for pissing me off.
Jesus Christ, are you deaf or something? Son, you've cursed his name twice, and there's not gonna be a third time.
Got to be about the stupidest - Anybody talking to him? - I tried.
LPD is trying now.
He's not talking back.
Usually you got to break his nose to get him to shut up.
Come on, Dewey.
You're gonna have to talk to me.
We got options here, but you're gonna have to meet me halfway.
- Owner caught him in the leg, right? - Yeah.
Any chance he hit something major and he's just passed out from blood loss? Nah.
I can hear him moving around in there.
You mind giving me a shot? He kind of likes me.
He's your fugitive.
Knock yourself out.
He don't respond soon, though, we are gonna have to take down the door.
Dewey? Dewey, it's me, Raylan.
Can you hear me? - You hear that, Raylan? - Oh, he likes you, all right.
Yeah, I heard it.
Want to make sure you know I have one in the chamber.
Save you asking if I can rack in a load before you put a hole through me.
Well, as I understand it, you already got a couple holes in you.
So, you know about my situation.
Yes, we are all well aware.
These are the end times for Dewey Crowe.
The only choice I have left is how I punch out, and I figure a bullet is better than feeling my body rip itself apart from the inside.
What the hell you talking about? It's best you not blaspheme in here, Raylan.
Apparently, the owner takes that real serious.
All right, Dewey.
Put the goddamn gun down and get your ass out here.
Too late.
I was supposed to meet that son-of-a-bitch nurse an hour ago.
Shop owner gave us the address.
I bet my skin's changing color, too.
Listen, Dewey.
As I understand it, dying of kidney failure, aside from some nausea, is pretty much like falling asleep.
- Who told you that? - A doctor.
I was at a hospital not 30 minutes ago.
Well, Lance told me my whole body would clench so hard, my bones would break.
Well, Lance sounds like a goddamn liar.
Have you been pissing? He took my kidneys, Raylan, not my dick.
Your kidneys are for pissing.
So why don't you try taking a leak, and if you can do it, then we know you still got your two kidneys.
Come on, come on.
Holy shit.
You mean I had four kidneys? God bless you, son.
The address was an abandoned warehouse.
- No sign of Lance? - No sign of him.
Could have taken off when Dewey missed his deadline, or maybe he was watching from somewhere when KSP rolled up.
One last thing.
Ash Murphy, how did he seem when you left him? He was in a little bit of pain.
Nothing he don't deserve.
Why? How's he seem now? - He died of a stroke.
- Dead? Stroke's always a worry post-surgery, especially with the amount of trauma his body had been through.
- He have any visitors? - Just you.
Yeah, but doctors? The orthos saw him on their morning rounds.
Yeah, but what about Was it this Dr.
Boisineau, maybe? Isn't he a transplant surgeon? I hear y'all call him Dr - Where's the other nurse? Layla? - Layla? Yeah, I talked to her this morning.
Local girl.
Cute as a pailful of kittens.
Well, it looks like we have a friend in common.
Or, better yet, we had a friend in common.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
Now, can I trust you to relay that information to the man you work for? There's a message that goes along with it.
Yeah? What's the message? Jesus! Now, you tell your boss if he has anything to say in reply, I'll be at my cousin Johnny's bar.
Just down the road they got two-for-ones on Wednesday and Thursday, if you want to gimp on over.
Oh, nice to see you again, Deputy.
You mind if I come in, ma'am? Layla.
And I'd mind if you didn't.
Your phone was off, so I figured I'd just come over and push your buzzer till you answer.
Well, I always turn off my phone when I've been working doubles.
Must be exhausted, especially since you also work at the transplant center.
You didn't tell me that.
Well, you didn't ask.
Just started working the ICU in the last 24 hours, right after Ash Murphy checked in.
I'll tell you something.
A person with a suspicious mind might think you had something to do with something.
- You want a drink? - I'd love one.
You didn't work yesterday, though, did you? Were you out with your boyfriend? What makes you think I have a boyfriend? I'd like to talk to him, just so I can get him to vouch for you.
What's that? He married? Honey, I start arresting people for committing adultery, I'd never make it home for supper.
Your imagination has me doing some nasty things.
And, you know, you haven't even mentioned how I gave Ash that stroke this afternoon.
- No, how did you do that? - How did I do that? Did I inject an air bubble into his brain or is that just another urban legend? Like Bigfoot? Or stealing kidneys in motel rooms.
Layla? Have you been stealing kidneys in motel rooms? If I said no, would you believe me? What the hell else was I supposed to do? You didn't have to do anything except stay hidden while I talked him out of it.
What if you couldn't have? Well, then I'd have given him the needle myself.
Did you at least have a plan for what you were gonna do after you stuck him? Cut him up and sell him for parts.
You want to take his kidneys? - Why not? We got to kill him anyway, right? - Oh, yeah, well, thanks to you.
Look, the point is, we might as well make ourselves a little traveling money while we're at it, right? - It's not like this is our first time.
- We're in my house.
All right, well, at least put him in the tub.
Keep from getting blood on my floor.
There you go.
Hey, you want to You want to give me a hand here or no? I got to get another syringe ready 'cause that one's gonna wear off.
- Look at me.
- Kind of got my hands full, honey.
Well, set him down a sec.
It's not like he's going anywhere.
I want you to look at me.
What is it? It's a real shame, Marshal.
Something tells me we could have had fun.
I can't believe you shot me.
I can't believe it either.
So, she shot him.
You shot her through him.
Is that right? If you say so.
It's all a bit foggy to me.
Deep breath.
That's pretty impressive, considering they had you full of enough tranqs to stop a rhino.
- She gonna make it? - Jury's still out.
Pressure and respiration are both normal.
Probably be hung over for the next day or two, but otherwise, you're good to go.
Thank you, sir.
You all right? She was surprised.
When I shot her.
She was pointing a gun at you.
What did she think you were gonna do? I was surprised, too.
-'Cause you never shot a woman before? - I guess.
The infamous Boyd Crowder.
Feel free.
- Hey, Jimmy, did he come alone? - Far as I could tell.
He's clean.
Would you be so kind as to offer me a bourbon? Pappy family.
Well, Mr.
Quarles, I can see that you got my message.
Both of them.
Well, that's funny.
I thought I only sent one.
Well, no.
You assaulted one of my employees and then you appropriated my product.
I make that two.
Well, now, taking the pills, that wasn't a message.
That was just me assessing you a fine for sowing the seeds of mutiny.
Why don't we just split the difference? Call it a gift.
To mark the launch of our new business venture.
Thank you.
Well, if you wanted to be my partner, why didn't you come to me directly? Call it a speed bump on the road to cross-cultural understanding.
The most important thing is I'm here now.
Boyd, have you heard the saying, "The most successful war seldom pays for its losses"? Thomas Jefferson.
Prison doesn't offer much, but it does give a man ample time to read.
Amongst other things, I'm sure.
Bottom line, Boyd.
You and I'd make a lot more money as partners than as enemies.
That can't come as news to an educated man.
Quarles, have you heard the term "carpetbagger"? It was coined during Reconstruction.
A man from the North comes down to the South to take advantage of our backward ways.
Yes, I'm familiar with the term "carpetbagger.
" Well, then you know to a carpetbagger, "partners" just means that, well, we do all the work while you make all the money.
Amen to that.
Thank you for the bourbon.
Quarles, there's one more thing.
Carpetbaggers in three-piece suits have been coming to Harlan for a long time.
They have a habit of dying off like deer flies at the end of summer.
Saul Bellow.
You're a smart man, Mr.
Smart man.
Can't tell you how well I sleep knowing that you were out there, my eyes and my ears.
From what you done told me, I'd say that Mr.
Quarles tried to pull a fast one on Boyd Crowder and ended up getting his hand slapped.
Well, like I told Mr.
Errol, it was Tanner who took the beating.
Yeah, but you heard Boyd Crowder tell him this was a message for his boss, meaning Mr.
Quarles? Did Tanner say what he thought Mr.
Quarles' intentions might be? Just that he's some water-walking badman from Detroit, come down here to get things running right, like they used to.
You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say Tanner got himself a little old crush.
Mighty fine work, girl.
Mighty fine.
Now, you keep your ear to the ground, and remember I'm counting on you.
You remember that guy in New Jersey, had that crematorium? Funeral director.
Finish the service, and then he'd call in his cutters, and they'd harvest everything out of the body that was worth anything, and they'd throw the rest of it in the incinerator.
And the human body, when you sell it on the black market like that, I mean, you're talking about a quarter of a million dollars.
I think this was more of a mom-and-pop operation.
I'm just thinking that might be where they got the idea.
I'll tell you an idea I had sitting in the tub, waiting to be cut open.
I should find another line of work.
- Give that a day or two.
- I'm serious, Art.
Nah, that'll pass.
What? Winona on your ass about it? No.
No, she seems fine with the way things are.
She's a special lady.