Justified s03e06 Episode Script

When the Guns Come Out

Previously on Justified I just want to hear you say it.
What are they offering? I write them prescriptions.
They offer protection and Oxy.
What do you want me to do? Well, you're a doctor.
I want you to sell it.
Sell their Oxy and give you the money? Jesus! Now, you tell your boss if he has anything to say in reply, I'll be at my cousin Johnny's bar.
Bottom line, Boyd.
You and I'd make a lot more money as partners than as enemies.
Quarles, have you heard the term "carpetbagger"? Yes, I'm familiar with the term.
Well, then you know to a carpetbagger, "partners" just means that, well, we do all the work while you make all the money.
I'm still not gonna fight with you.
I'm done trying to change who you are.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey! How about a little something for the effort? Why not? God bless you, girls.
- Can we go on back? - Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Aren't you handsome? Here.
This is for you.
Fill, please.
All right.
Oh, no.
That ain't gonna be enough.
- No, we want one of those big ones - It's gonna have to do, 'cause that's all you're getting.
- That's not all we're getting.
- No.
Come on, baby.
There's got to be a little wiggle room in there somewhere.
It's a controlled substance.
From what I can tell, you're the only one around here controlling anything.
- Maybe he just needs a little help - Oh, yeah.
to get his mind off of all them rules and regulations tumbling around up in your head.
No,no,no,no! No, no, no.
Please don't! Please! Get the Oxy.
Hurry up, man! Gayle, it's Raylan.
Listen, I'm sorry to call like this.
It's a little awkward, but if you hear from Winona, will you ask her to call me? Just want to make sure she's okay.
No, I don't need you to pull it over.
Just a BOLO on the plate will suffice.
Appreciate it, Tom.
- Can I help you? - No, I'm good.
I'm Mabel Johnston, the new court reporter, and that's my desk.
- Since when? - Excuse me? Since when is this your desk? And is this you looking up Costa Rica? Hey.
- Judge.
- Now, now, Ms.
Johnston, this man is a decorated marshal who has personally saved my bacon on more than one occasion.
That give him the right to go through my computer? That computer belongs to the federal government, and you still haven't answered my questions.
Tell you what, darling.
What don't you just give us a few minutes, would you, please? Thank you.
What's going on, Raylan? Winona and I were making another go of it.
Oh, shit.
She at least leave you a note? - Do you know where she is? - Oh, boy.
She give you any indication where she might be headed? Raylan, you're talking to a man who's had two wives head for the hills, neither of whom was as good-looking as Winona, so I get it.
You're hurting.
Just trust me on this.
Let it be.
Give her time to sort it out.
Can't do that.
What are you gonna do when you find her, huh? Gonna hit her on the head and drag her back home? I probably shouldn't.
She's pregnant.
Well, then she'll reach out when she's ready.
What you do not want to do is go poking around in her life.
Chances are, you're gonna find something you wish you hadn't.
- Morning, Charlie.
- Hey.
Marshal Givens.
What brings you down to this neck of the woods? Oh, you know.
Do you want to help me out? Be a little more specific? I think I can handle it.
If you just want to leave the book and the keys, I'll get to it.
Well, if you gonna do that, what are they paying me for? It's some evidence from a bank robbery a while back.
I believe it's in 247.
All right.
You owe me big for that one.
Anything interesting? I don't mind asking the FBI for favors on your behalf, but I'm not gonna read the thing for you, too.
- Just got off the phone with Tom Bergen.
- Oh, yeah? Apparently there was a shoot-out down in Harlan this weekend Art, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I need some time off.
Are you trying to be funny? I'm being serious.
Why? 'Cause you shot the woman? Raylan, look, I know you must be worried about whether you're too quick on the trigger, but what were you supposed to do? Be a gentleman and let her go first? Not when she's pointing a gun at you.
Winona left me.
Well, shit.
- Well, Raylan, I'm sorry about that.
- It's all right.
- But you're - No.
Don't need a pep talk.
Just a few days off to get my head straight.
You're gonna have to head down to Harlan and take care of this shit before it blows up all over this office.
Art, just find someone else.
The shooting in question took place at your Aunt Helen's property out on Indian Line.
I couldn't get any details.
The cops were all over the place.
But there was a coroner's van out front.
You talk to Arlo? No.
You think it was Quarles? That's obvious, ain't it? We shanghaied the man's doctor, put him to work for us.
I don't want to jump to any conclusions until we know for certain.
Hey, he's got his own trailer set up out there at Dove Creek.
I think we should hit him back.
We could use the money, Boyd.
Johnny, don't tell me you can't get any details.
I want you to go back out to that house, and you don't call me until you can start filling in some blanks.
Go on.
Let's go for a drive.
- How many guys were there? - There were like one or maybe two.
Did you see their faces? - I didn't Oh, I did, I did.
- Did they see you? No.
Take a deep breath.
God damn, girl.
That does sound horrible.
I know.
- Oh, Jesus! - Here.
- Oh, my God.
- Let me Let me take - I got to get a - Here, put that on.
Something like that happens, seeing a dear friend shot up Yeah.
shakes you right down to the very core, don't it? I know.
I know that.
It's terrible, and I am sympathetic.
But you must understand that we need them pills.
- I know.
- I know you do.
Now, there's another clinic: out on Dove Creek.
It just opened.
- No, I can't.
- Okay, baby.
I understand.
It just opened.
You can't go there.
Did I ever tell you about my upbringing? My parents raised me in a commune of sorts.
They did.
I wouldn't call it hippie, exactly It was mostly dope farmers.
But strange as that group was, as strange as it was, we were a family.
We looked after each other.
Just like we do here.
- I know.
- I know you do.
I know.
Now, try to see it from my side.
It ain't easy looking after you girls.
There's doctors and clothing and food, whatnot, right? Whoring don't nearly pay the bills.
It's them pills that keeps a roof over our heads.
Please get someone else.
Nope, nope, nope, nope.
This is on you.
Like everyone else, you must be willing to make a sacrifice.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Now, poor Trixie gave her life.
For what? - It's your turn.
Come on, now.
- No.
Now, hold on.
You will lay your fear aside and do what needs to be done.
Now, don't you come back till you got everything I need.
You've reached Winona.
I can't get to the phone right now, but if you'll leave a message The good Dr.
Stern there had Arlo's name in his phone.
So does every doctor in the county, I imagine.
Raylan, you trying to tell me you had no idea what was going on in this house? Tom, I had no idea what was going on in this house when I lived here.
- Anything on that BOLO? - No.
ls everything okay? Yeah.
But it'd be a big help if I thought you could handle this.
Just go talk to Arlo, huh? - We did talk to Arlo.
- And? He told us to direct any questions we might have to his son, the US Marshal.
This includes your fake MRI and new ID.
Make sure you go over it all before you meet with the doctor.
Come on.
Got people waiting.
I'm good.
You good? Shit, girl.
What does that even mean, you "good"? I just Mr.
You two hungry? I got a new blend on that spicy sauce.
What's on your mind? Well, the night I came out to see you on the bridge, you told me something about my business that even I didn't know.
And I got to wondering, how come you know so much about me while I know so little about you? You know him? That's A.
Family been here long as mine.
Part of the original group deeded this holler by Jeremiah and Eliza Noble.
What about him, the big boy with the plate of ribs? He look familiar to you? Jennings.
- Who this is? - Boyd Crowder.
Daddy was Bo.
Brother named Bowman.
Also dead.
And if I may say so, Boyd done done a lot of things that leave me right surprised he's sitting here.
It's always been our business to know you.
Us knowing is the business of this holler.
Now, why you don't know us is a question that you are welcome to ponder once you leave away from around here.
Well, our Oxy clinic got hit this morning.
- I imagine you know that, too.
- I do.
Well, I've been thinking it was Frankfort.
A man named Quarles with whom I've recently become acquainted.
But before I hit back and start a war, I need to know everything I can about what transpired.
The people who bank with me are the ones who have access to the things I know.
Well, I'm glad you said that, because I've been thinking about moving all my cash with a Ellstin Limehouse up in Nobles Holler.
Well, I can't speak to Frankfort, but what I do know is two of the victims was your people, and the third was a young working girl named Trixie.
You still think Limehouse had something to do with it? I do not know.
Wasn't acting like a guilty man.
And Johnny's right, Quarles has every reason to come after us.
Yeah, but Quarles is a very smart man, and for him to make a run at us like this, that's mighty brazen.
You know anything about Trixie? Worked at Audrey's.
She's joined at the hip to another girl over there, Ellen May.
Well, maybe I should get down to Audrey's and have a chat with Ellen May.
What? I'm thinking she might be more likely to open up to a woman.
Come in here, moving the furniture, hiding my shit.
God damn it, woman.
I don't find them, I'm gonna lay a strap across your back.
Who you talking to? Sneak up on a man like that a good way to get yourself shot.
By you in your boxer shorts there? I think I got the drop on you this time, Arlo.
What the hell do you want? You know why I'm here.
I already told that pencil-dick statie I got nothing to say.
- You said more than that.
- That's right.
"Talk to Raylan," I said.
All right, look.
I know you don't give a shit about me or my job, and I've given up expecting you to act right.
But you know the position you're putting me in here, Arlo? Missionary.
You want to die in prison, Arlo, just say the word.
I'll help make it happen.
You? All I got to do is raise my hand.
You'll go running to Helen like a little girl.
I don't got time for this bullshit.
Tell me what was going on over there.
And don't say you were honoring her memory by setting up an Oxy clinic in her home.
I didn't set nothing up.
Was just helping the boy.
What boy? The Crowder boy.
- Boyd? - Hell, yes, Boyd.
Ain't Bowman.
He's dead.
Now go on.
Find something to do.
I'm busy here.
Come here.
Now, it pains me to do this to you, truly.
But you've got to learn accountability, just like I had to.
No, no! I went, I did! I went to the trailer.
I went, but the guy who killed Trixie was there.
And he recognized you? - Did he recognize you? - I don't think so! I don't think so.
I need you to understand that you have failed me twice.
Now, you remember that.
No, no, no, no.
Send him down right away.
We got a lot of exciting things going on down here.
I'm sure Sammy would love to see it.
We'll be expecting him.
Get me everything you can find on the good Marshal Givens.
- Is there a problem? - Yeah.
His interest in me is drawing attention.
From whom? I was just informed that someone in the Lexington FBI office is asking questions about me, and I'm assuming it is at Givens' behest.
If the marshal keeps coming and it becomes necessary to apply pressure, I want to know exactly where to squeeze.
Sure thing, boss.
Boss I like that.
You're a good man, Wynn.
I'll see you soon.
It just occurred to me, I completely Hello, beautiful.
- Can I help you? - I doubt it.
Excuse me.
Now, wait a second, darling.
Where's the fire? You know who I am? I'm Delroy, the owner of this establishment.
I thought Nicky Cush ran Audrey's.
No, Nicky decided it was time to move on to greener pastures.
- Well, in that case, I'm Ava.
- Hello, Ava.
- Want to have a sit? - Sure.
Now, if you are the man in charge, then maybe you can help me.
Please tell me you've come here looking for a job, darling, 'cause I forgot to play the lottery this week, and you, right here, are the winning ticket.
That's sweet.
But I already got a job.
See, I work at the Cut & Color in Corbin.
A while back, I did a favor for one of your girls, Ellen May.
Then I got hurt, so I was laid up for a while, and now I need the cash.
Well, hell, if it's cash you need, you ought to consider my offer.
Ditch the burnt-out permanents and the church-lady blue rinses.
That's a waste of you.
I don't I guess I'd just rather get what's owed me and be on my way.
All right.
Well, Ellen May ain't feeling well.
She didn't come in.
I haven't seen her all day.
What happened there? Yard work.
Some weeds needed to be dealt with.
Well, thank you.
You change your mind, you know where to find me.
- Have a good day, now, Ava.
- You, too.
I wouldn't do that.
When Delroy sees you heading for the trailers, he's gonna do to you what he already done to Ellen May.
You don't remember me, do you? I'm Jennifer Corliss.
- But everybody, they call me - Call you J.
You were a year behind me in high school.
Middle school.
I never made it to high school.
Ellen May, she don't owe you money, do she? No, she doesn't.
Is this something to do with what she saw in that clinic? And this woman, she thinks Ellen May witnessed the whole thing? Yep.
But Ellen May's back in her trailer, and I can't get to her without Delroy seeing.
Ava, honey, you hold tight.
I'll get right back to you.
Everybody, join me in a toast.
To celebrate the presence of a genuine United States Marshal, next round is on me.
You gonna pay for that with the money you made selling Oxy at my aunt's house? I'm gonna go confer with my friend.
Now, remember, we on the honor system.
- Raylan, let me just say - So, this is the new you, huh? Bartending, pushing pills.
Moved on from swastika and rocket launchers.
Well, the truth be told, Raylan, these days I'm doing whatever I can to make ends meet.
Is that what was going down at Helen's house? That was just you making ends meet.
Look, I am sorry your name got dragged into this, Raylan, but with everything that is going on in this county, I am not the problem.
It's the Jews, or the blacks.
Maybe it's the Muslims.
The Taliban got you down? I know it's anyone but you, Boyd, so, tell me, who is the problem this time? Well, it's funny that you bring it up that way, because I've been thinking about that question all day long.
- I bet.
- Now, I think, I think, if you were to go down to Audrey's, Ava's there.
Stop talking and listen.
You want to run your hillbilly heroin fiefdom up here, that's between you and the great state of Kentucky.
I got no interest in shitkicker-on-shitkicker crime.
But you will not drag me into this.
The next time you set up any operation in this county or anywhere else, it better not have my goddamn family name on the deed, or, so help me God, I'll lose this star, and the dance we do subsequent to that will not end with you finding Jesus in a hospital bed.
Go see Ava.
You love it, don't you? Getting the law to do your dirty work.
Well, I got a big tank, Raylan It does save on gas.
Raylan is on his way to you.
What you got for me? It's nice to see you, too.
What you got for me? God damn it.
Ellen May? Oh, my God.
You remember me this time, huh? You two know each other? Yeah, we've met.
Sit down, honey.
Did Delroy do that to you? - Is it that bad? - I've seen worse.
Now, if you dissolve some salt in hot water, dip some cotton balls in it and put it on your bruises, it'll keep them from getting darker.
- Rough day, Ellen? - It's been a tough year, Marshal.
I'm sorry to hear it.
So, you guys here for - No.
- No.
You're here for the Oxy clinic.
Shit, I guess my invite to this little partay got lost in the mail.
No, actually, you just weren't invited.
No, see, this here is my partay, and if you want to partake, you got to see me first.
- Do you understand? - Yeah, I do.
But not today.
Today's opposite day.
So if you got business in here, you need to go outside and wait your turn.
Yeah? And what if I got no patience and I hate waiting? Shit.
I didn't bring a knife.
That jewelry, it's your lucky day.
Go outside and wait your turn.
Seeing as you're the law, you got three minutes.
Then I'm coming back in here.
- I'm looking forward to it.
- Yeah.
Ellen May, however you want this to go down, I will try to oblige.
But I need you to tell me what you know.
You're lucky, Tex, 'cause you had about 10 seconds left before I was Shit! Haul your ass in for beating her, but a few hours, she'd probably be the one who bailed you out, sad as it is.
So here's the deal.
I'm gonna leave you both here, but I need her kept safe.
You understand? Anything happens to her, I'm gonna hold you personally responsible.
So, what are you gonna do? You have no idea Hey.
What are you gonna do? Make sure Ellen May don't get hurt.
Thanks for coming by, Raylan.
Hey, I think we got a problem.
All right, that's it for today! Everyone move on out! Get in the cab.
When he gets inside, you punch it.
You understand me? Got it.
Where's everybody going? Afraid it's about closing time for us.
Oh, yeah? You just close up and move on, huh? Like the circus.
Community clinic.
Hold up.
Are you a bearded lady? No, sir.
We're a legitimate health organization.
Oh, yeah? Well, I got a few more questions.
Do you mind? Sure thing.
After you.
No, no.
After you.
- That's quite a limp you got there.
- Yeah.
Old football injury.
That right? Tell me what you know about the Oxy clinic over on Indian Line.
- Nothing.
- You sure? You fit the description of a man an eyewitness described murdering three people there this morning.
Still no sign of the guy I threw out the trailer, huh? No.
We got the dog teams coming out to search the woods, but he had a pretty good head start on us.
Yeah, I don't know how fast he'd be going.
He hit the ground at a pretty good clip, plus he was limping to begin with.
Is that right? - Keep me posted.
- I will.
- Nothing on the BOLO? - No.
Sorry, Raylan.
We got lucky last time.
Last time? Yeah.
When you was in the hospital after you got shot, I guess nobody could find Winona, so Art had us put out a BOLO on her.
I didn't know that.
One of our boys located her outside Louisville.
Louisville? Yeah.
Well, you look like a man who has something to say.
There have been some interesting developments down in Harlan.
I'm listening.
Boyd Crowder's Oxy clinic was hit this morning.
Well, ain't that a kick in the head? Who do we have to thank for that? It wasn't you? Little obvious for my tastes, though I'm sure you won't be alone in thinking that I was responsible.
It may be a coincidence, but a few hours after the hit, Raylan Givens shut down our trailer.
Gus was killed.
Teddy and Tanner slipped away.
Oh, shit.
That's awesome.
Is it? Because that isn't the word I would have used.
Oh, come on.
That's not a bad trade-off.
Losing a clinic but smoking out a dirty marshal in the process.
Raylan Givens never struck me as bent.
Oh, come on.
There's no way Givens is onto our clinic that fast without an inside lead.
I'm just surprised that Crowder has that kind of pull.
I mean, to have a marshal in your back pocket, that is a big play.
"Yeah" What? Givens' father, Arlo, is a part of Boyd's crew.
So, how was your day, son? Was it a good day? Was it a productive day? Was it memorable? How'd you figure it out? Is that really the question you want to ask me right now? I was gonna bring it to you soon as the dust settled.
"Dust settled.
" Shit.
You still don't even know what you done, do you? I was just trying to clear the playing field.
- You know, get us control of things - Why? What? Say you was able to start a war between Frankfort and Crowder.
Nobody ever found out you fired the shot that started the whole thing, and they wipe each other off the face of this Earth.
Then what? Then we run this shit.
So that's what you want.
Be a gangster.
Gold chains and champagne and hos and shit.
Oh, son.
We have survived in these hills on our own for 15 decades by staying among ourselves.
Yeah, but it ain't got to be like that anymore.
When your foolishness brings this war to our doorstep, how long do you think we gonna last then? What we got to be scared of? They got guns.
We got guns, too.
Guns enough for the law? And for all the hillbillies that are gonna start taking it personal when we start killing white folks? They always wanted us gone, and now you done exposed us to every buried hate-filled desire in this county.
And when the blood starts to spill, it will be on your hands.
All right.
You right.
I stepped out.
You gonna have to do what you gonna have to do then, 'cause I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
You ain't gonna get off that easy.
Now, first, you gonna make things right with Trixie's family.
That girl trusted us, and you done got her killed.
Then you gonna make sure whoever you used to hit that clinic is either dead or silent.
And then, then I suppose I'm gonna finish what you started.
And you gonna be right there on the front line to watch all that you done created come to a head, one way or another.
- No.
- I haven't said anything.
Well, when you do, the answer will be "no.
" You never called me back.
- She's my baby sister, Raylan.
- Well, I need to see her.
- Well, didn't we just cover that? - Look, it's not that simple, Gayle.
I'm here on official business.
You've got to be kidding.
All right.
There are two ways this can go.
You can go get her, or I'll come in and get her myself.
Try it.
Gayle, it's okay.
Behave yourself.
- I guess you didn't read my note.
- Oh, no.
I read it.
Both sentences.
Each so terse, I figured you must have written it at gunpoint.
When I saw that Costa Rica shit on your computer, that's when I realized you took the goddamn money.
What? What money? What are you talking about? If you think I'm gonna help you put it back this time, then you really are crazy.
You came here because you thought I took evidence money to go to Costa Rica? Raylan, I know that note was abrupt, but that doesn't mean I How about, "I'm sorry I wrote the note at all"? I didn't But I didn't steal any money, Raylan.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not lying to you.
Then why did you disappear like that? Because I found myself in the middle of an empty house almost two months pregnant with nowhere to go.
I know.
I'm supposed to have looked at some houses, and I haven't done that yet, but Raylan.
No, just listen to me.
Can we get your stuff and get out of here? I thought you wanted to go to Glynco anyway.
Yeah, and since the last time you brought up Glynco, you've been shot.
And I watched you shoot a guy in your motel room.
The third guy, might I add, that you've shot in that motel room.
So, you want me to raise a baby around that, Raylan? I can't do that.
Let's go.
We can go to Glynco still.
Oh, my God.
What? Do you remember, when we were first married, that Tuesday-night poker game you used to go to? Come hell or high water, you never missed that poker game.
You even chased a fugitive for three days straight without any sleep over a weekend, I swear to God, to go to that stupid poker game.
- What's your point? - My point is, if you wanted to change your life for me, Raylan, you would have done so by now.
So, that's it.
You're gone, huh? I've been gone for weeks.
I can't believe you thought I took that money again after all the shit we went through to put it back.
Saw all that Kenny Chesney on your computer, I figured you were capable of anything.
- I love Kenny Chesney.
- Apparently you do.
So, what now? How does this work? Me and you apart and a baby between us? I don't know.
But I know we still love each other.
And we'll love the baby.
And we'll figure it out.
We weren't even fighting.
Well, you know you're in trouble when the drums stop.
Says the man who knew she already left me just a few weeks ago.
I didn't know she'd leave you again.
That's funny.
Raylan, I thought she'd tell you herself.
Tim know? Rachel? Fantastic.
Well, now we need to talk about something awkward.
More awkward than what we just talked about? Remember that bill that popped a couple months ago? Are you joking? Treasury called this morning.
Another one popped.
- Where? - El Paso.
El Paso.
Well, has anyone talked to Charlie, ask him to take a second look? No.
Charlie went home sick Tuesday, and I haven't been able to get in touch with him.
Well, I saw Charlie Tuesday.
He seemed fine.
Did he, now? Where you heading? Wherever the road takes me.
It's first day of retirement.
First day of the rest of my life.
Identification, please.
You be careful.
This is dangerous country, amigo, filled with desperate men.