Justified s03e07 Episode Script

The Man Behind the Curtain

Previously on Justified You and I'd make a lot more money as partners than as enemies.
"Partners" just means that, well, we do all the work while you make all the money.
Should I be putting my hands up or something? Gary doesn't realize you were gonna kill him anyway.
I don't care where you go.
I'd leave the country, but that's entirely up to you.
This is for you.
Fill, please.
Our Oxy clinic got hit this morning.
I need to know everything I can about what transpired.
The people who bank with me are the ones who have access to the things I know.
It may be a coincidence, but a few hours after the hit, Raylan Givens shut down our trailer.
That's not a bad trade-off.
Losing a clinic but smoking out a dirty marshal in the process.
You still don't even know what you done, do you? You gonna make sure whoever you used to hit that clinic is either dead or silent.
Never listen to me.
No, they never listen.
Not one lick.
Not one damn lick.
They're all the same nowadays.
Bunch of bullshit.
Damn woman always talking back.
Never listen to the man in the house.
Limehouse? Get out here, son of a bitch.
This shit ain't gonna happen again.
Limehouse? You hear me? You don't look like Limehouse.
Then I'd get out of my way, I was you.
- Look what the cat drug in.
-'Bout damn time.
You couldn't pick up a phone and tell me what's what? I know, man.
I'm sorry.
- Shit's been crazy.
- Yeah, it looks like it.
Bernard, you reckon there were any blues waiting in the wings, -watch Mr.
Dodd cross into Noble? - No.
No one knows I'm here.
Look, I did the job we agreed on.
The law's hunting me.
If Quarles knows I did this, I'm a dead man.
This holler's the only safe place I got.
Least till I heal up some.
Come on, man.
You did the right thing coming back here.
Come on! No, no, no, man! Come on! No, please! No, man, no! Come on! Please! Hey, hey, hey.
Let him go.
Come here, Mr.
You sit down right here.
Come on.
There you go.
Sit right on up here.
Now, I done heard what Errol got you into.
I'm sure it seemed like a surefire way to make some coin, branch out a little bit, right? You can nod if you understand.
In Errol's attempt to branch out, he left out one little, small step.
Forgot to run the plan by me.
And the shit went bad.
And the law's after you.
And now we got ourselves a situation, don't we? Yeah, we can work it out.
Errol's way, or you can rest up in this holler, lick your wounds, stay away from the law.
And then you go right on back to Mr.
Quarles with your tail 'tween your legs, and you tell him this whole thing was your idea to get back at the Crowders, and you thought he would approve.
How that sound? Sounds good.
- That it? - Not quite.
See, I'm gonna want to know what Mr.
Quarles is up to.
I believe you can help me out there, huh? Good.
Hey, I'm glad we're on the same page.
What is it? Got some old white fool down the road yelling for Mr.
Watch him.
State your business, Mr.
You know what I'm here for.
As long as you have known me, have I ever been the kind to play dumb? I ain't here for blood-letting, but if that's what it comes to, I'm ready.
- See, that's that alcohol talking.
- I ain't had one drop.
You'd best retrace your steps.
That way history doesn't have to repeat itself.
I'm not leaving till you send one of your lapdogs up in that maze and bring back my Frances.
Frances? Frances? I know she's up there.
Frances! Either you go get her, or I will.
Givens, I assure you, Frances is not on this property.
Who's Frances? It's the man's late wife.
What you want to do with him? - What can I get you? - Some sleep.
Can't get you that.
You could drink till you pass out.
Would that help? It might.
- We haven't met yet.
I'm Lindsey.
- Raylan.
I know.
Kent said any brawls break out, call the cowboy upstairs and see how long they last.
And for that, I get free NFL Sunday Ticket.
And tonight, your first drink is free.
Well, I got that going for me as well.
- What can I pour for you? - Bourbon, please.
Can you settle a bet for us? We've seen you in here the past couple nights, and we want to know if you were born before disco or after? You ladies have a good night.
Come on.
Don't be a sourpuss.
Let's take a shot.
Three Jäger Bombs.
- You want that on your tab? - No.
No, thank you.
Why don't you put them on my tab? And a Pappy Van Winkle neat for me.
- Your friends? - No.
Love your new digs.
Tried a few nights at the Hilton.
Didn't work outwith my per diem.
- What happened to the old place? - Not enough closet space.
Room above a bar.
You sure you can live this large on your salary? Well, the owner gave me a good deal.
- In exchange for what, keeping the peace? - Something like that.
You're a bouncer in a dive bar.
Just when I'm here.
Isn't that gig reserved for uniforms or retirees? Martinis are only three bucks.
Forgive me for saying this, but I think you could be doing a whole lot better.
Is that why you're here? Set me on a course of self-improvement? - You want me to get to the point? - I'd just as soon you'd get the hell out.
I will.
I just want to say this.
Whatever Boyd Crowder's paying you, I will double it.
- Excuse me? - No, no, no.
You heard me.
You think I'm in Boyd Crowder's pocket? Judging by your circumstances, I would say you're an undervalued asset.
Is that how they teach you to pitch a bribe in business school? U of M.
Go, Blue.
Yeah, on the Detroit mob's dime.
Summa cum laude.
Could've gone to Wall Street, done some real damage.
I prefer working with reputable folk.
Well, so do I.
Which is why, when I hear about your propensity for tooling up male hustlers, it gives me pause.
Put that one boy in a coma for three weeks up at Woodward and 6 Mile.
Not the kind of thing the bent-nose crowd takes kindly to, I imagine.
Is that why you're here? Sent into exile? Don't we all make mistakes, Raylan? But you keep making them.
Waltzing in here, offering me a deal like we're just gonna start working together.
- You said no.
That's fine.
- Okay.
I'm sure we'll be running into each other again real soon.
I know where you live now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I need a favor.
I live and breathe to do your bidding.
I want to talk to your friend over at the FBI.
You know, maybe you should think about making some friends of your own.
What, and miss out on conversations like these? What do you need? I leaned on this Detroit thug, and now he's all up in my shit, so So you have no jurisdiction to go after him.
No, no, no.
I don't want to go after him.
I want to bury the big-toothed, albino-looking son of a bitch.
Why don't you just shoot him in the face? - Does it look like I'm being funny? - A little bit.
- You having fun? - It's a slow morning.
Then you won't mind making the call.
Good morning, gentlemen.
I need someone to follow up with the girlfriend in the Hopkins case.
Don't everybody jump at once.
- I'll do it.
- Thank you.
As soon as I'm done looking into this asshole over near Beaumont, okay? All right.
Asshole first, girlfriend second.
You are totally not gonna follow up on that girlfriend.
I was hoping you'd do it right after you made the call.
Givens turned you down.
Yes, he did.
So, at least we get to keep the money, which is a bit of a silver lining, considering how low we're getting.
We're not keeping the money.
I'm going down to Harlan, and I'm going to offer it to someone who won't turn us down.
Boss' son is coming.
The boss' son.
You know, my father died when I was a teenager, -and Theo Tonin took me in.
- I'd heard that.
I think he hoped that I would be a brother to that little waste of sperm, but that didn't pan out.
You know those little burr-headed monkeys at the zoo who sit on a stump all day, jerking off? Sammy Tonin.
Weak, stupid, scared of his own shadow.
I was the son he always wanted.
He groomed me to take over someday, but now, Sammy's got the houses, the cars, the money, the juice.
And me? I'm down here.
What happened? Don't worry.
I'll be back for the crown prince's arrival.
And I will get us more money.
I'm just gonna put a smile on my face and eat a nice plate of steaming shit, unsalted.
Well, if it ain't Raylan Givens.
You finally show up here to check on your daddy? Why would I be up here for him? Well, he took a pretty good crack upside the head last night up in Nobles Holler, calling after your mama.
- How's he holding up? - He's recuperating.
I got Ava tending to him back up at the house.
Well, I'll make sure to pass along your concern.
Do that.
Well, doesn't that give you pause, him up there running around after all these years? Just sounds like he's off his meds.
And I wish you luck with that, but that's not why I'm here.
Well, what are you here for? Oh, my Lord.
Think he swallowed a peanut the wrong way.
Help you with that.
Come on.
- Raylan.
- Johnny.
Oh, my God, Raylan.
Figured I owed you that one for taking a poke at me at the Marshals Office.
Well, if I try to take this conversation vertical, can I expect more of the same? You can expect worse unless you start talking about Robert Quarles.
And if I say that you'll need to refresh my memory? What do you think? Think I'm gonna need some ice.
Ice can wait.
Well, what did Quarles do to piss you off so bad you felt the need to take it out on me? - He made assumptions.
- Such as? I'm working for you, taking orders, doing your bidding.
On the cheap, no less.
Well, I could see where that might be very upsetting.
Last we spoke, I believe I made myself clear what would happen to you, -you start dragging me into your bullshit.
- Yes, you did.
And I'll even allow that I I do have some familiarity with Robert Quarles.
Now we're getting somewhere.
But you're carrying an ill-informed notion of my relationship with the man -you think that idea came from me.
- Am I? Look, what did folks used to say after the war? Carpetbaggers pouring into Appalachia like they were some Old Testament scourge, looking to take what little bit we had left.
They said that hell is empty, and all the devils are here.
Your point being? This is our home, Raylan.
Now, I start to turn on my own people, however contentious at times our relationship might be, well, that's a world that becomes so muddy even I can't fathom it.
Well, if he wasn't such a drunken loser like his old man, we wouldn't be having this little chitchat, would we? Well, maybe next time, I'll let your son rot in the cell.
How's that sound? Yeah, well, screw you too.
What can I do for you? Well, you can start by taking a donation for your re-election campaign.
Not much of a campaign, really.
Running unopposed.
Well, invest it in your next campaign, then.
Or make some Band-Aid repairs on a few of those level mountaintops that everyone's bitching about, courtesy of the sheriff's office.
That way you're just not a job creator, but an all-star to a pile of future voters.
Or, hell, just do what I would do.
Buy yourself a nice, new vacation home.
- Who are you, son? - Robert Quarles.
Real pleasure.
And just what are you looking for in return, Mr.
Quarles? Sheriff.
I want you to significantly reduce the appalling Oxy violence in Harlan.
Is that all? - You're not from around here, are you? - That obvious? - I'm a quick study.
- I can see.
Reducing the violence around Oxy's maybe not as simple as you're putting it.
Actually, it is.
Simple economics.
If someone were to lower the price of Oxy, that would take money from the dealers, give it back to the people.
Then that would force crime to go north where the prices are still high, and you would earn city taxes from the operation.
That's a win-win-win.
And how do you plan on lowering the prices? Details you don't need to worry about.
Suffice it to say, it will be legal or appear so.
I don't do business with people I don't know.
You are a smart man, very smart man.
So, allow this to be an introduction.
What's the stick? The stick? This here's the carrot.
What's the stick? Trust me.
You don't want to know the stick.
Big-picture details, we'll get to those after the re-election.
In the meantime, there is one little man that you need to crack down on right now, Boyd Crowder.
I ain't accepted your deal, son.
Very true.
But you also ain't slid that briefcase back across the table, now, have you? Tonin crime family tree.
Names and records of anyone with the slightest link to Quarles.
- Who's Sammy Tonin? - Boss' son.
- He's in Lexington? - Touched down about an hour ago.
Heard he likes horses.
I was a betting man, which I am, I'd bet that if Quarles and the boss's kid are in town at the same time, probably not much to do with horses.
Know where he's staying? Last I checked, you were a marshal, too.
- I got to do everything? - Point taken.
- So, tell me, how were the horses? - Beautiful.
I found a gelding.
Had to be black.
My daughter's on this whole Black Beauty kick.
- Great job, guys.
Thank you - Thank you, sir.
- So this is the place.
- Home, sweet home.
- Is that an MRI? - Yeah.
We're not messing around here, Sam.
- What's in here? - Storage.
And good news is we got the sheriff on board.
As soon as he's re-elected, we get started.
Well, what happens when he starts turning a blind eye towards your pill mills? We're not gonna have some kind of shit-kicker rebellion on our hands? What, are you shitting me? Less crime, more tax revenue, what's to bitch about? They get a little testy, it'll take them at least a year to have him recalled.
- So, you're telling me we're on track? - Yeah, other than a couple hiccups.
I think we got our legs under us.
Thanks, Mike.
That's good, 'cause you need to know, Bobby, you're risking life and limb on a bunch of hillbilly, doper shit bags.
Couple thousand addicts paying a few hundred a visit, knocking out the competition.
Conservative estimate, $1 million a month.
A month, Sammy.
Yeah? What's that estimate gonna be if this Fed keeps looking into you? You mean the marshal? I believe that he is a man who can be reasoned with.
- So how much you need, Bob? - Fifty.
- Jesus, man! - What? You got to pay off the sheriff, ginning up medical histories, procuring 1,500 MRIs.
It adds up quick.
Another 50 in your account.
We can swing that.
What you got to remember is Dad ain't big on second chances, and you only got one because of what he invested in you in the first place.
Tell the old man that I do not need a second chance.
That's good.
Because you remember what happened last time there were hiccups? You went a little crazy.
You remember that? Have you told Mr.
Duffy here about your rent boy? About all it took to squash that? I don't think Mr.
Duffy is interested in the story.
Anything else, Sam? No? Good.
Then we got a lot of work to do.
Bobby, keep in touch.
I can't find him.
Called every hotel in the area.
He's not in any of them.
Well, are you sure you're pronouncing his name right? Tonin.
Sammy Tonin.
- He's probably checked in under an alias.
- That's a possibility.
- Well, do you know what it is? - What did I tell you? Why are you giving me a hard time on this? You've already told me his name.
You told me he's here.
'Cause he's under FBI surveillance, that's why, okay? - Yeah, so what? - So shit blows up, that's my friend's ass.
- Shit's not gonna blow up.
- And according to my friend, the surveillance team knows you're looking for him.
So I tell you where Sammy is, and then you go all Raylan on him and drag him out of some restaurant by his nut sack, is what that means.
I'm not gonna grab his nut sack or any other part of him.
I just want a word, a quiet word, to suggest that his affiliation with Robert Quarles is ill-advised.
I'll make sure I do it somewhere no one's around.
- I got mad ninja skills, buddy.
- Yeah.
You know karate? And two other Japanese words.
Give me five minutes.
Working with an eighth grader.
- Those demons let you alone last night? - I feel fine.
I told you that whole thing was blown way out of proportion.
What is that? Come on, Ava.
What the hell, woman? You want something to chase 'em with? I'll get you a water back.
You see this shit? Believe I'm gonna sit this one out.
You're not supposed to drink on your meds.
I think we can both agree after last night, you need your meds.
- Come on, Boyd.
- Can't argue with her logic.
A few drinks ain't gonna hurt.
Well, I didn't know we'd be entertaining a detachment of Harlan County's finest.
Boyd Crowder.
Is this your establishment? Well, actually, Sheriff Napier, it belongs to my cousin Johnny, but you and your deputies are more than welcome nonetheless.
Got a tip on some illegal slot machines, Boyd.
Just came by to ensure that you're in compliance with the local ordinance.
Well, a task so fraught with danger, you think you boys brought enough firepower? Let's take a look, fellas.
Come on.
Well, Nick, I thought you were next in line to be the chief of police in Bennett.
What happened to derail that occupational train? Look, Napier's the man, and I do as he says.
I need this job, Boyd.
Besides, I don't see anybody else paying any better.
Fire door out the back is locked, Boyd.
That's a serious violation.
Well, I suppose I know better than to ask if you are shitting me.
Well, what if there's a fire in here? - How are people supposed to get out? - Through the front door.
Well, between that and the video poker machines, it looks like we got a real problem here.
All right, folks.
Gonna have to ask you to leave.
This place is officially closed.
- Let's move it.
- What's going on here, Nick? I know you got a son with special needs.
You need any help? Look, I ain't fishing for a bribe.
It's just business, is all.
Well, if business gets slow, you know where to find me.
We know where to find you, Boyd.
You'd do well to remember that.
Coffee? Scratch that.
- Raylan Givens? - Yeah? Need you to come with us.
What for? Let's go, Marshal.
Deputy Marshal Gutterson, did Deputy Givens tell you why he was looking into Robert Quarles and Sammy Tonin? I imagine it's 'cause he's working a case.
You imagine? Well, that'll be cold comfort for your friend in the Bureau if she's suspended as a result.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Do I look like I'm kidding? The information provided was in pursuit of a federal fugitive.
This fugitive have a name? - Anthony Turner.
- Anthony Turner? - Anthony Turner.
- Anthony Turner.
Anthony Turner.
Of course.
Anthony Turner.
Turner stole some checks with an associate of Sammy's cousin.
That was back in '97? Is there not a warrant out for him? Seriously, Chief, do I look like I just got out of the academy? You know, the six degree of connection crap doesn't fly with me, Deputy.
Well, sometimes that's the way we have to do things around here, Agent Barkley.
We leave no stone unturned.
Now, if your agents are following Sammy Tonin on his travels here, then you're either building a case against him, or you're trying to protect him.
If you got a case, Agent, why don't you let us help you with it? Might be fun to be on the same side for a change.
You know, all I need from you, Chief, and your deputy here is to back off.
- Okay? - Okay.
Why? You afraid I'm gonna tip him off? Or is it because you got a leaky ship, Agent Barkley? I've made myself clear.
Must be some sort of a dick test that all the FBI agents have to pass.
You know this is the case I was telling you about earlier, right? Yeah.
But I didn't think it was gonna result in a visit from the feebs.
You want me to back off, I'll back off.
Just make sure that whatever you're doing is actually Marshal business.
I'm here for you, Art.
I believe I just got the green light.
Is Anthony Turner even in the state? Believed to be in Peru.
Well, next time you need a favor, the answer is no.
How's Arlo doing? Errol here popped him pretty good.
Well, he's up and around, but I didn't come here to discuss Arlo.
Well, what can I do for you? We do pay interest on all deposits.
Albeit low, of course, things being as they are.
Not much we can do about that.
Only thing I'm interested in is a particular lawman.
I think you're gonna need to be a little more specific.
Don't do that.
- Excuse me? - You heard me.
Now, you know the tin star I came here to discuss is Sheriff Napier.
Now, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and presume that there's someone behind the man with the badge.
And I'm guessing that man is named Robert Quarles.
Sound like you didn't even need to come see me.
- How long have you known about this? - Not very long.
But you didn't ask me about it till just now.
Well, what else do you know? Just that you ain't got the means or the muscle to beat Quarles' newfound alliance.
I'm not gonna waste any more gas coming up here for parceled-out information, so from now on, when you know something, I know something.
Or else I'm gonna close my account, and you're gonna have to deal with a very, very disgruntled customer.
Well, what do you think? Should I get two of them? That's twice the horseshit you gotta shovel.
It's your call, chief.
I don't know much about horses.
- Agent Heller? - Sir.
- Seen Givens? - Didn't you warn him off? If you see him, call.
If he gets within 100 feet, stop him.
- I'll be at the north gate.
- Yes, sir.
Why don't you go make yourself useful or something? Find a carrot.
- Where? - I don't know.
Go ask around.
Yeah, I know, he's a rag to win, but he showed in the fourth a quarter of the runs.
That's right.
- Hey, green boots.
- Yeah? Want to make a few extra bucks? For what? Just deliver a message.
What do you mean there's a problem? What kind of problem? It has something to do with the horse you bought.
You should go see the manager over in the round barn.
Yeah, just straight ahead.
What is that? Is that gabardine? This is sharkskin.
Dearborn, Michigan Avenue, Gallo's.
You want their number? I'll give it to you.
They get blood out? - You know who my father is? - Theodore Tonin, Detroit badman.
Then you know what he'll do to you if you do anything to me.
Sammy, it's "dress the part, be the part.
" It ain't "dress the part, hide behind your daddy.
" If you're gonna kill me, just get it over with now.
Are you serious? I ain't gonna beg, all right? Tell Quarles I didn't beg.
- You think Quarles sent me? - Who else? You know, you're the second asshole who's accused me of being dirty.
- Wait a second.
- No, you wait a second.
Now, I was under the impression you were bankrolling him.
Why would you bankroll someone if you think they wanted you dead? Wait a minute.
Who are you? I'm a deputy, United States Marshal.
What do you want? It's funny.
I was under the impression I might have to put a horse's head in your bed.
Now I'm starting to think you and I want the same thing.
So, you ain't gonna kill me, then.
Sammy, if I was gonna kill you, you never would've turned around.
Does this mean you've reconsidered my offer? Did you know there's a piano teacher renting the top floor of the two-family up the block? Wouldn't a banjo teacher be a little more appropriate? To answer your question, no, I have not gotten to know my neighbors as of yet.
You'll just have to take my word for it, then.
There are piano lessons going on about 178 feet from where we are standing, give or take.
I didn't know that.
Nor do I give a shit.
More of a wind-instrument man, I reckon.
Anyway, federal government isn't too crazy about the idea of distribution of drugs near a schoolhouse.
Gives us the power to seize property even suspected of such use.
With your history of drug arrests, the judge wasn't too hard to convince.
Tell me that's an eviction notice.
Well, for simplicity's sake, sure.
Let's call it that.
Twenty four hours from now, anything left in that building belongs to the Marshals Service.
So This is how you're gonna do it? For now.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
I want you to clear everything out of here and find a new place for us to set up shop.
What? They canceled the wire transfer.
The money was there, and then it wasn't.
I'm the messenger.
Givens got to him.
I'll talk to Sammy.
Just make sure our friend is still in Tulsa.
- Can you do that? - Yep.
- Paint the room.
- You can't paint over bloodstains.
I'll take care of it.
A few hours ago, you promised me another 50.
Now, I hear I've been cutoff.
Why the change? I imagine you already know that.
Well, I'm sure Raylan Givens paid you a visit, and you just pussed out.
Nothing to do with the fact that you've spent the last 20 years looking for a way to hang me out to dry.
I asked you to deal with the marshal.
You didn't deal with him.
Now I will.
What, you gonna pop a US Marshal? You're crazier than I thought you were.
- There are other ways to handle him.
- I'm listening.
As well you should, shit bag, 'cause right now I'm heading down to Tulsa to see a pal of his.
And you, next time you're someplace where our federal friends are listening, mention that Givens came to see you, and that you believe he's in bed with a guy from Harlan, a guy named Boyd Crowder.
Say it! - Boyd Crowder.
- Good boy.
Well, Shelby, how are you, my friend? Well, how do I look? Like a man who has seen better days.
To better days.
So, what's this about, Boyd? Well, I wanted to thank you, Shelby, for backing my story after the explosion at the mine.
I'd have been a dead man if it wasn't for you.
Didn't seem like all that much to ask.
Well, I heard they let you go not long thereafter.
I'm a greeter now.
I don't think I could say hello to that many people.
Are you enjoying the work? Way I understand it, they're paying me to do it, not to like it.
Well, how would you like a change in occupation? What do you got in mind? Well, what do all men want, Shelby? Money and power.
Now, I'm a little light on money right now, but I believe I might be able to get you access to power.
Go on.
There's an election coming soon, Office of County Sheriff.
- Tillman Napier's job? - He wasn't elected for life.
Now, he serves at the pleasure of the good people of Harlan County.
And I think you might be just the man for the job.
You know, people will tell you only what they hear, you know, what somebody else has been telling them.
"The market out there is bad.
" "it's terrible.
It's atrocious.
" Now, you know what I call these people? And this may sound harsh, but I don't mean it to.
I really don't.
But you know what I call them? Losers.
Okay? Now, just a quick show of hands here.
Now, how many people want to be in business with someone whose personality says, "Hey, work with me.
I'm a loser"? There is a treasure trove to be had in buying and selling foreclosed properties.
But you have to know the secrets.
And for only $29.
95, tax included, I will give you a step-by-step guide detailing those very secrets.
So we have to buy the manual? Well, yes, to get my secrets Is this a pyramid scheme? Hey, hey.
Now, the only pyramid I am talking about is one that is built with stacks of money.
Well, how come you're not out there making millions? Well, because I like to give back.
Yeah, yeah.
It keeps me positive, making more personal connections.
I had a friend who made a bundle of cash that way.
Okay, did you folks hear that, now? Sir, would you stand up and I don't think they want to hear from me.
But if you could, maybe you could share one of your secrets with us? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay.
I guess one won't hurt.
Thank you, sir.
Now, most people think that you have to work with an agent.
How many of you have heard that? It's true.
So, you have a family? - Yeah.
A wife and two kids.
- That's great.
Yeah, it's awesome.
How about yourself? Yeah, I mean Well, I did, a wife.
- Divorced? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I think that's why I'm so focused on this personal connection stuff now.
I just I had the greatest woman.
I mean, the smartest, sexiest.
- I blew it.
- Shit.
I guess I think if I could just go back, you know, and strengthen that personal connection, I mean, right from the beginning I don't know.
Now, wait a minute.
Just, you know, maybe it'll happen.
- Maybe you guys will work it out, right? - Yeah.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers to that.
All right.
So, how did you do it? I just got lucky.
Amazing wife.
Great kids.
- No, my problem all stems from my work.
- Yeah.
I swear, I'd be running the whole organization if it wasn't for my boss's idiot son.
- Is that right? - No, I'm serious.
- We're ready.
- Great.
Hey, I didn't know you had a pal here.
- Gary, this is my business associate, Mike.
- Hey.
Now, wait a minute.
Do I know you? Yes, Gary, you do.