Justified s03e08 Episode Script

Watching the Detectives

Previously on Justified Remember that conversation we weren't gonna have? This is it.
Next one's coming faster.
I don't do business with people I don't know.
You are a smart man.
So, allow this to be an introduction.
This here's the carrot.
What's the stick? There is one little man that you need to crack down on right now, Boyd Crowder.
Now, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and presume that there's someone behind the man with the badge.
And I'm guessing that man is named Robert Quarles.
Just that you ain't got the means or the muscle to beat Quarles' newfound alliance.
And then you go right on back to Mr.
Quarles with your tail 'tween your legs, and you tell him this whole thing was your idea to get back at the Crowders.
- That it? - Not quite.
See, I'm gonna want to know what Mr.
Quarles is up to.
- Gary, this is my business associate, Mike.
- Hey.
Now, wait a minute.
Do I know you? Yes, Gary, you do.
Now, if your agents are following Sammy Tonin on his travels here, then you're either building a case against him, or you're trying to protect him.
If you got a case, Agent, why don't you let us help you with it? All I need from you, Chief, and your deputy here is to back off.
Next time you're someplace where our federal friends are listening, mention that Givens came to see you, and that you believe he's in bed with a guy from Harlan, a guy named Boyd Crowder.
Say it! Boyd Crowder.
It's a call.
Yeah? Hey, listen, I found the source of that heat down here in Lexington.
Actually, he found me.
He's a silver star.
- Deputy Givens? - Yeah, turns out he's dirty, but he's looking to help out for some consideration.
I don't know.
Could be bullshit.
He said I should check it out.
He's already in the pocket of some gun thug that he used to dig coal with down in Harlan.
- That Crowder kid? - Yeah.
Hold on a sec.
Waiter! Please, I ordered medium-rare.
This is rare-rare.
Still got a pulse.
Sir? You're gonna want to hear this.
I was wondering what happened to you.
Yeah, that was unfortunate.
I would love to.
Sounds great.
Have a good night.
Tanner Dodd.
- Did he say what happened? - He wants to meet up to explain.
Brave man.
What are you gonna do to me? I need you to deliver a message to Raylan Givens.
You're taking me home? In a way, Gary.
And what's the message you want me to give to Raylan? Let's go.
Quarles! Yeah? Pardon my intrusion.
Sir, my name is Ellstin Limehouse from Nobles Holler, down in Harlan County.
What brings you to Lexington, Mr.
Limehouse? I just wanted to let you know Boyd Crowder is backing a man for sheriff.
- And I give a shit because - Man named Shelby.
Used to be with the Harlan Police.
Good man from what I hear.
You came all this way to tell me that? I likes to back the winning side.
Hey, that was great music last night, Kent.
- Glad you liked it, Raylan - Just what I needed.
Hey, listen, I was just about to knock on your door.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- I saw someone fooling around by your car.
- You did? As I was driving up, looked like someone was messing with your trunk.
I honked my horn, and they took off.
Didn't get a look at them.
- Thank you.
- You bet.
You're saying this neighborhood ain't as safe as I thought it was? Why I don't mind having a US Marshal living upstairs.
Take it easy.
Yeah, who's this? - Deputy Givens.
- Detective Garrity.
Thanks for coming out.
Why am I here? Well, the property is owned by your ex-wife and her husband.
We couldn't track either one of them down.
- They're estranged.
- Excuse me? - Estranged husband.
- Estranged husband.
I thought you said you couldn't track him down.
Wait, you're saying this is your ex-wife's husband? - What happened? - I don't know.
I'm just trying to put the pieces together.
I was hoping you could help me.
Where the hell are you going? First thing you guys do is look at photos.
Anyone you can connect to this place, right? Guy was in real estate.
You give me a few minutes, I'll show you a picture of him on a park bench.
You got a lot of experience in homicide investigations, do you? Mostly, I just hunt fugitives.
Well, you've testified in enough of them.
As a witness, as an intended victim.
In fact, didn't you and Mr.
Hawkins once give testimony in the same case? Two men shot dead in an office owned by Wynn Duffy of Frankfort, Kentucky and points south.
That's right.
In your experience, who's the most likely perpetrator in a homicide case? Mine, it's the exes, ex-boyfriends, ex-wives.
I gotta go to work.
Well, thanks for your help.
At least now I know you didn't kill him the night he disappeared.
You don't know that.
I could have killed him and put him in my icebox for a few weeks -just to throw off the timeline.
- Like that dude in New Jersey.
- What dude in New Jersey? - Richard "The iceman" Kuklinski.
How'd it work out for him? Actually, I already knew you didn't kill Gary that night.
He's been living in Tulsa for months under an assumed name.
- How'd you know that? - I'm good at my job.
If you already knew that, why you been messing with me? It was fun.
- I'm disappointed in you, David.
- Not as much as I am in myself.
- You have to redo the indictment.
- The second I leave the courtroom.
You know how you're gonna redo the indictment? Off the top of my head, I'm thinking I'm gonna do whatever you tell me to do.
You're smarter than I give you credit for.
- High praise, Your Honor.
- Add "knowingly.
" The accused knowingly trapped and sold red-tail hawks.
You can't just say trapped the damn things and sold them.
That's not in dispute.
Add "knowingly.
" - Consider it done.
- I don't consider it done till it's done.
Go on.
Next! Speedo-wearing lunatic.
- David Vasquez? - Yes.
- FBI SAC Jeremy Barkley.
- Okay.
I understand you've been having some run-ins with Raylan Givens not so long ago, been keeping tabs on him.
I wouldn't say I was keeping tabs on him.
Would it be possible for me to have a look at your file? Yeah.
Crowder's cripple almost crippled me.
I just wanted to hit back, so I did.
I know I should have cleared it with you first, but I know you were fighting with Crowder, so I thought you'd be okay with it.
What's the most important thing you said right there? - Should have cleared it with you.
- When Givens got the Oxy trailer, did he see you? Look, I'm gonna find out eventually.
He comes to me with a picture.
- Ask if I know this guy.
- Yeah, he saw me.
Threw me out of the trailer at 30 miles an hour.
- That's not good.
- I know.
It hurt like a son of a bitch.
No, shit stain, it's not good because he saw you, which is why you chose this public place to meet, so I don't chop your balls off right now.
Look, sir, Mr.
Quarles, you need someone who knows his way around Harlan.
- I got the sheriff.
- Well, someone who ain't the law.
So what I need is a federal fugitive who assaulted a US Marshal.
I don't think so.
Quarles, sir, I will do anything to make it right.
You walk into a crowded room, shoot someone in the face, I ask you? - Yes, sir.
- Last chance.
- I got it.
- Then get your ass in the car and get back to Harlan as fast as you can.
- Yep? - Come in.
Have a seat.
How you doing, Raylan? What, about Gary? I didn't know him that well.
No, I mean in general.
You know, after Winona.
I've been drinking a little more than usual if I have to be honest.
But you live right above a bar, so all you have to do is toddle upstairs.
- Art, what do you want to know? - I figure the less I know, the better.
How you stayed in charge this long, I imagine.
But I do need to know that I'm not gonna get blindsided by some horseshit detail that these local peckervvoods dredge up, and then I have to watch them cuff you right here in my Marshals Office.
- So what do you need to know? - Exactly.
It's gonna rain tomorrow.
Might want to bring an umbrella.
That's good information.
Thank you.
So, I don't need to know who else might want to kill Gary Hawkins other than you.
- I can make a couple guesses.
- The only reason I say "other than you" is because homicide's gonna go after the deer that's already in their crosshairs, and when it comes to Gary, you're an easy target.
You know that, and I know that.
They already know about the two hit men that went after you and Winona, and then right after that, Gary disappeared into the ether.
If he stayed disappeared, I imagine he'd be alive today.
Well, if they find another connection besides what they already know, -they are gonna burn you down.
- I know that.
- Have you told Winona yet? - No.
Here's your big chance.
I was afraid something might have happened to you.
I told them to tell you that Raylan was fine.
Well, that's what they would say even if he wasn't fine.
What's going on? Leaving us alone.
This can't be good.
What's up? Gary's dead.
- What? - Police found him on your lawn this morning.
He was shot.
On my lawn? What did he do? - I don't - I mean, I know what the The stuff that he was involved in, the people that he was all tangled up with, and, you know, the money issues.
He was shot to death? On my front lawn? I guess I just I want to know what he did to deserve that.
Do you know? Local PD's looking into it.
God damn it, Gary.
LPD's lab got a good print off the casing.
They ran it through the federal and the state databases, and they got a match.
Wynn Duffy? Quarles? You.
You're in the motor coach with Robert Quarles and Wynn Duffy.
There's a bodyguard out front, but that still doesn't explain to me how you got your fingerprints on a bullet casing.
- I threw a bullet at him.
- You threw a bullet at him.
- Yeah.
- Wait, you threw a bullet at him? No, I, like, dropped it.
- On the floor? - On Duffy.
- So, Duffy was on the floor.
- Yes.
You failed to mention that, Deputy.
- Well, I'm mentioning it now.
- How'd he get on the floor, I wonder? Look, you wanted to know how my prints got on the casing.
Now you know.
Okay? Wait, why did you throw a bullet at him? - I was trying to make a point.
- Which was? Get the hell out of Kentucky and don't come back.
How was throwing a bullet at him gonna accomplish that? Told him the next one might be coming a little faster.
Deputy, that might just be the coolest thing I've ever laid ears on.
Did you come up with that all on your own? Heard it on The Johnny Carson Show once.
He was telling some old gangster story.
I always thought it was kind of cool.
Well, that just gets better and better.
It would be a lot better and a lot cooler if it had actually worked.
But still, it's a shame we have to lock you up.
I'm gonna run down this Quarles and Duffy and see if this damn story makes any sense.
Okay, and I will get back to work.
Not so fast, Deputy.
We need to take a look at your service weapon for ballistics.
Are you serious? Well, his ballistics are all on file from previous - They're on file.
- We just need to check the serial numbers and make sure you're using the same weapon.
This is ridiculous.
Wait, you're not gonna throw that one at me, are you? The bullet.
Hello? Anybody there? Police.
Anybody here? Somebody just pulled up in front of the house.
- Who? - I don't know.
Looks like a cop.
- Did you paint the room? - Not yet.
Hey, there.
Can I help you? Detective Dempsey, Lexington Police.
- You are? - In my house.
I knocked.
Nobody answered.
Tried the door.
It just opened.
Well, as you can see, there wasn't much to secure in here, so - Who are you? - I'm Robert Quarles.
- This is Wynn Duffy.
- Hello.
- Both of you.
Anybody else here? - Just us.
You don't mind if I look around then.
Feel free.
That door sticks.
- Sticks.
- Yeah.
Detective? Detective? May I ask what brings you here? Either of you know Gary Hawkins? He says he threw a bullet at you.
- Threw a what? - A bullet.
A bullet.
Well, that is interesting.
Says you conspired with Gary Hawkins and two hit men to kill Deputy Givens and Hawkins' wife, Winona.
That never happened.
Deputy Givens seems to see a lot of conspiracies.
All untrue.
I know Gary said something like that, but I distinctly told Deputy Givens I did nothing of the sort.
I remember Givens telling Gary to run and to not stop running.
Next thing I heard about Gary Hawkins was when I walked in here, and your colleague told me he was dead.
He admits to beating Duffy.
Well, I'm glad he's telling the truth about that.
He beat the shit out of him.
He started beating me because he was looking for Gary, and I didn't know where he was.
And I guess he didn't like my answer, because that's when he started hitting me.
In the face.
- Does he have a drinking problem? - What? Detective? Just between you and me, Raylan Givens is a very angry man.
Sheriff Napier.
What brings you to a closed-down bar? Crowder, if my men weren't with me, you'd be on the floor with a bullet in your head.
Well, I thought this election could be contested without intimidation.
I guess I was wrong.
You don't see his hands in the next two seconds, shoot him.
Whoa, now.
Hold on.
- Boyd Crowder, you are under arrest - For what? For putting 50 pounds of goddamn dynamite under my car.
I did what now? You have the right to remain silent.
Sing along, Crowder.
I know you know these words by now.
-against you in a court of law.
- Yeah.
Hawkins, could we talk to you for a moment? Would you like a lawyer present? - Do I need a lawyer present? - She doesn't need one.
You don't need one.
Timeline for yesterday.
Did Deputy Givens ever mention wanting to do Gary harm? No.
Do you think he might have thought about it? No.
Raylan didn't like Gary, but he didn't have any reason to kill him.
Even after Gary supposedly hired a hit man to kill both of you? I'm sorry? So, between 7:00 and 8:30, you're eating supper alone, black coffee, a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
You want to go ahead and put your ear up to that glass, you be my guest.
- Tim, give us a second, will you? - Well, no.
I don't think I should be going anywhere until we figure out what your timeline is.
- Is it true? - You're gonna have to be more specific.
Those guys who tried to kill us.
Gary was involved with that? Tell you what.
I think I need to get myself a cup of coffee.
You all want one? Yeah.
- You're sure? - Yes.
Why didn't you tell me? I mean, I looked at him I looked at him straight in the eye that day, and he knew I was gonna be dead later.
And I had no idea.
What does that say about me? Raylan, Winona, they would like to search both your places and your vehicles.
Would you like for me to ask them to get a warrant? No.
Knock yourself out.
Winona? Yeah.
No, that's fine.
- What does that say about me? - Nothing.
- It doesn't say - Then why didn't you tell me, Raylan? I thought if you knew, it would kill you.
- What? - My car.
What about your car? The bartender said there was someone outside my car this morning, and I looked.
There was nothing missing, but I didn't think to see if something was put inside.
Like what? Winona, do you know what's going on here? I'm being framed of a murder I didn't commit.
As opposed to a murder you did commit.
- Are you being funny? - No.
I'm not trying to be funny.
I'm just If you didn't do anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about.
That's what you always told me.
Winona, would you wait? I need you to listen to me.
No, Raylan.
I've heard enough today, don't you think? Raylan, it's about time.
There you go.
Just the man we're looking for.
- Winona.
- Hey, hey.
You get on that elevator, and I will arrest you.
Arrest him for what? This is not a federal case.
We're not here about the Hawkins murder.
We're here about Raylan Givens being a dirty cop.
You have a problem with my men searching your computer, your desk? I'm sure it might take Mr.
Vasquez all of, what, five minutes to get a warrant.
Whatever moves this along.
Deputy Givens, we're not done.
- Who are you? - Detective Garrity, Lexington PD.
And I'm FBI.
Wait your turn.
Tim, would you show the detective to the cafeteria? Now, if you're coming after my deputy because he dared disobey your godlike order that he stay away from your Detroit thug No, no, no, I'm coming after your deputy because I've read the file AUSA Vasquez compiled on Deputy Givens, and I discovered a broad, pervasive pattern strongly suggestive of corruption.
Raylan may be a lot of things, but I've never gotten even a whiff of dirty.
Well, maybe that says something about you, Chief.
Did you honestly just say that? Chief, you can either assist or resist in this inquiry, but if you resist, we may have to out you under a microscope.
So you're threatening me now? I'm saying we just may have to give more credence to the claims of one Walter Vondas.
He's the one who killed your WitSec marshal.
He said that you beat the shit out of him, threatened to kill him to get information.
Excuse me.
Am I not the one you're after? If so, would you mind if we just get to it? It is my belief that ever since Well, ever since you came to this office here in your home state of Kentucky that you have been working with and perhaps even paid by the convicted criminal Boyd Crowder.
What are we waiting for? You're running your boy Shelby's campaign to unseat me, and you don't know what we're waiting for? Good luck with that.
They're here.
You have to wait for the camera, you moron.
If you're gonna do a perp walk, you need the goddamn camera.
All ready? Showtime.
You rolling? I don't see no red light.
There we go.
Today, I have arrested Boyd Crowder in association with a bombing attempt on my life this morning.
Crowder has a long history of run-ins with the law and is known to have experience with explosives and has thrown his questionable muscle behind my opponent in this election.
At that point, Deputy Givens "deputized" Boyd Crowder and then joined him in a shootout that left four men dead.
Not so long ago, a war blew up in Harlan between Boyd Crowder's gang which now includes Givens' father, Arlo, a lifetime criminal.
Is that a fair description? I'd add "petty" to be more accurate.
Between Boyd Crowder's gang and the Bennett clan, and all the Bennetts ended up, well, in jail or dead.
When you gonna get to the time I shot Boyd in the chest? - Well, you knew that already, right? - Well, I do now.
Oh, boy.
- Can I go? - No.
- Stop me.
- Raylan.
- Look, either you stop him, or I will.
- Raylan! - God damn it.
- You know, Art, it's bullshit, and you know it.
- Is it? - Is that a real question? It had a question mark.
Here's my answer.
Kiss my ass.
Fantastic, then.
Let's get back in there and settle this! They got nothing! What the hell's wrong with you? Art, any chance you can spare Raylan? LPD wanted a word.
You go talk to LPD.
I'll take care of them.
Hey! Hey! Where the hell's he going? - LPD wanted to talk to him.
- I told you they could wait.
I figured it was their turn.
Gives me a chance to ask you a question, though.
Just out of curiosity, what gave you the idea to look into Raylan and Boyd Crowder in the first place? Yeah, you never told me that.
- What are you doing? - I got to go.
- You got to go.
- It's important.
Where do you got to go? And before you answer, kind of a "What the hell? It's worth a shot.
" Why don't you try telling me the truth? I think Quarles put a murder weapon in my car.
I'm gonna take you downstairs.
I took you downstairs.
- Winona? - I found the gun.
Where? It's at my house.
Well, at my old house.
- What are you doing at the house? - Looking for the gun.
You touch it? What am I, an asshole? - Can you get it out of there? - I can try.
All right.
God damn it.
Let's get over to the Hawkins house now.
I'll let you in.
I mean, she's older for a Victoria's Secret girl, but that's how you know she knows what she's doing.
Hey! - Hey! - Hey.
Where is he? - Where's who? - Don't play dumb with me, Deputy.
I'm not playing.
I'm an idiot.
You can ask anybody.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Your deputy was supposed to take Givens downstairs, bring him right back up.
I just checked with the detective.
He never saw him.
Well, I took him down.
Well, it's a big building, you know.
He'll turn up.
Could be taking a shit.
Thank you.
You gonna throw it off a bridge? I don't know.
Where you headed? This time, seriously, don't come find me.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm here for the money you owe me.
We both work for the same guy.
Go get it from him.
Quarles specifically said for me to get the money from you out of your own pocket, it being an election expense and all.
The hell I Will Even if I did owe you, I sure as hell wouldn't pay you.
You were supposed to wait until I get back in the house before you set that thing off.
Damn near blew out my ears.
Couldn't hear right all day.
Tell you what.
Get me what you owe me, or next time, I won't even wait for you to get out of the car.
Where the hell did you go? Your FBI boyfriend about shit a brick.
- Needed some air.
Anything on ballistics? - No match.
- Well, there you go.
- There you go nothing.
You could have used another gun.
- Did you find another gun? - You'd be too savvy to keep it around.
Probably at the bottom of a river by now.
You really think I did it? I don't know.
I do know I'm not closing the file.
Well, it seems you've dodged another in a long series of bullets.
- No indictment? - Not from my office.
Not yet, anyway.
- See what you add to your file.
- You know, I'd love to see that file.
- Deputy, you know what's in it.
- No, I don't.
That's why I asked.
You know, if you wanted to re-create it for yourself, you could sit down with pen and paper and just write down all the shit you know you shouldn't have done.
- Where the hell were you? - That's none of your business.
Special Agent in Charge Barkley has determined that the source of his tip regarding you and Boyd Crowder is something he'd rather not divulge.
And AUSA Vasquez said that in order for him to pursue an indictment, he would need to do so.
Doesn't mean you're not dirty.
Raylan, you remember that time I told you I didn't think you were gonna make it to retirement? I think it's gonna be me.
For God sakes.
Having you in this office is gonna give me a stroke.
I heard you.
Sorry, Bob.
I know you tried, but Dad's guy in the Bureau says Givens is out from under already.
Understand this.
This thing that we got with the feds watching us.
We can't have any more heat on us, okay? So you're on your own, Bob.
It's over.
You're out.
Have you thought this through? You know what my father's gonna do to you? It'd be a short and a lonely life.
Get out of here.
That's awesome.
Does it ever jam on you? You know you're in violation of a federal court order? Deputy, didn't your mother teach you to knock? Yeah, she did.
She also taught me to shoot.
And then my Uncle Sam, he gave me this.
And this is my knock.
Now, is your boss around? - Do you see my boss around? - No.
But I bet he was here, then he left, made you stay and paint the walls.
Can't go wrong with taupe.
He's got the ice-cold, remorseless, bottle-blond shit-bag killer doing scut work.
Deputy, are you accusing me of being a fake blond? Because if you need me to prove it to you, I might be inclined to break you over that step ladder, ride you down like a teaser pony, and paint this room an entirely different color.
Now, that is the Wynn Duffy I remember.
- You concerned about me, Raylan? - Little bit.
- Yeah? - The SS Quarles is going under.
You best swim like hell to get clear, or the whirlpool will take you down with it.
I believe they disproved that on MythBusters.
Go tell your boss - I got the gun that killed Gary.
- Do you? Ask him where he thinks it might turn up next.
Deputy, we both know you're above planting evidence.
Don't think of it like that.
Think of it as just returning that which does not belong to me.
- That's very thoughtful.
- Way my mama raised me.
Now clean your shit up and get out of my house.
The beast will come in many forms for that is the nature of the beast.
The beast will be powerful.
He will be charming.
He may even seem wise Shit.
The beast will present himself as light, but that light is darkness.
He will appear to be that which shall deliver us from all our cares and woes.
People will see him, and they will say, "This is it.
He is our salvation.
" But do not be deceived.
For in the truth, he is the great deceiver.
We should also call him the great seducer.
For he will do everything in his considerable power to make us fall in love with him.
You can hate the beast.
You can wish to defeat him with your might.
But do not discount him, for he is the second most powerful entity in this universe.
You noticed I said second most powerful, not the first.
You know That's far enough.
What can I do for you, Mr.
Quarles? You said you like to back the winning side.