Justified s03e09 Episode Script

Loose Ends

Previously on Justified Winona, do you know what's going on here? I'm being framed of a murder I didn't commit.
I found the gun.
Thank you.
This time, seriously, don't come find me.
Go tell your boss - I got the gun that killed Gary.
- Do you? Ask him where he thinks it might turn up next.
You have no idea What are you gonna do? Make sure Ellen May don't get hurt.
Thanks for coming by, Raylan.
What brings you to Lexington? I just wanted to let you know Boyd Crowder is backing a man for sheriff.
You came all this way to tell me that? I likes to back the winning side.
I'm gonna want to know what Mr.
Quarles is up to.
I believe you can help me out there, huh? You need someone who knows his way around Harlan.
- I got the sheriff.
- Well, someone who ain't the law.
So what I need is a federal fugitive who assaulted a US Marshal.
I don't think so.
Quarles, sir, I will do anything to make it right.
You were supposed to wait until I get back in the house before you set that thing off.
Get me what you owe me, or next time, I won't even wait for you to get out of the car.
Rachel said you wanted to see me.
Yes, come in.
Shut that door behind you.
This isn't good.
I'll be gentle.
Who's Brady Hughes? You been checking up on me? Yes.
Who is he? Switchboard said that yesterday you got an anonymous call that said, "Tell Deputy Givens to ask Quarles about Brady Hughes.
" All I can tell you is what I got when I ran the name through the database, which I'm not gonna share with you 'cause I know you already did the same.
What does Quarles want with a missing hustler? He just about killed one in Detroit.
So, what? You went down there to where Brady turns his tricks - Yeah.
-and then you asked them all if anybody had seen him with Quarles? None of the other rent boys were too anxious to speak.
What do you have on Quarles? - What do I have on Quarles? - Yeah.
What have we been talking about? What do you have on Quarles right now that you can prove? That's what I thought.
Look, we're gonna shut this down.
- Shut what down? - You and Quarles.
Us and Quarles.
'Cause no matter how big a scumbag he is, until he runs afoul of federal law enforcement, he's not Marshal business.
He tried to destroy my life.
And even if he was Marshal business, he wouldn't be yours.
You're gonna have to step back now.
You got it? Don't hog it all! I'm not.
All right.
There's plenty for everybody.
Just hurry your asses up.
You want us to be pumped, don't you? No, what I want is for you to go out and make me some goddamn money.
You bitches ready? It's show time.
Everybody get down on the ground! You too! You deaf? Oh, shit! J.
, open the door! Open the door! You got her? I got her, J.
! I got her! Come on! - Oh, shit! - Go, go! He grabbed my gun! There was nothing I could do! She's right.
It happened so fast.
God damn it! You kill anybody? I don't know.
Krystal shot back at him.
Took off half his skull.
The clerk took a bullet, too.
It's okay, baby-poo! Oh, my God.
We're gonna get you help.
Oh, no, no, no! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! What? What? - No, no, no! - She's dead.
- You shut up! - Ellen May, shut her up or hand to God, I'll run this van right off a goddamn cliff! Shut up! Shut up! You got to shut up right now.
- You got to shut up.
- All right.
Now, it's terrible what happened to Krystal, huh? Don't make it worse by losing your shit.
That's the last thing she'd want.
The last thing she'd want is to have her guts spilling on the ground.
Krystal was a soldier.
She knew the risks.
And she'd want us to, you know, soldier on, huh? Wouldn't she? Wouldn't she? - Yes.
-I suppose.
All right.
Let's fix this.
For Krystal, huh? I could use a pill.
Now, that's more like it.
Ask and ye shall receive.
Can't we just bury her? No, darling.
We need the slurry to eat her up.
Couple days, there'll be nothing left of her.
She deserves better than this.
You got something to say, Ellen May? - No.
- All right.
Best not.
Go on.
Toss her in.
- Well, what do we do now? - We cover our tracks.
Ellen May? Ellen May? Ava Crowder, just what my day has been missing.
Bet you feel like all I do lately is ask you for favors, but, Raylan, if you just give me For you, I got all the time in the world.
- So, you're saying you ended it this time? - I'm saying I played a big part.
- Elmer T.
Lee single barrel, water back.
- I just asked for a whiskey.
Friends of the deputy get top shelf.
She clearly has a crush on you.
- Are we talking about the bartender? - She is awful pretty.
If you're into that sort of thing.
Little long in the tooth to be dressed like that, though.
I'm willing to forgive her.
Boyd tells me you shot a woman.
Are you two still close? What was that like? Different? I can't say what it's like to shoot anybody, Ava.
As a rule, women aren't into crimes where they get shot by people in law enforcement, so we don't get that many opportunities to shoot women.
Well, if a person's holding a gun at you, doesn't matter if they're wearing a dress.
She was wearing pants.
- Boyd the reason you're here? - He is.
Still think you can change him, huh? Not trying to change him.
I'm trying to help him.
What? I'm reminded of a fugitive we were chasing, a big fella named Tiny.
Found out he was stepping out on his wife with this pretty sorta-Rican girl.
We knock on her door.
She answers in a see-through number.
My boss says, "Where's Tiny?" And then she says, "He ain't here.
" And he says, "if he's here and you're lying, you're going to jail.
" She says, "He's in the back.
" You understand? It wasn't like she was hurting him or telling on him.
There was just nothing she could do for him, so she said, "Yeah, he's in the back.
" Did you catch him? You do know what Boyd is, right? I mean, you do know.
He says he can help you get to Robert Quarles.
Then why didn't he come down here and tell me himself? Well, I knew if anybody could sweet-talk you into coming to see me, it'd be Ava.
I hope you had a pleasant time, but not too pleasant.
Well, I'm here.
That's the main thing.
What do you got for me? The man who did the shooting out at your Aunt Helen's house, -man with a limp - You know him? Well, I believe he's Robert Quarles' point person in Harlan.
He tried to turn Devil against me.
- You gave him the limp.
- Well, I can get territorial.
How is Devil? I haven't seen him.
Well, he's calmed down a good bit since last you saw him.
And what's in this for you? Well, the man you threw out of that trailer happens to be, I believe, the same man who committed the crime for which I find myself currently incarcerated.
You're asking me to go find your "get out of jail free" card.
Well, think of it this way.
Now, you find this guy, you get your man Quarles and you get to help out an old friend.
Now, that's a win-win.
You got a name? Now, just exactly where did this information come from? Oh, Tom Bergen and his boys.
They been down here rattling the bushes.
Fella name of Tanner Dodd popped up.
Bergen, huh? You say his source is solid? I ain't surprised at all to hear he's the same fella I threw out of the trailer.
All right.
Go get your fugitive.
All right.
Will do.
Hey, Raylan.
You ever hear of a fella named Tanner Dodd? You want me to frisk him? - Nah, that ain't necessary.
- I told him we were all pals up here now.
Have a seat, Mr.
You hungry? No, thank you.
I've eaten.
You sure? Hell, Bernard's little, pretty mama make the best shoofly pie I ever ate.
You ever had shoofly pie? No, but judging by the name, I'm sure it's delicious.
Butter, brown sugar.
My, that sure am sweet! Indeed.
And, like all sweet things, it draws pests.
Hence "shoofly"? Mr.
Limehouse, I'm sure you didn't invite me up here to discuss the sociology of baked goods.
Well, last we spoke, you said you had a plan for this county included the election.
Of course.
I'm from Detroit.
Elected officials are always part of the business plan.
Are you on board? I am, just as soon as you tell me who your campaign manager is.
- Excuse me? - For the election.
No, no, no, no, no.
I heard you.
I just don't understand why I need one.
Crowder's in jail, Napier's a hero.
It's as good as won.
Now, I'm sure it seems like that from the outside, but around here, elections ain't won without insurance.
And no doubt you'll be adding that "insurance" to my tab.
Afraid I don't make donations unless they tax-deductible.
- Now, is that gonna be a problem? - Open the box.
It's not gonna be a problem.
Then you can give that box right there to your new campaign manager.
And where do I find this fella? He gonna be in my seat in about 10 minutes.
We're not open! Christ, we're not the only place in town to get a drink! Ava, I prayed you'd be here.
Please, you got to help me.
Thank God you're here! Come on! - Mrs.
Dodd? - Hurry up! I think he's gonna kill her.
- Who is? - Vincent.
- Where is he? - He's in the woods.
See, he was hunting, and he shot what he thought was a deer.
But it wasn't.
It was Bernice.
She was spying on him.
Well, at least I think it was Bernice.
See, it could have been her evil twin sister, Eloise.
The problem is, I could not see the beauty mark on the TV.
Dodd, is there anyone in the house with you? No.
That's why I need you.
I've got something I need to discuss with you.
Well, I ain't discussing nothing until you help me get this TV working.
- Now, hold that up high.
- Mrs.
No, call me Imogene.
And hold that up nice and high.
- I'm sorry, Imogene.
- No, wait.
What? I'm not here to help you with your TV.
I'm here because I'm looking for your boy, Tanner.
- I haven't seen him in years.
- I don't think that's true.
I think you saw him the other day, when he brought over that brand-new TV.
He brought it because he loves his mama.
Only he didn't have a chance to hook it up, did he? No.
Because he's in trouble.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I think you do.
I know you love your boy and you don't want to see him get in any more trouble, but you should know, I'm not the only one looking for him.
There are some very dangerous men after him, too.
- Really? - And don't you think it would be best if I found him first? - So you could help him? - That's right.
Oh, that would be so good.
Did you ever think of trying the one where he accidentally ingested poison and you're the only one with the antidote? Excuse me? Look, the first time some no-dick lawman came around and ran that game with me, Tanner was 10 years old.
Now you get the hell out! Yes, ma'am.
In case you change your mind.
Now, we'll concentrate our first haul here 'cause if you ain't got Vernon Creek, you ain't gonna win.
Now, that is, unless you got Jameston Holler.
Now, once we make sure they vote right, we give them each a playing card to exchange for the booze.
Now, personally, I like to use a face card because they're more distinct to a deck, makes it harder for people to bring in their own Excuse me, Harvey? Aren't I paying you to do this for me? Well, yeah.
Oh, but I take pride in my work.
I like people to understand the services I am providing.
And this town-hall-debate circle jerk? Well, that's VFW.
That ain't town hall.
You know, we gonna have to tread light with that, too.
No, I'm serious.
As many times as votes been rigged for these people, they're pretty quick to spot a fix when they see one.
You know, I got to be honest with you, Harvey, I'm not sure I'm understanding the services you're providing on that one.
Well, we make sure that Napier scores, and then I just gavel out before Shelby can even respond.
Now, as I was saying, a face card gets a bottle.
The more status a person has, the bigger bottle they get.
I found that works, you know.
- How long's he gonna be in there? - Relax.
They're almost done.
Hey, Ma.
What? Shit.
I love you, too.
I got a problem.
Tanner's mama says the marshal's been coming around looking for him.
He's thinking of running.
He got any unfinished business could come back on us? - I don't know.
-"I don't know.
" That's an acceptable answer if I ask you why the sun come up each day or why God chose to give man dominion over the animals.
But if I ask you if your friend Tanner left any loose ends that could point probing fingers back at this holler, you say, "No," you understand me? Yes, sir, Mr.
Now, you go with Tanner, and you make sure he ties things in a tight, little bow before he take flight, else we have our own unfinished business to tend to.
Hear? It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of this county.
- Come in.
- Sheriff Napier.
US Marshal Raylan Givens.
- What can I do for the Marshals Office? - This is Special Agent Masters, ATF.
- ATF? - I never understood why it's not ATFE.
"E" is what brought us here, the recent bombing of your car.
Well, that case was closed.
We have the man who set the device in custody.
Our concern is that Crowder may have not acted alone, may have had an accomplice, a fella named Tanner Dodd.
Never heard of him.
Well, his name's come up in a number of bombing investigations.
So, Masters checked out your car this morning.
He what? On whose authority? President, Congress, United States of America.
Anyway, sure enough, the rigging device, it matched Tanner's MO.
We're pretty confident Boyd Crowder acted alone.
Agent Masters is one of the best.
That why he doesn't talk, doesn't smile? Just stands in my doorway like a big, hot, steaming pile of shit? Social awkwardness is often the curse of genius.
Anyway, you get a line on this guy Dodd, we're gonna want to talk to him as soon as possible.
You give us a call if you do, okay? - Count on it.
- Pleasure.
Good luck with that speech.
- I did good, didn't I? - You did.
Hey, man, you want to grab a beer or something? It's a little early in the morning for me.
Plus, I'd like you to get going before the sheriff spots you, wonders why a bomb tech drives a big rig.
My vest? Oh, yeah.
Take it easy, buddy.
Might be a little ragged, but it's clean.
There we go.
Music always helps me take my mind off things.
- Ava, I can't - It's okay, honey.
You just relax.
Maybe even get a little sleep.
Ava! It's okay! It's okay! You're safe.
You're okay.
Ava! Why was the damn door locked? Should have been open an hour ago.
Ellen May's here.
- Delroy's girl? - Said Delroy killed another girl and she's gonna be next.
Look, Ava, I know you got a big heart and you're always bringing in broken things, trying to make them well, but she ain't a stray kitten.
You can't keep her.
I was thinking that maybe you'd take her in.
Might do you good having a woman around the house.
That's what you were thinking, huh? That is very sweet of you, Ava, but I always wanted a blond.
Go back there and look at her, how messed up she is.
Look, it's not about that.
This is just business, okay? Delroy pays us protection money.
She does not.
- You got to turn her over.
- He'll kill her.
That's what she told you, but she's an Oxy addict.
How do you know she's not here scheming you for more pills or money or some shit? Boyd is in jail again.
And we don't know for how long.
And in the meantime, everyone's got to just make their own way.
You and me, we got to take care of each other.
All right.
-"All right" what? - I'll turn her in.
That's what Boyd would do.
I don't believe you.
- Who's this? - Delroy.
It's Ava Crowder.
Crowder, this ain't such a good time.
I can't - I got your girl.
- Which girl? You know which one.
You want her back, you're gonna have to bring me a little something for my trouble.
I already pay Boyd protection.
Well, Boyd didn't find her, I did.
And I charge a finder's fee.
How's 2 grand sound? Sounds like I don't have a choice.
You don't.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Believe me now? Well, how much did you pay for the explosives? You might as well get your money back before you pop him.
Hold up.
Yeah, what do you want? I just want to give you what I owe you.
Yeah? What brought you to your senses? Well, that's a lot of money.
Takes time to gather, is all.
How about I come by your place tonight? Well, actually, I think you ought to stay out of sight.
How about How about we meet? Meet at Pine Top in two hours.
Looks like I'm about to double my money.
Back for more? Not exactly.
I need a refund.
So that's how it is.
Pretty much.
Well, money's in the back, on top of the green cabinet.
After you.
As you like it.
You do anything squirrelly, you get a bullet in the back of your head.
It's up there.
What was that? Son, you best don't move, else we're all dead.
- You ever heard of a Bouncing Betty? - A what? - It's a goddamn land mine! - That's right.
In Vietnam, I've seen them cut men in half.
I got this one rigged so that it don't bounce.
Less damage to my shop.
Don't make any difference to you.
Turn it off.
Turn it off right goddamn now! Son, you shoot me now, you'll spend the rest of your life in this room.
I'm the only one that can disarm it.
And I will, but not until you boys hand over your weapons.
Both of them.
You goddamn son of a bitch! Choice is yours, son.
I put down my gun, I won't blow up? Not if you do it slow.
Goddamn, Errol! What did you do that for? Sorry, man.
I got my own loose ends to clean up.
You try to leave, I'll shoot you.
I don't think you want to do that.
Now I'm the only one who knows about this here predicament.
Unless you gonna call the cops, you need me to go and look for somebody to turn that bad boy off.
You're not gonna tell anyone where I'm at.
You're gonna leave me here to either blow up or spend the rest of my life in prison.
How about I step off this thing right now, take you with me? You could.
But won't be no one left to make sure your mama don't fall to no harm.
Now, you let me walk out of that door right there, I'll take that bag of cash to her, make sure she don't never want for anything as long as she lives.
You got Mr.
Limehouse's word on that.
- Raylan, we found Tanner.
- You did? How? Believe it or not, he called us.
How's he doing? Not so good.
He's over at Lemuel Briggs' place, standing on a land mine.
See you in a bit.
Sheriff, I'm pretty certain he ain't coming.
Ellen May.
Wake up.
I can't believe I actually slept.
- Here.
Drink this.
- Thanks.
- Put this around your wrists.
- Huh? - Go on.
- Wait! - Tighten it up.
- No.
What did I do? No, please.
- I need you to stand up.
- What did I do? No! - Walk to the door, Ellen May.
- No, please! I'm sorry! No, please.
- Open the door.
- Please don't make me do this.
- Open the door, Ellen May! - Don't make me Shut up! Walk! Hey, darling.
No, no, no, no, no! Please! Please, Ava! No, please! He's gonna kill me! - Shut up! - Please! He's gonna I got to tell you to shut up again, I'll shoot you myself! - Satisfied? - Yeah.
All right.
All right.
See, darling, you got to understand, business is always gonna triumph.
Help me clean this up.
- Raylan, you know Keaton from ATF.
- Happy you're here.
Not sure I am.
Lemuel Briggs is one crafty son of a bitch, knows explosives better than most of my techs.
- I ain't going near that thing.
- He still armed? Yeah.
He's afraid to put his gun down, says the weight change might set it off.
Knowing Lemuel, he might not be wrong.
Make sure all communications are off.
- Tanner.
- Marshal.
- I need you to drop that gun.
- Can't.
Lemuel said if I move, I blow up.
Well, you raise it, the situation's gonna be a lot simpler.
I ain't raising shit.
Can't even hardly feel my arms.
Damn, that's a nice setup.
- Can you defuse it? - Of course.
It's gonna take a few hours.
No way, man.
You got to work faster than that.
My legs are about to give out, and I got to piss like a racehorse.
All right, take it easy, Tanner.
He's working on it.
How about you take this time to tell me about your boss, huh? How about you get me the hell out of here? You know, I just left your friend Napier.
He was waiting for you in a secluded spot with a shovel and a rope.
What was that about? You guys doing some gardening? - Did Quarles order the car bombing? - I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, Tanner.
We already got you on multiple murders, not to mention assaulting a federal officer.
And, although I haven't done forensics yet, I'm pretty sure that's a dead body at your feet there.
Now, why don't you tell me something that'll make life easier for you down the road? Are you trying to cut a deal with me when I'm standing on a land mine? No better time.
You're just like your mama.
She Okay? She is.
She misses you.
Tell you what, you help me out, we get you out of here, I'll take you by her place, you can help her set up her TV, huh? Hey, you get me off this thing, I'll tell you anything.
Quarles, Napier, whoever.
You tell me right now, or Keaton and I are gonna take a lunch break.
- I'm a little hungry.
- Bullshit.
Quarles order the hit on the Oxy clinic? My legs are giving out, man, and my hands are sweating rivers! Did he kill Gary? You need to chill out, pal.
Oh, shit! - You sit tight.
- What happened? What'd I do? Oh, you're gonna be fine.
I'm just gonna go get the robot.
- Oh, no, no, no, man.
- We need to get out of here.
- He needs to tell me what I - Come on, man! God damn it! Did Quarles kill Gary? Everybody get back! - Keaton, what the hell's going on? - The thing armed itself.
Armed itself? Are you saying that thing's gonna go off? It's hard to say.
But if the thing arms itself, you get the hell Since I've been in office, violent crime in this county's down almost 12%.
Now, Washington's always trying to fix something that ain't broke.
But I like to think down here, we know better.
Rebuttal? Way I understand it, violent crime is down all over.
Shelby, I believe you'll want to argue against me Now, I will remind both candidates to please not interrupt or address each other directly.
Yes, sir, but given Mr.
Shelby's lack of experience, I'm trying to help him understand the concerns of the local I was a lawman for 20 years.
And now you work at the Mega Shop as a greeter.
There's nothing wrong with honest work.
Odd you would mention honest work, being as how you lost your security job after a robbery in which you were suspected of being the inside man.
That's enough.
Now, next question.
I got a question.
Moderator, this man is a convicted felon.
We don't let felons vote in this state, do we? Well, I didn't come here to vote.
You wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for the fact that a few hours ago, friends of yours in the federal law enforcement field saw fit to intervene in our local affairs.
Forced us to release him from the cell he's been occupying since his cowardly attempt on my life.
Well, Mr.
Napier, I'd like to think that if I was behind an attempt on your life, at the very least, I would have messed up your hair.
All right, now.
What's your question there, Boyd? Thank you, Harvey.
My question is, does Mr.
Napier know the name of the company that fired Shelby from his security job? Well, I'll save you the trouble.
The name of that company was Black Pike Coal.
Now, do you want us all to believe that Shelby here's a dishonest man because Black Pike tells us so? Do you think that Shelby's the only man in this room been done wrong by a coal-mining company? Mr.
Moderator, how many questions you gonna let this convict ask? Mr.
Napier, everybody here knows that the only men the company doesn't do wrong are company men.
And you stand up there with your slick haircut.
You look down on Shelby because this man works for a living.
You talk down to me because I've been in trouble with the law.
Well, you know when that trouble began? Why don't you ask your good friend Harvey Jones? He was there.
He was on the line when we struck out at Eastover, Brookside, Duke Power scabs, and gun thugs coming after us with bicycle chains and bats! Trying to run us over in their cars! And I know that you weren't there, Mr.
But there sure were a lot of men there who looked like you.
Men standing on the company side, laughing at all us hillbillies who were just trying to stand up for what we believed in.
Now, I'm not saying you're a bad man, Mr.
That I don't know.
But what I do know is that you've been feeding too long at the public trough.
Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm gonna say no to the company man.
- No! - I'm gonna say no to the lawmen who disrespect the rights of the people whose taxes pay for their salaries! And I'm gonna say no, I'm gonna say no, I'm gonna say no to Sheriff Tillman Napier, who laughs in our faces while he makes money off our backs! Here's to Sheriff Shelby.
Oh, you got to like the sound of that.
Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, son.
Oh, come on.
No one's gonna vote for that son of a bitch now.
He's right, cousin Johnny.
Harlan County elections ain't over till the dead have voted.
But I will allow, we've had a very good day.
Baby, can I have a word? Yes, baby, right after we finish this round.
You want to join us? I'm good.
And sooner's better.
Well, sooner it is.
Here? In that bar, where all them people are standing? Yeah, but you ain't got to worry about that, because me and Ellen May, we cleaned up every drop.
We even got out stains been there 10 years.
Where's Delroy now? Well, he's stinking up an old splinter shaft out past Neary Holler.
Well, Ava, I appreciate your thoroughness, but now you understand that Well, that Delroy was under our protection.
I know, but buying protection doesn't entitle him to bring his mess to our front door like that.
And, Boyd, you didn't see Ellen May.
She was scared.
She was scared as a jackrabbit running from a wildcat.
You know what, baby? If that's the decision you felt you needed to make, well, then I respect it.
'Cause I was also thinking, in Delroy's absence, someone's gonna need to keep them girls from getting swallowed up from some other animal.
Well, now, that is very true.
But what about your "no whores" policy? Well, I wasn't talking about you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Who were you talking about? Me.
Got something for you.
From Tanner.
Thanks, Errol.
If you need anything, will you let me know? I will Thank you, Errol.
You're welcome.
Thank you, Imogene.
I'm gonna let myself out the back.
And I truly am sorry for your loss.
Why didn't you say grace? Because he's bad? I simply forgot it, dear.
Aren't you supposed to say grace with bad people? Marshal.
Kitchen's closed, but I might could whip up something if you're desperate.
Closed, huh? Funny, I was just thinking I might have to do the same thing.
- What's that? - Close you down.
For what? I see to it myself, my kitchen's so clean that the Virgin Mother herself would eat off of it.
Ellstin, you think for a minute you could cut out that country-bumpkin, barbecue-king bullshit? You'd rather talk pig shit? Close.
Robert Quarles.
That supposed to mean something to me? I'm either gonna put him in prison or in the ground.
Well, I'm sure you got your reasons, Marshal.
Not sure how I fit in.
You're gonna help me.
I would if I could, but like I said, I don't know any Quarles.
Quarles' point man in Harlan County got blowed up today.
A few hours later, I watched your boy Errol pay the grieving mother.
Tell me again that you don't know Robert Quarles.
- I'm sorry, Marshal.
I lied to you.
- I know you did.
No, not just now.
I mean before, when I said I did not remember your daddy.
I do remember him.
Truth is, I remember every shot I gave him, the way his blood felt on my hands, the crying sound he made when I was laying in on him, and just when the sound was about to stop, he was on his way out, I was gonna finish him off and looked up and saw you looking, eyes big as dollar coins.
You was about to pee down your little pants leg.
Well, if you thought that memory was gonna upset me, I'm sorry to disappoint.
Well, if you like, I can tell you what I remember about your mama.
That would upset me.
Ellstin, you must know why Quarles is down here.
There's a war coming.
You really want to see Nobles become a battleground? I appreciate your concern, Marshal.
I really do.
But plenty of kings have tried to lay claim on Nobles Holler, and none have ever succeeded.
- Thanks to you and your family.
- That's right.
That's what you're doing, huh? Just protecting this holler? Right now, I'm just trying to close up for the night.
So be it.
So be it.