Justified s03e11 Episode Script


Previously on Justified You got a sonogram picture taped to your bathroom mirror.
I'm not married, if that's what you're wondering.
She kicked you out? There's supposed to be $3 million in here, Limehouse.
Way north of $3 million.
Look, it's all spent, except what you see right there.
I believe the terms of the deal are I receive the money and then we are through, isn't that right? That's right.
Those are the terms.
Then you take it back.
I'm gonna kill you, Raylan.
Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but some day, you'll be walking down the street, and I'm gonna put a bullet right in the back of your skull, and you're gonna drop.
Why wait? Just so we're clear, the other night, you throw down the gauntlet to a trigger-happy US Marshal, and this morning, you remember you have pressing business out of town? I told you, I'll be back in a couple hours.
And what if Givens comes by, wanting to finish the game? You may tell him that he is welcome to wait.
You know, you disappoint me, Wynn.
Word around the Detroit campfire is that you were a wild man.
Comes to a little nut-cutting, suddenly you want to bitch out.
Don't be like the rest of them.
You can't have the Duffy without the Wynn.
I'll see you in a couple of hours.
Just getting some coffee, and then I'll You can take a seat.
No, I don't want to be in your way.
You're setting up.
I don't mind.
If I had eggs, I'd make you breakfast.
Well, thank you.
You want a shot in that? I usually like to wait till the sun's all the way up.
It's afternoon somewhere.
- Listen, Lindsey - Stop.
You don't even know what I'm gonna say.
I think you're gonna apologize again for not giving me a full accounting of every second of your life before you heartlessly accepted the gift of my feminine virtue.
Well, when you put it that way, I guess don't owe you an apology.
First time you came in here, I knew you were going through something.
To tell you the truth, I feel a little bad taking advantage of you.
Really? I mean, not so bad I don't plan on doing it again.
- Listen, Lindsey - You said that already.
- I'm about to become a father.
- I know.
I saw the sonogram.
It's a good-looking kid.
It's got its daddy's eyes.
An unfortunate nose, though.
That must be your ex's.
I'm gonna get some limes in the back.
I won't be a sec.
I'm sorry, guys.
We're closed.
Heard you had a little mischief in here the other night.
Well, I wasn't aware that made the news.
We had a friend who was here.
He tell you about the hot wings? This friend of ours, I'm betting you wouldn't forget him.
He looks like he even shits blond.
I don't suppose you two fellas are from Detroit, are you? That's a hell of a guess.
Where you buy your suit? Gallo's on Michigan Avenue? I don't buy suits.
Boss buy them for you? Our boss doesn't buy us anything.
When I first saw him, he was wearing this little gray sharkskin number, made him look like a kid playing a gangster in a school play.
We don't work for that gentleman.
You work for his daddy.
So, what? Theo Tonin decided little Sammy overstepped when he cut Quarles off, decided to send some new muscle instead.
Hence, you two knuckleheads.
- You don't want to take that tone.
- Why is that, champ? I get the impression they only keep you around so little Sammy doesn't feel like the biggest asshole in the room.
Oh, hey.
I was just telling these guys we're closed.
And I believe they were leaving.
Another time, then.
See? There's gonna be another time.
I'll clean that up.
Firing a shot in the air in a crowded bar.
- That could be a hiccup.
- Yeah.
Let's see.
You knew that you had to get the patrons out of harm's way, and they'd already failed to heed your order to evacuate.
You knew that there was nothing above you but your own empty apartment, so you fired a shot in the air, even though you knew it was against Marshals' policy because you thought it was the only thing they would hear above the music.
- Write it like that.
- Thanks, Art.
Well, good news is, now we have a nice federal charge against Mr.
We just start with the bartender, and we round up some of the other Bartender doesn't make a good witness.
- What's wrong with him? - Her.
- Oh, Jesus, Raylan.
- It doesn't matter, Art.
We want Quarles for more than this piddly shit.
Threatening a federal officer is more than piddly shit.
We had Dickie Bennett for actually trussing up an officer, trying to brain him with a Louisville Slugger.
How'd that work out? Look, Raylan, just pick him up, all right? We got patrons in there we can use as witnesses.
If we don't have Quarles threatening you, we just got you firing shots into the ceiling.
Wait just a second.
Why? I thought it was a top priority that I go bring in Quarles for the capital offense of hurting my feelings.
It is, but the son of a bitch is threatening your life.
I can't let you go by yourself.
Tim and Rachel are at Tramble.
You honestly expect me to wait for them? No.
No way.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You want I should open it up? Might not be the wisest idea given the surroundings.
Well, am I gonna see a little something-something in there I haven't seen before? Maybe something that might make me the Harlan millionaire I was always meant to be.
You'll see 46 and change.
Plus a couple of receipts.
Is that right? Receipts, too.
I tell you what.
You can just leave that shit shut, brother.
You still not gonna take it, huh? Oh, HOW, I Will.
I will take it just as soon as it starts adding up to everything I'm rightfully owed.
You understand? Till then, you know, you can't really blame me for wanting a real good reason to hold my head up when I try to explain to people why it is that Ellstin Limehouse somehow sees fit to cheat me out of my family's fortune.
Well, as you know Mr.
Limehouse, you really want it to get back to him that you're running your mouth on his reputation? Think he the type to sit still for something like that? Is that the best you got, sister? Whatever you decided with the cooler, Mr.
Limehouse said to give you the ride back home.
Well, that is just That's real considerate.
But I'll tell you what.
I think I'm just gonna have these bastards call me a cab, you know.
The least they could do.
You know what I'm saying? Real good to see you.
What do you think's in the cooler? Probably not a human head.
That'd be cool.
If you're here to talk about running me in the special election, there's some things we gonna straighten out first.
Such as? Such as, this is staying my office.
No more talk about putting me in a broom closet.
I guess if I were to offer to back yet another of your campaigns, I'd say that as long as I'm putting up the money, I'd put you anywhere I goddamned please.
Fortunately, I'm not here to pony up.
In fact, I'm here to take back what I previously ponied.
You can't seriously expect me to give you that money back.
Well, that's exactly what I expect.
And I'm very serious.
Well, it's gone, spent.
- On what? - Campaign expenses.
I do believe my wife dipped into it a little bit.
Napier, I am not an unreasonable man.
I don't expect the actual bills that I gave you.
Just give me bills of equivalent worth, and we'll call it even.
I don't have it.
Not even close.
That is disappointing.
I don't know how in the hell you expect me to get that money As I was saying, I am a reasonable man, and I'm happy to help you find a way to square up.
I don't suppose you'd already happen to have something in mind, would you? For starters, an address of some local miscreant known to have large amounts of cash lying around, known further to have secrets that would discourage him from calling the police if someone were to relieve him of it.
You want me to find you a drug dealer to rob? You know, I couldn't have said it better myself.
And if said miscreant in question happens to pay Boyd Crowder for protection, so much the better.
Sure you want to poke that bear? That bear poked me.
Quarles, you already managed to lose me the sheriff's office.
Now you want to involve me in an armed-robbery conspiracy? Actually, I'm gonna need you to find me a buyer for the shit that I take off of this guy.
So technically, that makes it a drug conspiracy, as well.
And what if I say no? Oh, you don't want to say no.
Oh! What Excuse me.
Hey, boy.
What's up with the hot-rod entourage here, Rod? Last time we saw each other, I had a gun pointed at my face.
Yes, you did.
You and me both had ourselves held up, may I remind you.
And then the next time I come down here, some squirrelly little shit from Crowder's crew tried to muscle me.
Oh! You got to be kidding me.
I ain't kidding.
You can believe it.
Sometimes I'm glad your daddy didn't live to see what's happening to the drug business.
Thank you.
But you didn't ask me down here to pay my respects.
That is the truth, and we should get down to business.
If you wouldn't mind, please, first, call off your dogs a bit here.
My friend.
All right, now, as I started to say, at the time she passed, my mama, she had a little over $3 million.
Do you know where to find it? Well, I know who's got it, okay? And he has been doing everything he can think of to try to get me to believe that there's only $46,000.
He's been sticking it in this little cooler, trying to get me to take it.
"Here, take it.
Here" I've been saying Get to the who! The suspense is killing me.
Ellstin Limehouse.
So, what's the plan? We gonna shoot our way into Nobles Holler? Yeah, at some point, we are gonna have to shoot our way in there and grab the money and get back across the bridge before they knew what hit them.
That's not exactly my usual line.
Although $3 million might justify a man stepping outside himself.
It just might.
Yeah, I am aware that we need to find out exactly where my money is before we do anything.
And that is exactly why I asked you down here.
Not how it works, Dickie.
I'm willing to make some calls for you, but you're gonna have to do the heavy lifting.
I don't think you understand, man.
I can't just be strolling around out in the open, -asking people - Dickie! "Hey, do you happen to know where my money is that Limehouse is hiding?" At sundown, we're headed back to Memphis.
You best get to moving.
Okay, so, that would be the end of the discussion right there.
I say we pop him and be done with it.
Before he leads us to the money? Just so long as it's not before he suffers some.
How do you suggest we do that, Arlo? With the feds watching him? We need to stop wasting our time on Dickie Bennett.
We should be out there showing the flag.
Maybe if you spent less time questioning your orders and more time following them, our protection money wouldn't be dropping off.
Our protection money is dropping off because since Delroy disappeared and we inherited all of his whores, there are people out there paying money, they don't know what they're paying for.
All right, that's enough.
I'm gonna kill Dickie Bennett.
And when I do, I'm gonna take my time.
But not before he leads us to the promised land.
Johnny, go back out there and see what else you can find.
When I was posted in Manhattan, a chief deputy there, this big guy named Langston, he used to spend one day a week in the field.
Said it was the only way he could "feel the pulse.
" "The pulse"? - The pulse.
- Of the street? Yeah, man.
New York in the '80s.
So, that's why you come along? "Feel the pulse.
" Nah, some asshole threatened to kill one of my deputies.
I'm the only one that gets to do that.
I'm touched.
You know what? I might ought to just go by myself.
Because? Because when he sees you, he's liable to start shooting.
All right, just admit it.
You're worried about me, worried I'm gonna get shot.
I'm worried I'm gonna get shot.
Who's your new friend? - He's down from Lexington.
- Hi.
Guess if the DEA was gonna send an undercover in here, hard to imagine they'd choose him.
Thank you.
Quite a place.
I thought you said I didn't look like a cop.
That don't mean I think you look right.
Is it true they test a samurai sword by cutting through paper? This is a katana.
My granddad pulled this off a dead Jap officer at Shuri Castle, Okinawa.
The greatest generation at work.
He was a lying old sack of shit.
Probably just bought it.
What you looking for, brother? What you got? I got a fresh batch of crystal, coke, pills, little bit of smack.
Got guns, too, if you're willing to take a drive.
Also, if you're looking for company, I got this little 16-year-old honey just up the hill, 50 bucks.
No, I'll just look at the crystal, you know.
Sure thing.
You just be real careful how you move around in here, pop.
Don't touch shit till you pay.
Whoa! Holy shit.
You see how clear that is, brother? Hold it up to the sun, you can burn ants.
Oh, that's just beautiful.
I mean, don't you guys worry about leaving all this stuff out in the open? Cops come in here, they're coming in to search.
They'll find it even if it's hidden inside the wall.
That's a good point, but, you know, not just about the cops.
I mean, where I'm from, the dealers rip each other off all the time.
Yet you have your trunk unlocked.
People don't steal from us.
Is that so? Your questions are starting to get on my nerves, brother.
I think it's time you did your business, went on your way.
Sure thing.
Sure thing.
But I do have one little question, though.
How do you get that rust spot off of your sword? What a dick! I was starting to think the only flavor they served around here was vanilla.
I'm a Deputy United States Marshal.
- Oh, how nice for you.
- I need to talk to your boss.
Easy, now, sister.
Unless you have a warrant, there just ain't no way.
I don't need a warrant to talk.
Get out of my way.
You touched me.
Would you like me to do it again? Something we can help you with? You can start by telling your boys to put their guns on the floor and then back away from them.
Or, I guess, maybe you can have one of them shoot me.
But is Dickie Bennett really worth dying in a federal gas chamber? And those are the only two options you see for us, huh? There's a third.
You could die right here.
You know Boyd Crowder runs this place now.
"Dickie, Jesus"? Ho! Is that any way to greet a dear friend? - Dickie - Come here.
No, no, no.
You can't stay here.
- Yeah, I know.
- Dickie, please.
If Boyd finds us here, he'll kill us.
Yeah, okay.
Listen, listen to me.
I need your help.
Okay? And if you can't help, I really No, I can't think of a better place to meet the reaper than right here.
What do you mean, you need my help? Okay, here's the thing.
Here's the thing.
You see, over the years, you've had to spend some time up in Nobles, hiding out from some man or in trouble.
These friends of yours who are doing the hiding, they I'm wondering if they maybe might have heard something about where Limehouse is hiding his money.
If you go up to Nobles looking to rob Ellstin Limehouse, -you are liable to end up fed to hogs.
- To hogs.
Yeah, I know.
If I die here or on the moon, it don't really make a whole lot of difference.
Ellen May, I need your help.
- Okay.
- Take your time.
Limehouse keeps his money buried under the church.
Ellen May, I am disappointed in you.
What? Every kid in Harlan grew up hearing that right there, that little fairytale.
Nobody believes that.
Come on.
No, my friend, Trixie, she saw it with her own eyes, so.
So you need to promise me something.
I just want you to promise me that if you ever find yourself running things, that you'll make me queen.
Michigan plate.
That'd be a hell of a coincidence.
It's not.
Theo Tonin sent them.
- And you know this how? - They came by my place this morning.
You don't think that's something you should have told your chief? What are you talking about? I just told you.
You told me you were doing all right, that you were drinking too much but basically getting by.
- You remember that? - What's your point? Even under ideal circumstances, Raylan, the prospect of first-time fatherhood can make a man feel unmoored.
-"Unmoored"? - Oh, shut up.
- I'm just feeling my way through this.
- Art, I've already got a daddy.
- Yeah, I've met your daddy.
- Fair enough.
To be clear, I just don't need you to be any more reckless than normal.
All right? You really are afraid of getting shot, aren't you? Whatever your failings are gonna be as a father, I'm pretty sure that your child is gonna be better off if you manage to stay aboveground long enough to make his acquaintance.
We got ourselves a problem.
What, Dickie Bennett's on his way to Hawaii with his mama's money on the seat beside him? No.
It ain't Dickie Bennett.
I sent the collection boys out there to see Parker and Longbaugh on account of them shorting Arlo last week.
The hell, you say! Shorting on me? Jesus.
It ain't rocket science.
If anybody wants to know what happened to Delroy, you just say that he stopped paying and they best not go down the same road.
It ain't about Delroy, either.
What is it about, Johnny? What did they do this time? Nothing.
They're dead.
He wasn't there.
I never told you he'd be there.
I told you that was the last place I saw him.
But there was someone there, though.
And I told you, he went there to face off with a US Marshal.
Yeah, but you didn't tell us the marshal lived upstairs.
You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you sent us there expecting him to take care of us.
Or you'd take care of him, have to go on the run, either way.
A man doesn't talk like that unless he's holding the nuts.
It's nothing personal.
I just figured the more soldiers Quarles has down here, the more tenuous my position becomes.
Did you figure if you didn't put us together with him, we'd just go away? I figured it would buy me some time to cut a deal.
Help you in exchange for a guarantee that I don't get left out in the cold.
Well, how about you help us in exchange In exchange for your lives? That sounds a little odd coming from the guy not holding the gun.
Did you help Quarles because of the guns he had or because of who was behind him? Theo Tonin, he carries this ear around in his pocket.
- I'm sorry.
It sounded like you said - Yeah, yeah.
It's a human ear.
And whenever he wants to get some guy's attention, he just takes out the ear and he starts talking into it.
What does he say? I don't think it really matters.
- Jimmy, where's that neighbor lady? - Collection boys are sitting on her.
You sure she didn't call this in? Well, if she had, you got to think, at the very least, we'd have a squad car out here by now, even in Harlan.
Go get her.
As if our protection business wasn't already halfway down the shitter.
Boyd, this is not good.
Johnny, check the closets underneath the sink.
See if you can't find any household cleaners.
Why? Well, he poured bleach over everything he touched.
I'd like to know if he found that bleach here or he brought it with him.
What the hell difference does that make? Well, if he brought it with him, he is a pro, not some tweaker pulling a crime of opportunity.
Ma'am, I am so sorry.
I was hoping to spare you this sight.
Oh, glad you didn't.
At my age, I got to take my pleasures where I can find them.
Meaning? Meaning I'm tickled to see these two sumbitches dead.
Hope they suffered some first.
Well, I suppose that explains why you didn't call the police.
Police didn't do shit when these two killed one of my dogs last year, Togo.
Used to bark at all the late-night comings and goings.
Come outside one morning, found him shot dead in my yard.
That's awful to hear.
Togo got them back, though.
Togo did? Your dead dog? Who else we talking about? Well, how did Togo do that? How did he get them back? I know it was him sent that husky-looking fella to do this here.
- You saw the man who did this? - That's correct.
- He was heavyset? - Wouldn't have called him skinny.
But you did say he was husky-looking.
He was.
Looked like a husky.
You know, sled dog? It was the eyes.
Even from across the street, I could see them, just like a husky's.
But the man you saw, the husky-looking fella that Togo sent Bluest eyes I ever saw.
We got it.
You said, "Go figure it out.
" Did you not? And what'd I do? I went ahead and I figured the hell out of it, man.
See, what I did is, I was like, "Wait a second, now.
Ellen May.
" - I'm thinking she's got to have - Dickie, what'd you find? Limehouse hides his money beneath the floorboards buried in the dirt underneath Nobles church.
How about them apples, huh? You know, I think I'm gonna need me a bear hug.
- I'm sorry, Dickie.
- Bring it in.
I'm greedy.
I'm not suicidal.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, Rodney.
We had ourselves a deal, man.
This ain't the Rodney I know.
Come on.
I thought I had a brother in you, man.
You know, Mama always said you had the balls of a man about half your size.
Out of respect for your late mother, I'm gonna let that one go.
My advice? Call Limehouse, get your cooler full of cash and get out of here! Let's go.
You federal Stormtroopers get what you needed? Yes, Mr.
Dunham, and on behalf of a grateful nation Go to hell.
the Marshals Service would like to thank you for your troubles.
It's Sheriff Napier, least until next week, which means you two are in some seriously deep shit.
Well, I'd be less concerned about the shit we're in and more concerned about what you're gonna have to do to stay alive till your term ends.
You don't scare me.
I ain't some half-wit gun thug that you think you can just Just so we're clear, I ain't some half-wit gun thug, neither.
What do you want? Robert Quarles just killed two men under my protection.
I didn't have nothing to do with that.
Whether he did it out of spite or stupidity, I'm not sure.
But what I am sure of is that you're the one who told him who to hit.
I didn't have nothing to do with that.
Just like I'm sure you're gonna be the one to tell me how to find him.
You want to count it? No.
Not if it's still adding up to 46 and change or whatever.
What made you change your mind? All right, gentlemen.
We have reason to believe this money represents ill-gotten gains and is therefore seizable by the Marshals Service under Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 46 of the US legal code.
That right there, that would be my money.
You want it back, all you got to do is show a court the legal means by which you obtained it.
May I go? No, actually, I'm afraid you both are gonna have to stay with us while we wait for a warrant to go up into Nobles.
Wouldn't want you to be tempted to tip your friends we were coming.
Have a seat.
I'll handle this.
US Marshals.
Get your hands where I can see them.
Step to the car.
You know, there was a day when I would have said nobody could stealth me.
Yeah? What happened? Lose your edge or just realize you weren't that good to begin with? Maybe a little of both.
Sooner or later, old age humbles us all.
- Look at that, concealed weapon.
- That's not good for a convicted felon.
- What, did you pull my rap sheet? - Educated guess.
- You want to tell us what's going on here? - Why don't you be more specific? Is Quarles in that apartment? Why don't you guys just walk away, let nature take its course? Yeah, why don't you shut the hell up? Not like the world wouldn't be a better place.
This is not Detroit.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
- Why would he go to Harlan? - I told you.
He barely speaks to me.
Now, please let me go.
Come here.
Come here.
US Marshals! Put that weapon down! - Hands behind your head! - Put the weapon down.
- I'm walking out of here.
- No, that ain't gonna happen.
- You want to see this kid's insides? - That ain't gonna happen, either.
Give me a chance to get to my gun.
Maybe this could be our time.
- My leg, God damn it! - On your bellies! Hands behind your head! - Where's Quarles? - He's not here! - Move! Where is he? Where's Quarles? - What do you mean? - I mean, where is he? - I don't know! - I thought he'd be here, damn it.
- He told you he'd be here? Why would he tell us anything? You work for the man.
Do you not? Where do you get this from? Theo Tonin sent a couple of guys down here to take out the trash.
You don't think that's something you might have mentioned before? You ever get the feeling God's laughing at you? Why? Just 'cause we shot the guy that's looking to kill the guy that you're just dying to see dead? You don't say much, do you? Mr.
Dare I even hope that you have come to settle your tab? Actually, I'm looking for a place to lay low for a while.
Lay low while you figure a way to square things with your friends in Detroit? Is that a guess? 'Cause that's a good one.
You know, I think we could see clear to extend our hospitality.
But that would put you critically in our debt.
- You see that? - Of course.
You also see that it is not wise to let a man get so far into debt without insisting he first settle the debt already owed.
Thank you kindly.
Well, that's a good start.
When you think I'm gonna be getting the rest of it? Bag's not empty yet.
Do I look like a drug dealer to you? That's pretty smart, holding all your meetings in a place like this.
The smell of blood in the air.
Plus, it gives you an excuse to hold a knife in your hand.
There's no knife in my hand now, Mr.
Now, you seem like a resourceful man.
I'm sure you'll find a way to turn that bag into something I'd happily take off your hands.
And when you do, you know where to find me.
- Good day, Mr.
- Mr.
This is kismet.
I was just about to call you.
Is that a fact? How come? Well, it turns out I need a place to unload the spoils of my earlier endeavors.
Why I called.
- You have an idea for me? - I do.
But I want to make sure after I tell you, I don't ever hear from your sorry ass again.
Sheriff, trust me.
The pleasure will be all mine.
All right.
There's a whorehouse, but they also deal to the johns.
They ought to be able to take whatever you got.
It's called Audrey's.
All right, you got 30 seconds.
I'm on vacation.
I'm having a sandwich.
Tonin, I wanted to just make sure you were aware of the situation down here.
You mean that my guys got snatched by the Marshals before they could get to Quarles? Yeah, I'm aware of it.
What's your name, again? - Duffy, sir.
- Duffy.
Duffy, yeah.
I think I remember my son Sammy mentioning you.
I'm glad to hear that.
Sammy's an impressive young man.
He's a moron.
What do you want? Well, I was wondering, sir, do you intend on sending more men down here to To kill Bobby Quarles? Yeah, I plan on sending more.
I loved him like a son.
But he wasted my money, he threatened my actual son.
- And that other shit.
- Well, that's the thing, sir.
I don't know if your money has been wasted.
Bobby was onto something down here, and just because he's gone off track, no reason to turn your back on the whole thing.
So, when Quarles is gone, you want to step up.
Is that about right? Yes.
- Okay.
May I ask why, sir? - I don't know you.
I'll tell you what.
You deliver Quarles, show me you can get things done.
Price I gave those other assholes was $100,000 dead, $200,000 if Sammy gets a chance to talk to him about putting a gun in his face.
You know Bobby like I do, you'll settle for the hundred.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
I'll be in touch.
You hope.
Hi! Oh, honey! Think we're about to have us some fun.
Don't you think he looks like that guy, from the butterfly movie? The one about the time traveler? No! The one about the, like, prison island or whatever.
Ladies, as much as I would love to get to the bottom of who it is that you think that I look like and all the kinds of fun that we could be having together, the reason that I'm here is 'cause the Mongoloid tending bar inside said this is the place where I could find the guy who runs the joint.
Wait a second.
No, no, no.
Don't you go anywhere.
Where the hell have you been? I've spent the last two hours as a guest of the US Marshals Service.
Let me guess.
Our friend Deputy Givens has been tangling with a couple of Detroit's finest.
How is it you know that? I saw him bracing one in front of my building, guy named Sarno.
It's nice to know at least that Theo cares enough to send the very best.
Did you give them my address? - Didn't see as I had much choice - I don't blame you.
I know Sarno.
He gets people to talk.
The only thing anyone's telling him at the moment is, "You have the right to remain silent.
" Well.
I'll have to thank Deputy Givens when I see him next.
I thought you were gonna kill him next time you see him.
What's the price they put on my head? They didn't say.
Strip him.
Keep that chain long.
Try to keep him from shitting the bed.
I trust when he wakes up, you ladies will find a way to keep him from thinking about how to escape his predicament.
- Yes, sir.
- Hello? Anyone there? Who is this? My name is not your concern, Mr.
Wynn Duffy.
Your concern is for the fate of the man whose phone this is.
Is he alive? It was hard to tell.
Oh, he's alive.
Do you want him to stay that way? You know, that's a very good question, Mr.
Well, I don't believe I told you my name.
It's not hard to put together the pieces of that particular jigsaw puzzle.
Well, I hear my guest here is worth some money.
How much? $100,000 dead, $200,000 alive.
Well, I suppose a clever man might underreport that bounty, trying to keep a bigger share than what he gives his partner.
Are we partners now? Well, as far as this goes.
Duffy, can I trust you to find your way down to Harlan? Yeah, you can trust me to do that, Mr.
Would you say you'd be willing just to kill him to eliminate any chance of his wriggling free? Well, as we speak, he's unconscious, being stripped naked and chained to a bed.
I think we can handle him.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
You have to go through this every time? It's exhausting.
Seems we agree on most of the particulars.
Well, good.
You might get out of here in time to go join the raid team.
Raid team? Tim and Rachel got a line on that missing Bennett money, already recovered $46,000 of it.
They're just waiting for a warrant for the rest.
What's the warrant for? This church down in Nobles Holler.
Apparently, it's under the floorboards.
I'll pass.
What do you mean, "pass"? I need that money, Raylan.
I know, Art, but there's nothing under that church.
That's an old story.
You find it, then.
Tell you what, I'm gonna go down to Harlan County and talk to the outgoing sheriff, see if he can get us any info on Quarles.
And if, along the way, I trip over $3 million, I'll bring it back to you.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Good to go.
- Now you can go.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Now you can go.
We insist.
Don't tell me you're fool enough to believe there's money under the church.
I told you, man.
We got this on It's, like, stone-cold eyewitness authority.
Then your stone-cold eyewitness authority is either lying or old.
Limehouse hasn't used the church in years.
Well, then what is he using now? What makes you think I'd tell you? I think that you would tell me because you want me to help you get yourself a real sweet, piece of my money, man.
I don't really see any other reason for you to be standing around here talking to me.
Man won't let us change with the times.
Think you might have had experience dealing with someone like that yourself.
So, where's my money, man? Are you really willing to go all the way on this? Have you been paying attention, man? I would rather die trying to get it than die because I don't have it, man.
All right, then.
We're gonna need a crew.
Can't use anyone from the Nobles.
They'll stay with me once Limehouse is gone, but they won't go against him directly.
Don't tell me you want me to call Rodney, man.
- No.
- That's the last thing I want.
We're gonna need someone with particular skills.
Sounds to me like you have someone in mind.
I do.
And I guarantee you ain't gonna like it.
His initials are "Boyd Crowder.